¿Quién es Quién? Tuesday 5/31/16 #77

The part where nobody listens to anybody else.

While Santiago is trying to convince Dani and Fer that Renata has been kidnapped, that he’s SURE he heard her calling for help and someone else was in there with her, Renata calls.

Chamoy multi-tasks, holding the gun in one hand and the phone in the other. She tells Dani it was a client calling for help, not her, and oh by the way, she’s on her way to Paris for a conference. With Dr. Bernal. She’ll maybe be back in a few weeks. Chamoy gets ready to inject her with something to knock her out.

Meanwhile, Dani and Fer bought it. Seriously, y’all? Have they ever heard her mention a “Dr. Bernal” before? Is her suitcase still in her closet?

Santiago won’t let it go. He tells Fer whoever was in Renata’s office laughed at him and he sounded just like Chamoy. Why is Fer brushing this off when she just saw him and she knows he’s working with Ignacio? And why does she pick now to try to convince Santi that the Fuentemayors are not guilty? She admits Ignacio, aka her previous ally, is the one who’s been behind everything. Of course, Santiago doesn’t believe it.

The Court of Public Opinion

Tania continues telling Magdalena her story. When she mentions the milk, Magdalena remembers having to go to the doctor for a new prescription when she lost her sleep drops. Justino started telling Tania stories about “Eugenio” and blamed it all on him. Tania realizes now how Eugenio’s necklace ended up in her room.

Justino has just roped some random guy into spreading rumors about Tania at the mercado when Magdalena shows up to confront him. It’s like a Wild West showdown. She calls his name from across the mercado and heads down the aisle with her posse (Eugenio, Paloma, and Lupe–no Tania) behind her while everyone starts gathering around to watch.

When he walks up to her she slaps him hard enough across the face to send him flying. She’s done believing his lies and doing whatever he says. And they’re not going to discuss this in private. She’s been putting up with his crap for years, blaming herself for his attitude, doing everything she can to keep the family together. She believed his excuses when he spent their savings, she believed him when he said he was going to change, she took care of him when he had his heart attack.

When she says it probably happened because Tania found out he was drugging her, Tencha gasps and Lupe wipes a tear off her face. She’s not going to bow her head to him anymore, “Justino José Hernández…or would you prefer I call you Don Pepe?”

He tries to appeal to assembled mercado peeps that he doesn’t even do drugs…”You used my sleep drops!” The crowd gasps and mutters. She confronts him about spending their money on gifts for Tania and on paying her rent. Justino pulls the random guy forward and begs him to tell everyone how Tania seduced him, but oh no, that guy is NOT playing along! Magdalena contemptuously tells him to shut up. The more he talks, the sicker she feels. He’s a pervert and a rapist.

“You’ve known me my whole life!” Oh, she thought she did. She thought he was so recto (morally upright) always bragging about how decent he was and judging everyone. No one was ever good enough for Don Justino Hernández! And he put his disgusting desires above his own family. He’s a pervert and she hates him. And now she’s told everyone about him and they all know to be careful. “¡Justino Hernández es un infeliz desgraciado!” With that she walks off, along with Eugenio and half the crowd.

Now it’s Paloma’s turn. He’s her father and she’ll always be grateful he “gave her life” (puh-leeze, Magdalena did most of the work) but he insulted her. He humiliated her when she told him she was pregnant. And now, after what he did…how dare he ask her to be on his side? She’s been disappointed in him for a long time, but now she wishes they weren’t family. Paloma leaves and Justino starts screaming at the rest of the crowd to leave. Then he cries. I have no sympathy for him.

Corporativo Fuentemayor: Dramatically Repurposing Resource-Sucking Intellectual Capital

“Leonardo” summons Ivonne to his office and gets her to investigate “Edgardo Harrington” by spinning an elaborate story about a famous identity thief who almost got busted last week. He escaped six international espionage agencies, but they found out he was planning to steal “Leonardo’s” identity. She can’t tell ANYONE (read: Ignacio). And she’s only supposed to look for information, not confront him and make him regret his life of crime.

Well, guess what? Edgardo Harrington exists! Or at least, Ignacio talks to someone called Edgardo on the phone. I thought it was just an alias Ignacio was using.

Basi comes back to the office and after a LOT of stalling tells Pedro what he saw. He went to pick up Connie’s friend, who turned out to be named Santiago Blanco, and who also happens to be blind, and he saw Fernanda there with Dani and apparently the house where Santiago is staying is Dani’s. And maybe both the Santiago Blancos are THE Santiago Blanco. Which means that Fernanda….

Knows he’s living in her friend’s house and didn’t say anything to Pedro. He shuts Basi down before Basi can make any more (probably correct) suppositions and make him any more paranoid. He tells Basi to quit making up stories and come up with a way to defeat Ignacio. Basi is out of ideas there.

Ignacio calls someone from IT in to demand he shut down the company webpage and present a proposal for a new one. Ignacio says it’s out of date, there are huge errors, and it’s inappropriate for the type of business they run. IT guy has no idea what he’s talking about, but if it’s a choice between indulging a delusional executive or losing his job, ok.

What a dumbass! Not only is this a terrible business decision (vs, say, just removing Leonardo’s picture), I’ve got two words for him: CACHED COPY! Oh, no, wait! Here’s another three: GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH! Go ahead Ignacio, scrub all photographic evidence of Leonardo from the Internet. I’ll wait.

He calls Chamoy and says it’s up to him now to convince Leonardo it was all a figment of his imagination. Chamoy (jackass!) gloats that the pills are working great and Leo is “crazier” than ever.

Any time now….

Leonardo uses someone’s tablet to try to show Inés, Sara, Yesenia, and Ruben the company website. As soon as he finds his picture, it disappears from his screen before he can show it to anyone else.

*sigh* OK, yes, IT guy pulled the plug, but that wouldn’t have affected anything until Leo tried to navigate off that page. But whatever.

He’s furious with everyone for not believing him. He won’t even put up with Ruben trying to help him, since he called him “Perico” instead of Leonardo. Inés is trying to convince him he doesn’t have to prove anything to them and she notices that for some reason, he’s cold.

Chamoy gets home and Leonardo lays into him about being a liar and treating him like he’s “crazy.” Yesenia was grabbing “Pedro’s” jacket like Inés asked her to and finds a bunch of cash in the pocket. It’s $10K. Everybody bugs him to remember where he was last night. Yesenia defends Chamoy when Leonardo blames it on him. Nobody stops her when she calls him “crazy,” drags him away from the front door, and sends him to his room.

Just to clarify, that was Yesenia. Sending Leonardo to his…er, Pedro’s room.

He tries calling Renata, but, well, you know how that goes.

Inés goes up to his room and insists that damnit, she’s his mother! She’s not “just humoring” him. She knows his heart. They’re not going to give up–they’re going to go to that company and find out what’s going on.

These had better be the last gasps.

Justino goes to the Cultural Center. He begs for information about Tania, claiming that he got a call from Mexico that her father is sick.

Magdalena, Eugenio, and Paloma get back to the house. Magdalena asks for their forgiveness for always putting Justino over them and asking them to obey him just to keep the peace. She can’t forgive herself for letting Justino mistreat them instead of defending them.

Cocó and Termi work out the details of her big presentation. Outfit theme: giraffes and the color orange. Tencha interrupts with the gossip.

Magdalena is calmer now. She sends Eugenio home to be with his wife. It’s going to be difficult for them to hold on to their relationship, but she has faith they can do it. She tells him not to judge Tania–she was a victim.

She sends Paloma home, too. She needs to get on with her life. Paloma asks what Magdalena’s going to do with hers and Magdalena shrugs. Paloma offers again for Magdalena to move in with her. Magdalena doesn’t want to leave the house she’s lived in for 30+ years. She’ll figure out how to get Justino out of there. Paloma’s afraid to leave her alone, but Magdalena says she knows how to handle him. She doesn’t want her to come back later. She needs to be alone.

Paloma leaves and Magdalena looks around the house and cries. Is her relative calm freaking anybody else out?

Tania updates Connie. Connie’s shocked but hopeful, since Tania’s mother-in-law believed her and Eugenio supported her. She invites them over. Tania agrees, then hangs up to answer the door, thinking it’s Eugenio knocking.

It’s not. Justino still thinks he can make her leave and starts planting doubts about whether Eugenio believes her. Tania tells him to get out of the house before Eugenio gets home and throws him out. Eugenio loves her and no one is going to separate them. He tells her Eugenio will always think of her as the woman his father saw naked and swears he’ll get revenge, but he leaves.

Trying to move on

Eugenio comes home and tells her about Magdalena confronting Justino at the mercado. She doesn’t tell him about Justino’s visit. She starts talking about what would be best…and Eugenio thinks that’s fighting for their relationship.

Cocó and Termi get back to her house. He’s carrying a huge box and she’s going on and on about what SHE would do to Justino if he were her husband and where she wants to put all her products for her demonstration. She finally tells him he can put the box down and gives him permission to lean on her and wrap his arms around her waist…her WAIST!

Sebastián heard about what happened at the mercado. He offers Paloma his support. She’s disappointed with her father, but impressed with her mother. Sebastián offers to do anything he can, but there’s really nothing to do until Magdalena makes some decisions. He gets permission to take Cachito out for ice cream and a movie tomorrow and almost kisses her when she walks him to the door, but she avoids him.

And Leonardo shows up just then. She introduces them and they let loose with the barely veiled hostility before Sebastián leaves. Leo starts in on his jealous crap and Paloma tells him to back off. And just to get it out of the way, she tells him Sebastián is Cachito’s father.

And he starts back in again. Paloma ends up sobbing and he finally realizes he’s been a jerk, but she says it’s not HIM, it’s EVERYTHING. She just found out her father is the most despicable person she knows.

Leonardo gets the whole story and apologizes for being selfish. He had no idea what she was going through. “I don’t even know why I’m telling you all this!” He thinks it’s because she still loves him and trusts him. Paloma doesn’t answer, but she lets him keep holding her.

Sara is trying to convince Inés that Chamoy is trying to change when Melquiades shows up to accuse “Pedro” of stealing $10K from him last night. Chamoy pops into the living room to defend his son and keep giving Melquiades intimidating looks behind Inés’ and Sara’s backs.

Leo and Paloma have moved on to kissing. He vows to keep working to prove to her and everyone else that he isn’t the guy she saw kissing someone else at that restaurant.

Inés remembers Yesenia finding the money this morning, but she, Sara, and Chamoy all insist it couldn’t have been “Pedro.” Mel is probably grateful Inés told Chamoy to stop attacking him. She runs upstairs, finds the roll of bills, and gives it back to Melquiades. She begs him to forgive “Pedro” and blames it on his amnesia. Chamoy scolds Mel for not coming to him directly and embarrassing Inés and Sara.

When Mel is gone, Chamoy turns to Inés, whining about how now that she returned the money, everyone’s going to think “Pedro” is a thief. She begs him to shut up already and goes upstairs. Chamoy is left to comfort his mother.

Leonardo and Paloma are still snuggling on the couch. He tells her about his laguna mental (memory lapse, blackout) last night and insists he’s not going to stop looking for the truth. Yes, he knows she always encouraged him and he was the one who was hesitant before. He has more motivation now, because she’s giving him the benefit of the doubt.

Cocó and Termi, the short version: She rubs his arms; he insults himself; she slaps him; she kisses him; she tells him if they got together it would be like two forces of nature laying waste to everything around them and she has her dreams, her cosmetic line and so, “no”; he vows he’ll never stop trying.

The backup plan

Fabiola goes to whine to Ignacio about Connie, but he’s not in the mood. Everything is falling apart. Fernanda turned her back on him. She hates him and loves “Leonardo.” Oh, Fabi doesn’t see a problem. Fernanda just wants money, so once “Leonardo” doesn’t have any, she’ll come right back to Ignacio.

Ignacio knows it’s not that easy. That “idiot” turned out to be smarter than Ignacio gave him credit for. She demands he explain what he’s talking about, so he turns it around on her and says she has to marry Humberto. It’s the only way they won’t be left penniless if their plan doesn’t work.

Connie is just getting comfortable on the couch when Fabi emerges from Humberto’s office. “Are you going to yell at me again? Because I’d really rather be in jail.” Fabi asks Connie where her father is. She isn’t going to tell her why–she just wants his phone number. She admits she needs to talk to him about getting a divorce, but Connie says he’s not going to give her one.

Fabi goes back to the office to complain that Connie won’t give her Matías’ number. “It’s not like I can slap it out of her!” Humberto walks in and asks what they’re conspiring about…”Just kidding!” He laughs at the look on Fabi’s face. Then he tells Ignacio that he’s going to tell Ivonne to invite him over to spend the night more often because Fabi pays more attention to Ignacio than Humberto when Ignacio is home.

I…dude…that is wrong on so many levels!

Ignacio now admits they WERE conspiring, and he thinks it’s only right for Humberto to know how very, very sad Fabi has been because she can’t marry him legally. But…but…but…that’s Matías’ fault! He wants to marry Fabi, but she signed that pre-nup. Ignacio says Humberto has All The Lawyers….

Humberto has always considered her his wife, ever since she moved in, but if this is what she wants, he’ll have the company lawyers figure out how to overturn the pre-nup. They’re off upstairs to celebrate while Ignacio smirks to himself.

Humberto’s reading poetry to Fabi again…while she thinks about Ruben. “Ummm, I was just thinking about you…and our wedding….”

Connie gets hold of her dad and tells him that Fabi has been trying to get his number from her and why.

Showdown: Part 2

Justino comes home to find Magdalena waiting for him. She packed his bags. She hands him a folder with the deed to the house. “Oh, so if I give you the house, you’ll forgive me?” She laughs. He’s going to sign over the house to Eugenio and Tania and then he’s going to leave.

Now, all of a sudden he remembers that it’s “their” house and “they” worked on it together. “Funny how before it was always YOUR house and anyone who disagreed with you could get out.” He keeps trying to charm his way out of this…they’ve always had problems, and they worked things out.

“You don’t understand, do you? ‘This’? Is OVER.” Justino dares to bring up the vows they made before “God.” “Do you really want me to remind you of all the commandments you broke? Yes, other women have forgiven their husbands for infidelity. This wasn’t infidelity–it was perversion! Don’t you feel even a little bit of guilt?” Now he tries to spin this as him trying to separate Tania from Eugenio because can’t she see how much trouble that girl has caused? “Quit lying! Just sign and get out of this house.”

And if he doesn’t? “I thought you had a little bit of decency left, but I see I was expecting too much. So sign to save your skin. I’ll turn you in to the police. I have plenty of proof–of the psychological abuse you inflicted on me and my children. I talked to a lawyer and if I take you to court, you’ll lose everything.”

Justino is gone. Magdalena walks into the living room with a suitcase. It has her wedding dress in it. She pulls it out and starts ripping it to shreds, using scissors when she can’t get the fabric to tear. “I cry for my broken dreams, my destroyed family, but not for you Justino! You don’t deserve anything!”


Justino’s drinking. Chamoy hadn’t heard the story. He’s not even horrified or disgusted when Mel tells him. Instead he sounds impressed and he gloats that here Justino was always calling them sinners.

Mel asks what he’s doing there anyway–what if someone tells Inés and she realizes it was all fake? Chamoy tells him to chill. He just came for his money. That he wants to count before he leaves.

Once again, Mel doesn’t want to help Chamoy with this kind of stuff (haven’t we heard that before?) and he can’t understand why Chamoy is doing this to his own son. “It’s for his own good.” Making him look “crazy” and look like a thief? “Well, obviously, I’m trying to protect him from something so terrible you can’t even imagine it.” He advises Mel to save his questions and then regards Justino, aka the other guy in this bar who sees nothing wrong with hurting his own son.

Yesenia reviews the pictures on Ignacio’s cell phone. She was thinking of printing them for Tania and Eugenio, but now…are they going to stay together? Lupe doesn’t know, after what happened. Yesenia keeps flipping through the pictures and they see the one of Officer Naughty all up in Leonardo’s uncomfortable face at his bachelor party. “¿Perico?”

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4 years ago

Super edge-of-your-seat episode and an even superer (sic) recap.
Example of your prowess: ” IT guy has no idea what he’s talking about, but if it’s a choice between indulging a delusional executive or losing his job, ok.” What a great turn of a phrase.
What did you think of that sort of awkward night-night scene between Eugenio and Tania?

4 years ago


4 years ago

A terrific recap, Diva! I love how you use your technical knowledge to tell us about the flaws in Ignacio’s wipe-the-website plan. I hadn’t thought of that, but you’re absolutely right. Leonardo would still have the old version to show on the screen. He also should have taken a screen shot (I did – so that I could read the description!). Also, Magdalena’s confrontation scene was EPIC – I really enjoyed how she slapped Justino so hard that she knocked him over. And your description was also epic – “It’s like a Wild West showdown. She calls his name from… Read more »