¿Quién es Quién? Monday 5/30/16 #76

We might as well call him Leonardo.

Chuy and Chamoy load Leonardo into the back seat of the SUV.

Renata finishes an appointment with another patient and takes a call from Inés. “Pedro” went running out of the house and she doesn’t know where he is. Renata has several missed calls and says she’ll go look for him herself if he hasn’t called her again in five minutes.

She sees a message from “Pedro” saying his twin works for Fuentemayor Corp. I was hoping her flashback would have something to do with the fact that her sister and Fer both work there, but no…she remembers him laying out his “twin” theory.

She checks the Fuentemayor Corp website and oh, look, there’s a lovely corporate headshot of Leonardo Fuentemayor that conveniently nobody has found until now. Come on, Renata! Quit staring at the screen and do something! At least now she thinks it’s true that there’s a man who looks just like “Pedro.” Too bad “Pedro” still isn’t answering his phone.

Inés tries Paloma, but “Pedro” isn’t with her and she’s not at home, as we all know.

Renata tries calling the office, but “Leo” has left already. Ivonne is happy to take a very dangerous message that she needs to speak to him urgently about a personal matter having to do with Pedro Perez.

Maybe Ivonne doesn’t give Ignacio this message because she said it was personal? In any case, that’s a break for Team Twin. Ignacio is still using a replacement phone and making excuses for not blocking the old one–“It’s going to show up and then I won’t be able to access the memory.”

Inés is panicking. “Pedro” isn’t with anyone she called. She decides to go looking for him, even though Sara thinks it’s a bad idea for her to go out alone so late.

The wedding reception continues

Connie convinces Santiago to dance with her. Ruben is guiding Cachito around the room, letting him take video footage. Lupe uses Ignacio’s phone to take pictures. Yesenia insists on Lupe returning the phone, but she’s won over by the good photo quality. Lupe swears she’ll return it tomorrow! Everybody scrunches up for a pre-cake-cutting selfie.

Paloma pulls Tania aside to say she feels bad about her parents not being there and, more importantly, to encourage her to go to the police about The Creep now that she knows Tania isn’t undocumented.

Tania and Eugenio thank Connie for the party and tell Santiago about Connie getting arrested to help Tania. He’s impressed, but starting to get embarrassed about knocking things over (though really, everyone’s tipsy and giddy, so he should be fitting right in). He wants Connie to call a taxi for him, but she says she’s got to get home, too, so she’ll drop him off on the way. They stumble out the door and the party continues.

I’m not sure what Tania drags Eugenio back into the kitchen for later, officially, but they end up snogging and being mushy and establishing that she’s going to go by “Hernandez” now.


Fernanda doesn’t want to ruin things by telling “Leo” the truth, but she knows he’s keeping a secret, too. Aside from Ignacio’s comments, “Leo” has also started to tell her several times and taken it back.

All of a sudden Dani’s the one wondering if “Leo” is hiding shady stuff. I guess that’s her job–whatever Fernanda thinks, whatever she wants to do, question it! Also under question: How is she supposed to fight Ignacio when he knows that she’s on to him? Fer thinks his arrogance is going to work in her favor. He’s so sure he’s got the upper hand, he’ll never see her next move coming.

Pedro gets home just in time to hear her say she’s going to find “Edgardo Harrington.” She’s sure he’s the key to everything. He makes noise with the door to pretend he’d just gotten there. Dani leaves them alone so Fernanda can fuss over his splinted and bruised hand.

Fer turns on Gwen for not informing her and they add it to her programming, but Fer denies Gwen permission to call her “Guitarrita.” “Recalculating…sorry, Fernanda.” Pedro tries to find out what she and Dani were talking about, but she lies.

Humberto looks tired.

Fabi is fuming about Connie leaving the house. Humberto clarifies that she didn’t have to stay IN the house the entire time, the judge just wanted to know that Humberto would be keeping a closer eye on her for a few days. He agrees to give her a good scolding when she gets back, but mostly that’s to get Fabi to shut up and calm down already.

When is this going to end?

Justino takes his new victim to Tania’s second apartment. He seems to have taken on “Don Pepe” as his official sexual predator name. He leaves his new victim to settle in.

At home, he’s in such a good mood that he doesn’t question it when Eugenio calls to say he’s hanging out with some friends from out of town. He even gladly promises to be at home with Magdalena tomorrow at lunch so Eugenio can tell them something important.

He gloats about how poor Eugenio must be so upset, he heard that Immigration went to the Cultural Center, so his girlfriend probably got deported. Even Magdalena thinks he sounds happy about it.


Sebastián gets to tuck Cachito in at home. He tells Paloma she’s done a great job with him and he’s “perfect.”

Out in the living room, he says he should have been there for all of Cachito’s important moments. He wants to be there from now on and when he says he “never” wants to leave his son, he means it. He got a job offer in Los Angeles and he’s going to accept it. Paloma looks seriously worried.

Sebastián talks about everything he can offer Cachito–economic stability, paying for school–but he puts it badly and it comes out sounding a little insulting to Paloma. He walks it back and gets her to agree that at least for now he can keep hanging out with Cachito, but they’re not going to tell him who Sebastián is. He’s so happy he grabs her and gives her a kiss on the cheek that leaves her looking really confused.


At Inés’ tensions are high. No one can find “Pedro,” of course. Chamoy has him stashed in the same warehouse where he was keeping Ignacio.

Later, when Chamoy has left, Inés tries calling the police to report “Pedro” missing, but they won’t let her do that unless he’s gone for 72 hours. Yesenia comes in, saying she spread the word to all the neighborhood peeps and they’ll call if they see Pedro.

Somehow they missed him, though, because he comes stumbling in, having no idea where he was the night before. He’s got a huge headache and feels really confused. Inés tries calling Renata, but doesn’t get an answer. “Pedro” doesn’t want to go to the hospital, so Yesenia helps him upstairs so he can try to sleep it off. Inés and Sara head for the kitchen, thinking food will help.


Renata gets home early in the morning, after having been out all night looking for “Pedro.” Dani scolds her yet again for having feelings for a patient, but Renata says that’s not even what’s important right now–they just need to find him.

By the way, does Dani know Leonardo Fuentemayor? Yep, he’s married to Fer. She mentions they’ve had some problems in their relationship, but won’t give Renata details. Renata says she was just wondering–no, nothing to do with “Pedro” she just has another client who mentioned Leonardo. Dani leaves for work and Renta thinks about more of the things “Pedro” has said about being someone else.

You are so fired!

When Ignacio gets to the office, Ivonne doesn’t actually GIVE him the message for “Leonardo,” she just makes sure she calls Renata right in front of him to tell her “Leonardo” won’t be able to see her, and then lets Ignacio take the piece of paper from her. Ignacio calls, pretending to be Leonardo, and gets her address.

Edfakeo Fakington

Basi comes over to the apartment for coffee and chisme. Fer was in such a hurry this morning all she did was help Pedro with his tie and then she was out the door.

He knows she’s worried about something and asks if Basi knows who Edgardo Harrington is. Pedro saw the name on the last set of papers Ignacio forced him to sign. Basi’s going to look into it. They agree this Edgardo guy must be a crook like Ignacio.

At the office, Dani and Fer are doing their own investigating and Dani found some web page that says Edgardo Harrington has a degree in Finance from Berkeley…just like Ignacio.

This is a terrible first day of being married.

Eugenio cooks breakfast. He tells Tania about having lunch with his parents and she gets nervous. He tells her not to worry, she and his mom will love each other. And his dad’s a grouch, but as soon as he sees her he’ll fall in love with her. (EW!)

Paloma invited herself over for lunch. Good. Reinforcements. As soon as Eugenio and Tania get there, Magdalena is thrilled to meet her. Justino is on his way. What a small world, he’s from the same little town as Tania–they’ll have to compare notes and see if they know people in common.

Magdalena is so happy that Tania’s situation has been resolved. She heard from Justino that she got picked up by Immigration at the Cultural Center yesterday. Paloma and Eugenio accept her explanation that “You know how news travels.” Tania gets Magdalena to agree to let her help with lunch, saying she doesn’t want to be treated like a guest, she wants to be treated like a member of the family.

Justino arrives, all smiles, while Magdalena and Tania are off in another room. He assumes Eugenio’s “news” has something to do with his girlfriend being deported. “No, Tania’s still in Los Angeles. She wasn’t deported.” Tania and Magdalena come around the corner and when Tania sees Justino, she drops the glass she was holding. Justino turns his head and then keeps trying to avoid looking at her while everybody fusses about the broken glass.

She freaks out when Eugenio tries to bring her into the living room to meet Justino and when everyone asks her what’s wrong, Justino turns around and says “What’s wrong is she’s a slut!” Tania looks terrified and Paloma and Eugenio are shocked.

Suddenly everything happens in a rush. Eugenio demands Justino apologize to his WIFE. Justino turns everything around and says Tania was trying to seduce him to get papers and she threatened to go after Eugenio when he wouldn’t leave Magdalena. Tania tells “Don Pepe” he’s a liar and she looked at him like a father figure. She goes running out of the house, with Eugenio following, and Paloma asks Justino how he could do something so low.

When Justino keeps insisting to Magdalena that everything he’s saying is true and that’s why he tried to get Eugenio to go to Mexico, Paloma demands he tell the truth. What happened to all that morality he kept demanding of them? This walking piece of filthy actually tells his daughter she’s no one to judge him because she’s a “perdida” (whore) just like Tania.

Magdalena will NOT stand for him talking to her daughter like that. And Tania was terrified when she saw him! What did he do?! He won’t explain himself. If they want to believe Tania over him, that’s their problem. He walks out and Magdalena turns to Paloma and says she’d better tell her what her father did. And I agree with Magdalena, she has a right to know the truth, but ugh! This sucks for Paloma to have to be the one to tell her.

Paloma gives her the short version and apologizes for having to hurt her like this. “It’s not your fault. All you did was open my eyes.” She wants to talk to Tania and hear the rest of the details from her.

Tania went back to Connie’s and packed. She’s ready to go back to Mexico, but Eugenio convinces her to talk. They haven’t gotten much farther than him telling her none of this was her fault when there’s a knock at the door. Paloma brought Magdalena over.

Magdalena wants Tania to tell her exactly what happened. She’s not here to blame anyone, just to hear the truth. As Tania starts to tell her, the family pieces things together. That his nickname, “Pepe” came from his middle name “José.” That she’s Amador’s daughter, the one Justino told them never arrived in Los Angeles. That he told her Magdalena was sick and that’s why he couldn’t bring her to the house. She starts explaining how he looked out for her, but then he started buying her dresses and taking her out to dinner….


Connie calls Santiago, who’s in a better mood today and he IS happy now that he met her friends. He was having a great time until he committed that torpeza (clumsiness). Connie’s giving him a tache (an x [as opposed to a check mark]) for every time he mentions “torpeza” or calls himself “inutil” (useless) or anything similar and he’s getting punished for every tache…she doesn’t know what yet, but she’ll think about it.

He’d like to discuss that in person, but things got worse after she went out yesterday so…maybe he could come over? She’ll send someone to pick him up. Santi agrees. Connie calls “Leo” and asks for a favor. *gulp*

In the dining room, Nora scolds Connie for upsetting her mother yesterday. When she’s done, Connie says she has a friend coming over. Would Nora cook something special for them? Nora’s all too willing.

And then Fabi comes in and spoils the mood, slapping a newspaper in front of Connie and saying she humiliated them. Fabi’s going on and on about how this reflects badly on Humberto, but Connie says it’s only racist reactionaries who read this paper, so what’s the big deal? (She’s got a point, considering the headline reads “Jailed for protecting illegals.”)

Humberto just stands there and lets Fabi go on her rant until Connie says that “gentuza” (scum) has far better morals than some of Fabi’s friends. Humberto finally butts in and tells Fabi he’ll talk to Connie. Fabi and Nora leave them alone.

Humberto understands. Connie was trying to do something good, but actions have consequences and in this case they’re not just for her, but also potentially for the family. She apologizes for not thinking about how this might affect him. Humberto doesn’t respond to that. He says the only thing he’s demanding is that she stay in the house for a few days, like he promised the judge. She’ll see it’s not so bad.

You named it what?

Termi and Cocó have not gotten an update and they get each other all freaked out about the possibility that maybe “Pedro” was abducted by aliens or had a brush with the occult or something. They’re both so scared, they have to hold each other. He tries to wheedle a kiss out of her, but she refuses.

She’s all excited about the launch of her goop line called “Le Podriré by Le Cocó” which sounds like it means “Rot.” Anyway, it’s going to make them rich, so which does he want? Love or money? And here’s a hint, she’s not kissing him.

Renata is also having a really bad day

Renata is confused when Chamoy comes to her office. He knows she’s expecting Leonardo Fuentemayor, but he tells her not to worry. “Neither of my sons is going to interrupt us.” So of course, now she knows he’s been lying and making Leonardo think he’s Pedro, but did she have to SAY it to him out loud?

He tries to force her to leave the office with him, at gunpoint, but there are people outside. Since they have to wait, Renata tries telling him what he’s doing is dangerous and he could cause Leonardo to have a psychotic break. Like he cares.

He asks who else knows about the twins. She swears she just found out when she looked online and saw a picture of Leonardo. She didn’t tell Inés because she wanted to be sure first. Her cell phone starts ringing and Chamoy can see it’s Inés calling.

He keeps looking outside for an opportunity to drag her out of the house, but that same couple is still standing there talking. She warns him it’s a busy street and he’s not going to be able to kidnap her without being seen.

Doesn’t he feel bad at all for doing this to his sons? Is Pedro helping him? Chamoy laughs. Pedro’s too naïve. Leonardo, though…he heard that before the accident Leonardo was a real piece of work.

When he checks outside again, Renata grabs the big chess piece off her desk and hides it under her jacket. Somehow, she still thought Pedro (the real Pedro) was on his way, but Chamoy breaks it to her that the person she talked to was one of the “many” enemies Leonardo made by being such an ass.

She can’t believe he would leave Pedro in the hands of his brother’s enemy. Oh, no, he’s more than happy to explain how the twins accidentally switched places, though saying that Pedro doesn’t want to come back is overstating things quite a bit.

Renata thinks he needs help himself. He’s hurting his own family and he doesn’t even care. He mocks her for thinking she can help him. All he’s trying to do is get something out of this situation. And he doesn’t need her to tell him Ignacio is just using him so he doesn’t have to get his own hands dirty. Chamoy knows that. But he’s getting sick of Ignacio and he’ll get rid of him soon enough.

That couple is finally gone, so Chamoy tells her it’s time to get going. He’s said a lot of things to her that he shouldn’t have. She whacks him with the chess piece, but he grabs her and tosses her across her desk.

Santiago hears the noise and hears Renata calling for help, so he stumbles downstairs and into her office. By then, Chamoy has hauled her up and has an arm around her throat and he’s shocked to see Santiago, of all people, there.

When Santiago doesn’t get an answer from Renata, he stops inside the door and just listens. Chamoy indulges himself, remembering the near-death beating he gave Santiago before he left prison. Chamoy isn’t letting Renata answer him, but Santiago can hear that someone is in the room. Chamoy lets him get close, just for the satisfaction of tripping him before heading out the door with Renata.


Leonardo doesn’t want to sleep or eat or drink coffee, all he wants is to figure out where he was last night. Inés begs him to tell her everything, even though he thinks everyone has already decided he’s “crazy.” He tells her how he figured it all out, but she still wants to explain it all away. Then she changes her mind. If he’s convinced then, ok. Tomorrow they’ll go to that company. She’s his mother and she’s going to support him.

He didn’t recognize the name?

Santiago crawls around on the floor, finally hitting his head on the desk and finding the phone. He tries calling Daniela, but he’s either not remembering the number or he’s not dialing it correctly.

Dani, meanwhile is making plans to go to Berkeley and pretend she works for a company that wants to hire “Edgardo Harrington.” Fer needs to just pretend she’s still under Ignacio’s control.

Dani’s phone rings and she hears what happened from Santiago.

Basi arrives at Renata’s to pick up Santiago. Santiago Blanco. Santiago doesn’t want to leave. He asks Basi to apologize to Connie for him and shuts the door in his face. He’s just about to start the Basimobile when he sees Fernanda go running into the house.

¡Habla claro o cállate!

Chamoy takes Renata to the warehouse. The one where Leonardo now isn’t. And which he doesn’t seem concerned about at all. He calls to gripe at Ignacio about not thinking about the company website and the picture of Leonardo. Then he makes a bunch of cryptic remarks about how now this is all going to be much “slower” thanks to Santiago’s interference. He gets Renata to tell him who else lives in the house “My sister, but she’s never home.” Chamoy agrees, he has no intention of making anyone else “pay” when they don’t “owe” but it’s “all up to her now.” Whatever that means.

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4 years ago

Diva, super recap as usual. Love your way with words.
Like: “Basi comes over to the apartment for coffee and chisme.”
There was a funny moment here when Pedro says,” Harrington – with jota.” Ha ha.
“And his dad’s a grouch, but as soon as he sees her he’ll fall in love with her. (EW!)” Double EW!

4 years ago

It probably would have been easier for Santi to dial 911 than Dani. Maybe more helpful too. But whatever. At least Renata believes LeoPerico now.

And good for Magda for listening to Tanya. She’ll be a good MIL once she gets rid of that rapey husband. Is anyone available to go get that other immigrant girl? Maybe this would be a good job for Yesenia. She hasn’t gotten to rage on anyone in awhile.