¿Quién es Quién? Tuesday 6/7/16 #82


Inés feels betrayed after trusting “Pedro,” and now here he is with a baggie full of powder in his room. No one else has been in there (that she knows of) and there’s no reason for Chamoy to have planted it, right? He couldn’t possibly have anything to gain from that?

Inés has a theory: Maybe when he grabbed the money out of Melquiades’ office, the drugs were there and he grabbed them too. Not on purpose! He just didn’t know what he was doing.

Leo screams at her to get out of his room and get rid of the drugs. He thinks back over what’s been happening since his first blackout.

Good riddance!

Eugenio visits the flower shop. He and Tania are starting to paint and redecorate, but he’s got something on his mind. Paloma tells him to spit it out. “Dad.” His second victim pressed charges and he’s in jail.

Paloma is furious–he must be sick! The cops called Eugenio in to identify him, but he didn’t talk to him. He wants nothing to do with him. Justino has to pay for what he did.

Paloma remembers the last time she talked to Justino–she asked him to turn himself in, and she knew he’d do it again. She feels horrible. Not guilty, but furious. And she feels sorry for him. She can’t understand how he could do this. He’s their father!

Eugenio says he’s in jail where he belongs and they can all have some peace now. Paloma’s not feeling any peace. Eugenio is done with Justino. He’s going to live as though Justino is dead. Paloma can’t back him on that. It’s not going to make what happened un-happen. She isn’t sure what she’s going to do yet, but she’ll figure it out.

She shows up at Eugenio and Tania’s house later. She tried to visit him in jail, but he refused to see her. Eugenio figures that’s a sign. If he wants to be left alone, then leave him alone. Paloma can’t bring herself to do that.

History repeats itself.

In daylight, Ruben’s apartment looks like a child’s playroom. How did Fabi even find him?

He doesn’t want to let her in. She begs/threatens–if he won’t let her come inside, she won’t leave. But if he lets her in and hears what she has to say and then never wants to see her again, she’ll go. Riiiiight.

He lets her in. Big mistake. She seriously whines to him about someone close to her dying and feeling so, so terrible about it. She desperately needs him to tell her she means something to him. Don’t do it, dude! Don’t do it! She swears she’s in love with him and gosh, if they’re going to “end” things, she’d like it to be on a good note.

Stupid, stupid Ruben tells her she’s beautiful and “any” man would fall in love with her and he DID enjoy the sex and he was flattered she paid attention to him, but it was all a mistake. Anybody want to guess which part of that she actually heard? “Thanks for telling me, and now we can figure out how we can stay together.” It just gets grosser from there, until Yesenia’s arrival at his front door breaks things up.

With his glasses off, I don’t know if he sees the big grin on Fabi’s face. I think she’s getting excited at the thought of either getting busted or getting rid of Yesenia. She pastes a fake-innocent look on her face as Ruben answers his phone and claims he was in the bathroom. They work out a plan for Fabi’s escape that I’m sure she’s about to ignore.

Yesenia is suspicious that he didn’t answer the door right away. She heard someone’s been coming on to him and she wants an explanation. Wow, because he has control over that any more than you have control over the guys at the Bar-ena making nasty remarks? The only interesting thing to come out of this conversation is that Fabi has to crouch down in Ruben’s kitchen listening to him tell Yesenia that he’s going to keep his promise to be faithful to her and that he loves her.

Still, she’s gloating, because she has a recording of their conversation. She follows Yesenia out to the mercado and is distracted enough to agree to a facial from Cocó. She’s not paying any attention to Cocó’s spiel while she watches Yesenia and Lupe over by the piñatería. Gel for “patas de gallo” (“rooster feet”; crow’s feet)? She doesn’t have any, does she? “Better to prevent than call the surgeon,” Cocó quips. She can’t help noticing Fabi’s interest in the piñatas. “Yes, I love them…I think I’m going to get one and whack it to pieces.” Oh, yeah, she’s scary with that masque on her face.

When Cocó is done, she looks alarmed, but Fabi says it feels fabulous and walks off with a bag full of product. They didn’t show her face long enough to see what the problem was, but when Termi gets there, Cocó says they should pack it up fast and make a run for it.

When Fabi goes over to the piñateria to try to intimidate Yesenia, she gets a horrified look in return. And not in the way she wants. Yesi’s not even listening to Fabi as Fabi taunts her about her crappy little piñata stand that makes, what, forty or fifty bucks on a good day? Yesenia finally hands her a mirror and Fabi gets a look at the giant rash spreading down the left side of her face.

A new assignment

Ignacio visits Chamoy’s hotel room. Since he’s got the Leonardo situation so completely under control, he wants Chamoy to spy on Dani.

Chamoy is surprised that her address is the same as Renata’s. “You know, the one we got rid of.” Damn! She wasn’t my favorite person, but that was not cool–neither the killing (if they really did), nor how blasé he is about it.

Um, no Ignacio, she’s not Renata’s neighbor, it’s the same house number. Anyway, Chamoy wants to know what happens if there’s some connection between Dani and Renata. “It’ll be worse for her.” Seriously, if he’s so squeamish the can’t even say the words, then he needs to quit having people killed.

Dani is trying to text Renata when Fer and Pedro come into Fer’s office. Pedro is ready to take them both out to dinner and then go party, but Dani wants to go home and unpack from her trip. OK, then, they can have a drink at Dani’s and help her unpack. And then dancing. He will not be deterred and insists on them driving Dani home, at the very least.

Chamoy watches the Basimobile pull up to Renata’s house. Basi lets Dani out of the back seat…and then Pedro…and Fernanda. He remembers Fernanda threatening him in prison and laughs. “If only you knew who your father-in-law is.” Huh…I guess I’d stopped thinking of him as the twins’ father because it took me a minute to process that.

Connie’s over at Renata’s. And she brought cake. I knew I liked her! Santiago was worried she didn’t want to see him anymore, but no way. She likes him. You know…likes him, likes him. And he likes her, too. So, um, what’cha gonna do about all this mutual liking, kids? She has him touch her face to make sure he likes what he “sees” and Santiago gets a little silly with it. Connie does a little touching of her own and things get a little less silly.

Chamoy calls Ignacio to report that Dani does indeed live at the same house as Renata. He’ll find out what the connection is. And, um, there are some other things Chamoy and Ignacio need to talk about. He tells Ignacio to come over to his “palace” later as he watches Santiago and Connie come outside and start walking down the sidewalk.

That’s going to get old fast.

When Paloma, Cachito, Eugenio, and Tania sit down to dinner, Cachito gets all rules-lawyer-y. He figures it’s not a big deal not to eat his vegetables because if he gets sick, his dad, the doctor, will take care of him. Paloma and the adults trade awkward glances as Paloma says that yes, Cachito met his dad. She’s saved from further conversation by a call from Sara–“Pedro” has locked himself in his room and won’t talk to anyone. Maybe he’ll talk to Paloma? She runs right over.

About Leo

Inés meets Humberto at the hospital. The hospital insisted that Inés sign some paperwork saying that Humberto isn’t responsible for what happened, so he called and had her meet him there. Without Fabi. Heh. He only wants her to sign if she agrees, though!

Well, she’d already told him and his “wife” that it was all her fault. She realizes she never heard his apellido (last name, family name) and Humberto FUENTEMAYOR introduces himself again. *gulp* She remembers Leonardo trying to show them the company website. She asks if he happens to be associated with Corporativo Fuentemayor. Well, yeah, that’s his company.

Leonardo is still trying to figure things out when Paloma comes over, begging him to at least eat something. He lets her in. He starts attacking her for assuming the drugs were his, just like everyone else does. “What drugs?” She just doesn’t want him giving into his despair.

Humberto notices her shock and Inés says she’s just, um, impressed to be meeting the owner of such an important company. He brushes it off with “I’m nobody important. Just a workaholic.” Oh, Humberto, you sly thing.

She asks if by any chance there’s a “Pedro Perez” who works for him, or a “Leonardo” something-or-other? Well, no Pedro that he knows of, and there are probably a lot of Leonardos and what a coincidence, his son happens to be one of them. Come on, Inés, ask to see a picture!

A suit comes into the lobby to tell them he’s ready for them to come sign the paperwork.

Leonardo feels like everyone’s judging him. Having Paloma talking about “recovery” isn’t helping. He thought she believed him. She tells him she went to Ignacio’s office and he told her a very different story. Not only that, but someone other than Ignacio said he doesn’t work there.

She insists on calling him “Pedro.” She saw Tencha’s friend, “Adrian” at Fuentemayor Corp and he said there was no one who looked like “Pedro” who worked there. Leo thinks it’s quite a coincidence that Adrian, who they’ve only met a few times, just happens to work there. Paloma wishes he’d quit coming up with excuses to admit he has a problem. I wish he’d just go along with it, do some inpatient treatment, and get out of Ignacio’s reach.

She agrees that Ignacio’s up to something, but that doesn’t mean that every single thing that happens is because someone’s out to get “Pedro.” He wants to know what Ignacio told her. “That you’re blackmailing him.” Leo wants to go confront him right now! But there’s more–he said “Pedro” was working with Fernanda and they’re lovers. And he did remember asking her to marry him, right?

Right, but why would he start a relationship with Paloma if he was with Fernanda? Really, she has no idea. What she does know is that all this uncertainty is getting to her and whether Ignacio’s a liar or not, “Pedro” doesn’t exactly know what the truth is either. He admits that’s true, and it’s hard for him both to not know and to have everyone doubting him.

Paloma wants him to try another doctor, but he takes it as a sign that she doesn’t have faith in him. She doesn’t think he’s “crazy” but he’s not going to get better without help. He kicks her out. Before she goes she says she’s NOT giving up on him.

Before leaving the hospital, Humberto offers to help Inés find this “Leonardo” who works for him, if it’s so important to her. They could go have coffee and she could tell him more. Do it, Inés!

Nora is making the bed when Fabi comes home, fuming about her “ruined” face. She screams at Nora not to pretend she cares and call the doctor. NOW! Oh, Fabi. I know she’s freaking out about her face because she thinks her looks are her only asset. I wish someone would let her know that she’s got a lot more than that going for her. She’s also got greed, arrogance, and an established history of stalking younger men. Oh. That doesn’t help, does it?

Damm. Inés turns him down. But he’s really curious…about her story…and suggests that there’s a restaurant nearby. They could have coffee or wine…. And then he gets the phone call from Nora about Fabi’s apparent allergy attack. He’d still like Inés to call him and hands over his business card. She watches him walk away and I can almost see the wheels turning.

Some people have all the luck.

Connie ponders what Matías and Fabiola told her yesterday and decides she’d like to talk to Nora about it. In her room, though, not downstairs.

She’s starting to think maybe she’s judged her mother too harshly, especially after her dad said something awful about Fabi and then took it back. Nora’s proud of her for being willing to reconsider after finding out her dad didn’t tell her the truth.

Connie has decided she’s going to try to get along with Fabi and she’s going to stick around until after the wedding. Nora’s thrilled to have her around for longer, but I’m cringing.

Cocó and Termi make it back to her place, where she freaks out about getting sued. Or killed. Termi swears he’ll protect her. She kisses him, slaps him, and then says she’s going to make him “hers.” He carries her into the bedroom.

Fabi is still mourning and she won’t let Humberto look at her. He thinks she’s being silly. The doctor said it would pass, and besides–she’s not just a pretty face to him. Damnit, Fabi, you do not deserve him! “If you see my face you won’t want to marry me anymore.” Humberto just laughs and gets her pills for her. She begs him to sleep in the guest room tonight.

Once she’s alone, Fabi looks at her face some more and vows revenge.

Meanwhile, the camera pans up from a floor strewn with clothes and Cocó asks if Termi is a man or a machine? An angel or a demon? Her salvation or her destruction? I can’t even recap this, I’m laughing so hard. Um…let’s cut to the chase. They did the deed. It was mutually enjoyed. Cocó is feeling philosophical. And she wants a second round.

Can’t they just kill each other already?

Chamoy is playing a game on his tablet. I find that incredibly annoying.

When he finally gets up to answer the door, he tells Ignacio that Dani is Renata’s sister and confronts Ignacio about not telling him that technically his son is married to Isabella Blanco. Chamoy feels he “owes” her for humiliating him in prison. (Seriously? That’s his definition of humiliation? Not letting him have his way? I’m really getting sick of that crap, both on-screen and off.)

Ignacio warns him to stay away from Fernanda and his tone clues Chamoy in. He can tell Ignacio has a thing for her. Ignacio explains that he was working with Fernanda until Pedro got in the way, and then they had to start improvising. Hm, and he sent Chamoy to beat up his partner’s brother because…? Ignacio says that’s none of his business. He just needs to worry about Dani.

“And Santiago.” What? Ignacio didn’t know he was living there, too. Funny how his partner didn’t tell him that. Ignacio insists Dani is the real problem. He doesn’t think Renata told Dani anything about Leo, but he needs her to quit sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong.

Chamoy won’t kill her. It would be too suspicious for her to die after her sister did. Ignacio clarifies he’s not thinking of killing her, just making sure she’s too busy to investigate.

Sadder than I would have expected

Yesenia hears a song she’d been thinking about using for her show. She calls Ruben over and he’s thinking it’s an odd choice because it’s kind of a funny song. Melquiades shows up and she thinks she lost track of time, but no, he’s there to tell her they’ve clausurado (closed by order of some authority) the ring. No more fights, no more show.

Starting over

Fabi is stilllll moping when Connie gets home. No one can do anything for her. She’s disfigured. Her life is ruined. By some seller of crappy face creams at a filthy mercado. Um…she, uh, thought she’d pick up some cheap wedding favors, as a joke. But now Humberto won’t want to marry her.

Connie says she’s there to support Fabi and, in fact, she’s decided that she wants to have a better relationship with her. She’s not going to listen to the bad things her dad says about Fabi, but she needs Fabi not to speak ill of him either. Fabi agrees.

Comparing notes

Inés goes over to Paloma’s. She feels awful about “Pedro” kicking her out like that. They talk about how confused they both are–Inés meets the head of Fuentemayor Corp and his son just happens to be named Leonardo, Paloma goes to the office and the employees don’t know Pedro. “But someone there does know him? What aren’t you telling me?”

I guess Paloma told her, because in their next scene, Inés is arguing that if Ignacio lied about his name, he could be lying about everything else, too. Paloma doesn’t doubt that, but she’s more upset right now that “Pedro” has locked himself in his room and won’t even talk to either of them.

It’s all just too much for Paloma, between this and her dad. Inés hadn’t heard about that.

Oh, quit fighting it!

Stop the presses, Cocó is wearing unicorn footie pajamas with a hood and a horn! I am way too excited about that.

Speaking of “excited,” Termi is ready to tell the whole world about them. Cocó forbids it. Damn. That’s cold. Yep, she wants them to bury their memories of last night. Termi says that will make every kiss like the first one. Cocó likes the sound of that, but…no. It can’t be. Her company is in crisis and they have to focus on survival. He accuses her of using him. How dare he! Slap! Kiss! Slap! (Stop with the slapping!) She’d rather have her awesome general manager by her side than the…put down your beverages… “insatiable love machine.”


Tania and Eugenio are arranging knick-knacks. He’s already thinking ahead to babyproofing, but she says they’ve got a long way to go. They’re both perfectly happy to get started, though! They’re interrupted by a knock at the door.

Someone delivers a letter for Eugenio. He starts reading it, in English…it’s his acceptance to the music school in New York. Tania hugs him excitedly, but he’s in shock. It gets worse as he reads the details. He’s only getting a scholarship to cover half his tuition. He’s completely pessimistic about being able to pay the rest, plus living expenses, even when Tania suggests working and renting out the house.

She will NOT let him pass up this opportunity. They have a year to save up some money. OK, no, she doesn’t know how exactly, but…hard work, right? She’s heard you can make a lot of money cleaning houses. Connie can help her find one of those jobs. Eugenio won’t let her do that. He didn’t marry her to turn her into a servant.

Yes, it’s true.

Dani gives Fernanda props for keeping “Leo” out of the house yesterday, even though she’d rather he had come in, seen Santiago, and they got everything out in the open. Fer says she needs time. And Santi needs to get his sight back. They’re taking him to a new doctor today.

The doorbell rings and Dani hands off her coffee cup to Fer, complaining about Renata’s patients who won’t quit coming over. Santi is just getting to the bottom of the stairs when Dani opens the door to a pair of police officers. They found Renata’s body.

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4 years ago

I also did not understand the suegro comment and thought he was referring to Humberto. Thanks for clarifying that! I was a little lost in this episode since I was up until 2am getting caught up on the recaps, and didn’t realize that Telemundo put the partes out of order until the last one. I was so confused as to why Dani was acting normal and texting Renata AFTER the cops told her they found her body. Re: the doors opening outward, it’s a somewhat new building code in parts of Florida because they are safer in hurricanes (so the… Read more »

4 years ago

So this novela about LA is filmed in Florida? How did I miss that?
It’s so weird how Chamoy just casually mentions how they knocked off Renata. Come to think of it, women as victims of cold blooded murder are not common, right?
Great recap, Diva!