¿Quién es Quién? Wednesday 6/1/16 #78

The last bits of last night

Lupe and Yesenia decide the phone must either belong to “Perico” or some friend of his. They’re still not bothering to figure out who owns it.

Justino mopes about his public humiliation yesterday and Chamoy comes over to gloat that now Justino is the creepiest creep whoever creeped. I’d say this is more like a “takes one to know one” situation.

Good morning!

Pedro, Fernanda, and Gwen wake up together. “Hello, my favorite lovebirds! Did you sleep well?” They both tell Gwen to shut down so they can flirt in peace. Pedro loves Fer. Fer loves Pedro. Or is she just using him for his body? I don’t think their way of testing that theory is going to yield any useful information, but at least they’re having a good time.

Over at Casa Fuentemayor…yeah, yeah, Connie heard about the wedding. Humberto is off to call the lawyers. Connie tells Fabiola that she talked to her dad, but he isn’t going to change his mind. Fabi tries to blame Matías, but Connie knows her physics–for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction–so whatever Fabi did, it must have been pretty bad, no?

Cell phone is the new bracelet

Inés and Leonardo are rushing through breakfast so they can go check out the company. And they’re keeping their plan to themselves. Chamoy spoils the vibe, bragging about how he got Mel to agree not to press charges. Leo’s surprised to find out he allegedly stole the money out of Mel’s office.

Leo turns on Inés for not telling him so as not to upset “the crazy person.” And now he’s questioning whether she really believed him to begin with. Yesenia comes downstairs to defend Chamoy against Leo’s accusations that Chamoy planted the money to make him look “crazy.” Since everyone but him gets to have an opinion, Leo leaves the house.

That’s it, Inés has had it with Chamoy and she wants him gone. She’s tired of Chamoy usurping her authority and not consulting her before making boneheaded decisions that affect “Pedro.” Sara and Yesenia give her ‘tude while Chamoy plays the martyr.

Inés doesn’t want to hear Yesenia call her brother a thief ever again. Yesenia tries to use the phone as further evidence of “Pedro’s” thieving ways. She shows Inés the picture of Leo and Officer Naughty for about half a second before ranting about how he MUST have stolen it and hidden it in a piñata.

Inés confiscates the phone and runs upstairs. She’s the one person who actually thinks to look at the information stored on the phone and tries the number marked “Office.” Ivonne rushes down the hall to answer “Corporativo Fuentemayor!” and Inés remembers Leo’s allegations about Pedro taking his place at the company. She finally gets hold of herself and says she found a cell phone…. Ivonne is only too happy to tell her it belongs to her boss. Inés gets the company address so she can return it in person.

Fuentemayor Corporation: Harnessing the power of delegation

Ivonne found out that Edgardo Harrington is the person Santiago Blanco accused of being hired by the Fuentemayors to commit the actual embezzlement. Only, nobody had any clue who Harrington was and they all thought he was making it up. She’s surprised “Leonardo” didn’t remember that. “Leo” swears her to secrecy again, and specifically forbids her from telling Ignacio. They wouldn’t want him to go after a dangerous, internationally wanted criminal, right?

Pedro and Basi review what I could have sworn they already knew. Edgardo Harrington is the one who carried out the fraud that Santiago went to jail for. Ignacio’s probably been pulling scams since he got into the company and they’ve got to figure out how to stop him!

Ignacio set everything up this time to make it look like Harrington and Pedro were in on the embezzlement together. But somewhere, there must be a paper trail that leads to Ignacio and shows that he’s the one who ended up with the money. They just don’t have any idea where to start looking.

If anybody was going to listen to you….

Santiago is still worried because Dani hasn’t gotten hold of Renata. Even though Dani says this isn’t the first time Renata has taken off like this, she looks worried. Maybe it’s Renata, or maybe it’s her trip to San Francisco. Santiago will be fine on his own for a few days–he’s getting used to doing things for himself. Random side note: Dani is totally wearing Cocó pants.

Leo goes over to Renata’s and hears from Santiago that she left town for a couple of weeks. He’s shocked. Renata just took off? Leo just saw her two days ago and she didn’t mention it. This doesn’t seem like her, she’s so professional. Santiago makes a face, but he decides not to share his suspicions with Leo. He agrees to pass on a message if she calls.

History repeats itself

Don Pepe’s new mark has noticed that he seems a little down. He drugs her water while her back is turned.

She has a job lined up. And a dizzy spell. It’s probably the heat. He recommends she drink more water.

Moving on

Paloma checks on Magdalena and she’s alarmed to see the shreds of the wedding dress. Magdalena’s philosophical. She lost herself in this marriage. She was so focused on pleasing Justino she stopped listening to herself. She hopes Paloma knows marriage doesn’t have to be that way. No, Paloma believes relationships need balance.

Magdalena thinks Paloma and Eugenio are the only good thing to come out of her marriage and she’s glad that Justino never drove the heart out of them. She wants Paloma to invite Eugenio and Tania to lunch. There’s something she needs to tell the three of them.

When everyone arrives, Magdalena hands over the deed to the house and tells Eugenio, Tania, and Paloma that the house belongs to Eugenio and Tania now. She’s the only one who really looks happy about it. The rest of them are a little weirded out.

Eugenio doesn’t want anything that came from Justino. Ah, but really it’s from Magdalena. This is what she wants. And if they don’t want to live in the house then, ok. Rent it out and use the income. This won’t fix what Justino did, but it’s hard enough to be a young couple just starting out and she doesn’t want them to have to worry about money. She’d rather they be able to focus their energy on overcoming what happened.

Magdalena doesn’t want them to let Justino and his evil win. She wants them to fight for their love. She reminds them that SHE also worked hard to be able to buy this house. It was at least half hers. And she’s been “serving” Justino for so many years, as far as she’s concerned, she earned the other half. Therefore, this is HER house, that she’s giving them as a gift.

Paloma adds her pleas that Eugenio and Tania accept the house. He knows how long it took Paloma to save up, and she still needed to take out a loan. Eugenio thinks Magdalena is the one who should live here.

Well, that’s the other thing she wanted to tell them–she’s going back to Mexico. She never really got used to living here, and she never mentioned it so she wouldn’t contradict you-know-who. But she misses her home and her family. The kids are grown now. They have their lives and she’s ready to live hers the way she pleases. It looks like this is finally the argument that’s getting through to Eugenio and Tania.

Magdalena’s ready to live her own life. Everything in this house, from the furniture to the cookware to the clothes she’s wearing were all chosen by Justino. She couldn’t do anything without consulting him. Now she’s able to do things like get up in the morning and think about what SHE wants for breakfast and cook for herself–not to please her creep of a husband who was never satisfied anyway.

OK, then, Paloma wants her to go, but she’s got to promise one thing…no, not that she’ll come visit…that she’ll do whatever the hell she wants to. Come back and visit if she wants and if not, they’ll come visit her. Tania gives Eugenio a little nudge to go wish his mom luck. There’s lots of crying and smiling and hugging. Magdalena thinks this has been her wake up call. She’s got her ticket for tomorrow, so she won’t change her mind. She asks all three of them to promise her they’re going to get over this horror they’ve lived through and get the most out of every day.

That didn’t go the way anyone expected.

Inés makes it to the Fuentemayor Corp building and calls from across the street. Ignacio agrees to come out and meet her, then calls Chuy. He’s decided she must have found something incriminating and wants to blackmail him. Chuy needs to find out what she knows and then get rid of her.

And here I was worried she’d get hit by a car crossing the street or something! No, Chuy holds a gun to her ribs and says she’s coming with him.

Humberto and Fabi are driving along while she blahblahblahs about that rotten Matías and how she wishes she’d never married him. “But then you wouldn’t have Connie.” Oh. Right. Connie. Best thing I got out of that marriage, mhm. *sigh* Once again, it’s enough to convince Bert.

Chuy’s having a bit of a problem getting Inés into his SUV with all the people walking around. She manages to knee him in the groin and make a run for it. Now I feel bad for mentioning my fear because, sure enough, she runs into the side of a car. Humberto’s car, to be exact. He is, predictably, concerned and helpful. Fabi just wants to take off. He yells at her to call 911 instead.

Chuy goes upstairs to report his failure while I roll my eyes at Ignacio’s utter inability to hire decent henchpeople and his insistence on blaming them for everything that goes wrong.

Fabi and Humberto are in the hospital waiting room and Fabi is griping about lawyers and “those people” and seriously, when is Humberto going to quit acting like her rampant class prejudice is some sort of charming quirk?

Inés is being released, and she’s able to walk out on her own. She’s a little dazed and has an odd little chat with Humberto about how it’s her own fault for not looking to see where she was going while she was busy running away from an attacker. It was awfully nice of him to stick around. Her son had a similar accident and the driver just took off. Humberto’s glad she and her son are both ok. He wants her to know if she has any medical issues, he’s going to make sure she’s taken care of. And of course, he would never dream of going after her for any damage to the car.

Fabi shows up and starts in on her “You’re not going to get a cent out of us! We’ve already contacted our lawyers!” Humberto just looks embarrassed. Inés stands up to Fabi, insisting she and Humberto leave. She’ll pay her own hospital bill, thank you very much! Well, too late. Humberto already gave them his credit card. He goes to take care of the bill, leaving Fabi and Inés alone.

Fabi accuses Inés of running a scam, but Inés knows what’s up. “El león cree que todos son de su condición.” Unlike Fabi, though, Inés is a decent person. She feels sorry for Fabi’s “husband.” Inés takes off.

When Humberto gets back from paying the bill, Fabi claims she left when she realized she wasn’t going to get any money out of them.

Whine, whine, whine

Chamoy is scoring maximum martyr points. He’s letting Sara and Yesenia pack for him so he doesn’t hurt his poor damaged hands. Yesenia wants to argue with Inés and get her to agree to let Chamoy stay. And if not, she’s going with him. Ha! He can’t have that! He begs her to stay to look after her mom and her brother on his behalf.

Chamoy gets moved back into his cheap hotel. Ignacio finally gets him to answer the phone and asks if by any chance Pedro’s mom is blonde with blue eyes, because the woman who has his phone…. Chamoy lies–she was just with him half an hour ago and she couldn’t possibly have gotten to his office so quickly.

No, really, it’s OVER.

Cachito is all set for his play date with dad and verifying just how much ice cream he’s allowed at this outing. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Justino. Cachito starts telling him about his new friend, well really mom’s friend, Sebastián who’s going to take him to the movies… Paloma asks him to let her talk to his granddad alone.

Justino starts asking about Sebastián and then takes it back. He knows he doesn’t have the right. He’s here to ask Paloma to help him.

Justino wants Paloma to convince Magdalena and Eugenio to forgive him. Because he’s sick and he needs help. He admits he’s assaulted another woman, to prove to her that he can’t help himself, which is why he needs his family. Oh no, Paloma’s not buying that. He made a CHOICE to do it again. She can’t convince her mom and brother of anything and she doesn’t want to.

Magdalena is packing up some stuff to take with her. Eugenio finds his first Mother’s Day present to her in a drawer in the kitchen–a handprint on a paper plate. They’re smiling at the memory of how she was so happy, he wanted to decorate the whole house with his handprints. But he got in trouble for it. Magdalena notices the way Tania’s looking at the plate and sends him out to buy more box tape so they can talk.

If Justino wants help, then ok, Paloma will help him. She’ll go down to the police station with him and he can turn himself in. He just said he can’t control himself. If he does the right thing, she won’t abandon him in jail, but he committed a crime and he needs to pay the price before more people get hurt.

Tania admits she’s feeling conflicted. Magdalena wants her to know this isn’t her fault and as much as she might want to just forget it, Magdalena thinks “put up and shut up” is about the worst thing a woman can do. If Tania wants to press charges, she not only has the right to do that, she has all of Magdalena’s support. Tania does think Justino should pay for what he did, but she doesn’t want Eugenio, Paloma, and Magdalena to hate her. “Nobody’s going to hate you for being brave.”

Paloma’s sorry. She doesn’t WANT to send Justino to jail, but turning himself in is the only decent thing he can do. If he refuses, then she has no choice but to ask him to leave. Cachito comes out of his room and she tells him his grandpa came to say goodbye. He’s taking a trip and they won’t see him for a long time. Justino asks Cachito to look after his mom. And then he takes his self-pity and his tears and he leaves.

Magdalena and Eugenio walk Tania to the police station to press charges.

Nothing good EVER comes of Fuentemayors sitting down to a meal together. Nothing! EVER!

Humberto, Fabi, Ignacio, Ivonne, Fernanda, and Pedro share a table at a restaurant. Humberto is telling the story of Inés running into his car. He makes the mistake of describing her as if he found her attractive. Nobody supports Fabi and her snotty assumptions. Ignacio tries to fish for more information, but all Humberto knows is her name is “Inés González.” Pedro chokes on a strawberry!

Humberto Heimlichs it out of him, but Pedro continues to cough and wheeze as Ignacio makes veiled threats against Inés and Fabi insults her.

Pedro goes over to the bar to call Basi. He’s freaking out! He needs to know if his mom is ok! Basi’s on the case, but he sure hopes Tencha, aka The Fountain of Information, isn’t still upset at him.

Back at the table Humberto makes his big announcement. The reason he invited them all here was to tell them he’s marrying Fabi. Fer and Pedro’s faces: “Oh, hell no!” Ignacio’s smug mug: “Aw, hell yes!”

Lunch just gets increasingly awkward as Fer and Pedro can’t bring themselves to actually congratulate Humberto and Fabi. They keep making remarks that basically amount to, “Seriously? Now? Why?!”

Humberto explains the contrivance that’s been keeping them from getting married all this time: Fabi signed a pre-nup where she and her first husband could only get divorced by mutual agreement. That sounds fake on so many levels.

Ivonne jumps at the chance to help with the wedding prep, but Fer is, um, busy. Ignacio: “Oh, we can fix your schedule. And besides. You owe her. She organized both of your weddings.” Pedro: “Por metiche.” WHAT?! Um, he meant to say because everyone HERE is being metiche Fer’s going to make him sleep on the couch. He can’t tell his wife what to do! Oh, that “Leo,” he’s so funny! Everyone else toasts while Fer and Pedro raise their glasses and mumble noncommittally.

Fine print

Cocó started with an accessories store. Then she wanted to create a beauty empire based on rotting food. Now she wants to make her new company an MLM. She tries to recruit Lupe as her first sales associate and signs away 10% of her profits for every customer Lupe brings in.

Cocó and Lupe set up for the presentation. Cocó is already putting limits on what products are eligible for Lupe’s employee discount. Termi arrives in a long duster and a cowboy hat with light-up bling around the brim.

You keep on using that word….

Yesenia comes to the piñateria to pick a fight with Leonardo. When she mentions the phone as “proof” and that Inés has it, he goes running out of the shop.

Inés tells Leonardo about her day. And seriously, she’s had about enough. She wants to believe him, but she saw the pictures on the phone. What the hell is he involved in?!

Leonardo sees the photos, finally, and decides THIS is the proof he needs to prove to Paloma that it wasn’t him at that restaurant! And off he goes….

Paloma is trying to recover from her upsetting afternoon when Leo comes in, shoving the cell phone with a picture of him and a stripper in her face. “It’s you and a stripper! Why are you showing me this?!” Wait, there’s more…there’s also a picture of Ignacio and Fernanda. Which means they know each other. Which means the two of them AND the real Pedro Perez are all in cahoots against him. Hoo boy….

Paloma’s more than willing to believe the three of them–Fernanda, Ignacio, and the Pedro standing in front of her–all know each other. He swears he can tell the guy in the picture is really him–this is the first time he’s recognized himself. Therefore, proof!

Leo says there’s just no way a guy like him could afford a custom suit like that. OK, if she wants to assume he got this rich woman to buy the suit for him, then isn’t that just the kind of thing Pedro Perez would have bragged about? At least to Jonathan and Termi. “Maybe you fell in love and you were going to give us the news, but then you had your accident.”

Aha! The accident! Did anyone actually see it happen? The switch must have happened then! Or does she really think the guy standing in front of her is the same old Perico he always was? Paloma’s face: ???

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