¿Quién es Quién? Thursday 6/9/16 #84

Free! Leo!

Inés calls Paloma right away to tell her that “Pedro” is missing. He’s not with Termi, either. Inés goes out looking for him.

Not everything is about you.

Santiago isn’t taking Connie’s calls. Nora thinks she’s taking it a little too hard. She doesn’t want Connie to give up so easily. She tells her to go find him–not to beg, but to ask for an explanation.

Dani’s having some pasta. She tells Santiago Renata would have given it her seal of approval. She was the pasta expert. Santi asks her to stop torturing herself. The doorbell rings and Connie shoves her way into the house, demanding to know why Santiago took off on her like that. What did she do that he won’t even talk to her anymore?

Connie swears she’s not there to beg Santi to stay with her. If he wants to end things, ok, but she thinks he’s being really unfair to her. “Ask your family about being unfair.” She thinks someone said something to him at the wedding, but no, he won’t explain and he just wants her to leave. Sad, heartbroken Connie walks out and Dani tells Santi she thinks he IS being unfair.

A little less conversation, a little more action!

Basi and Pedro are talking too much and not getting anywhere. Neither of them like any of the other’s ideas. As much as I hate to disagree with Basi, I like Pedro’s last idea–go get Leonardo, bring him back to the house, tell everyone what happened, and then they can all plan the takedown of Ignacio together.

Pedro and Fernanda get home. She’s in a good mood, other than her aching feet, but Pedro’s still nervous. She brings up her distrust of Ignacio. She’s afraid of him hurting “Leonardo” in some way. He tells her not to worry. There’s something he has to do tonight, but tomorrow he’ll explain everything and he wants to her to know that he loves her. Her love is what gives him the strength to do this. He goes back out again before he can change his mind.

Basi is out in the hallway taking selfies with a potted plant. No, Basi, Pedro does not want to think about it some more! We’ve got just under *counts on fingers* 15 hours of show left and we’ve still had no Wonder Twin time. Get a move on!

Pedro gets a little choked up thinking about how he might never kiss Fer again, but he’s glad he got to meet Humberto and Nora…and Basi, of course. Basi’s ready now. They leave to go find Leonardo Fuentemayor.

Lupe earns her 20%.

Before she left Ruben’s place, Yesenia got a look at his phone and she recognized Fabi and refused to listen to Ruben’s excuses. So she’s sitting there barely paying attention during her “meeting” with Mel while Lupe does all the talking.

Melquiades talks about Candy opening the show by dancing down the bar. Meh, whatever…Lupe wants to know about the money. He blusters about not being able to pay as much because there’s no cover charge for the bar like there was for the arena.

Lupe counters that at the arena, they were only serving beer; in the bar, they’ll have more expensive drinks. Besides, everyone will be there to see Candy la Candida. She wants 50% of sales during the show or she and her client will see if their talents are better appreciated elsewhere. He offers 3%. Lupe accepts, as long as it’s in writing. They shake on it before Mel goes to draft the contract.

And now Lupe turns her attention to Yesenia. Yesenia tells her about finding Fabi’s picture on Ruben’s phone. She didn’t give Ruben a chance to explain, because what could he possibly say? And that’s not all…they had sex. And it was good. Fireworks! She was flying! And then…CRASH! Yesenia’s hung up on Fabi being a “ruca” (pej: old woman), like somehow that makes it worse. “She’s old enough to be my mother!” OK, yeah, Inés was with a younger guy…but Jonathan wasn’t as young as Ruben!

Lupe avoids that whole mess and tells Yesenia to just TALK to Ruben and see what he has to say. If she doesn’t do that, then she’s the one who’s making herself upset. Nope, nope, Yesenia won’t go talk to him or she’ll rip him to pieces! Well, since he just showed up, I hope he heard that so he can make an informed decision about his own safety.

They at least manage to sit down at a table together without any bloodshed. He starts out with the harassment angle, which Yesenia takes as evidence that he must have given Fabi a reason. Clearly she doesn’t know Fabi. He doesn’t admit he slept with her until Yesenia asks him. And then it’s “I was drunk,” and she’s throwing peanut shells in his face.

Some wedding night.

Humberto sits in his dining room, alone, thinking about Armando, Ruben, Fabi…. Nora wonders what he’s doing there. Oh, you know, feeling stupid. She noticed his hesitation at the ceremony and now she can tell he’s unhappy, so why did he get married? She begs him not to drink so much–it’s bad for his blood pressure. Humberto tells her to go to bed.

He says he’d be in his office, but instead he heads upstairs, where Fabi is waiting for him with her lingerie. She invites him to come read her some of that mushy poetry while he…does things…. Just as things are starting to heat up, Humberto pulls away from her, asking if when she kisses him she’s thinking about him or about someone else.

Fabi accuses Humberto of tormenting her. He can’t stop thinking about Armando. She insists she loves him, snogs him enthusiastically, and he carries her to bed.

Fabi sneaks out of bed in the middle of the night.

Sad Ruben mopes at his house. I don’t really care. Aw, yeah, Yesenia was cute in that hot pink lace dress at not-Pedro’s not-wedding. Even the memory of her giving him a hard time makes him smile. He remembers kissing her for the first time. And making love to her this afternoon. And there goes my sympathy.

Fabi calls him from Humberto’s study to ask if he liked the picture. He makes the mistake of telling her that his girlfriend broke up with him. Fabi enjoys hearing that. She mocks Yesenia for breaking up with him over something so trivial (!!!) and says she probably still believes that love lasts forever. Maybe one day she’ll learn that passion is the only thing that exists. And she and Ruben have passion…and she’s certainly not going to leave him alone now that “that girl” isn’t standing between them. Ruben keeps telling her he hates her, he wants nothing to do with her. I was really hoping Humberto heard some of that conversation, but nope.

Don’t all kids want to hear the same story over and over again?

Nora takes another tray of champagne glasses into the kitchen. She’s surprised to see Leonardo there. She thought he left with Fer. And when did he change into those clothes? “Why didn’t you ever tell me I was adopted?” He’s furious, demanding answers, but Nora is confused–they talked about this already. “Tell me again…please.” Sure, ok, but she’s making him some coffee first because maybe he had too much to drink at the wedding.

We’ve all heard the story already, and Leo asks the same questions Pedro did. The angrier he gets, the more confused Nora is, especially when it seems like he’s not remembering that they went over this right after Humberto had his heart attack.

He asks about the agency and says if they were operating illegally, he could have been kidnapped. Nora agrees, though she also thought maybe…sometimes when families are very poor…or maybe his parents died. He accuses them of buying him like merchandise. “Like going to the grocery store to buy apples! What kind do you want? Red? Green? Yellow? Yes, give me the little blond boy over there.”

Oh, I’m hurting for Nora! This is harsh! But she’s more worried about him getting himself all worked up. She tells him (she thinks, again) about the agency burning down and Martin Andrade being dead and Leo starts having a panic attack. Nora wants to call Fernanda, but he tells her not to. He screams that his whole life has been a lie! Nora suggests he go up to his room, rest for a while, and see if it passes.

Other stuff happening in various parts of town….

Fernanda sits in her apartment, alone, thinking about Ignacio’s latest threats. Nora calls to let her know that Leonardo’s at the house. He came by to talk to her and he felt a little dizzy…probably just drank too much. Fernanda should let him rest and call him later.

Eugenio gets home. He got a job. Tania’s not happy. She doesn’t want him working at night and she’s afraid he’ll stop studying the guitar. She brings up the house-cleaning job again and Eugenio says it’s out of the question. That argument goes nowhere.

Cocó. Termi. She’s wearing devil horns. She appears to be in the mood for a little boss/employee roleplay. Yeah, let’s just leave it at that.

Sure thing, as long as there’s something in it for me.

Ignacio shows up at Chamoy’s hotel, casting a very puercoespin-y shadow on the door. He came to deliver the good news–Renata’s death was ruled an accident. Yes, yes, good job Chamoy. But now Ignacio needs him to do a very special job. The kind of job you can’t just ask some random creep off the street to do. Oh, no, this kind of job requires a special creep. The creepiest of creeps. El Mero Mero de creeps, if you will. Yeah, I’m paraphrasing. Chamoy just gives Ignacio a suspicious glare.

I’m going to make an educated guess here and say that Ignacio, while we were elsewhere, asked Chamoy to kill Leonardo. Now, I’m almost hoping that Leo isn’t the intended target, because Chamoy’s main concern is that Ignacio only wants him to do this so he can get Chamoy busted and sent to jail, which is…well, he was never winning “Father of the Year” anyway, but that’s pretty low.

Ignacio offers to let someone else do it…. No, Chamoy will take care of it. Ignacio reminds him it’s got to be a clean job, no traces. An accident, just like the psychologist. “I know how to do my job.” Great, then Ignacio will call him with where and how tomorrow.

Chamoy says Ignacio’s really going to owe him after this. Ignacio says he’ll compensate him. He’s sure the “similarity” between Leonardo and Pedro might prompt Chamoy to make certain…considerations…but Leonardo’s time is up. That’s all there is to it. Chamoy sits on the bed after he leaves, looking a little disgusted. Only a little, mind you.

Chamoy drinks at the bar. Via flashback we find out that, sure enough, Ignacio asked him to kill Leonardo. It should be easy, right? He only LOOKS like Chamoy’s son. And Chamoy hates him…or doesn’t he? Chamoy drinks and thinks.

That didn’t go quite the way anyone planned.

Pedro and Basi are sitting in the Basimobile, the un-stealthiest surveillance vehicle ever, out in front of Pedro’s house. Pedro’s hesitating over what to say to Leonardo. How can he explain he married Leo’s fiancée, sat in his chair, faked his signature on documents…”And you used up that really nice lotion, too.” Uh, thanks, Basi.

Basi suggests blaming it all on Ignacio. OK, but Basi has said that Leo’s a real hardass–is that going to work? Basi says he’ll back him up. Pedro crosses himself and prepares to head into the house.

Sara, Paloma, and Cocó are all hanging out, worrying about where “Pedro” is and Sara is planning how she’s going to lay the smackdown on him so he never leaves again. Paloma tells her to chill.

Coco runs to answer the door, but it’s Basi…she calls him “Tenchito.” Paloma’s surprised to see him there. Cocó cuts him off before he can keep flattering them any further and then Termi drags Pedro in the door. He looks at his grandma…STANDING there…and makes a startled face. He can’t even speak…partly from the shock, but also because everyone keeps yelling at him and cutting him off.

Termi and Basi come to his rescue and get everyone to quiet down and listen to his explanation. But first, Termi describes finding him outside wearing sunglasses and a hat and standing near a nice car.

Pedro finally starts explaining, but he wants to go all the way back to the beginning and I am NOT having a good feeling about this! He says he’s going to change a few of the names, for copyright purposes. Everyone yells at him again. “Once upon a time there were two boys who looked the same. One was named Teófilo, and the other wasn’t….”

Inés gets home and interrupts what I’m sure would have been an infuriating tale. He’s so happy to see her again, he hugs her repeatedly while Paloma stands there looking jealous.

Later, Sara tries to stuff Pedro with food while Paloma just keeps staring at him. Inés scolds him for making her worry. Pedro keeps looking at the door, expecting Leo to walk in at any moment. Basi BAILS on him!

No, wait, Basi says HE needs to leave, if Pedro could just help him bring the stuff in from the car. NO NO NO! Inés is not having it. Sara backs her up. Basi keeps looking towards the door and Paloma keeps looking at him and Pedro. When they get a moment alone in the living room, Basi and Pedro start plotting their escape, but Paloma’s stiiiiill watching. They both still have every intention of finding Leonardo, they just want to do it BEFORE he gets home.

Basi’s about to go say his goodbyes when Paloma’s phone starts ringing. She stands there looking at Pedro while Leonardo tells her that he remembered everything and he’s at his house…his real house! Pedro and Basi are both giving her big, fake, innocent grins. “Paloma, are you listening! I got my memory back!” Paloma apologizes, but she’s a little distracted right now. She’ll, um, call him back in half an hour. She wants him to know she believes him.

She hangs up and tells Inés it was just…Eugenio calling because…Cachito is acting up as usual. She asks Basi for a ride home. And he and Pedro can talk there. She’s made an excellent mole she’s sure they’ll love.

Inés is nervous about her taking Pedro. Pedro agrees he’d rather stay at home. Oh, but Paloma has some things to show him. Basi promises to bring him right home after. Pedro gives Inés and Sara big hugs and kisses before he goes. Pedro’s a little weirded out when Paloma takes his arm and calls him “My love.” I’m just howling with laughter…I hope she’s got a good grip! They walk out, leaving Inés and Sara wondering what those three are up to.


The minute they get to Paloma’s, Basi and Pedro try to leave again, but she insists on talking to Pedro ALONE. She’s got to say it twice before Basi goes outside to, uh, keep watch for assassins. “You’ve got a lot to tell me, Pedro Pérez Gonzáles.”

Pedro stalls. He guzzles a glass of water. He tries to fake her out, but Paloma cuts to the chase. “Why have you been pretending to be Leonardo. Your TWIN BROTHER Leonardo.”

“It’s complicated.” OK, that’s a good start, and at least he knows he’s busted, but she’s angry and she spends some time unloading on him about how many people were lied to. They all thought he had amnesia! He blames it on fate…it’s fate’s fault! “Then you and fate aren’t leaving here until you explain what happened!”

Pedro tells Paloma about looking in his front window the day after the accident and seeing her kissing Leonardo. He accuses Leo of taking advantage of his reputation and Paloma throws a pillow at him. She fell in love with Leo because he’s NOT like Pedro, always checking out women.

“Ah, see, it wasn’t so bad we traded places! If it wasn’t for me, you never would have met him!” Ok, but he lied to everyone and caused so much trouble! Pedro says he thought Leo wanted to hide out and had gotten him kidnapped to take his place. He didn’t find out Leo had amnesia until later. And then he stayed to, uh, help his bro out…ok, ok, he fell in love with Leo’s fiancée.

Yep, yep, same old Pedro. No, he swears he loves Fer for real! And he married her! It’s just like her and Leo…Fer fell in love with him because he isn’t like Leo.

But, look, they need to get to the really important stuff and that’s that Leo has an enemy who wants to kill him!

“What? Ignacio wants to kill him?” Pedro is surprised she knows him. Yes, she’s met Ignacio and, um, also Pedro’s wife…but that’s not important! She tells Pedro to get back to the story.

Basi sits out in the limo, wondering what could be going on inside. His mouth falls open in shock as someone walks past the Basimobile….

¡Ya se armó!

Pedro’s explaining about the papers Ignacio forced him to sign and that Ignacio was doing something to Leo to make him “crazy.” He’s sure he had him drugged. “Why didn’t you tell us?!” Because Ignacio threatened everyone, but now he’s threatening to kill Leonardo.

When they hear the knock at the door, he thinks it’s Basilio. He explains that Basi is Leonardo’s assistant and lied for him when Paloma went to the Corporativo. Paloma goes to let him in and it’s Leo, saying he remembered everything! He looks over and sees Pedro, who says…

“‘Sup, bro?”

Leo looks murderous! He’s ready to beat Pedro’s face in and he won’t listen to a word he says. Paloma has to get between them to keep Leo from punching him.

Pedro tries to talk Leo down, saying they could have cleared this up the day they met, but Leo took off running. And he’s had Inés and Sara and Yesenia looking out for him all this time, which is a lot more than he had before. Pedro knows he never talked to his dad about anything but business, and the last time he kissed Nora he was 10.

Leo doesn’t want to listen to this. He was on the verge of going “crazy” because of what Pedro was doing! Pedro says being Leo hasn’t exactly been a walk in the park–everyone hates him. And he’s sure Leo didn’t acquire enemies by being a nice guy. Leo swears Pedro is going to pay for everything that’s happened to him.

Paloma demands that he stop this! He needs to listen to Pedro! Leo can’t believe she’s saying this, after everything SHE had to suffer–she almost hated him. Paloma just wants him not to beat the stuffing out of his brother in her house. He needs to listen to him. Pedro says he never wanted to hurt Leo, or anyone else. Leo looks about 95% as murderous as he did before.

Pedro explains that he tried to tell everyone who he was, but they thought he was “crazy.” Leo is still stalking him around the room. He screams at him that Pedro figured he’d take advantage of the situation, right?

Look, Leo’s been living at the house. He knows money’s tight. They don’t always have enough to pay all the bills. Pedro thought if he could work for a couple of months at the corporation, he could send money home to his mom. “And why two months?” Well, Leo’s got a pretty big job and Pedro was going to need some time to learn. He swears he never spent a penny he didn’t earn, and Basi can back him up on that. He only kept his salary.

Leo thinks that’s a lie–Pedro intended to spend two months embezzling slowly. Why did so much time pass? Pedro explains about the Moretz deal. Leo nearly has another anxiety attack. Investing in Moretz is suicide! Who would do that? Pedro, of course. He explains how other companies started to invest, too and Leo is horrified–he just inflated the value of a company on the verge of bankruptcy! He nearly committed especulación (“speculation”; not sure why that would be a bad thing).

Well, Pedro just wanted Leo to see that he wasn’t working there “de okis” (also spelled “de hoquis“, “de oquis“; in vain). And then Ignacio found out that Pedro wasn’t Leonardo and he threatened Inés. And now he’s threatening Leonardo. He HATES him. He wants to darles en la torre (screw them over)–both Leo and Humberto. He’s going to embezzle from the company, he made Pedro sign a bunch of documents in Leo’s name, and they haven’t got time to waste!

Paloma backs him up. Ignacio has been manipulating everything that’s been happening to Leonardo. Pedro watches, alarmed, as Leo starts to have a panic attack and he and Paloma go look for a paper bag in the kitchen.

Inés makes her way over to Paloma’s and Basi runs up to stop her from going inside. She insists on going in, so he settles for distracting her with conversation…and then hints that Paloma and Pedro might not like to be interrupted. If you know what I mean?

Leo’s a little recovered now and Paloma tells him to listen without getting upset. She tells Pedro to tell Leonardo exactly what he told her.

Pedro explains about the guys who dragged him to the wedding, falling in love with Fernanda…that’s why he stayed. He loves Fernanda like Leo loves Paloma.

“Fernanda’s just using you!” Ooh, them’s fightin’ words! It’s Pedro’s turn to get heated now, but he shuts up quick when Leo says that Fernanda and Ignacio are lovers. If she pretended to love Pedro, it’s because it was part of her job.

Pedro attacks him when Leo says that Fernanda is just as much a criminal as Ignacio. Paloma has to get between them again and she’s annoyed that she’s been telling Leo to calm down and now she’s got to do the same for Pedro! Leo will not back off and says Fernanda is Ignacio’s “mujerzuela” (pej: tart) and does whatever he tells her to.

That’s it, the gloves are off. Pedro has Leo in a headlock. Paloma might as well back away or turn the hose on them or something, because they aren’t letting up now.

Pedro screams at Leo, demanding an apology. Paloma threatens to call the police. Leo insists he’s right and asks Paloma to back him up.

Paloma admits she saw a video of Ignacio and Fernanda kissing. Pedro is devastated. Is Paloma sure it was Fernanda? Leo answers for her–it was Fernanda. Ignacio introduced them and Fer never had any feelings for Leo, nor Leo for her. He was marrying her because it was practical, but he never loved her.

Paloma says he’s Ignacio’s victim, like all of them. Pedro is sure love can’t be faked. Leo tells him they were just taking advantage of him, and now he’s got to go put his life back in order since Pedro has screwed it up.

Paloma tells him not to be so hard on Pedro, but Leo says there’s no time. Everybody needs to go back to their worlds. Pedro reminds him that everyone is in danger and says there’s nothing Leo can do. Leo: “Correction! There’s nothing YOU can do, but I can.”

He warns Pedro not to go near his house or his company again or he’ll have him thrown in jail along with those other two thieves (I assume he means Ignacio and Fernanda).

Inés didn’t know what Basi meant and she’s getting antsy again and all his explanations about how Cachito isn’t in the house are not working, but they ARE stalling her while she pokes holes in his logic. She starts to go inside, but instead Pedro comes out of the house, crying.

Paloma tells Leonardo he was too hard on Pedro. He fell in love. She apologizes for doubting him when he tried to explain. Leo gets it, now that he’s seen Pedro. They’re identical. Paloma figures everything’s over now. He just told Perico that everyone’s going back to their worlds. Leonardo says he’s been part of Paloma’s world for a while now, so he’d like her to be part of his, now that he knows where he belongs.

The parakeet’s back in the cage.

Sara is watching her telenovela when Yesenia gets home. Yesi rants because Inés went out to get Perico. She admits she’s suffering from a broken heart and decides she needs some capirotada (a type of bread pudding with cheese…yes, really, cheese). Inés and Pedro get home and he goes over to hug her. Yesenia’s understandably confused, especially when he says he missed her and asks what’s wrong.

After Pedro goes upstairs, Yesenia asks what’s going on here…why did he hug her like they hadn’t seen each other in years? As if…he’s back to normal. But Inés has never seen him cry like that. Something bad has to be going on, like someone died or something. Yesenia thinks he got over his amnesia and he’s crying about how badly he treated them. Or maybe Paloma broke up with him? Inés doesn’t think that’s it either.

Pedro gets into his room and thinks about what Leo said about Fernanda…and about Fernanda crying that she needed to tell him something…a secret he’s going to hate her for when he finds out….

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4 years ago

Finally two Eugenio Sillers in the same scene! I was actually impressed by the lack of really obvious green screens like in other TNs (ahem Lo Imperdonable). They did a good job editing this one.

I was slightly confused about Ignacio though – does he really not know that they are twins? He thinks they’re just two guys who happen to look a lot alike?

4 years ago

Whoa, this novela is getting good!
Thanks for the excellent recap, Diva.

4 years ago

Oh and I laughed so hard when Basi said that Pedro used up all of the cool lotion.