¿Quién es Quién? Friday 6/10/16 #85

Pedro and Fer

Pedro’s taking the news about Fernanda playing Leo/him pretty hard, but it seems like he at least realizes that this must be what she wanted to tell him the other night/morning…and he’s the one who said he didn’t need to know.

Fer is having a sleepless night.

Leo and Paloma

Leonardo’s a little smug about being right–he told Paloma that even when he got his memory back, he’d still love her.

Paloma’s worried that she’s not really going to fit in with the rest of his life, but Leonardo doesn’t see why not. He’s been in love with her since he got there, and now he can love her as himself. He just needs a little time to fix everything Pedro messed up.

Now she has a different worry–Pedro said Ignacio wanted to kill him. Leo fiercely says Ignacio won’t lay a hand on him. He’ll tell his dad and Ignacio will get thrown in jail.

The next morning, Ignacio is surprised that Nora’s taking breakfast up to Leo. Did he fight with Fernanda or something? Nora doesn’t know.

Leo and Paloma wake up in bed together. Paloma brings up a new angle to all this mess–when is he going to tell Inés? He says his parents “bought” him and there’s a lot he has to figure out.

Nora calls Fernanda looking for Leonardo, but neither of them has seen either of him since last night.

Leo and Pedro and Fer

Leonardo walks into his office and everything’s pretty much the same except that Gwen is especially sassy this morning.

The financial reports are reserved exclusively for Leonardo Fuentemayor.

I am Leonardo Fuentemayor!

¡Nel, chato! You are not the papi chulo. If you think you’re all that, come over here and tell me the password or go back to your office.

Pedro calls Basi, panicking. Everything’s a hot mess! He needs to stick to Leonardo and make him understand that he’s walking on the edge of the knife right now. Aw, Basi says if Pedro were there right now, he’d tell him to look out the window so he doesn’t see Basi crying. He can’t believe Pedro cares what happens to Leo after the way Leo treated him. “He’s my carnal.” (brother) Basi sounds a red alert! Fer’s on her way into Leo’s office!

Gwen refuses to accept that Leonardo is Leonardo and she gives him MAJOR ‘tude about trying to put one over on her. He can’t even understand what she’s saying to him. He gives up and asks Ivonne for the financial reports.

Fer walks in, wondering where he was last night. Leo smiles at her and says she’s good at faking, but her little game is over. She knows what he’s talking about. How many people really know her? How many know the calculating woman hiding behind that angelic face?

She begs him not to treat her this way. “How else am I supposed to treat you? Knowing what I know?” But he said he didn’t need to know, that he loved her. And she loves him too! More than anything! “And that’s why you married me. Not for my money, right?” She asks what Ignacio said about her.

Basi is angsting. Fernanda isn’t leaving the office. Pedro tells him to pull the fire alarm! No, wait! Knock on the door and run! No…go listen at the door! But Ivonne’s not at her desk and she might come back and bust him.

Pedro’s worried that Leo is going to say something awful to Fer and she’ll never speak to him again. Basi can’t imagine why. Welllll he said something about her last night. Inés listens at the door as Pedro says it just can’t be true, his Fer can’t be a bad person.

Fer is hurt by Leo’s coldness. He was different last night. Something must have happened to him. He wonders if she really doesn’t know or she’s faking it? She wants him to just say it. She can explain anything, but she can’t take him looking at her like that. She tries to touch him and he backs away.

“I know now I never loved you. I was marrying you because you were an appropriate person to marry. I never knew what love was. I know now–no thanks to you.” Ouch! Fer asks if he loves someone else. Before he can answer, Ivonne comes in with the financials. Leo dismisses her and tells Ivonne to stay and go over the numbers.

Basi is planning to go spy, but Fer comes out of the office, in tears. Pedro starts freaking out! Did she say his name? Is it because of him? Inés keeps opening the door wider and wider. Basi will find out and call back.

Leo is confused. Why did Ivonne only bring him the summary reports? Where are the details? “Um, you said you didn’t want them. You said there wasn’t any point wasting all that paper.” He said it three months ago. Leo is angry that no one noticed…anything.

He wants to talk to the accountant. “It’s his mother’s birthday.” This gets a blank stare from Leo. It’s his new policy. Everyone gets their mom’s birthday off. He told Ivonne that to be a good employee one had to be a good son or daughter first, therefore…day off on mom’s birthday. Leo looks like he’s trying not to let his head explode.

He wants full reports, board meeting minutes for the last three months, and all the employee perks he instituted lately are cancelled. Ivonne tries to object, but he says it’s his company. “As you command,” she replies, with the bare minimum of sarcasm. She turns around as she’s leaving and says he sang really well at the wedding. “What wedding?” Fabi and Humberto’s, obviously. He sits down hard and looks sick.

Ivonne thinks Leonardo is taking his problems with Fernanda out on her. She complains to Basi that Leo’s grouchy because his orders were followed. He’s being a total ass and she can’t stand it! Basi ducks behind a column and sends a text.

Pedro and Inés

Inés comes in, angry, calling Pedro shameless, a son of…his father! OUCH! How could he do this to Paloma?! He swore he’d changed! She grabs a shoe and wails on him, then she demands he call Fernanda RIGHT NOW and tell her he’s never going to see her again!

He refuses. Fernanda is the love of his life, the woman he was crying over last night. And he’s going to keep crying forever if he doesn’t get her back. Inés looks both confused and convinced at the same time.

OK, so if Fernanda is the love of his life, then…that’s the woman he proposed to before the accident? “Ummmm…yes?” Inés is thrilled that he recovered his memory finally!

Pedro’s not sure what she’s talking about, but she’s excited enough for the both of them and he lets her hug him so she doesn’t have to look at his confused face. Inés thinks this is the reason he’s stopped talking like a snob and he was so happy to see her and Yesenia. Yeah, Pedro, just go with it.

Perico babbles. As much as I’m sure she missed that, Inés would like him to get to the point. Well, ok, he’s in love with Fernanda. He loves her big…qualities! Her intelligence, her heart, her essence…he never even noticed her looks. Pfft! Inés doesn’t believe that.

But here’s the thing–she can’t let him hurt Paloma. “Oh, no she’ll be fine with it.” He’d better not be trying to say he’s going to live with BOTH of them! She’ll slap him until he bleeds! “What’s wrong with you kids today! What did you do to get them to accept?”

Pedro says he’s got to go fix something and he’ll explain it to him later. Oh, no, she’s not letting him out…she notices his really nice jacket and gets suspicious. He claims he needs to return it.

He abruptly changes the subject and apologizes for the way he treated her and Jonathan when he saw them kissing. He gives Inés a kiss on the forehead and walks out of his room, leaving her stunned.

Paloma and Sebastián

Sebastián comes over to the flower shop to hassle Paloma for leaving Cachito all night while she was out looking for “that drug addict.” He’s angry that Cachito “found out” that she was out looking for Perico.

Paloma corrects him. She left him with Eugenio and Tania and there’s nothing wrong with that. And he didn’t “find out” anything–she told him. Cachito knows “he” has been having problems and he needs help. “What kind of help are you going to give a drug addict who doesn’t want to get better? He’s a bad example for our son!” Paloma says Leonardo isn’t a drug addict. “Who’s Leonardo?”

Paloma gets defensive about Sebastián trying to push his way into her life. He agrees to back off, but he really wants to know who Leonardo is and why she’s bringing him up if they’re talking about Pedro. Paloma won’t tell him. It’s none of his business. They’re not together, they’re not going to be together, he’s the father of her child and that’s IT.

She apologizes for being so blunt. She promises none of this has anything to do with drugs. “But I checked him out!” It was a trick. That’s all she can say. She can’t explain it to him. It’s a secret that she doesn’t have the right to tell. She begs him to trust her–she wouldn’t expose her son to a bad influence.

Justino and the law

Eugenio gets home and checks the mail. He hesitantly tells Tania that they’re going to enjuiciar (arraign; formally charge) Justino today.

Eugenio comes over to the shop and Paloma thanks him for taking care of Cachito last night and taking him to school this morning. They ran into Sebastián on the way. Paloma complains that he showed up to scold her as if he were her father or something. Yeah, speaking of their father…today’s his arraignment.

Paloma’s in shock. She doesn’t know what she’s going to do. Eugenio’s going, because Tania’s going to have to testify, so if Paloma wants to skip it, she can save herself the disgusto (upset).

Chamoy and Pedro

Chamoy sneaks into the house again, wanting to talk to Perico. Sara warns him off. Inés is even more cautious now, after she found out about the yerbas. Perico was getting worse.

Of course, she didn’t say she got them from Chamoy! Inés would have thought he did it on purpose and of course he didn’t, he was trying to help, right?

“Of course!” OK, then what’s wrong? Chamoy says he’ll wait outside, but asks her to tell Perico he needs to see him urgently.

Chamoy catches Pedro on his way out of the house and tries to drag him to the car, but Pedro’s in a hurry and screams at him. Chamoy can tell it’s really Pedro, but Pedro pulls himself together and convincingly says he’s Leonardo.

It doesn’t last though. Chamoy is too annoying and Pedro cracks. So what if he’s not Leonardo? What difference does it make? Leonardo’s back home. So what did Chamoy need to tell him so badly he was going to drag him to the car?

Chamoy looks tortured (LIKE WE CARE!) and tells Pedro to get far away. “They” want to kill Leonardo. No, he can’t try to help Leo, he’ll get dragged down with him! “And what are you going to do?” Chamoy doesn’t really have an answer for him.

Pedro won’t leave his brother, not after he got him into all this trouble. If Chamoy won’t help him, then he at least needs to stay out of his way. Pedro takes off and Chamoy just screams after him.

Chamoy comes back to the house again and Sara is stressing out. He wants to send everyone on vacation. Oh, please, how are they going to take a vacation? He takes out a big wad of cash and swears he’s not up to anything! He won the lottery, that’s all. Sara really wants to believe him.

Ignacio and Edgardo

Ignacio has the $50M from Doña Leticia, but Edgardo wants it to pacify his “partners.” The Russians are nervous. Ignacio won’t touch it until after Fermin accuses Leonardo of theft.

The thing is, they promised the Russians they (the Russians) would have control of the company by now. Ignacio tells him to ask for one more week. OK, but he said he’d get rid of Leonardo and whether Fermin finds out about the fraud before or after his death doesn’t matter.

It does matter to Ignacio. He needs all the blame to fall on Leo. Edgardo warns him that if Leo doesn’t die today, it’s going to be Ignacio’s body found in the ocean. Ignacio says it’s all planned. He just needs to give the word and it will happen tonight. Edgardo thinks this should pacify the Russians. They toast to that, but Ignacio looks nervous.

Leo and Paloma

Leo’s frustrated by something on the computer. His phone rings and he happily answers it. Hearing Paloma’s voice is like a breath of fresh air in the middle of all this chaos. She can’t imagine what a mess everything is!

He hasn’t talked to Humberto yet. By tomorrow, those crooks will be in jail. As for Pedro, it’s up to Humberto what’s going to happen to him. Pedro needs to face consequences for what he did. She asks him to think about Inés, but he can’t right now. He’ll call her after he runs an errand outside the office.

Paloma tells him to be careful, but he doesn’t believe Ignacio’s a killer. He thinks Pedro was making it up to try to get out of trouble.

Leo and the Corporativo

On his way out of the office he has Ivonne call Ignacio and tell him he wants to see him in his office later that afternoon.

An employee stops him and thanks him for that loan he authorized so she could get her son his prosthesis. She hugs him and walks away. Leo stands there awkwardly for a minute and then goes out to the elevator.

Another employee says his department has reached their productivity goals, and it’s all thanks to Leonardo. Yet another employee smiles at him.

Leo heads out of the office while Pedro spies from behind a tree. As soon as Leo gets into his convertible and drives away, Pedro throws on his jacket and begs God to lend him a hand.

Pedro and Fer

Inside the office, he and Basi do a superspy challenge-response: “I asked the Santos Reyes for a racetrack…” “…but they brought me a stick horse just like last year.”

They spend too much time talking, as usual, and Basi shoves him down the hall when he sees Ivonne coming. Ivonne is in tears. He asks her to call down to the warehouse for a new toner cartridge for the copier.

Pedro sneaks into Fernanda’s office to ask if it’s true that she and Ignacio are lovers. His tough guy mask slips and he starts crying, begging her to say it’s not true. Fer says he’s different now–his attitude, his clothes. All he cares about is knowing whether it was all a lie. She says she loves him, but there are things he doesn’t know. She tells him to sit down and she’ll explain.

She tried to tell him before, but he said the past didn’t matter. She does love him. He knew that before she did!

She admits she was Ignacio’s lover. She was stupid. She didn’t know he was a criminal. She was so angry at Leo and Humberto and he took advantage of that. She wanted to destroy them.

She’s not “Fernanda Manrique” she’s Isabela Blanco. He realizes she’s Santiago’s sister. She admits she wanted to ruin them and she married him for revenge. Her father died thinking the Fuentemayors took everything from them and accused her brother of fraud. She promised to protect Santiago and get back what was theirs. That’s why she started working there.

When Ignacio found out who she was, he convinced her to marry Leonardo to get back what was hers. She was blinded by hate after everything her brother suffered in prison. It took a long time to figure out that it was Ignacio who was behind the fraud. Pedro agrees Ignacio’s an expert hiding his misdeeds.

It got harder for her to go along with Ignacio’s plans when she started falling in love with “Leonardo.” She hated herself for loving him after he’d hurt her family so much, but she couldn’t help it. She felt guilty when she found out he paid for Santiago’s surgery. She realized he wasn’t the monster she thought he was and she wasn’t wrong for loving him.

Pedro says they had some good moments, but she changed after the wedding. She says Ignacio convinced her that “Leo” was the one who had Santiago beaten and he only paid for the surgery so no one would suspect him. She begs him to forgive her for doubting him.

Fernanda remembers when “Leo” told her not to marry someone she doesn’t really know and she feels bad now that she got him to marry her without knowing who she really was. She begs him to understand her, even if he can’t forgive her.

He’s still really hung up on her sleeping with Ignacio. (Priorities, dude!) She swears it was over before she started falling in love with him. What she feels for him now is desprecio (contempt), asco (disgust), horror. He messed with her family and made her do things. He threatened to send Santiago back to jail and he has proof against her. She doesn’t care about going to jail herself, but she’s afraid for Santiago and “Leo.” He might not believe her, but she doesn’t want anything to happen to him.

Pedro calls her Guitarrita and says Ignacio won’t get away with it. He may be dangerous, but Pedro’s more dangerous when someone messes with his loved ones. He’s not angry at her. He gives her a kiss, but says they have more to talk about. There are things she doesn’t know about him.

“No, no…you’re a good man, I don’t need to know….” (Fer! Remember what happened last time you said that? Zip it!) Pedro insists, but he’s not going to tell her until tonight. First he has to stop Ignacio. Fer says she loves him and kisses him. He loves her, too…from the moment he met her.

Yesenia and Inés

Yesenia makes piñatas and thinks about Ruben. She sticks the piñata cones on her head like horns. ‘Cause “cornuda.”

Inés comes in and asks what’s going on with Yesenia and Ruben. Sara said they broke up. Yesenia bitterly accuses her of only having time for her boy. OK, Inés admits it, but she’s here now. Yesenia understands. She lets Inés hold her.

Yesenia tells Inés not to worry about her. She’ll get over it. She’ll find someone else. Inés tells her she doesn’t have to be tough. Yesenia says she’s got him clavado en el corazón (stuck in [her] heart), but she’s going to get him out, and she’ll cry if she has to.

Inés says that’s her daughter–brave. Yesenia says that’s her mom–she’s got room in her heart for everyone. “Not everyone. But for my kids, always!” She’d do anything for them. They hug.

Inés tries to take over for the day, but Yesenia would rather be at the piñateria. Inés is going to go check on Paloma.

Inés and Paloma

Paloma is not nearly as upset as Inés expected that Pedro “remembered” everything and is in love with Fernanda. Umm, yeah, Perico is going to have to explain things to her.

Not to be rude, but she’s got her father’s arraignment to get to. Eugenio and Tania will be there and…she’s not really in the mood to ask Sebastián to watch Cachito.

Inés tells her to go leave Cachito with Sara and Inés will take care of the flower shop for her. Because that’s what friends do.

Fabi and Ruben

Fabiola meets with the director of the Cultural Center. She wants to make a big donation with one little condition….

Ruben heard the director wanted to see him? He thinks he’s about to be told that their budget got cut, but it’s worse than that. He’s being asked to resign–not being fired, being asked to resign.

Ruben has no reason to resign. His work is good, his students are doing well. The director says there’s been a complaint against him. He’s being accused of harassing a student.

Ruben refuses to sign because he knows he hasn’t done anything. If the director wants him out, he’ll have to fire him.

At the mercado, Yesenia and Lupe are both giving Ruben ugly looks. At least Lupe will talk to him and tell him he screwed up. Ruben whines that he needs Yesenia and Lupe softens a little.

Ignacio and Pedro

Ignacio gets to the office, but Leonardo isn’t in right now. Basi keeps him from going into Fernanda’s office. He needs to talk to him about something urgent…like Ignacio asked…about “Leo” acting kind of weird lately. Ignacio looks annoyed.

Basi’s struggling to come up with a good story. He says he was listening in on Leonardo and Leo was repeatedly turning down invitations to go out because…. Well, Ignacio can guess, right? Ignacio is not in the mood for guessing. He said he had gastritis! “Which may not sound like a big deal if you haven’t had it before….”

Pedro gets to the lobby, surprising Ivonne (who thought Leo was out of the office) and angering Ignacio.

Ignacio says they have to talk. Pedro is still weeping and says he’d love to break Ignacio’s face. “Why are you being so aggressive with me?” Seriously, Ignacio? Pedro lunges for him and Basi has to push him back. “You’ve got an appointment in half an hour, remember?” Ignacio tells Basi to cancel that “meeting” because “Leonardo” is going to be late.

Pedro won’t go into the office with him–he’s taking this outside. Ivonne thinks “Leonardo’s” acting “crazy”…and he wasn’t wearing that outfit earlier! Basi tells her to call security.

Ignacio and Pedro make it out to the sidewalk and Ignacio’s asking “Periquito” if he’s forgotten that he’s at Ignacio’s mercy? There are eight…EIGHT…delinquents waiting around to do Ignacio’s bidding. Ugh! I hate him! Oh, sure he feels like the big man when he’s got eight huge guys backing him up.

Pedro doesn’t care. He slugs him anyway. I’m ok with that until they start beating him. Ignacio is screeching that Fernanda is HIS and they’ve been making a fool of him all this time. Pedro says Ignacio accused her brother of a crime he didn’t commit and he thinks Fer’s “his”? He’s a coward!

Ignacio’s defense is “I didn’t accuse him of anything. That was Leonardo. The man you’re pretending to be ILLEGALLY.” (Oh, sure, just air the dirty laundry in front of all the neighbors why don’t you!) Ignacio screams that Pedro is going to do exactly what Ignacio tells him or he’ll send those eight guys over to Fernanda’s and “I don’t have to tell you what they’re going to do.”

Ignacio’s back to threatening Pedro’s family. Pedro warns Ignacio to leave them out of it. He doesn’t care if he goes to jail, but leave his family alone. Ignacio says he’ll get 50 years at least for identity fraud, and he won’t even have to touch Inés–she’ll die of sorrow.

He wants Pedro to take Leonardo somewhere tonight, or he’s going to jail tomorrow. “What are you going to do to Leonardo?” Ignacio smirks. “What do you think?”

Ignacio and Fer

Ingacio makes it back inside and Basi hides behind the column.

Ivonne wants to know what’s going on. He pulls rank on her, telling her to get back to work. She’s angry, saying he’s been treating her like she’s nobody since the wedding. He says he just finished having an argument with “Leonardo” and he’s not in the mood to have one with her.

Basi comes out from behind the column and looks like he wants to comfort Ivonne, but she avoids looking at him and says she’s fine.

Ignacio goes to yell at Fer for telling “Leo” the truth, but she’s past caring. She thinks she should have done it a long time ago. She doesn’t even care now if she ends up in jail because she knows Ignacio will be rotting away there too.

Ignacio tells Fer not to “make” him do something she’ll regret. He threatens Santiago again and she threatens that she and “Leo” will go to the police with everything they know and get him and Edgardo Harrington thrown in jail.

He’s angry at her for thinking Leonardo will help her and defending him. He can’t wait until she finds out who she really married–she’ll be begging to come back.

Connie and Santiago

That morning at breakfast, Connie had tried to ask about Santiago, but Humberto said it was too long of a story. Ignacio gave her the short version–Santiago’s a crook and he stole from the company. She needs to forget about him. Humberto agreed with Ignacio.

So now, Connie looks Santiago up online. The story in the Today Times Daily News has a lovely audio clip of him saying he’s innocent and the Fuentemayors need to pay. She’s crying when Nora comes in.

Connie is convinced that Santiago is innocent. And Santiago was beaten right after he gave that interview. She adores Humberto and Leonardo, but it’s too big a coincidence. Nora is sure there must be some misunderstanding. Connnie understands why Santi won’t talk to her, and she can’t blame him.

Connie begs Fabiola to talk to Humberto about Santiago. She can’t believe they’re accusing him of something he didn’t do! They need to talk and work things out. Fabi tells her to forget it. And now she’s in a hurry to get to her yoga class.

Connie remembers going over and begging Santiago to tell her what was going on and him saying she should ask her family about being “unfair.” Nora asks if she’s ok, but Connie just shakes her head.

Nora wants Humberto to talk to Connie. She’s really upset over Santiago, especially after reading things online. She doesn’t really know what the relationship is between them (uh, she brought him to a WEDDING…that’s a pretty big clue). Humberto says there’s nothing to be done. Connie just has to stay away from him.

Well, Nora wants to know one thing–if he’s a criminal then why is he free? That was “Leonardo’s” doing, but Humberto still thinks he’s a criminal. And what if it’s a misunderstanding?

Connie listens at the door as Humberto says there’s nothing to review. Santiago and his father defrauded the company and then Santiago tried to make the family look bad. How does Connie know that guy didn’t get close to her to get revenge on them?

Humberto’s phone rings and Nora steps out of his study. Connie thanks her for trying and says she’s going out.

Leonardo and Humberto

Leonardo comes into Humberto’s study, saying they need to talk about something important. “You bet we do! The head of HR called to tell me you suspended all the loans you’d authorized? What is wrong with you? You’re destabilizing the company! Why did you make that ridiculous decision? Have you gone crazy?” (I bet he’s tired of hearing that by now.)

Leo says it’s too expensive. They can’t keep throwing money away like that. Humberto says they can’t afford for all the employees to revolt! What happened? He’d made such positive changes. The employees love him! And now he’s going to go back on everything?

Humberto reminds him that all that money they’re spending financing loans gets made up for in productivity. People are showing up happy to work. “Well, yeah, it’s normal for people to want to work less and earn more.”

Humberto can’t believe he wants to take back all the positive changes he’s made in the last few months, all the personal growth.

Leonardo is angry to hear that he grew as a person. That he stopped focusing on the numbers and started really listening to people. That he was more in touch with his feelings and more sensitive. “Don’t disappoint me by going back to being that cold man who made everyone afraid of him.”

“So you like that scoundrel more than me?!” Leo is hurt. Humberto is confused. He thinks Leonardo is talking about Basilio again and no, he’s not going to fire him.

“You’re criticizing me for only caring about money–I learned that from you. Haven’t you always put money before everything else? You can’t BUY people! I can’t believe you don’t realize the truth! After spending my whole life together you don’t even recognize me?”

Humberto has no idea what he’s talking about. All he wants is for Leo not to lose that warmth that he’d developed. He’s sure Leo’s having some personal problems, but it’s not right to take that out on the employees. Is he having problems with Fernanda?

“Don’t even mention that slut to me.” Humberto says she’s his wife and however angry he is he does NOT like Leo talking about her that way.

Leo is in tears. He’s just trying to save everything! Humberto asks him to calm down. They can have Nora bring some beers out back and talk like they’ve been doing lately. He tries to hug Leonardo, but he pulls away.

“Please don’t tell me you’re going to put that wall up between us again.” Leo begs him to take a good look at him. “I’m Leonardo! The REAL Leonardo! Not that idiot you’ve been living with the last few months!”

Sure enough, Humberto thinks he needs to call the doctor. Leonardo says Humberto’s the one who’s sick. He understands everyone else getting taken in, but his dad? Didn’t he realize it? “I’m so disappointed in you.” Humberto wants an explanation.

Doña Leticia interrupts, demanding to know how Leonardo could trick her like this! He stole $50 million dollars from her! Leo and Humberto look shocked.

Yeah, I think the bros have a few more things to explain to each other.

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4 years ago

Leonardo was horrible in this episode!! I mean, I get he’s angry that no one noticed Pedro wasn’t really him, but still. He needs to chill out.

4 years ago

Thanks so much for this great recap, Diva.
“Inside the office, he and Basi do a superspy challenge-response: “I asked the Santos Reyes for a racetrack…” “…but they brought me a stick horse just like last year.” Ha ha. Basi and Pedro are still our favorite couple, I think.
I can’t wait for inés to realize that she has both of her twins now and that neither one is loony.

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
4 years ago

Diva thanks so much for the recaps, I watch the epi and then look forward to reading your take on it (also the translations are helpful:P ) I was eager to get the twins together and its way past time Leo was put in the know, but I kinda expected Leo to dislike Perico when they met and I didn’t really expect them to work together. I hoped they would, but I didn’t expect it, b/c even though they’re bros they don’t really know ea other and they’re way different. Actually I expected it to go worse between them, at… Read more »