¿Quién es Quién? Wednesday 6/8/16 #83

Bad news

Dani goes right into denial mode. Renata’s at a conference. She’s in a plane on her way home. The officer says they found her body in a car; she drove it off an acantilada (cliff).

While Dani sobs, Chamoy brags to Ignacio that they must be finding the body now. Pair of creeps.

Dani can’t figure out what her sister was doing in a car. She called before she got on the plane…right? Santi remembers that call, yeah. So it must be a mistake, but as Fer says, they need to go down to the police station to clear things up. As they’re leaving, “Eduardo” shows up and insists on driving them himself since Fer and Dani are both upset.

Back home later, Santiago is still convinced that Renata was kidnapped that day and he’s angry that no one believes him. Dani gets home with Eduardo. She did the paperwork and they’ll release the body to her tomorrow after the autopsy, but so far it looks like it was just an accident. Eduardo hovers behind Dani, pretending to be concerned.

Ignaciooooooo! Fix it for meeeeeee!

Humberto comes into his study as Ignacio finishes his call, complaining that he hopes Fabi allows him back into the bedroom when she’s recovered from her allergy.

He changes the subject to those financial reports that still aren’t finished. If Ignacio can’t get the regular accountant to do it, then just have someone else do it. They’ve got a bunch of accountants at Fuentemayor. He’s sure the company is doing fine, but he’s always looked over the reports himself.

Ignacio stops to say goodbye to Fabi before he leaves. To him, the medication has made a huge improvement, but to Fabi this was a mortal blow. She hints at unfinished business that had to be delayed (Thanks, Cocó! I owe you one!) and Ignacio assumes she’s got yet another lover who now needs to be taken out.

Oh, no, she wants him to send his guys after COCÓ. For once…FOR ONCE…Ignacio says “no.” She settles for talking to the company lawyers. He even says “no” to that–all they’ll say is that she’s allergic to an ingredient. Fabi whines that he doesn’t care enough about her pain. Ignacio points out that he’s the one with the real problem here–Humberto is going to find out about all the money he’s stolen if she doesn’t keep him distracted until the wedding.


Termi and Cocó are too much talk and not enough action. Oh, wait, spoke too soon, he ignores her babbling and carries her into the bedroom. Y’all…the pajamas have hooves. Hooves, I tell you!

I miss Sara’s distrust.

Yesenia brought Chamoy lunch. I’m really annoyed with these two, so here’s the salient parts of that convo: if anyone found drugs in the house, they didn’t tell Yesenia; she thinks “Pedro” is the “favorite” so even if Inés did find some, she’d keep it a secret; she has to go find a new job.

Chamoy comes over to bring Sara some “herbs” to make a tea for “Pedro” and complain about Inés not wanting him parked in front of the house anymore.

Termi stops by, but “Pedro” drank the tea and he’s sleeping. Termi’s about to go on patrol, but he wanted to brag about how he’s finally found love. He can’t tell her who the lucky lady is, though. Sara says it’s about time he and Cocó got together and shoves him back out the door.

Leo is sweating again and dreaming about Inés, Sebastián, Paloma, everyone screaming at him that he’s a drug addict, that he’s crazy.

 Ten days later 

Leo acts like he’s been sedated. What the hell is in that tea?! Yesenia’s new job doesn’t pay as much. Leo can barely answer when Inés asks if he’s ready to come back to work at the piñateria.

Sara has just been telling Inés that she thinks “Pedro” is doing much better, but Inés disagrees.

Sara repeats this nonsense to Paloma when she shows up, but Inés found the yerbas and demands to know what they are. And why were they hidden! Sara starts to LIE, but opts for 3/4 of the truth. She got them from a yerbera who said they were good for people with mental problems. And she thinks they are! Because Pedro isn’t trying to leave all the time and he’s not angry.

“He’s a zombie!” Paloma tries to gently tell her you can’t just give people (unknown) herbs (from shady sources) without checking with a doctor first. Sara gets upset. She loves her grandson and she would never hurt him. She runs off to her room, crying, while Inés wonders if this is what’s been making Pedro so out of it lately. Paloma says they should talk to a doctor.

Connie begs and begs and Santi agrees to go to Fabi’s wedding with her. As she’s leaving to get ready, Dani comes downstairs. Renata’s case is being closed. The police didn’t find anything in her blood and no injuries that weren’t related to the crash. Santi can’t believe it. He knows what he heard! Dani says maybe it was the neighbor’s TV, who knows. She just wants to mourn her sister without worrying that she was murdered.

Inés calls looking for Renata and Dani has to tell her that Renata died. She apologizes for not letting them know sooner. Oh, no, Inés is the one who’s sorry. She’s sorry for her loss. Inés gives Paloma a horrified look and tells her Renata died in an accident.

They try Sebastián. He doesn’t know much about herbs, but he recommends they make sure “Pedro” doesn’t drink any more of the tea and keep an eye on him. If he’s not better by tomorrow, Sebastián will come check him out.

It’s later that day and “Pedro” is still out cold. Inés worries about telling him that Renata died. She feels so bad about that nice young woman, so professional, so determined to help her son. Paloma remembers Renata’s unethical attempts to get her away from “Pedro” and feels uncomfortable. She agrees “Pedro” was important to Renata. She was convinced Renata was in love with Pedro…but, yeah, she was always very professional and Paloma’s sad she had such a horrible accident. Inés gets philosophical about not always getting old like we think we will.

Can’t you people gather without something going horribly wrong?

Doña Leticia came to Fabi’s wedding, but Fermin is off in New Zealand setting up a new business and he left Leticia in charge in LA. Humberto has a waiter bring over champagne so he can toast with her, Leo, Fer, Ignacio, and Ivonne.

I did not need to see Fabi’s wedding lingerie. Yes, Fabi, you look good, but that’s only because your soul isn’t showing on the outside. She takes some selfies for Ruben to show him what he’s not missing.

Now that Santi and Connie have made it to the house, he’s nervous. She leaves him in the foyer to get him a tequila.

Pedro is telling a joke that ends with “And she was so tiny that instead of giving birth she made sparks!” (“Dar a luz” = “give to the light”, give birth; “sacar chispas” = “make sparks”, got angry.) Fer sees Santiago standing by the door and sneaks away while Pedro tells more jokes…

Que le dijo un guante a otro guante? I guant you.

Y un globo a otro globo? I globe you.

Y un foco a otro foco?…aaaaaaaaaaah!

Yeah, nobody fell for that one.

Fer goes up to Santi and finally figures out that his Connie is CONNIE. She’s got to get him out of there before “Leonardo” or Humberto recognizes him.

Too late. Pedro already did. He tries to go talk to them, but Doña Leticia wrangles him for more jokes and a song.

Fer walks Santi outside and, sure, he wants to leave, but he wants an explanation first. Connie said this was her mom’s wedding with…Humberto. Oh nooooo. He can’t believe this. “Does Connie know who I am? Did she come after me on purpose?”

I want to kick Fer in the shins when she says she doesn’t know. Seriously?! She knows Connie’s not in on it! And besides that, her brother finally likes someone and she can’t be bothered to care that she’s completely ruining this for me–I mean, him! Ruining this for him! And Connie!

Connie comes back to the foyer with drinks and can’t find Santi.

Ruben is looking at Fabi’s picture. Again. Or still. Either way. DELETE THAT! He ignores her call, but remembers her throwing herself at him the last time she was there. And Yesenia just finished cooking him dinner. He makes excuses about the phone being broken or having a virus and shuts it off. Then he gets all mushy and starts snogging her and I mentally kick him in the shins.

Fabi gets his voicemail and gets upset. Hm…now, what’s a fitting way to vent my anger at her…I hope she gets a run in her stocking and her mascara runs and her hair is lumpy and she doesn’t notice until after she sees the pictures.

Connie runs into Fernanda and asks if she’s seen the cute guy she came with…. Fer sent him home with one of the chauffeurs. He said he wasn’t feeling well and he’d just lost someone and he didn’t feel comfortable being at a party. Connie thinks it’s more that he didn’t feel comfortable being around people. Now Fer takes the time to question Connie and finds out that YES she genuinely has feelings for Santiago and thinks he’s PERFECT. Fer is sure he’ll call Connie later. Connie tells Fer about how they met and how she loves him and she thinks it’s a good think he can’t see the dopey look on her face every time she looks at him. She’d do anything for him to be happy.

Knowing it was going to happen doesn’t make it any better.

Yesenia’s cooking is so bad, even she spits it out. “Cooking’s not my thing! Dancing is my thing!” She’s really missing dancing in the ring. Ruben suggests she teach an “exotic” dance class at the Cultural Center, but Yesenia doesn’t want to teach. She just wants to keep dancing. Melquiades is thinking of having her do her show at the cantina.

That doesn’t go over well. Yesenia explains she’ll be more covered up and it’ll be more of a variety show with singers, comedians…and “Candy” will be the star.

If he wasn’t lying about those texts, his “Do you love dancing more than me?” might be endearing, but mostly it just pisses me off that Yesenia finds it endearing. Their serious snogging leads to a decision to “make love” for the first time, after a brief discussion about “precautions.”

Afterwards there’s mushy talk about it being Yesenia’s first time and how it was so wonderful and better than Ruben had dreamed. I enjoyed none of this because I’m already anticipating her reaction when she finds out he’s been lying. Argh! No, he did not “make” you a woman Yesenia! You were already a woman! A woman who’s got to get to her meeting with Melquiades about the new job. And Ruben has to get to the Cultural Center.

When he goes to get something from another room, Yesenia looks at his cell phone and thinks about her suspicions. She turns it on and gets an eyeful of Fabiola in her wedding lingerie.

OK, fine, next time he’s grounded, YOU play “Bad Cop.”

Paloma thinks about Leonardo’s accusation that she’s willing to believe Sebastián over him.

Sebas and Cachito get home from a day of shopping. There are so very many bags. I’m a little disappointed in Cachito. It feels like he’s thrown Paloma over for the new Fun Parent and that’s just not fair. On the other hand, he’s still a kid, so at least his behavior has a reasonable excuse, unlike a lot of other characters on this show.

Paloma sends Cachito to his room and accuses Sebastián of trying to buy Cachito’s affections. He accuses her of taking her bad mood over “Pedro” out on her and he thinks the accidental drugging by yerbas is BS and “Pedro’s” continuing to use. He claims he’s fine with her not wanting to get back together with him, but he’d rather she be with someone who isn’t going to hurt her.

Thanks a lot, Fernanda.

Dani listens to Santiago jumping to the conclusion that Connie was sent by the Fuentemayors to torment him even further. He thinks he was stupid to believe she could have been genuinely interested in him and nothing Dani says is going to change his mind.


Doña Leticia is excited about getting back into business again. She can’t wait to show Don Fermin that she hasn’t lost her touch. Won’t he be surprised when he gets back and she’s increased their profits! She ignores Ignacio’s advice about being cautious and says the world belongs to the daring. “Right, Leo?”

Ignacio drags “Leo” off for a private conversation in the study. About fleecing Doña Leticia. Damnit! Is any amount ever going to be enough for him?

Humberto walks in on Fabiola leaving a desperate message for Ruben: “You can’t do this to me!” He asks who Ruben is. She makes up a story that Humberto doesn’t believe.

Pedro and I are on the same page about Ignacio’s demands. Ignacio threatens to kill Leonardo to get him to cooperate and then gets on the computer to create the document he wants Leticia to sign. Ugh!

Humberto sure thinks Fabi’s message to Ruben sounded like he’s someone important enough to her to postpone her own wedding. He’s suspicious because they haven’t made love lately, she’s kicked him out of his own bedroom, and she’s running off to meetings all the time. It seems like she’s trying to avoid him. He thinks her complaints about the rash making her look “ugly” are stupid in comparison to him feeling like he’s being pushed away. This whole wedding is about what she wanted.

She’s scared now that he wants to call it all off and begs him not to! Ignacio interrupts to say the judge arrived. Humberto angrily says he’ll be waiting downstairs. Ignacio lectures his problem child about how important this wedding is for “their” plans, so she’d better make it happen.

Pedro walks out of the study in a huff and Fernanda notices. She’s not convinced by his excuses, but she’s distracted by his flirting. She loves it when he calls her “Fersita Fresita” (say that ten times fast!). So, um…was she by any chance talking to Santiago Blanco earlier? He could have sworn he recognized him. No, no, it was just Connie’s date…and Santiago Blanco wouldn’t be friends with Connie, right?

Pedro is just agreeing when Fabi comes down the stairs on Ignacio’s arm. She’s wearing a smarmy smile, but Humberto goes from looking angry to trying too hard.

Oh, wow, I think it’s the same judge from Pedro and Fer’s wedding, making nearly the same weird speech about how two important people “in our community” are getting married. It’s not a business merger, dude.

Humberto mentally reviews Fabi’s history as a suspected cheater–Armando answering the phone, the hotel, the scene at the salon, the call he just heard. The judge interrupts his thoughts and rather than verbal vows, he asks Humberto to sign on the line if he agrees to marry Fabi. I’m chanting “Don’t sign! Don’t sign! Don’t sign!” He hesitates as we got to commercial.

When we come back, he’s still hesitating and asks for a moment. In his study, he demands Fabi look him in the eyes and tell him she’s never cheated on him and she loves him. She swears on her children.

In the next scene it’s all hugs and congratulations. He signed. Damn. Doña Leticia jokes about the Fuentemayor men loving their dramatic weddings! Fabi insists “love” always wins as Ignacio smirks.

Doña Leticia sits at the desk in Humberto’s study. She trusts “Leo” so much, she signs the paperwork, even though he’s not acting particularly enthusiastic about the prospects of this mystery company no one’s heard of because it’s in Mexico.

Fernanda finds Ignacio lurking in a corner and demands to know what he talked to “Leonardo” about earlier. Why is “Leonardo” so nervous? He won’t tell her a thing. She’ll just have to keep her mouth shut while she watches him destroy “Leo.” She tries to appeal to his sense of self-preservation, saying he’s taking a lot of risks. She warns him not to mess with “Leo,” but he laughs it off. She won’t keep “Leo” from going down because she knows she’ll sink with him. He smarms that he’ll let her cry over “Leo” for a reasonable amount of time, but then she’s coming back to him, because he “loves” her so much he’ll forgive her betrayal. How is he not crushed by the weight of his own ego?

Leticia leaves the paperwork with “Leo” and says she’ll transfer the $50 million tomorrow. *gulp* He stays behind in the office looking at the papers.

First Ignacio apologizes for hurting Fer, then he’s right back to threatening. If Fer goes to prison, Santiago’s going too.

Ignacio heads into the office where Pedro angrily hands over the folder. He thinks Ignacio’s biting off more than he can chew with $50 million, but…see above re: huge ego.

Edgardo is lurking out back, waiting for Ignacio. He brings up the Russians, who are getting nervous. (Oh, great, so now there are Russians, too?!) Well, no worries, Ignacio has the last piece they needed to bring down the Fuentemayors–he hands over the papers Doña Leticia just signed.

Basi is just coming around the corner when he sees them and ducks back. He overhears the rest of the conversation.

Edgardo decides it’s not enough to pin everything on Leonardo and have him sent to jail. They need to kill him and make it look like Pedro Perez did it. Ignacio can’t rely on keeping Leonardo drugged–the longer this drags on, the greater the risk of him getting his memory back, and then he’ll be gunning for Ignacio.

Ignacio wants time to come up with a “strategy.” Edgardo reminds him when this is done, he’s vanishing again. This is Ignacio’s problem. “Exactly! You can’t leave me like this!” Whatever…Edgardo knows Ignacio’s already killed a few people. They have nearly everything they want–Fabi’s married to Humberto, Leonardo looks guilty, and tomorrow they’re getting $50 mil.

Oh, no, it’s not that Ignacio cares about Leonardo, he just wants to make sure he does things right. Edgardo tells him to just get it done quickly, like he had Leonardo’s psychologist killed. How did Edgardo even hear about that? “I have my contacts. And don’t worry, the police closed the case already and declared it an accident. You’re a genius! Now, do the same with Leonardo.”

Pedro is entertaining the guests with a song when Basi comes in and starts frantically trying to get his attention. As soon as the song is over, he heads into the study.

Basi tells him about the threat on Leonardo’s life, not from Ignacio but from the seriously scary dude he was talking to in the garden. Seriously scary. Terrifying. Also, Scary Dude mentioned that Ignacio killed Leonardo’s psychologist and made it look like a car accident. Pedro remembers that Dani’s sister, who recently died in a car accident, was also a psychologist. Coincidence…?


Leonardo is dreaming about Humberto…the close of the business deal…the front of the house…the house number…Nora welcoming him home and telling him he needs to come back. This is his house. Everyone here loves him. Inés and the others…they abandoned him as a baby…he’s Leonardo Fuentemayor and this is his real house. He has to come home. Leo sits up suddenly, wide awake. When Inés comes upstairs to bring him some lunch, he’s gone.

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Visita/ Guest

Hi Diva:-)
Super recap as usual.
“Oh, wow, I think it’s the same judge from Pedro and Fer’s wedding, making nearly the same weird speech about how two important people “in our community” are getting married. It’s not a business merger, dude.” How do you remember this stuff?
And: “Oh, no, she wants him to send his guys after COCÓ. For once…FOR ONCE…Ignacio says “no.” Exactly.
Okay, now we’re making a little progress. Basi has some info. and Leonardo is remembering more things. If this is a tease, both of them will tell the exact wrong people of course.

Visita/ Guest

Thanks for including Pedro’s jokes! LOL