Amor de Barrio Wednesday 6/8/16 #43

It’s exam day! Laura’s going to pass, and then she’s going to get her certificate, and then she’s going to sign up for her exam to get into poli (possibly the Instituto Politécnico Nacional). And she wants Paloma to help her look over the paperwork for the club, for her big plans to restore it to its former glory. Paloma’s in, but right now she’s got to get back to her place to make breakfast. She hopes Laura will take her mom to that AA meeting later.

Lugo arrives. She’s nervous about her tests, but Lugo gives her a brotherly pep talk and says he’ll take care of everything here at home.

Delfina is worried about the argument Catalina had with Tamara yesterday, but Tamara’s not sweating it. She gloats that it would be just terrible if everyone found out that Laura and Dora Luz are both the daughters of Adalberto, her perma-lover. Tamara notices the necklace, but Delfina lies and says she bought it for herself, as an early birthday present. She and Tamara have the same birthday, but Delfina never celebrates it. After Tamara leaves for the day, Delfina picks up Tamara’s forgotten lipstick from the arm of the couch, crushes the lid, and drops the lipstick on the carpet. Hm. I wonder what that was about.

Eugenia overhears Cat and Dora Luz talking in the hallway. She hears that they had dinner without her last night, that Catalina doesn’t consider her part of the family, that she hopes she will NEVER be, and that she feels sorry for her.

She’s crying about it when Daniel sees her on the landing. She tells him she’s all alone and she’s in his house like a hanger-on. She’s lost everything, including him. She always thought they would get married, but she came back from New York and he was dating Paloma. They used to share everything! Daniel says they just…ran out of love.

Dora Luz comes running up the stairs to tell Daniel that Eugenia made a nice breakfast for him and he should come downstairs.

Dalmasio is trying to find out about Paul, but Aurora is still cautious after that break-in and won’t tell him anything. He actually narrowly misses Paul, who comes in and announces he knows who Saul’s “other” heir is. He brought back an electronic copy of all the stolen documents, except the special clauses. They’re still back at the New York office, with another copy in a bank in the Bahamas. Soon, Catalina Lopezreina is going to have to answer for what she’s done with her son’s inheritance.

Eugenia has the first course of breakfast all laid out and goes into the kitchen to check on the second course. Dora Luz is a little worried that Eugenia is trying to take her place. Daniel wants them to be nicer to her.

Lugo tells Rosa that he and Laura cleared ALL the booze out of the house. Raúl comes by, looking for Laura, but he’ll settle for talking to Rosa. He’s just finished asking her if Laura is Ariel’s daughter when Laura comes running in screaming


She asks what Raúl is doing there. “We’re getting the DNA test done. Today.” You couldn’t have started with “Congratulations”? She’s fine with the test, but not the interrogation of her mother. He should have talked to her first. Rosa says she loved Ariel, but he left her. She was able to be happy with Edmundo because he took responsibility for Laura. Edmundo comes in and hears about the DNA test. There’s a big kerfuffle over who’s going to go with Laura and who’s going to stay with Rosa. I’m not sure anybody needs to go with Laura, but Lugo wins that fight, so at least there won’t be drama at the hospital.

Aurora can’t help being nervous and she doesn’t think she’s being paranoid. Every day she’s sure she sees people watching the office. Someone was just there before he got there. Oh, he’s sure it was someone sent by Catalina or Adalberto, but they won’t do anything. He apologizes for her having to be there in town stressing about it while he was gone. She hasn’t found the right Daniel Marquez, but she’s contacted every one she can. She begs him to hire a bodyguard.

Adalberto and Dalmasio aren’t sure Paul is really out of the country. Dalmasio is going to check with his contacts at immigration and see if Paul has either left the country or returned from somewhere. As for the fake will, he’s got everything set up with the notario and the bank. And he’s talked to Rodrigo about a partnership in a furniture store, but he thinks Adalberto should talk to him directly. Damn. Dalmasio is a quality henchman! I’d totally hire him. If I were evil.

Rodrigo runs into Blanca Estela at the vecindad and invites her over for lunch with his mom. Of course Gabriel doesn’t have a problem with it, but he says they should tell Paloma. And Blanca Estela had better be home by curfew! Blanca Estela is loving it there, despite Gustavo’s crankiness. She wanted to run in and freshen her hair and makeup, but Rodrigo doesn’t see why. She’s beautiful. Um…dude…don’t hit on the suegra (or the prospective future wanna-be suegra or something). No, really, he thinks when she was younger, she must have looked a little like Paloma…. Blanca Estela gets nervous and suggests they get a move on.

Now that the kids are gone, Rosa sits Edmundo down for a talk. She apologizes for never really giving him a chance. He did love her, but he got tired of having Laura’s dad thrown in his face all the time. He remembers how pretty Rosa was after she gave birth to Laura. And then he saw Laura and he felt like she was his daughter…but Rosa never let him be a father to her. Not even a stepfather. Just Rosa’s husband. It still hurts him, but he thinks the important thing now is to take care of Laura. If her father is rich, they have to make sure Laura gets what’s coming to her. Rosa remembers Laura showing Paloma the ruined dress. She agrees with Edmundo and tells him about the party.

Laura and Raúl get swabbed and verify that the labels on the containers are correct before Daniel seals them. They sign some paperwork. The swabs will be sent off for analysis. Daniel tells them the tests are 100% reliable for “full” siblings and 99% reliable for half-siblings. Laura thanks him and goes running out of there.

Raúl follows, wanting to talk, but Laura’s freaking out. He wants to know what’s going to happen if the test is negative. He wants to get back together. Doesn’t she feel that what they have is different? Laura just wants him to hold her. Amor tan bello plays.

Daniel is telling Paloma he needs to kiss her, like NOW. Over the phone. And in she walks. She must have just missed Raúl and Laura. She’s worried about the test results. “They love each other ALMOST as much as we do.” Daniel doesn’t think that’s possible.

Gabe wanders around waiting for Dora Luz. She couldn’t get away sooner. They decide to go for ice cream. They’re randomly approached by a guy in a suit who recognizes Gabriel from the canta bar. He wants to hire him to sing at his daughter’s quinceañera. Dora Luz teases him about being famous and asks for his autograph. He’d rather give her a kiss. Bring it, kids!

Adalberto has taken care of everything, just like Cat wanted. She not-jokes that he’d be the perfect man if not for his “peluches” (stuffed animals, she means the dogs). She’s seriously tracking Dora Luz’s phone to make sure she’s actually at the centro comercial like she said she’d be. Eugenia hears that Dora Luz is Adalberto’s daughter. Adalberto thinks Cat should leave Dora Luz alone and get her to quit dressing like her! It’s not healthy for someone her age. Anyway, Cat wants to see if Raúl can get Eugenia a job at the insurance agency. She certainly doesn’t want her working at the dealership or the corporation!

Daniel begs Paloma to ask Blanca Estela who his brother is. He already tried his mother, but she says his dad was a big ‘ol cheater. Blanca Estela told Paloma that he was a really good guy and the best boss ever. Daniel doesn’t know how to reconcile those two things. They’re smooching when Gustavo comes home. He thinks it’s time they had a talk, if Daniel’s going to date his daughter. Their little chat is going fine until Daniel says his mother is Catalina Lopezreina. Blanca Estela walks in just then and makes an “Oh crap!” face. Everybody’s looking around nervously.

Daniel gets the hell out of there as fast as he can, as does Paloma. That leaves Gustavo to yell at Blanca Estela for letting them date when she knew who Daniel was. What was she supposed to do?! It’s not as if she knew Paloma was her daughter! And she JUST found out who Daniel’s mother was! “What are we going to do?!” he screams.

Outside, Sinfa flirts with Daniel and Paloma gets cranky. Daniel apologizes, but he really had to get out of there. He couldn’t look at Blanca Estela. He’s glad she got him out of his interrogation, though! And he understands where Gustavo’s coming from, because if they have daughters he’s probably going to be a suspicious jerk and not want boys coming near them. “What if we have nothing but boys?” Meh. They can do whatever they want to. Paloma calls him on his macho attitude. He takes it back. Boys or girls, they’ll let them make their own decisions. She wants to be with him forever…he agrees. There is smooching.

Raúl and Laura agree they don’t regret what happened between them. But she does feel sad. Raúl’s sorry he didn’t ask her before talking to Rosa. Raúl says Rosa was the love of Ariel’s life. He loved her more than he loved Raúl’s mother. He looked at Rosa’s picture every night. Laura agrees, her mother never loved Edmundo. Raúl asks how they should behave until the results come in–like strangers? Neither of them can do that. Of course, Raúl will still want Laura to work on the network for the insurance agency. She says maybe that will be a good way to get to know Ariel some more. They’ll see each other there tomorrow. Oh, Raúl has such sad eyes.

Dora Luz and Gabriel walk along. She sees some hideously expensive shoes that go with a (probably hideously expensive) dress she never wears. Gabriel says it’s easier to be a guy and not have to worry about accessorizing…and has anybody told her she has a pretty smile before? Yeah, but she likes the way he says it. He apologizes for what he’s about to do–and then he kisses her. Mmmm, well, ok, she’ll forgive him if he forgives her too–and then she kisses him. So much cuteness!

Eugenia searches Catalina’s room and takes pictures of the paperwork she finds. I’m impressed, actually…that’s smarter than standing around looking at them and getting busted!

Rodrigo’s thinking about Paloma. Again. Tico thinks he’d need a miracle to break up Paloma and Daniel. They notice Gustavo outside the shop and Rodrigo invites him out for some beers. What Gustavo really wants is for Rodrigo to marry Paloma and take her away from there. Rodrigo, rather than immediately running off to make that happen, says maybe they should get some beers and discuss it first.

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