¿Quién es Quién? Friday 5/27/16 #75

Not quite “everything”

Leonardo is still in shock from realizing who he is when Termi comes back into the back of the shock. He remembers everything! He knew it! He knew they were lying to him! Termi keeps making him sit down because he’s swaying. Leo goes running out of the shop and Termi grabs his cell and calls someone.

This kid!

Cachito lies to his mother, because “getting in trouble” must be avoided at all costs. Eugenio calls. Since she found Cachito, he’s going to go report the break-in to the police. She badgers him into agreeing to go to the emergency room, too.

Inés house

Ruben finally reaches Eugenio and tells him about Tania…so now Eugenio’s got another stop on his list. Tania, et al, are relieved that he resurfaced.

Eugenio makes it to the house and hears what happened, plus Yesenia and Lupe’s suspicions. Ruben thinks it must have been someone who works at the Cultural Center and was afraid of losing their job.

Tania’s ready to go back home to Connie’s to pack up and start looking for a new place. She thanks everyone for supporting her today.

Lupe can now turn her attention to Ruben and his lies. He tells her his Fatal Attraction story and Lupe wants to know what he did to encourage her. (Lupe! No victim-blaming!) He swears he didn’t do a thing. Lupe says she’s “crazy.” She’s already agreed not to tell Yesenia, but they don’t get to discuss it further before Yesenia comes downstairs in a dress and heels. “Just in case we run into that vieja loca so she doesn’t make comments about my outfit.”

Some of us love Connie

Fabiola continues being nasty. Humberto continues cutting her way too much slack. Connie continues wondering why nobody seems to notice or care how awful her mother is.

I mean, seriously, Fabi’s not even trying to pretend to care about anyone but herself at this point. She makes a bunch of incredibly unfair generalizations about “those people” and Connie can’t take any more and flees up to her room.

Fabi tries to convince Humberto that she’s worried about his image, but he keeps repeating that nothing happened. And besides, he had to promise the judge Connie would stay with them for a few days to get him to agree not to charge her. He’s so proud of himself for keeping Connie out of trouble and getting her back home, just like Fabi kept saying she wanted, that Fabiola has to pretend to be happy about it.

Connie calls Tania to let her know she’s not coming home for a few days. Then she messages the number of a lawyer Humberto recommended. Nora comes in to tell her what she did was wrong, but she’s so proud of her. She was brave and generous. Awwwwwww!

Not again!

A woman comes into the Bar-ena looking for work, but Mel won’t hire her because she doesn’t have “papers.” While she stands there, anguished, wondering what to do next, Justino stares at her like he’s just chosen his next victim. Remember his rants about the creep in the neighborhood who always went after undocumented women because they’d be too scared to go to the police…? Once he finds out she’s alone he’s keen to offer his help.

A small oversight.

Ivonne’s impressed that Basi’s so calm today after yesterday’s scene. And she’s WAY impressed that a guy with a PhD in Finance has been working as a chauffer. Ignacio requested his résumé and when he reads it, he’s sure to give Basi the kind of job he deserves.

Basi realizes this is not going to be good for his plan. Somehow Ivonne has come to the mistaken conclusion that That Woman who keeps rejecting Basi is only interested in money. Once he has a better job and a car and a girlfriend who values him for his Basi-ness, That Woman is going to be so jealous!

Basi ignores this and tells her to listen carefully–the future of the company depends on Ignacio NOT reading his résumé. He decides to tell her the “truth” …he lied on his résumé. It’s less a “doctorate” than “a couple of nursing courses.” She believes him and wishes he’d told her before she emailed it to Ignacio.

He convinces her to log into Ignacio’s computer and delete the email so he doesn’t end up getting a position he can’t handle and tanking the entire company. Ivonne takes care of the résumé, but not by deleting the email. If Ignacio thinks it looks funny, she’s blaming it on Basi. Aw, Basi’s sure Ignacio would forgive her anything. “Do you think he’s really in love with me?” Of course! Basi thinks Ivonne can inspire nothing but love, passion, a desire to protect her.

His name is Leonardo.

OH NO! Termi called Chamoy. WHY? Why him?! Chamoy convinces Termi not to tell Inés so they don’t upset her. They might have to have “Pedro” committed. He asks Termi to keep an eye on “Pedro” and call him if he’s acting strangely.

Leonardo goes to Renata’s office to tell her that he remembered his name. And it wasn’t a dream and it wasn’t a bunch of symbolism, it was a memory.

There’s one other thing–Termi told him that Pedro has a birthmark on his leg, just like Yesenia and Sara. So if he (Leo) has that same birthmark, that means he and Pedro are twins and they’re both Inés’ sons. Renata says it’s highly unlikely for identical twins to have identical birthmarks in the same place. (Wait, what?! OK, I looked up and she’s right–“identical” twins don’t always look identical. And here’s another fun twin article–how do you know which twin committed a crime based only on DNA evidence?) The only thing that birthmark is going to prove is that he IS Pedro. (So does he have it, or doesn’t he?) The sooner he accepts that, the quicker he’ll recover. Leo storms out of her office.

Chamoy calls Renata, trying to cast more doubt on Leonardo, but she already knows what he’s been saying and “we’re working on it.” She asks if he’s ever heard of the Fuentemayor Corporation and Chamoy says “Pedro” must have played there at some corporate function. He’s starting to look worried. Yeah, he’d better!

I’m still worried.

The ever-helpful Tencha saw Sebastián at the mercado and told him about Cachito being missing, so he went right over to Paloma’s and found her checking on her doorknob. “That looks like it was forced.” “It was.”

Paloma can’t figure out what’s going on, but Sebastián did punch that guy out at the mercado. If Cachito doesn’t have something that isn’t his, then at the very least someone thinks he does. Sebastián offers to try to talk to him and see if Cachito will tell him something. Paloma agrees to let him try.

He’s a little clunky, but he recognizes that “I didn’t steal anything” is a technicality. Cachito ‘fesses up about finding a cell phone, but he doesn’t have it anymore. He got rid of it.

Inés is dusting piñatas when Tencha comes looking for one for niece’s birthday. Uh oh.

Sebastián figures the owner wants his phone back, but he agrees it’s not cool to break into the house and look for it. The best thing is to just return it to him. Once Sebastián promises not to tell Paloma, Cachito says he hid it in a piñata.

Tencha’s telling Inés all about Sebastián and his hotness. Inés would like her to pick a piñata already. And of course, she picks the one with the cell phone.

Sebastián and Cachito go to the piñateria and pretend they’re there to pick out a piñata for funsies, but the one Cachito “wants” isn’t there.

Tencha is busy stuffing it with candy. Lupe wanders by and gets recruited to finish while Tencha goes to buy some fruit. Lupe loses her ring in the piñata and when she tries to retrieve it, finds the cell phone instead. And it’s on. Great, we’re going to put everyone in danger before this cell phone drama is over.

Cachito describes the piñata and Inés tries to interest him in another, but he pouts about it. Sebastián isn’t worried. Now at least Cachito and his mom are safe.

That’s what I thought.

Tania’s starting to think the best thing to do is go back to Mexico. If she does, then Eugenio’s going with her. They can get married there. He proposes and she accepts. She’s sure her dad will love him. They’re both guitarists, actually.

Tania’s still hesitant about going back to Mexico. There won’t be any jobs there, which is why she left. Eugenio says it will only be for a little while and then they’ll get married, they’ll get her a visa–“I have a visa.”

Eugenio’s surprised, and then the finds it funny that she never mentioned having a tourist visa all this time. He thought she wasn’t in the country legally, but no, it was only that she didn’t have authorization to work. According to him this is going to make it much easier to fight the current accusation, and easier for her to get permanent residency after they’re married. They celebrate with some smooching. Hm…I suppose they’ll call the lawyer later 🙂

Paloma is cleaning up the flower shop when Eugenio and Tania stop by to tell her they’re going to find a judge. They’re getting married NOW! Tania makes sure Paloma knows she’s not marrying him just for immigration status! Eugenio doesn’t want to lose her and if he doesn’t marry her now, she’ll have to go back to Mexico in four months when her tourist visa expires. Paloma asks about their parents, but Eugenio would rather tell them after. OK, then, count Paloma in.

“Amanecí otra vez entre tus brazos….”

Pedro and Fernanda are still enjoying their reunion. The sun is out, the birds are singing…no, wait, that’s Pedro singing. Fernanda finally breaks the spell–when she tells him what she needs to tell him, he’s going to hate her. Whatever it is, Pedro doesn’t want to know. All they need to know is how they feel about each other. They get back to smooching.

Who knows how many hours later, Pedro wakes up and tries to sneak out. Fer wants him to stay in bed with her all day, but he has something he has to do at the office. She wishes him luck as she rearranges the sheets to show off her back. Ha! He’s not going anywhere.

This part was not so much fun.

Ignacio is walking down Fer’s hallway when gets the bad news from Chamoy that Leonardo remembered his name. He tells him it’s his job to keep Leonardo from finding out the truth or Chamoy’s family will pay. Chamoy hangs up on him.

Fernanda answers the door. Looks like Pedro got away after all. Ignacio hopes this is going to be quick–he’s getting “Leonardo” to sign the last of the paperwork today.

“And is Edgardo Harrington going to be there, or just that Chamoy guy?”

That’s right, he knows what she’s talking about, but she’s happy to explain with a hearty slap across his smug face. She’s done taking orders from him. What happened to her brother is all his fault! She saw him with the guy who nearly killed her brother in prison. His lies aren’t working anymore, Fer’s been suspicious ever since he said she didn’t have to stay married to “Leonardo” and she saw the paper with “Harrington’s” signature on it.

Ignacio’s laughing at Fer as she talks about how she loves “Leonardo.” He’s going to enjoy watching her find out the truth. Fer’s prepared to turn him in. He gloats that she’s got no proof–but he has plenty of proof against her. She’s willing to tell “Leonardo” and Humberto anything.

Ignacio is interrupted by a phone call that he ignores. Fer figures it’s one of his lackeys. Ignacio continues trying to convince Fer he’s the one who has the upper hand. He’s got “Leonardo” completely in his hands.

“Oh yeah? Not once I tell Humberto what you’re up to and he removes your authority. And what about Don Fermin? You won’t be able to keep your lies up for long, but Leonardo will forgive me because he loves me!”

Ignacio flies up off the couch, grabs her by the throat and says if she says anything, she’ll lose more than just her freedom. Fer will go to jail before he does and before they lock him up he’ll go after Santiago and kill him himself. She’s going to have to do what he says from now on.

Clearly, he knows how to Google.

Leonardo makes it to the Fuentemayor Corp. building. He’s standing outside, looking the opposite direction, when Pedro arrives and bumps into someone outside the building. He turns and sees Pedro walking into the building and tries to chase after him, but Chuy is on guard duty and stops him.

Leo is putting up enough of a fight that Chuy threatens to shoot him. Chamoy comes running up and gets between them, but he’s not about to let Leo go in there either. Leo finally gets frustrated with Chamoy’s “I believe you, but you need help” attitude and stalks off.

Chamoy (and I don’t remember them establishing that he’s ever met Chuy before) tells Chuy he’d better get a couple more guys he can trust out there, because LEONARDO is not going to stop trying.

Chuy desperately tries to reach Ignacio but, as we’ve seen, he’s not answering his phone.

Why not a banana peel?

Pedro is in a great mood when he gets to the office. He forgets to keep pretending to be angry at Basi until Ivonne reminds him, so he has to lay it on extra thick.

Basi, on the other hand, hasn’t forgotten they’re supposed to be fighting so they do a little improv for Ivonne, who’s listening in on the other side of the door.

Once Basi sees Ivonne has headed back to her desk, they drop the act and collapse into giggles. Pedro has made up his mind. Fer said she loves him and he’s ready to do anything.

I don’t know what’s in that bag Pedro brought with him, but there’s some more stalling while Basi fills him in on the résumé drama.

Pedro finally pulls out an assortment of hammers from the bag and tells Basi to let him have it. Poor Basi doesn’t want to do this, but he finally brings the hammer down…and Pedro has yanked his hand away, so Basi hits himself instead.

As Pedro is pretending to reluctantly haul him to the infirmary, Ivonne tells him the elevators are busted and the emergency stairs…just got mopped! He found out the hard way.

House arrest

Nora is happy to have Connie home for a few days so she can spoil her. She’s off getting some cookies when Santiago calls Connie. He finally tracked down her phone number. He invites her out for coffee, but she explains she’s grounded. By the law, not her mom! She offers to tell him the story.

Tania calls to invite Connie to the wedding. She congratulates them, but she’s bummed that she can’t go. She gets a sudden gleam in her eyes…because not even the law can come between besties!

Fabi was right about one thing–“everyone” found out what Connie did. She’s on the front page of the “Today Times Daily News” (heh!). Fabi goes upstairs to yell at her about it, but her “demon spawn” left the house.

I dislike you both equally right now, in case you were wondering.

When Ignacio finally leaves Fernanda’s apartment, he takes a call from Chamoy, hears about Leonardo showing up at Fuentemayor Corp., and agrees to meet him at the same bar from earlier.

“You had one job, Chamoy! One job!” I’m uninterested in listening to the two of them argue about which one has screwed up the plan worse. Ignacio hands Chamoy a bottle of pills to give Leonardo. He claims they’ll make him “crazy.”

I hereby pronounce you husband and wife and besties.

All the cool kids are at Connie’s toasting to the newlyweds–Lupe, Paloma, Cachito, Sebastián, Yesenia, Ruben…and Santiago (hello!). Tania thanks Connie for putting everything together. She teases her about bringing a date and then they all bunch together for a group selfie.

The party continues with champagne and dancing. Paloma gets to thinking about “Pedro” and their talk about marriage after they’d made love on the living room floor. Sebastián pulls her away from her thoughts, thanking her for inviting him and asking her to dance. She tells him not to get his hopes up.

Ruben walks around with a camera. They’re going to have the best free wedding video ever!

I hope it hurts you more than it hurt him.

Ignacio gets to the office really late and wants to speak to “Leonardo” immediately. Ivonne gives him the sad, sad news. “Leonardo” had to go to the hospital. He slipped on the stairs.

“Leonardo” and Basi both walk in. Basi has his thumb splinted and Pedro’s got a huge splint on his entire hand. Too bad, Ignacio’s going to have to wait for him to sign those papers.

Best fail ever!

Dani comes over to visit Fernanda and hears about their epic night of love. But Fernanda admits she couldn’t tell him that she’s really Isabela Blanco.

And then Chamoy regains the #1 spot

When Chamoy gets home, Sara is making tea for “Pedro” and Chamoy siezes the opportunity to drug the tea without her noticing. She takes it upstairs and pressures “Pedro” to drink it.

Inés gets home and Chamoy starts in on how he doesn’t think Renata is helping “Pedro”…. Leo comes barreling down the stairs and tells Chamoy to quit lying and tell Inés that her other baby didn’t die, that it’s him (Leo) and that Chamoy and Pedro are conspiring against him. Chamoy seizes on this as evidence that Renata’s not helping him.

Leo tells Inés that his real name is “Leonardo” and Pedro is off living his life and working in his office. Chamoy denies being outside the office. Leo says it’s over, he knows who he is and it’s all over for Chamoy, Pedro, and that Ignacio guy.

Inés and Sara are getting really upset. Leonardo screams at her that he’s right here, he’s not dead! Since they won’t listen to him, he leaves the house, vowing to prove to them all that what he’s saying is true.

Chamoy keeps Inés from going out after him and she turns on him, demanding to know what’s happening to her son. Now Chamoy is willing to tell the truth now about having been outside that office building and following “Pedro” around…but it was just to protect him! Inés is suspicious about Chamoy’s sudden decision to start doing that until Chamoy mentions the phone call from Termi. She still looks doubtful.

Leonardo stumbles around in the street and collapses. Chuy drives up in an SUV and Chamoy gives him a nod.

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4 years ago

Beautiful, Diva. “Oh yeah? Not once I tell Humberto what you’re up to and he removes your authority. And what about Don Fermin? You won’t be able to keep your lies up for long, but Leonardo will forgive me because he loves me!” This was one of those frustrating episodes where characters give away their leverage. Termi blabs TMI to Chamoy, and Fernanda gives up all of her knowledge to Ignacio. Even Leonardo needs to shut up and concentrate on gathering info and making a plan. Oh, and when Chamoy said he didn’t think Renata was helping, who can argue… Read more »

4 years ago

BTW, why does Paloma’s front door open out? Nobody’s door does that.