¿Quién es Quién? Thursday 6/2/16 #79

Paloma and….

It’s not that Paloma told him she believed in him. She said she NEEDED to believe in him. She just had to ask her father to turn himself in to the police. He promised to change and he never did.

Oh, sure, Leo isn’t like him, but can’t he see that if he’s right, if he’s really this rich guy who was engaged to a woman who looks like she stepped out of a magazine, where does that leave Paloma? They never would have met each other.

Maybe not, but if that’s the case, then he’s grateful for the accident. She’s the most important thing in his life and he always wants her around. If he’s desperate to find out who he is, it’s because he can’t offer her a life without knowing. But he doesn’t want her to ever doubt that he loves her. He’s never loved anyone the way he loves her.

It’s just so confusing for Paloma. Is she supposed to call him “Leonardo” now? Only if she believes him.

What about this cell phone? Where did it come from? He explains the part that he knows. He’s generous enough to think that maybe Inés was attacked by some enemy of Ignacio’s. Obviously, he’s a criminal. The thing is, Pedro isn’t the kid of guy to ally himself with someone like that. And why did Chamoy lie about one of the twins dying? Leo doesn’t know, but he’s sure the only possible explanation for everything is that he and Pedro were separated at birth.

There are a lot of unanswered questions, but Leonardo is determined to keep looking for answers. They get back to the phone and looking at the pictures. Leo doesn’t look like he was in love with Fernanda. And here’s a video of Fernanda kissing Ignacio. Who took it? Ignacio’s acting like he knows there’s a camera there! He must have taken it to blackmail her with!

Poor Paloma is having the longest day ever. Leo says that’s enough for one day. He gives her some comforting kisses that escalate to some comforting lovemaking.

It’s a little uncomfortable later when Paloma says he needs to leave before Cachito gets back. From going to the movies. With his dad. Leo just doesn’t like the idea of there being another man hanging around Paloma. But he trusts her, right? Yes, she’s right. He apologizes. She tells Leonardo he’ll never lose her.

Yes, “Leonardo.” Because she believes him.

So, when the judge asks if anyone has objections…?

Nora tries to act like Humberto and Fabiola’s impending marriage means nothing. Fabiola’s already “the lady of the house” and in her own (sick, twisted) way, she loves Humberto. Connie can’t believe Nora actually thinks so. She knows Fabi just wants to marry Humberto to divorce him and take him for everything he’s got–right down to his smile. And Nora knows it, too.

Connie wishes she could invent glasses for men who fall in love with women they shouldn’t have. Nora gets a little misty when she says, “Women, too.” Ummm, no she’s not talking about herself. She’s just speaking generally. Connie doesn’t believe her, but she lets it go.

She asks for advice–should she tell Bert that Fabi’s only into his money? Nora thinks that’s a bad idea. It’ll only look like she’s angry at her mother.

Nora spoils Connie with homemade cookies–mmmmm! And then asks Connie about her love life. Welllll, yeah, there’s a guy. He’s handsome and smart and fun and well, he does have a serious side, but he’s got a reason for it. He went blind after getting a beating. But he just needs a little push to get his strength back and get moving again. And of course, Connie’s the one to deliver that little push.

Le Cocó’s le presentation

Sara comes through the living room on her way to Cocó’s. She’s glad to hear that “Pedro” and Paloma are still (kinda sorta) together and marvels at how Paloma made him quit being such a womanizer. And she gets that Inés lives for her children and that she’s worried, but she needs to have some fun, too. Inés isn’t in the mood for the shindig at Cocó’s, though. OK, then, Sara will go alone. She never turns down a free beer! Inés is left thinking about the attempted kidnapping.

Termi’s polka dot shirt is doing bad things to my TV screen. Yesenia arguing with Ruben when she’s not even angry at him isn’t helping. Lupe knows it’s about the phone, but Yesi doesn’t want to talk about it.

The guys start rearranging the furniture for Cocó’s thing. Lupe tries to recruit Yesenia. Because she’s so the poster girl for cosmetics?

Lupe serves up some cheese. I mean literal cubes of cheese. On a platter. With toothpicks and everything.

Sara checks out an ingredient label and wonders if this is face cream or guacamole.

Everyone’s filing in. Even Basi shows up…to talk to Tencha. She convinces him to stay for the presentation.

Basi sees Yesenia in the kitchen and seizes his moment. How’s her mom doing? Uh, fine. She accuses him of liking her mom. (As if that’s a crime!) And she doesn’t want to talk about her “crazy” brother, either. Ruben comes in to tell her to quit airing family dirty laundry. Yesenia starts to ignore Basi in favor of apologizing to Ruben and snogging him.

Basi gives up and goes back to the living room. Termi and Cocó start plotting against Basi…uh, “Adrian.”

Cocó inflicts her exfoliating masque on him. For some reason this involves Termi putting him into a headlock while he’s got earplugs up his nostrils. To make the torture stop, he swears he’ll buy everything!

At least they can roll their eyes together during the ceremony.

Pedro and Fer get home and start talking about Humberto and Fabiola. They agree she’s just after Humberto’s money. Not that Fer has heard her say it, but yeah. How did Humberto even get interested in her in the first place when Pedro’s mom is his type? Uh, Leonardo’s mom, that is. Sofia. Right. Pedro doesn’t get it either. Love clouds your judgment, you know. He jokes that his vision is all kinds of cloudy…but his heart is filled with sunlight. *smoochies*

Baby steps

Tania and Eugenio make it back to Connie’s. They’re both tired after spending two hours at the police station giving their statements. Tania wants this all to be over already. Eugenio says they’ve done their part. Now it’s in the hands of the police. They both agree they couldn’t get through this without each other.

They get ready for bed. Tania confesses her fear that they won’t be able to get over this. Eugenio is sure they will, eventually.

Maybe they need some ground rules for this co-parenting thing.

Dressed again and back in the living room, Leo says his next move is going to that office building. But, like, for real this time. Paloma wants him to take Termi with him. He says he’ll be fine, but he doesn’t want his mom to know.

Sebastián and Cachito get back to the house and the awkward looks between Sebastián and Leo start flying. Cachito freaks out when Leo comes back for The Cell Phone before leaving. Sebastián notices.

Paloma gets distracted by a call from Inés. Cachito whispers to Sebastián that it was the cell phone from the piñata and his mom’s going to yell at him!

Sebastián puts him to bed and Cachito makes him swear he won’t tell Paloma anything. And by the way, “Pedro’s” good peeps, but he likes Sebastián better.

When Cachito’s asleep, Sebastián asks Paloma about “Pedro” and why it seems like they’re always fighting. Does she trust him? Because Cachito found that cell phone. When that guy at the mercado tried to steal Cachito’s backpack, he’s sure that’s what they were looking for.

Paloma is furious Sebastián didn’t tell her about this! She remembers finding Ignacio in Cachito’s room. She runs off in search of Leonardo… “Who’s Leonardo? And who’s Ignacio?” …and asks him to stay with Cachito without any explanation.

¡Ay, comadre!

Magdalena visits Inés to ask her to keep an eye on Paloma for her. She’s going back to Mexico. She’s surprised Inés hasn’t heard about Justino.

By the time Magdalena has finished with the story, including the part where the police are already looking for him and he’s going to spend some time in jail, Inés eyes are about ready to pop out of her head. No, she hadn’t heard a thing and she’s sorry she wasn’t there for Magdalena.

“What a pair of husbands we had!” Magdalena admits when Chamoy went to jail she was grateful her husband was a good man…but anyway. She’s not going to be bitter. She’s going to move on. Inés agrees–life goes on. And of course she’ll keep an eye on Paloma and Cachito.

Magdalena is comforted that Paloma has “Pedro” and they love each other. She’s so happy to have Inés as a friend. Inés wishes her luck in Mexico.

It couldn’t have waited?

Pedro’s getting a glass of water in his jammies when he gets a text from Basi to come outside urgently. Out in the hallway, Pedro wonders if Basi’s been eating guacamole…? “Yes. I smell like guacamole and I’m going to smell like guacamole for the rest of my life. It’s a long story.”

Anyway Pedro’s mom’s fine, but, um….

Fer hears their voices in the hallway and goes up to the front door in time to hear Basi say that Leonardo seems to be going “crazy.” He’s wandering around at night, he can’t remember where he’s been, and he comes home talking incoherencias (nonsense). Fer keeps listening to their conversation and frowning.

When Pedro finally sneaks back in, Fer’s waiting around the corner in the kitchen to startle him and asks what he was talking to Basi about. Oh, she heard the name “Leonardo”? Well, that’s his tocayo (someone with the same name) Leonardo. He’s a friend of Basi’s aunt’s. Uh huh. And so Basi needed to come over to talk about him this late? And aren’t they fighting? Well, um, see, he has a debt with the other Leonardo from the time he helped this “Leonardo” get a meeting with his boss. And Basi was worried about the other Leonardo and asked “Leonardo” for help. But if he ever comes over again, “Leo” will fire him for real this time. And now they should go to bed because they’re both very blanquitos (“white”; pale) and if they don’t sleep they’re going to be very ojerosas (with bags/dark circles under their eyes) in the morning.

Fer didn’t believe a word out of his mouth.

That damn cell phone!

Chamoy gets back to his hotel room to find Ignacio and Chuy waiting for him. Each one has a gun. Is there any chance they’ll actually shoot him this time instead of Chamoy and Ignacio talking each other to death? After much blahblahblah, Ignacio sends Chuy to Inés house to find the phone. He’ll call with instructions about what to do with the family. Further blahblahblah ensues.

Sara gets back to the house with stories and face cream. Inés is glad someone’s having a good time. She heads upstairs to go to bed while Sara settles in on the couch to catch up on her telenovelas.

Leo goes to the Bar-ena for a beer. And to ask to speak to Melquiades. He reviews the dates on some of Ignacio’s pictures and gets an idea.

Finally, Cocó’s big presentation is over and the guests are gone and Cocó’s counting her money. Termi makes her promise success won’t go to her head. And then she gives him his commission…which isn’t really what he wanted.

OK, then, he’s happy to leave without mixing business and pleasure. See…that’s not what Cocó wanted either, exactly. Before all Termi’s dreams can come true, he’s interrupted by a call from Leo.

What did they do the night before the accident? Termi remembers them singing “at Melquiades’ cantina,” then the crowd got a little violent. Leo asks him to go over to his house early and tell Inés what he just said. Ah, but his family and Paloma already know that–Paloma even helped them all get cleaned up. Leo tells him to be prepared to tell that story as many times as he asks.

Mel finally gets to the bar and hears “Pedro” is looking for him.

I don’t believe Chamoy gave info about Ignacio to a cop that he has to call every 12 hours or all Ignacio’s misdeeds will come to light, but Ignacio might. Chamoy’s ringing phone makes it look like he’s telling the truth.

It’s just Mel calling to complain that “Pedro” is there and he’s probably going to ask him questions about that allegedly stolen money, but he doesn’t want to tell him anything. “Pedro’s” there alone, looking at his cell phone…”What does it look like?” Mel doesn’t understand the question. He describes the phone and Chamoy tells him to just avoid “Pedro.” He wants Ignacio to call Chuy off.

Chuy gets to Inés’ house, waving his gun around like a fool. Before he can do much, Paloma knocks on the door and Inés comes downstairs. Chuy decides to come out and threaten them with the gun instead of staying hidden.

Inés convinces him no one else is home. He tells them to kneel on the floor in the living room, but he seems to have no idea what to do now.

He ties their hands and then starts looking around for the phone. Which entails pointing his gun at all the knick knacks. Yeah, you never know when a tchotchke’s going to leap off a shelf and attack you. Where did Ignacio find this guy?

Inés thinks he’s looking for Chamoy and keeps telling him Chamoy doesn’t live there anymore. He has them both blindfolded before Ignacio calls to tell him to go to the cantina instead.

Sara shows up just then and tells him to leave, pointing a hairbrush at him. What? From the kitchen, with the lights off, it could have been a gun. Chuy leaves.

Chamoy convinces Ignacio he can take care of the problem without killing Leonardo and casting suspicion on both of them. Everyone already thinks Leonardo is “crazy.” Just let him make one phone call. Ignacio goes for it.

Chamoy calls Melquiades and tells him to go into the bag of money, find a bottle of pills, put one in a drink, and give it to “Pedro” or he can kiss his bar goodbye.

Paloma is sure this was just a random robbery, but Inés thinks this is related to what happened earlier. She can’t believe Sara threatened the guy with a hairbrush instead of calling the police. “Eh, they never would have gotten here in time.” She suggests maybe it was a serial killer, which nobody finds comforting. Then she laughs at how she scared the guy off

Paloma’s ready to head home, but they don’t want her walking alone this late after what just happened. And if she needs to talk to “Pedro” so badly, she should just call him. Paloma agrees.

Leo’s cell phone rings. He’s passed out at a table at Melquiades’ and Mel is furious. He doesn’t know what crap Chamoy told him to give “Pedro” but just look at him! Whatever they’re going to do with him now, they’d better do it far away from his bar!

Chuy picks up Ignacio’s phone and he and Chamoy carry “Pedro” out. In the process of getting him out of there, Leo’s cell phone, which was lit up and ringing, just sort of disappears, though it doesn’t look like anyone picks it up.

Not the best way to start the day

Sebastián spent the night on Paloma’s couch. He starts in on “Pedro”–that he’s bringing her nothing but trouble, that everyone at the mercado says he’s “crazy.” He doesn’t like thinking that Paloma or Cachito could be in danger. She just tells him to go home. He says she’s the only woman he’s ever loved and Cachito is his son. He begs her to leave “Pedro” if he’s causing so many problems. Paloma ignores him, but agrees to call him if she needs him.

Adiós, Magdalena.

Magdalena looks at a photo album and thinks about the day they moved into this house. Eugenio and Tania come over. She’s just waiting for Paloma to come by before she leaves. She talks Tania through some of the house’s little quirks while Eugenio looks at the album.

Magdalena says goodbye to Cachito, saying she’s going on vacation to Mexico. She’s going to see his great-grandmother. She’ll take a picture and send it to him. He wants to come with her, but Paloma says they’ll go after school is out. Magdalena starts to get choked up and asks him to give her a moment alone with Paloma.

Since Eugenio got the house, Magdalena wanted her to have her great-grandmother’s jewelry. She was saving it all for when Paloma got married. She won’t let Paloma turn this down. It’s a gift from her mother… “que te ama de aquí al infinito…de ida y vuelta…infinitas veces.” Paloma finishes saying it for her. It’s what Magdalena always said to her and it’s what she says to Cachito. They agree this is a happy goodbye, though they’re both crying.

Because the first time went so well….

Inés and Sara are stressing. Leo didn’t make it home last night. Ruben and Termi drag him in with Yesenia braying behind them. At least she goes up to her room quickly. Ruben and Termi get the hell out of there. Leo’s groggy and insisting that he’s Leonardo.

Somehow they got Leo upstairs and into bed. He’s shivering. He’s remembering his horrid proposal to Fer about how she’s “adequate” and they’re the perfect couple. And then he remembers Humberto congratulating him on closing a deal. “I’m Leonardo Fuentemayor! I’m Leonardo Fuentemayor!” What the hell is in those pills?

They’re on to you, Iggy.

Ignacio has his phone back. The creep. He’s enjoying that video of him and Fer kissing. Not nearly as much as he enjoys it when she comes into his office to tell him she’s not going to let him coerce her into continuing with the “plan” and he’d better stop. There’s no real “or else.” She will NOT do anything against Leo or his father. And she’s certainly not going on vacation with him! She’s going to make sure he gets what’s coming to him.

Paloma gets to the office, with a bouquet of flowers. She claims Ignacio ordered them and she needs to talk to him in person. He ordered a few other bouquets, but he didn’t give her specific dates. Ignacio sees her and avoids going into the lobby.

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Coco > Yesenia

Coco’s weirdness is growing on me but I want someone to smack Yesi every time she speaks just to make her stop. I can’t wait until she finds out the truth. Ruben should dump her for Lupe, who would make a great agent for his films.

What are the chances someone emailed those photos to themselves or backed them up somewhere? Zero chance?