¿Quién es Quién? Friday 6/3/16 #80

Paloma stirs things up

The first few minutes have me cackling! Paloma’s arrival at the office has got Ivonne feeling a little jealous, since Paloma knows Ignacio from who-knows-where. Ignacio’s terrified and locks himself in his office, making up a videoconference to stall. Basi changes his voice and hides behind a banker’s box before running down to Leo’s office to tell Pedro she’s here.

Pedro freaks out, sneaks down the hallway to see for himself, sneaks back to his office and freaks out all over again. She can’t be there on legitimate business because Ignacio would NEVER buy flowers at a mercado. Basi: “Shows how stupid he is. They’d be less expensive and prettier.”

Maybe Leo sent her? But no, if he’d figured something out he would have come himself. They beg for a sign…and the phone rings. Pedro: “That was quick!” But it’s only Ignacio threatening to hurt Paloma if Pedro leaves his office while she’s there. Poor Pedro…everybody’s getting threatened on his account.

Ivonne walks Paloma back to Ignacio’s office, asking if she’s Señorita or Señora. Paloma doesn’t have a preference, but Ivonne asks if she’s married or single. “What difference does that make?” Oh, Ivonne’s just making small talk (read: trying to decide how much longer Ignacio gets to live).

Paloma walks into Ignacio’s office and he tries to tell her that Pedro Perez, her boyfriend, is defrauding the company, planning to blame it all on him, and he’s been investigating him. Uh huh. She’s not buying that. She saw the cell phone and she knows the real Pedro is in this office! Oh, no, see, Pedro…her boyfriend Pedro, that is…stole his cell phone to get information. He’s the one who’s lying to her.

Oh, Pedro said he was really Leonardo? Leonardo who? This is a big company with a lot of executives.

He said he had a twin? Well, has she ever seen them together?

Oh, Pedro’s not the kind of guy capable of running a scam like this? Well, he had help. He’s working with a woman named Fernanda who also happens to be his lover. She seduced poor innocent Ignacio and got it on videotape. And then they made him sign a bunch of papers and now he can’t do anything against them directly or they’ll take all their proof to the president of the company.

That’s why he told her to meet him at that restaurant, so she could see for herself. Pedro probably started talking about having a twin after that happened, right?

He should have just let them use the video, but you see, he didn’t want to lose his fiancée Ivonne.

Oh, a guy tried to steal her kid’s backpack and broke into her house and broke into Pedro’s mom’s house and held them both at gunpoint? That was totally Pedro. He’s a bad, bad man.

Paloma’s done now. She keeps giving him those “Hmmm, maybe?” looks, but no, he hasn’t convinced her and he needs to stay away from her and her son.

On her way out, Basi has to hide his face again. She stops to ask if Ivonne really is engaged to Ignacio…? Oh, well, they make a cute couple. Ivonne heads down the hall, hopefully to berate Ignacio. Paloma turns around at the elevator just in time to see Basi. She comes back in and at least he doesn’t pretend he doesn’t know her, but he denies that there’s anyone who works there and looks like Pedro. (Great. Thanks, Basi. Someone had better start telling the truth soon. I’m tired of Leo getting screwed over!) Paloma leaves and Ivonne is standing right behind Basi wondering why he was talking to that florist for so long.

Pedro thinks Basi did the right thing. I mentally kick him in the shin. It finally occurs to them that maybe Leonardo hasn’t recovered ALL of his memories and that’s why everyone thinks he’s “crazy.”

Ivonne goes into Iggy’s office to play the jealous almost-fiancée. Pedro interrupts. He tells Ignacio to leave his people alone or he’ll tell Humberto (¡Pues, ya! Tell him already! Dude sent a guy to threaten your mom with a gun twice in one day!). Ignacio refuses. They’d be left alone already if Leo had signed those papers. Since he can’t, then Ignacio wants him to get Paloma to back off by helping him convince Leonardo that he’s crazy.

 Berkeley, CA  

Hold on to your cell phones, we have a new text bubble!

At Berkeley, Dani visits a computer lab where the monitor verifies that she’s looking for information about an alumnus and points her to a free laptop where she can search their information herself. She won’t have access to anything confidential, though. (So she came all this way to Google?)

The monitor calls someone to say that the woman asking about Harrington is here. A voice that doesn’t sound like Ignacio’s tells him to take a picture and send it to him.

Dani finds nothing. Harrington was an average student, but there are no pictures of him, no social media presence. If someone scrubbed him, they did a good job of it. Fernanda is getting desperate. Dani says she’ll try just asking around. Maybe a student or a professor remembers him.

Once Dani leaves the lab, the monitor calls Harrington to say she left and she was talking to a “Fernanda” on the phone and they seem very interested in finding him.

Someone else also has a very large spoon.

Matías shows up at Casa Fuentemayor. That’s right, the mystery man himself. The dude who married Fabi and lived to tell the tale. Nora’s so baffled she doesn’t make a move to call Fabi and he’s being…not rude, but not laughing about it either, and maybe just a little bit snarky?

Connie comes flying down the stairs to welcome him. He said he wanted to surprise her. He’s much more open with Connie and seems genuinely happy to see her (though I question his “You know how the business is,” excuse for not doing it more often). Connie talks about her job and then asks how he’s been. “Oh, you know. Work.” Hmmm.

He agrees to call Fabi later and set up a meeting, away from the house, but he doesn’t want to do it now. He’d rather spend more time with Connie, since this is a short trip. They talk some more about her nonexistent boyfriends and how he’s sure to be jealous when some guy finally sweeps her off her feet.

But seriously, she doesn’t think it’s a good idea for him to be there. Bert’s been really good to her and Ignacio and he nearly had a heart attack recently and she’d hate for him to get sick again because of all the drama.

Too late. Fabi’s home. Connie lets them talk alone. Fabi can’t believe Matías would be so shameless as to show up there. “Really? You want to talk about shameless behavior?” I do, I do! Dish it, Matías! I’ll get the popcorn….

Fabi takes him into Humberto’s study and asks what his price is. Oh, he doesn’t have one. Unlike other people, he works. He really only wants one thing–to see her suffer.

Out in the living room, Connie’s stressing. Nora tries to get her to go upstairs, but she’s afraid she might have to go in and break things up. Nora decides to wait with her.

Now that he’s seen the house, Matías can see why Fabi wants to marry Humberto. She accuses him of being jealous, but no, he’s not jealous of that “cornudo” (“one with horns”; dude who’s been cheated on). He’s sure she’s cheating on him with some younger guy–they were always her weakness. He actually feels sorry for Humberto. Maybe they should get together and trade stories. Matías has some interesting ones to tell him.

I’m still waiting for the actual STORY here, Matías! All he gives us is that Fabi cheated on him and made sure “everyone” knew it and she can insult him all she wants to, he’s never going to give her a divorce. Well, ok, but…who is “everyone”? And how exactly did she make sure they knew it? And how did that happen, but somehow she started dating Humberto and nobody ever said “Oh, I remember you! You’re the one who…”?

Ooh, here’s some amusing information: Fabi was the one who wanted the pre-nup. So he couldn’t ditch her when he found out she was cheating on him. Too bad now it’s biting her in the ass. He has no doubt Humberto’s team of lawyers can find a way to invalidate it, but it’s going to cost time and money. “And by then you’ll be so old that idiot won’t want you, nor will any other man.” Hey now, there’s no reason to insult older women.

He takes his sweet time sauntering out of the house while Fabi and Connie both call after him. Fabi turns on Connie, saying Matías is being vengeful and resentful and Connie had better not take his side.

Nora’s sorry Connie feels like she’s stuck in the middle of all this. She’s curious, though…why is Matías still so angry at Fabi. She’s been with Humberto for years already. Connie doesn’t know. It’s not something either of them has ever talked to her about, but now that she thinks about it, it must have been something really bad.

Oh yeah, so bad that Fabi went all the way to Ignacio’s office just to tell him that Matías is going to ruin their plans. He threatened to tell Humberto what happened between him and Fabiola. And he won’t even accept a bribe! Here’s another breadcrumb: the dude she shagged back in the day was Matías’ boss’ son.

Matías meets Connie at a coffee shop. She wants to know what happened between her parents. Well, he refused to give Fabi a divorce, that’s all. But why? What did she do that was so bad? OK, if she really wants to know, he’ll tell her….

Fabi slept with his boss’ son, who was barely even 20 at the time. (Oh. Is that all? I mean, ok, that’s bad, but I’m not getting the “public humiliation” angle). And then she started stalking him and when he got tired of it he told his dad and his dad fired Matías. And everybody found out (again with the everybody…). And Fabi blamed it all on him for “not being man enough.” So, yeah, he’s made it his life’s mission to make sure Fabi never gets what she wants.

Well, Connie’s horrified, but she’s not sure it’s a good idea to tell Humberto. Matías thinks he’d be doing him a favor. Anyway, he’s done talking about it and changes the subject.

For once Ignacio’s actually working at work and it’s annoying Fabi. She decides she wants Ignacio to get his matones (killers, thugs) to go give Matías a good scare.

Ignacio thinks it’s a bad idea–Matías will know it was Fabi who sent them. OK, then, they should make sure he can’t press charges. If you know what I mean. Ignacio knows, but believe it or not he actually has some lines he won’t cross and killing the man who’s been the closest thing he’s ever had to a father is one of them. Fabi tells him to get over it.

He’s getting tired of her always blaming everyone else when she’s the one who can’t quit chasing after boys. Humberto comes in, unexpectedly, to ask Fabi to come meet the lawyers with him. She tells him about Matías being there and telling her he won’t divorce her, so she wants to drop this wedding idea. He was right–they don’t need a piece of paper.

Ignacio comes off a little creepy when he insists they WILL get married…uh, ’cause it’s her dream. He’ll talk to Matías. Humberto sends her off to the conference room to meet with the lawyers while he talks to Ignacio about the financial reports for the month.

Free Leo!

Leo is still dreaming…Humberto congratulating him on the business deal…kicking the fútbol…Nora crying…getting dressed and Nora asking if he wanted Basi to drive him to work or if he wanted to drive himself. In his sleep he cries about his mother dying and says Nora’s name and “I’m Leonardo.” He’s shivering and sweating and Inés can’t get him to wake up.

Inés sits downstairs, thinking about telling Leo that she knows he has a good heart and she believes him because she’s his mother. Sara interrupts her thoughts with tea and a suggestion. Tencha mentioned that Paloma’s “friend” is a doctor. Maybe he could come over and see “Pedro.” So Inés calls Paloma and Sebastián comes over.

Sweet, innocent, stupid Pedro goes to Chamoy. To beg him for help, because Ignacio is out of control and he wants to drive Leo nuts. “Oh, well, see son, he sort of is already…from the accident.” Well, ok, then, all the more reason to protect him from Ignacio, right? Because family comes first. Isn’t that always what Chamoy claimed? That everything he did was for the family? Well, Leo’s his son too.

Sebastián comes downstairs and gives his verdict. “Pedro” is doing drugs. He’s sorry to have to break it to them. He’s seen this before from his time working in a rehab facility. Yesenia leaves the house.

Chamoy claims he’s doing everything he can. All the neighbors and everyone at the mercado know to call him if they see Leo acting strangely, but that’s all he can do. And Pedro’s being far too noble…Leo wouldn’t worry about him like this. He’s just a jerky stuck-up snob.

Pedro starts to wonder if maybe Chamoy isn’t doing something to Leo…? “Why does everybody always blame me?” Well, because he’s the one who’s always trying to take advantage of every situation. Pedro begs him again to help him stop Ignacio and brings up the attack on Inés. That’s news to Chamoy. But will it convince him to turn on Ignacio?

Sebastián tries to gather more information about “Pedro” and hears about the accident and his amnesia. Yes, the doctor did mention at the time that the amnesia could have been caused by drug use, but as far as they all know, he doesn’t use drugs. Sebastián would need to do blood work to be sure, but he’s thinking that “Pedro” is taking a hallucinogen. Paloma just keeps shaking her head.

Anyway, Sebastián leaves Inés with a brochure and his number (so maybe his new job is at a rehab facility also?) and tells her to call him anytime. He offers to pick up Cachito for Paloma and take him home so she can stay there and she agrees and hands him the keys to her house.

Yeah, who was I kidding. Chamoy might “care” about his family, but he makes it all Pedro’s responsibility to do what Ignacio wants so he doesn’t put them at risk. Yesenia starts knocking on the door and they panic. Pedro goes to hide in the bathroom so he can be there when Yesenia tells Chamoy that not only did “Pedro” go wandering again, they found him passed out and reeking of booze and a doctor just said he’s been taking drugs.

And what’s she really pissed about? The one time she smoked a cigarette, Pedro yelled at her, so how very dare he be taking drugs.

Chamoy looks a little panicky and asks if the doctor, um, knows what kind of drugs? Yesenia doesn’t know. She just wanted to get out of there. It all makes sense to her now, why that guy broke into the house last night… big shock for Pedro, fake shock for Chamoy… and he tied up Paloma and Inés. Pedro remembers Ignacio’s threats. Yesenia’s worried about who else “Perico” might have gotten involved with or owe money to. Anyway, she just wanted him to know since she’s sure Inés is too proud to tell him. Chamoy tells her not to worry. He may not be living there anymore, but he’ll be watching. (Oh, that’s comforting.)

When Yesenia is gone, he uses her news to further pressure Pedro to do what Ignacio tells him to do and end this once and for all.

Life goes on

Tania and Eugenio get back from the bus station. Tania tries to cheer him up, saying it will just be like Magdalena’s on a long vacation and they can call and visit whenever they want to. They look around at the house and try to figure out what to do. In a practical sense, it’s a great house. It’s near the mercado and the Cultural Center and Paloma’s house and they’re not likely to find another one easily. They decide to keep it and redecorate it and both work at the produce stand and both study.

The last gasps?

The last month’s reports aren’t completed yet. According to Ignacio (which means it’s obviously a lie) some of the numbers from New York didn’t quite match up and he sent them back to be revised. Humberto’s not happy he wasn’t told, and while he does trust Ignacio and “Leonardo” it’s not easy for him to play the role of jubilado (retiree). So he’s glad his doctors have given him permission to return to work starting Monday.

Ignacio tries to beg him not to come back to work and take some more time off, but Humberto is bored. He’s coming back to the office two days a week to start with. Ignacio not-jokes he’ll have to tell Fabi to tie Humberto up and Humberto jokes he’ll only get free.

Ignacio calls to set up a meeting with Matías, after assuring him he just wants to catch up, he doesn’t want to talk to him about divorcing Fabi. He wants to meet at this business he’s checking out. (Let me guess…it’s a warehouse?)

Fer hands off some reports to Ivonne and asks about the pretty flowers on her desk. Seriously, Ignacio actually allowed a non-frou-frou florist into his office? Weird. Ivonne thinks he’s planning a big surprise proposal. On her way back to her office, Fer spots Basi and asks to talk to him later.

Fabi’s still sitting in the conference room, alone, mentally replaying her earlier conversation with Matías and fuming. She calls Ruben and begs for some of his…attention…she needs him, it’s the only thing that can make her feel better. Ruben feels sorry for her and for her husband, but he’s in love with someone else.

Humberto finally makes it to the conference room, just in time to hear Fabi saying “she” isn’t going to beat her. He’s curious who she’s talking about.

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4 years ago

Beautiful recap of a frustrating episode.