¿Quién es Quién? Monday 6/6/16 #81


Humberto had just walked in on Fabi complaining that “She” wouldn’t get the better of her and wondered who she was talking about. Fabi covers for her outburst, saying one of the other society women is criticizing her work.

She’s so distracted, she’s not even paying attention while Humberto strategizes with the lawyers. He suggests he talk to Matías himself, but Fabi quickly vetoes that idea…er, once she actually hears it!

Too many Leonardos

Fernanda talks to Basi just long enough for him to tell her that the “Don Leonardo” who was the cause of his late-night visit to her apartment was a former professor of “Leonardo’s.” She dismisses him and thinks about “Leonardo’s” story about the other Leonardo being a friend of Basi’s aunt.

So much for keeping that a secret.

Paloma watches Leonardo sleep and thinks about Ignacio’s lies. She wonders who Leo really is.

By the time she gets home to argue with Sebastián, she’s calling him “Pedro” again. She still doesn’t think he was doing drugs at the time of the accident, or the hospital would have found drugs in his bloodstream. She also doesn’t think he could have hid drug use from Renata. Clearly he was on something when Sebastián checked him out, but she wonders if he even took it voluntarily.

Either way, for Sebastián it’s a sign that “Pedro” is running with a bad crowd. Paloma lays down the law–she loves “Pedro,” he’s a good person, she has to trust him, and if Sebastián tries to get in the way of that, he’s no longer welcome in her house. He argues that she has no right to keep him from his–

Son. The one who’s standing right there and heard enough to know that Sebastián is his father.

Paloma doesn’t try to deny it. She looks devastated as Cachito giddily hugs his dad. Sebastián goes along with the story that he couldn’t be there before because of work and he couldn’t call because there were no phones.

Cachito wants to hear about how they met, which of course leads to the question of why they didn’t get married, if they loved each other so much. Sebastián sticks to the earlier theme–he was living at a hospital and there are viruses in hospitals and so Paloma and Cachito couldn’t live with him. He doesn’t say that he still loves Paloma, but he does say she’s the woman he’s loved most.

So now Cachito wants to know if they’re going to get married and Sebastián–because he can’t be bothered with, oh, I don’t know, talking to Paloma, or trying to see if she’s even interested first–says he will if she wants to.

Paloma sends Cachito to bed and turns on Sebastián for lying to him and telling him there’s still something going on between them. That is not what they agreed to! But it’s how he feels, and they could get married and be happy–he grabs her and kisses her to emphasize his point.

That does NOT go over well. She slaps him and sends him falling back onto the couch, telling him NEVER to kiss her again. He acts like they can just pick up where they left off, but as far as she’s concerned there isn’t anything left to pick up. She thinks he didn’t love her enough to stick around, while she loved him enough to want him to fulfill his dreams. He thinks she should have told him she was pregnant. Too late for that. Things are the way they are, and she’s letting him spend time with Cachito because he deserves to know his father.

Sebastián had better not cross the line again. She’s in love with someone else, and maybe he’s the wrong guy, but that’s her business, not his.

Free Leo!

Chamoy comes over to tell Inés that obviously “Pedro’s” alleged drug use is the reason that guy broke in last night. She won’t even let him in the front door. She’s changed the locks. And she’s certainly not going to let him move back in! Whatever problems “Pedro” is having are due to the accident, and that thief never said what he was looking for. Chamoy insists on watching the house from outside, in his car.

A frustrated Pedro complains to Basi that he thinks the drugging and the break-in were both Ignacio’s work. Basi’s a pacifist, but he’d gladly bust Ignacio’s face in. Pedro would hate for Basi to sully his pure soul. “Leave that to me.” He tried getting Chamoy’s help, but Chamoy claims he’s afraid of Ignacio. So either way, they’re screwed–if he does what Ignacio wants, Leo gets hurt; if he doesn’t do what Ignacio wants, his family gets hurt.

They consider setting up a watch on the house, but Pedro can’t spend every night away from Fer or she’ll think he’s up to no good. Pedro has an idea…get Termi to organize the neighbors! Of course, this is going to take Basi going in undercover again and *gulp* approaching Cocó and Termi with an offer to buy more creams.

Leo’s still sleeping soundly when Inés goes to check on him. She promises she’ll take care of him and they’ll figure out what’s happening.

Downstairs, Sara is making her sweet baby boy some coffee, poor guy. He’s being so concerned and helpful and…. I echo Inés tired look. She caves and agrees Chamoy can come inside and sleep on the couch, but she doesn’t want “Pedro” to see him. And he can’t come in until after Inés has made her tea and gone back upstairs, because she doesn’t want to see him either.

Too bad we can’t all go upstairs with Inés. Instead, we get to watch Sara fawn over her creep of a son. While she’s busy making him dinner he sneaks upstairs to plant some cocaine in Pedro’s room.

 Berkeley, CA 

Edgardo Harrington didn’t make much of an impression on his professors. Only one remembered him and he gave Dani the phone number of someone he thought might still keep in touch with him. Dani’s waiting for this person at a restaurant; she’ll call Fer with an update later.

The oddly similarly named Eduardo Cortaza arrives for their meeting. Eduardo and Edgardo weren’t what anyone would call “friends.” Eduardo noticed how strangely solitary Edgardo was and tried to get him to socialize more, but he never did. He lost track of him a year after graduation and thinks Edgardo went to Australia. But he never had an email address for him.

He’s sorry he can’t be of any help and he’d really like to make it up to Dani, maybe with dinner? She already ate. A drink? She’s on her second glass of wine. He talks her into a third, saying he’d never forgive himself for missing out on an opportunity like this and joking that sometimes he’s even fun. I don’t think the music director trusts this guy. Neither do I.

The distrust builds as he starts asking Dani why she’s looking for Harrington anyway. She lies (good!) and says he was her first boyfriend when they were kids and she was curious to see how he was doing. It just so happens Eduardo is moving to LA soon, to an apartment in Beverly Hills and he’d love for her to show him around. He’s so pushy I start to wonder if maybe Edgardo was just an introvert and this guy came on too strong.


Santi heard Fernanda talking to Dani and isn’t put off by her excuses that it’s work stuff. She admits that Dani is tracking down Harrington. Santiago only ever talked to him on the phone. When something needed to be signed, a messenger brought it over.

Fer thinks he sounds like some sort of ghost–no one’s ever seen him, no one really remembers him. Santi thinks he’s dangerous. Fer says they’re being careful, but she can’t quit until she can prove it was Ignacio behind everything.

Because money

It’s hot pink roses at dinner again. And some really bright yellow ones. Better to focus on the flowers than Fabi complaining that Connie has gone out without telling her. When Humberto asks if Ignacio has talked to Matías yet she gets even more agitated and leaves the table. Humberto blames it on stress and asks Nora to sit down so he doesn’t have to eat alone.

I’m confused when they show the exterior of Connie’s house and an unfamiliar interior. It’s actually Tania and Eugenio’s house, and they’ve moved some of the furniture around. Tania has filled Connie in on all the latest and credits her mother-in-law with giving her the courage to press charges on Don Creepo. Connie now wonders if she has the courage to tell Humberto what she knows about Fabi.

Fabi paces the bedroom with a glass of wine and her cell phone, thinking about what she asked Ignacio to do for her. She calls and leaves an anxious voicemail, begging for an update.

Sure enough, he asked Matías to meet him at a warehouse (How many does he have? Where is he keeping Renata?). Instead of giving him a hug like Matías asks, he has Chuy whack him on the back of the head.

Connie gives Tania the short version, and apologizes for telling her, but she doesn’t have anyone else to talk to.

Humberto would love to know what Matías and Fabi talked about earlier. Did Nora maybe hear? “Seriously, Humberto?” She supposes Matías is just bitter that Fabi left him for Humberto, but no, Humberto says she and Matías were already separated when he and Fabi fell in “love.”

Matías wakes up duct taped to a chair. Ignacio can’t even look him in the eyes when he tells him to just sign the divorce papers and Ignacio will “compensate” him. “And if I don’t.” Ignacio says he won’t hold back.

Tania isn’t entirely convinced that Matías told Connie the truth. Connie was only 10 when it happened, so she doesn’t really remember anything, but she believes Matías.

Matías can’t believe Ignacio would be so ungrateful. He isn’t even calling him “dad” now like he used to. He doesn’t think Ignacio would dare pull the trigger. “I don’t have to.” Ignacio tells Chuy to make it look like a suicide.

“Connie will never believe it!” She knows everything that happened. Ignacio says she’s in danger now, too. He can sign or he can watch Connie die.

Connie has decided she should tell Humberto what happened. She gets a call from Matías to tell her he lied about what happened with Fabi. He’s just jealous that Fabi left him. (Ignacio stands there shuffling the papers, while Chuy keeps holding the gun to Matías’ head.) He asks Connie’s forgiveness for lying and says he won’t be able to see her tomorrow–he’s leaving for Europe early.

He hasn’t signed yet. Ignacio hands him the pen, and once he’s signed and Ignacio is walking away, the gun goes off.

But you found this believable?

Fer is waiting for “Leo” to come home so she can confront him about his and Basi’s non-matching lies. So he makes up yet another whopper. “Don Leonardo” is the name Basi gave to a certain part of his anatomy and he was there last night asking for some time off to take care of a little problem Don Leonardo’s having that needs some surgical intervention. He whispers the details in Fer’s ear and she’s horrified enough not to want to hear anymore. She lets the subject drop.

Seriously, Pedro? This has got to stop!

Casa Fuentemayor

Ignacio gets home and hits the booze. The good stuff, mind you, from Humberto’s office. He’s in no mood for Fabi’s prattling and tells her she’s going to get everything she wants and she should just go to bed. They argue about whose fault it is now that there are two men dead. She tells him to remember they’re doing this so he won’t be a mediocre loser like Matías.

Ignacio cries over the last few things Matías said to him tonight. Chamoy calls to tell him he’s done what he had to do to make Leo look crazy–now it’s Ignacio’s turn to finish this job.

Fabi crawls into bed and thinks about the last time she talked to Matías. She tries covering her ears as if that will help.

The next morning, Ignacio is pretending he’s meeting Matías later, but the lawyer calls to tell Humberto that the signed divorce papers arrived at the office this morning. Connie looks concerned and remembers Matías telling her that Fabi slept with his boss’ son and then stalked him. She looks at Fabi in suspicion. Fabi is all about having a quick wedding now, rather than a large one.

This lovely family breakfast is interrupted by the arrival of an old friend whose name Ignacio doesn’t share with anyone. Humberto tells Ignacio not to keep his “friend” waiting in the study.

Sure enough, Edgardo is Eduardo and he’s here to take over, since Ignacio’s making such a mess of things.

It’s news to Ignacio that Fernanda and her “friend” are investigating Harrington and nearly found him. I don’t find it at all charming that Edgardo felt the need to mention that he thought Dani was pretty.

Turns out he and Ignacio spent a lot of money to scrub all trace of him from the school computers and who knows where else, so Ignacio’s not worried. He’s also not worried because he has Fernanda “completely” under control. Not if she finds out Edgardo also had something to do with her family’s company’s fraud case. Good point, Ed.

By now they should have had all the company shares, but nooooo…Ignacio says it’ll just take a few more weeks. And he’s been saying “a few more weeks” for quite a while now.

I like that Edgardo calls him “mi querido Echánove.” Assuming Matías is dead (I trust nothing) I hope every time he hears his last name it’s like a knife to the gut.

Connie makes a visit to Fabi’s room to ask what happened with her parents’ marriage. She wants the truth–did Fabi sleep with Matías’ boss’ son? Fabi denies it, of course, and says Matías made that up out of spite. Connie’s confused–he looked really sincere when he said it, then he called later and took it back and she’s not sure he didn’t do that just to make her feel better. Fabi takes advantage of this moment of weakness to pretend she cares what Connie thinks of her. She begs Connie to believe her. And it works.

Into each episode a little Cocó and Termi must fall.

Basi places a big order with Cocó and then starts working on Termi. He convinces him that if a thief got into Inés’ house once, he’ll try it again and the whole neighborhood should band together to protect her. Termi makes his thinking face.

Leo goes from bad to worse

Leo wakes up finally, with a nasty headache. Inés offers him a glass of milk, saying it will help him get over what he took…er, what’s making him sick. He’s shocked to hear he took drugs and angry that everyone believed Sebastián.

Sebastián walks into his room and Leo asks to speak to him alone. About his problem. In other words…to accuse Sebastián of making it all up to get to Paloma. Shoving Leo and saying he’s not going to let anybody hurt his son or the woman he loves doesn’t exactly make him look good.

Leo insists he’s not using drugs, but Sebastián has heard that before from plenty of addicts, so he’s not inclined to believe him.

While the two guys are arguing over Paloma, Paloma’s downstairs telling Sara and Inés that Sebastián is Cachito’s father.

Sebastián finally quits arguing and gives Leonardo a brochure for a rehab facility for people with low incomes. “Like you.” He’s not super-obnoxious about it, especially compared to someone like Fabi, but his constant mentioning of money is bothering me.

Sebastián keeps bringing everything back to Paloma and “Pedro” completely loses his temper. Inés and Paloma must have finally heard all the shouting and make it upstairs in time to find “Pedro” hauling Sebastián around by his lapels.

Paloma tells Sebastián to leave and then asks “Pedro” what’s going on. “HE WANTS YOU TO THINK I’M A DRUG ADDICT AND I’M NOT!” Yeah, screaming it in her face like that is not helping.

Another scene and he’s still screaming. He goes from “Tell me you’re not going to leave me” to “I have to go take a drug test. Get out.”

As he’s getting dressed, he finds the baggie Chamoy stashed in his drawer. And just then Inés walks in with some soup for him and…yeah. It’s not good.

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Visita/ Guest

I have one little disagreement: Sebastian IS super obnoxious. Maybe not murderous like Fabi, but he totally deserved that slap and then some. I take issue with his demands that Paloma dump her boyfriend that Seabass doesn’t like and start up with him even though they haven’t talked in however many years Cachito is. He used to seem nice but now he’s just a demanding jerk who needs a punch in the face. Between my bad mood and the daily news, I want no part of him. Maybe Dani could go take over Tanya’s room at Connie’s. No one has… Read more »

Visita/ Guest

So happy to find recaps for this TN! I just started binge-watching last week and I’m already on episode 55.

Visita/ Guest

Super recap Diva!
Like here:
“So now Cachito wants to know if they’re going to get married and Sebastián–because he can’t be bothered with, oh, I don’t know, talking to Paloma, or trying to see if she’s even interested first–says he will if she wants to.” So well said!
I wish the writers would give us a few nuggets and let the good guys have a few small victories. It’s like things are bad, and then they just get worse.