¿Quién es Quién? Monday 6/13/16 #86

Leonardo did what?

Leonardo puts his rant on hold while a tearful Leticia explains that she invested $50 million in a company that doesn’t even exist, all because she trusted “Leo.”

Leo goes running out in search of Pedro.

Humberto is left to deal with Leticia, who finds Leonardo’s running out of there to be a sign of his guilt. He promises he’ll figure out what’s going on and she’ll have her money back by the end of the week. “This isn’t about money. It’s about honor.” She says they’ll be hearing from her lawyers.

Closure, sort of

Justino’s trial appears to be over. Tania testified, he was found guilty and sentenced to 15 years. Paloma’s afraid he won’t survive, though Eugenio thinks 15 years is too little.

Tania and Connie went to the cafeteria, so they’re not there when Justino is escorted out of the courtroom. Paloma asks to speak to him and promises she’ll visit, but he tells her to forget about him. If she visits, he won’t see her. Not out of nobility, but because he thinks the family betrayed him.

Paloma sobs in Eugenio’s arms.

Paloma, Eugenio, Tania, and Connie make it back to Eugenia and Tania’s house. Connie and Tania go to the bedroom so Eugenio and Paloma can talk alone.

Paloma feels awful. She knows what he did was wrong and he needs to pay, but at the same time she can’t help feeling they could have done something, gotten him some help…. Eugenio reminds her that Justino didn’t want help. Paloma didn’t abandon him–he abandoned her. She did everything she could.

Paloma says he’s right. There’s nothing more she can do for Justino, but she’s going to try to hold on to the (very few) good memories she has of Justino, and pray for him to recognize his mistakes and for all of them to heal.

Same scene, different outfits

Cocó. Termi. Cat ears. Cowboy hat. Suede vest. No, no, it can never be! OK, just once more.

He didn’t even have to make a pick up.

Ignacio calls to tell Chamoy that Leonardo will be at the warehouse at 9. Pedro is going to help get him there.

Leo pulls up to Pedro’s in his convertible and starts yelling at Pedro, but two guys in ski masks drive up in a van and drag Leo off. Pedro just stands there and says “Sorry, bro.” The van has a really hard time backing out of the driveway and he just watches, then takes the convertible.

Nora did what?

Humberto looks at the paperwork. He doesn’t want to think Leonardo did it, but there’s the proof. Leonardo’s acting so strangely…and he said something about “You can’t buy people.” Nora remembers him screaming last night that his parents bought him.

“For a minute there I thought he was talking about himself. What could he have meant, Nora?”

She admits she broke her promise to Sofia and told Leonardo the truth. She didn’t want to keep a secret that was hurting him. Humberto thinks that’s what all this is about, that Leo is angry at him. He has a bit of a dizzy spell, but he doesn’t want her to call the doctor.

Nora says that Leonardo already knew he was adopted–she told him a long time ago, but it didn’t bother him. Then he showed up after the wedding and asked all the same questions and this time he seemed really depressed. Humberto wonders what could be going on.

Chamoy did what?

Sara has finally told Inés about the vacation Chamoy wants to send them all on, for their safety. She’s suspicious enough to have picked that up, but she sees it as evidence of his thoughtfulness or something…what happened to our sassy Sara who wasn’t going to let Chamoy get away with anything?!

Inés calls to yell at him for putting the family in danger. And speaking of, he’s busy getting his gun ready to kill the son she thought was already dead (how very convenient for him), so he doesn’t take her call. Inés goes out to find him and demand an explanation.

I thought Ignacio said “no”?

Lupe and Yesenia see two guys in ski masks assault Ruben at the mercado for no apparent reason.

They keep throwing Ruben around and then Yesenia gets in there and…what was the phrase Sara used? “She will round-house kick you in the head and take you down like a rabid squirrel.” Yep, indeed she will, in addition to jumping on your back and cutting off your airway until you drop. The dudes get scared off, but Ruben got knocked out.

Yesenia, Lupe, and two guys help Ruben back to his place. He starts out with some eye-roll-inducing mushyness about hurting everywhere…but especially his heart! And then he notices ALL his camera equipment is gone.

Lupe cleans up Ruben’s stuff while he moans and Yesenia glares at him. He tells her about getting fired and she thinks he actually WAS harassing a student…maybe the one who came to the arena with him? Lupe jumps in and says no, he had nothing to do with Connie and she can ask Tania to confirm that–Tania would know.

Yesenia asks what would have happened if, hypothetically, she had been his student, since he’s so sure that he would NEVER…. Ruben says if Yesenia had been his student, he wouldn’t have let himself get involved with her.


Ignacio meets Fabiola for dinner and an alibi. He was going to save the news as a surprise, but he tells her tonight their “dear” Leonardo is going to kill himself.

Fabi pokes holes in his “perfect” plan, thinking no one’s going to believe he committed suicide, much less stole $50 million. Ignacio explains that Leticia accused “Leonardo” right in front of Humberto and he took off, so he looks guilty.

Fabi’s a little more confident now, but she wonders about Fernanda. Ignacio is feeling so sure of himself he tells Fabi that Fer is not a problem and he can’t wait to see the look on Fer’s face when she finds out she didn’t marry the Leonardo she thought she did.

Ignacio tells Fabi the whole story and she can’t believe that two men who aren’t even related could look so much alike! (Clearly, Ignacio inherited her brains.) What’s going to happen to Pedro? Ignacio has that all worked out–when he gets thrown in jail for identity theft, he’ll end up “killing himself.” They toast to that. Creeps.

Back from their alibi dinner, Fabiola works on calming Humberto down while Ignacio fake-reluctantly says he knew nothing about the fraud, but he did notice some money missing from the company till.

Ignacio continues planting doubt, saying he’s sure there must be some explanation…some investment Leo wanted to surprise Humberto with…they’ll just ask him about it. Fabi gets Humberto to go upstairs while Ignacio gloats.

The warehouse

It must be 9. Chamoy answers the warehouse door and Chuy drags a guy in a suit and a hood in and plops him down in the only chair. He reminds Chamoy this is supposed to look like a suicide. Chamoy tells him to take off the hood and if the suit didn’t already tell you, the curls do–this is Pedro. Chuy says he picked him up at the prearranged location and “Pedro” was already gone.

Chuy has orders to stay and make sure Chamoy gets the job done, but Chamoy gets him to leave. He takes the gag out of Pedro’s mouth so Pedro can scold him for being willing to kill his own son. Now it dawns on Chamoy that this is Pedro and not Leonardo. I guess he never noticed the hair.

Chamoy can’t believe Pedro interfered like this! Well, Pedro can’t believe Chamoy’s been working with Ignacio and was going to kill his own son! Chamoy’s getting desperate–if he doesn’t kill Leonardo, “they” will, and then they’ll kill Pedro and Chamoy too.

Too bad, Pedro isn’t going to tell him where Leonardo is. Chamoy is angry that he put himself in this position. What if someone else had been the one ordered to kill Leonardo? Would he have died for him? Honestly, Pedro thought Ignacio would be here.

Chamoy decides there’s no way Perico would let himself be killed in another’s place–this must be Leonardo, trying to fool him. Pedro torments Chamoy, telling him to hurry up and shoot, but make sure he gets it done in one shot. He was going to tell everyone it was a suicide anyway, right? And console Sara and Inés and Yesenia like a hypocrite.

Chamoy swears he wasn’t going to kill either of his sons, he just wanted to rip off Ignacio! But things got complicated. Chamoy whines about how he needs to think of a plan…Chuy wasn’t supposed to be there…Ignacio’s got so many guys working for him…. “And you’re the one he asked to do this job. Who’s the idiot now, dad?”

Pedro keeps haranguing Chamoy about throwing away his chance to start over when he got out of prison and how he’s hurting Yesenia and Sara…and Inés, who always tries to help him even after everything he did to hurt her. Chamoy swears it’s all to protect them, but Pedro left them for a woman.

Chuy starts yelling from outside, asking if Chamoy has finished yet. I’m actually grateful Chuy put an end to this argument, because it’s going nowhere. Chamoy unties Pedro, hands him a pipe and tells Pedro to hit him on the back of the head and go out the back door.

Chuy finds Chamoy lying on the ground. Chamoy blames Chuy for not tying “Leonardo” up well, but Chuy thinks that Chamoy just chickened out. When he turns his back to call Ignacio, Chamoy shoots him. “Family is family.” Oh, shut up, Chamoy!

It’s for your own good.

Leonardo is passed out on Cocó’s couch. I assume that’s courtesy of Termi and Basi. She can’t believe there were two of him! Basi explains quién es quién and she wonders where Pedro is. Termi: “Ummm…that’s classified.” Cocó says as long as they’re at her house, she’s in charge, so spill it!

Leonardo starts to come around. They’re all cautious, but he’s fairly docile. Until he remembers being dragged into a van by two guys in masks who chloroformed him, and Termi and Basi show off their masks. Now he’s angry and wants to go after Pedro, but Cocó tells him to sit down and shut up and listen to Termi and Basi or she’s going to put a hair removal wax strip over his mouth. He still won’t chill and Cocó orders them to subdue him.

I guess Leo calmed down again. He accepts a mug of tea from Basi and listens, not entirely quietly, as Basi explains that he heard Edgardo Harrington give Ignacio the order to kill Leonardo. The same Edgardo Harrington who Ignacio used to carry out the fraud that Santiago Blanco was blamed for. And he heard them talking about how they killed Renata and made it look like an accident. Leo remembers Santiago telling him about Renata’s last-minute trip and not looking entirely convinced.

Leonardo is still having trouble believing that Ignacio was really going to kill him. It doesn’t help that Basi and Termi don’t have any idea what Pedro’s part of the plan was. There’s also the matter of stealing $50 million from Doña Leticia–Basi’s answer to that is that Pedro must have done it because Ignacio threatened to kill his family. Termi says he’s known Pedro forever and Pedro would never steal so much as a stick of gum. Termi gets a call from Inés and says Pedro’s there with him at Cocó’s, but he doesn’t let Leo talk to her.

Leonardo’s losing patience, especially with Cocó’s histrionics and Termi’s melodramatic attempts to calm her down. When there’s a knock at the door and they take too long arguing about opening it, he rolls his eyes and does it himself.

Paloma recognizes him immediately and they hug. Leo starts complaining about how they kidnapped him to bring him here, but Basi’s phone rings. Pedro says things are getting grueso (complicated) and he has to take drastic measures. Basi needs to convince The Clone to follow his lead. “Um…that’s going to be difficult.” Pedro says with what he’s about to do, Leo won’t have a choice.

The truth is delayed again

Fer waits in her bedroom for Pedro to come home. She remembers him saying there are things he needs to tell her. But he isn’t there. She wanders out to the living room and finds a note slipped under the door.

Fercita, chaparrita, life of my life, you’re going to hear a lot of terrible things about me in the next few days but please trust this man who loves you with his whole heart. Whatever you hear, whatever they tell you, don’t doubt me for even a moment. Babe, you’re the best, the coolest thing that could ever have happened to me in my life and if there is or was a little lie in my life–you’re true, you’re my biggest truth.

Pedro did WHAT?!

Humberto talks to the lawyers in the morning. No charges have been pressed, but Leo is still missing. He never went home last night. Ignacio says maybe he’s off straightening things out.

Nora runs in to announce they’re talking about Leonardo on the news. Humberto puts the news report up on his computer screen and sure enough, Leonardo Fuentemayor turned himself in for committing fraud. An unnamed Spanish company was the target.

Fabiola and Ignacio are nervously looking at each other; Nora keeps repeating “¡No puede ser!” Humberto leaves to go talk to the lawyers in person and Fabi kicks Nora out of the office so she can ask Ignacio what is going on. Ignacio has no answer.

Fabi drinks. I laugh. She’s ready to make a run for it, but Ignacio tells her to play it cool for now. There’s no proof against them and they still have the pre-nup.

At Paloma’s house, Leonardo stares at the screen and says “He did it. Pedro turned himself in.” Now Leo’s convinced that Pedro’s not the terrible guy Leo thought he was… “But, boy is he stupid!”

This was the plan. Pedro’s arrest will distract Ignacio while Leo and Basi figure out how to stop him. Leo’s being pretty pessimistic about this, thinking Pedro could end up in jail for years, but Paloma tells him if he gets his ass in gear they’ll both be free and they’ll have gotten rid of their enemies.

“Including a guy I thought was like a brother to me.” He and Ignacio were close (well, as close as Leo got to anyone, I suppose). Paloma can’t figure out why Ignacio would do this, if Humberto always treated him so well. Leo figures it was greed.

Paloma is on her way over to Inés’ to take Cachito to school. She thinks it’s best if Leonardo stay indoors. Sebastián just gave Cachito a shiny new computer, so he can use that to do some research. She also thinks he needs to tell Inés the truth so she doesn’t find out from someone else that he’s not dead. Leo wants time to think about it and figure out what he’s going to say. He’s sure no one in the barrio would have seen the report. It was on the financial news channel.

Well, he tried anyway.

Poor Perico! He can’t even manage to get himself thrown in jail! He’s explained that he stole $50 million from his Spanish partner, Fermin de la Vega (although it was Leticia who signed the papers), but he can’t explain where the money went and there are no charges against him.

Pedro’s begging them to put him in an orange jumpsuit already. The detective is so confused. He wants proof! Pedro’s usual fast talking isn’t working for him.

The detective tries to get Pedro to go home already. There are no charges, he has no reason to be there. “So if I committed a crime…?” The detective explains again that if there are no charges and no witnesses…Pedro slugs him!

Well now the detective is furious and ready to throw Pedro into their skeeviest cell. Pedro’s thrilled! He sends up a prayer when they cuff him and haul him off.

Take 12

Coco. Termi. Cute pajamas. Paranoia about getting hauled off to jail. Annnnnd they’re off to the bedroom.

You can’t trust anybody these days.

Ignacio and four of his bully boys have Chamoy at the warehouse with Chuy’s body.

Poor dead, maligned Chuy. Chamoy accuses him of accepting a bribe from Leonardo and letting him go. Then he whacked Chamoy with that pipe and Chamoy had to shoot him. Leo made a run for it and Chamoy shot him in the back and killed him. Since he couldn’t make it look like a suicide or an accident, he had no choice but to load him up in a boat and dump his body in the sea. He’s probably shark food by now.

Uh huh. Ignacio wonders why he doesn’t believe Chamoy’s story. Chuy would never betray him and he can’t figure out why Pedro went to turn himself in. Chamoy has no idea, it’s the first time he’s heard about it. He swears he’s not the one who took a bribe from “Leo.” If he had, would he have stuck around to wait for Ignacio? This is all Ignacio’s fault for sending Chuy in the first place.

Chamoy pulls an envelope full of cash out of Chuy’s back pocket, claiming Leonardo gave it to him. He dares Ignacio to go ahead and shoot him…he’s still got that “insurance policy” and proof of Ignacio’s misdeeds will get out of he kills Chamoy or harms any member of his family.

Ruben and Yesenia

Inés comes over to Ruben’s. She heard what happened from Yesenia and she thought he might need some food. She brought breakfast and some stuff to reheat for later.

Ruben kinda whines about how Yesenia was so angry at him and she mortally wounded him with all the yelling she did and applies the “We were on a break!” defense…but he loves Yesenia! Inés tells him to eat before the food gets cold.

Over lunch, Inés brings up Yesenia’s concern for Ruben. Poor guy. Whatever–Yesenia’s not interested in him anymore. She was just worried, that’s all. Inés suggests she take him something to eat later. Yesenia grudgingly agrees, but AFTER she’s done eating. And not because she’s interested in him. Because she’s not.

The Plan is in motion

Ivonne thinks it’s BS that “Leo” stole a paltry $50 million when his yacht is worth way more than that. And she’s not happy that Basi is acting like it must be true. After all the good things “Leonardo” did for everyone, including him! It’s just gossip! She flounces out of the lobby and Basi grins.

He sneaks down the hall to Ignacio’s office and starts asking the piece of evidence that Leonardo can use to investigate to reveal itself to him. He finds plenty of paperwork, but is any of it what he needs?

Leo starts his search with the news article about Renata (which has a decidedly model-y photo of her). Remembering Santiago’s expression, he calls Renata’s house, saying he’s Pedro and that he just heard about Renata’s death and wanted to give Dani his condolences.

Since Dani’s not home, he asks about the day he came by looking for Renata. He thought Santi looked nervous–can he ask why? Santi tells Leo what he heard in Renata’s office and that he told the police, but they didn’t believe him because he’s blind.

Fernanda arrives at the office and gets the news from Ivonne. “Leonardo” turned himself for committing fraud and stealing $50 million and he’s in jail. Fer wants to talk to Ignacio, but he isn’t in yet. The phones won’t stop ringing and the stock market opens in five minutes.

Fer orders Ivonne to stop answering the phone. Until Humberto tells them what he’s going to do, they have nothing to say to the press. She’s going down to the police station to find out why “Leonardo” did something so stupid without talking to her first.

The lawyers explain to Humberto that “Leonardo” has refused all help and won’t speak to anyone. He assaulted a police officer. They get the impression he’s determined to stay locked up.

They have more bad news–Don Fermin finally pressed charges for fraud. The lawyer can try to get “Leonardo” out on bail, but it’s going to be difficult when he refuses a lawyer. Humberto decides he’ll go down there himself and see what he can do.

Basilio brings a bunch of files over for Leonardo and says as far as he’s heard, there were no charges against Pedro…until he punched a cop. Basi’s just telling him so he knows what kind of guy his brother is.

Leo’s annoyed that Pedro was able to fool everyone, but Basi tells him to get over it. Pedro’s trying to fix things and this is the only way he could think of to do it. Pedro’s pretending to be Leonardo, so Leonardo needs to pretend to be Pedro. Basi will go back to the office and see if he can find everything that Ignacio forced Pedro to sign.

At the courthouse, Fer remembers “Leonardo” comforting her and angrily saying he’s much more dangerous than Ignacio when someone messes with his people.

Humberto arrives and Fer says that “Leo” told them to have the hearing behind closed doors–they wouldn’t let her in. The doors open and he gets escorted out in his orange scrubs. Fer tries to go to him, but an officer tells her to get back. Pedro tells Humberto that he’s sorry, he never wanted to hurt him. Soon he’ll understand everything. “I love you, jefe.”

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4 years ago

Well, Leo finally stopped yelling long enough to hear their side, and it only took drugging him. Good for Team Good Guys. At least their working towards a plan. I used to think Ruben deserved better than Yesenia, but he’s a bit weak. He needs someone around to tell him what to do and kick butt when needed. Can we also send Yesenia after Fabi? Those cremes of Coco’s are nothing compared to what Yesi can do to her face. They aren’t the brightest of the lot, but I adore Coco and Termi. Did she save those cat ears from… Read more »

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
4 years ago

Good point about Leo and Yesi being actually quite similar. Dang, I didn’t even think about that, but they argue like a brother and sister. ^_^

4 years ago

Thanks, Diva. Great recap.
“Coco. Termi. Cute pajamas. Paranoia about getting hauled off to jail. Annnnnd they’re off to the bedroom.” Ha ha.
These episodes are so jam-packed now.
Sometimes Chamoy acts almost human, and I start to think that maybe … No no no – he’s pure evil!

4 years ago
Reply to  Denise

I’m also finding myself almost feeling sorry for Chamoy sometimes. I hate it!

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
4 years ago

Diva thanks again
“I guess he never noticed the hair.” – right! These ppl are way less observant of/obsessed w/Perico’s/Leo’s hair than I am, and I kinda agree w/Leo, someone should have noticed that they were waaay different, and not just in a ‘I guess he went crazy’ kind of way.

“Paloma can’t figure out why Ignacio would do this, if Humberto always treated him so well. Leo figures it was greed.” Leo had a look when he said that like he knew about something else but didn’t want to say, maybe it was my imagination.