¿Quién es Quién? Tuesday 6/14/16 #87

Time for that mother-son chat.

Leo’s got files spread all over Paloma’s dining table by the time she gets home. He’s found a few things that look suspicious, but no real proof of Ignacio’s crimes. He tells Paloma he’s now convinced of Ignacio’s willingness to kill–he thinks Ignacio killed Renata.

He’s doubting whether he can really pull this off, even though Paloma reminds him that Pedro has faith in him. Speaking of important things that need to be taken care of, it’s about time he talked to Inés.

Paloma takes him over to Inés’ place and grabs Sara, inviting her to lunch. Inés starts in on him about when he’s going to tell Paoma about Fernanda. He changes the subject to his twin–he wants to hear all the details from her again.

So Inés tells Leonardo the story again. He can’t believe she believed the baby was really dead–didn’t she demand to see the body? She was sick. She’s sure she heard two babies crying. When she was able, she went to his grave and left flowers. Of course she didn’t ask to see a death certificate. She was so young–she didn’t know about stuff like that. She was hurting over the loss of the baby she never got to see or hold. All she had to remember him by was the sound of his crying…and Pedro. The little bit of consolation she had.

“So you gave him all your love.” He sounds angry. Inés says he sounds like he’s blaming her for losing his brother. Does he want her to feel bad for loving him the way she does? Inés can’t understand what he’s getting at. He says he needed to make sure she didn’t have anything to do with selling him.

She can’t understand what he’s talking about. She feels like he’s going down the “I’m Leonardo” road again and tries to head him off, so he shows her the paper with his picture and the headline about Leonardo Fuentemayor going to jail for fraud. He says that’s his real name and he’s the baby she gave up for dead.

She keeps trying to deny it, but Leo insists–he’s not dead and his name is Leonardo. Didn’t she notice their personalities are completely different? She says it was the amnesia–he got his memory back and he was back to normal! No, that was Pedro, the only son she thought she had, the one she gave all her love. Pedro was with her while Leo was talking to Nora, the woman who raised him after his adoptive mother died. And he is still recovering his memory, but he’s got most of it back. She doesn’t need his brother there to prove it, does she?

Paloma, Sara, and Cachito have some sandwiches at the mercado. Cachito’s talking about inviting his dad over when Paloma makes mole and babbling about how awesome his dad is and Paloma’s phone rings. Inés wants her to confirm what Leonardo’s saying and Paloma says it’s all true–she’s seen them both together.

Now that Inés believes him the tears are really flowing. She can’t believe he’s here and he’s alive! She’s so sorry she never recognized him before! Leo says she has nothing to apologize for–she was lied to, just like he was. Inés is sad that she missed all his growing up years, that he missed living with his family. Leo is just happy they’ve found each other now. She wants to know how he found her, so he starts with the day of the accident.

Inés can’t believe all the coincidences that led him back to her. She likes his name, Leonardo, but she always called him “Ángel” because that’s what he was to her.

“So you’re the one who’s in love with Paloma?” Leo explains he always had a wall up, to protect himself from being hurt. He was separated from Inés and then the woman who…he hesitates and calls her “the woman I thought was my mother” but Inés corrects him–if Sofia raised him, she was his mother. She feels so awful that she couldn’t be there for him all the times he cried. Leo credits Inés with helping him start to get in touch with his emotions again–and then he met Paloma and he started to love her and he realized he didn’t know what love was before. Fernanda, well, he thought she was a good match, but he never felt for her what he does for Paloma.

Now, Pedro, on the other hand…he’s in love with Fernanda. That’s why he stayed–to be close to her. “¡Condenado chamaco enamoradizo!” (That darn kid who falls in love so easily!) She’s annoyed he kept this from her for so long, but Leonardo says he was being pressured.

Inés thinks it’s because of “Leo’s” legal problems. She picks up the paper and wonders if they’re resolved, but he haltingly tells her that’s today’s paper. Pedro’s the one in jail. He didn’t do anything wrong, he just ran afoul of Leonardo’s enemies. There’s a lot to explain, but mostly she needs to know that Pedro’s passing for him right now so that Leonardo has time to send the real culprits to jail.

Inés starts to freak out–she just found out she has two sons after all and now they’re BOTH in danger. Leo promises they’re going to be fine, but no one can know what’s going on. He needs to stay hidden, just for a while. She can’t go to the jail and visit “Leonardo Fuentemayor”! Everyone needs to think Leo is the one in jail or it will wreck his plans. Right now, it’s the safest place for Pedro.

Later, at Paloma’s she says she’s glad Leonardo talked to Inés. He’s not even sure of how he’s feeling, but he’s really impressed with his mom. And he’s happy to have Paloma. He can’t imagine what she ever saw in him. Paloma’s never really thought about it. She just loves him, that’s all.

Ignacio bought it.

Ignacio meets Edgardo at a café. Edgardo is angry that Leonardo is in jail instead of dead. Ignacio tells him Leonardo IS dead and it’s Pedro who’s in jail. And Pedro has no proof against him, so chill. Edgardo warns him to fix this problem before the Russians show up to do it for him.

Fabi paces her bedroom nervously until Ignacio calls to tell her Pedro’s in jail, Leonardo’s dead, and he has instructions for her that she needs to follow carefully.

Fabi replaces the pills in Humberto’s prescription bottle with some mystery pills Fabi had in a ziplock bag in her closet. She remembers Ignacio telling her it was time to deliver the final blow to Humberto.

Fernanda brings Humberto home and promises she’s going to get “Leonardo” out of jail. (Costuming note: Ignacio believed Chamoy’s story that he dumped Leo’s body at sea and it’s probably with the sharks now…and lookit what’s on Humberto’s tie…sharks! Odd choice for Humberto, no?) Fabi pops in to ask why “Leonardo” would turn himself in like that. Fernanda supposes it’s to help keep blame away from the company. She’s going to go talk to the lawyers. Fabi hustles Humberto upstairs so she can kill him.

Upstairs, Fabi tries to see if she can find out why “Leo” turned himself in one last time before Humberto kicks the bucket. He didn’t get to talk to him and he has no idea, but “Leo” did say that soon he’d understand everything.

OK, then, that’s Fabi’s cue to give Humberto a pill for his “nerves”…but you know, Humberto doesn’t really want to be knocked out. His son might need him. No matter how Fabi insists, he absolutely refuses to take the pill.

She tries to guilt him, saying he’s taking his anger out on her and it’s not fair; it’s not her fault his son went “crazy.” OK, now he IS angry at her and tells her he’d better not EVER hear her call his son that again, he never wants to hear that word again, ESPECIALLY not in his house. Fabi gets huffy and goes downstairs.

What’s a would-be murderess to do? She spots Nora with the tea tray and insists the spoon is dirty. Of course it’s not, but if Fabi says it is…. Nora grits her teeth and goes to clean it (personally, I think she just took the spoon, walked into the kitchen, and walked back out). In the meantime, Fabi uses one of her personal stash of knockout capsules–the ones with the powder in them–and empties it into the teapot.

She makes sure to tell Nora that it’s her job to make sure Humberto drinks it. I’m not sure what she intends to do…get him groggy and then convince him to take the other pill? I’m especially confused because the next thing she does is walk out of the house.

On again

Yesenia comes over to Ruben’s place. “Just to be clear, I’m just bringing you food because my mom told me to.” Ruben is about to say something about Inés bringing him food already, but Yesenia…she does love to interrupt!

His place is an even bigger mess because he was trying to inventory everything. If he doesn’t find a job soon, he’s thinking of going to stay with his cousin in Chicago.

Yesenia tries to convince Ruben to eat, but he’s too upset. He feels like everything’s happening at once. She feels bad for him, but she hasn’t forgotten what he did. He misses Yesenia and he never wanted to make her suffer. “It’s not you, I just…have something in my eye.”

Uh huh, he checks her “eye”…with his mouth…on her mouth. Doesn’t it hurt, though? Those guys beat him up pretty bad. He says he’ll live and kisses her some more.

Yesenia doesn’t really want Ruben to go to Chicago, even though he says he’ll come back for her…if she wants. He swears he will NEVER cheat if she takes him back. That’s enough to earn him a few more kisses.

She admits she was missing him, too, and has been wanting more than just a first time…. We get a very brief shot later of the two of them in bed together.


Pedro reminisces about all the good times with Fernanda…both weddings, the first time they woke up together, blowing the top off the Besometro.

Pedro is thinking about seeing Fer and Humberto outside the courtroom when he’s introduced to his new cellmate. The guards say this should teach him not to go hitting cops.

Cellie’s not doing anything to warrant Pedro stressing out like this. Pedro’s babbling about how they’re both in the same boat and those damn cops…he hit three of them you know. “My mom’s a cop.”

Pedro calls his cellie “Saltamontes” (Grasshopper) and tells him to chill. As he gets chased around the tiny cell, Pedro babbles about how the cop didn’t want to arrest him–would his mother have approved of that? Letting a criminal go free? Pedro’s mom wouldn’t have let him get away with it! She would’ve given him a chanclazo (whacked him with a slipper).

Saltamontes gets misty. He too knows the pain of the chanclazo…and he misses his mommy something fierce! Pedro doesn’t know what to do when Saltamontes starts crying on his shoulder and pats him awkwardly.

Daddy issues

Inés tries to call Chamoy, but he’s not taking her calls. She remembers Humberto telling her that his son is named Leonardo, grabs her purse, and heads out the door.

Fermin won’t take Humberto’s calls. Nora brings him the tea tray and wonders what she can do. She’s sure “Leo” had a very good reason for doing what he did. He’s been so surprising lately, but it all seems to be for a reason. Humberto would feel better if he knew where things were heading. He’s starting to wonder if they’re being misled by their affection for “Leo,” but Nora doesn’t think so. Now that Humberto feels comforted, she encourages him to drink his tea.

Inés shows up at Casa Fuentemayor insisting she won’t leave without talking to Humberto. Nora tries to put her off, until Inés says it’s about Leonardo. Left alone in the living room, Inés wanders around and notices the framed picture of Leo that was in the paper…and then a candid snapshot of Humberto and Pedro laughing together. She remembers Leonardo saying he was “sold” to the man he thought was his father.

When Humberto comes downstairs, he’s surprised to see Inés there, but not unpleasantly, and he’s happy to talk to her in his office. Nora looks concerned.

As soon as the door is shut, Inés starts in on the accusations that Humberto is responsible for Leo not growing up with her. She figures he thinks he can buy anything with his money. Can he deny he bought a newborn in Tijuana 26 years ago? Did he never think that child had a mother who was going to suffer over his loss? She doesn’t want a cent of his dirty money, she wants him to see the pain he caused.

Humberto stops pretending not to know what she’s talking about and sinks into his chair as Inés says she’s Leonardo’s mother and he was taken from her to sell to him.

Then he thinks she’s trying to blackmail him, like that guy who showed up…he shows her the security footage of Chamoy and Inés realizes he must know the truth too. She insists this isn’t about money. She just wants to understand how her son was taken from her and why.

Humberto is sorry for what she went through, but how can she be sure Leonardo is her son? Leonardo told her? How did he figure it out? “Because it was like looking in a mirror.” Humberto thinks she’s talking about herself and says yes they look alike, but that could be a coincidence. “It’s not a coincidence when two faces are as alike as two drops of water.” She thinks it’s a miracle–God and the Virgen took pity on her suffering and guided Leonardo back to her. He can’t imagine what it was like to be able to hold her son for the first time, as a man. She was so happy, but at the same time so sad because of all the things she missed…and all because Humberto took Leonardo away from her.

Humberto starts to tell Inés the story from his point of view, but she challenges everything he says just like Pedro and Leonardo did with Nora. The only thing he can say in his defense is that he didn’t know Leonardo had a family. He and Sofia fell in love with Leonardo right away and he bonded instantly with Sofia. It was such a strong bond that Leonardo never got over her death.

Inés starts to soften. She’s sorry about Sofia. Humberto knows he can’t make up for the lost time, but he promises Leonardo did have their love and Humberto loved him as if he were his own flesh and blood.

Nora busts Karen listening at the door. Can you blame her! This is riveting! Nora drags her away and tells her to go upstairs and bring down the tea tray from Humberto’s room. Then she looks over at the door like she’s tempted to listen herself.

Humberto assures Inés that he never wanted to cause any pain, and if there’s something he can do to make up for it…. Inés says there’s no going back, but there is something he can do to help now–get her son out of jail! Look he’s kind of a dumbass and a fool for love, but he’s not a bad kid! Oh, Humberto knows that, but he seems determined to stay in jail–he even punched a cop! He says his lawyers are doing everything they can to get Leonardo out–

“Leonardo? I’m talking about Pedro.” She thought Leonardo explained it to him…so, he doesn’t know yet? “The one in jail isn’t Leonardo, it’s his twin brother Pedro. There are two of them.”

Fabiola is stalking Ruben, but thinking of Humberto’s impending death. She calls the house and bugs Nora about that damn tea…Nora lies and says she gave it to him (ok, well, that part is true). Karen comes downstairs with the tray and Nora sends her out to the garden and takes the tray into the kitchen herself.

Humberto and Inés look at the two pictures of Leo and Pedro. She points out their differences–Leo is more serious, Pedro is always smiling.

Humberto thinks Pedro made a fool of him–and his inexperience could have caused a major disaster at the company! Inés says he’s got a good heart and the fact that what he did brought Leonardo back to her makes up for any mistakes he might have made.

She explains the current plan, as far as she knows it: something big is going on with Humberto’s company and Pedro is in jail to buy Leonardo time to fix it. She’s supposed to be keeping this a secret. Like she said, nothing can make up for not having Leonardo with her, but if he gets Pedro out of jail, she’d be eternally grateful. Inés leaves him pondering the two pictures.

Ignacio made me do it.

Chamoy is watching Dani’s house. He remembers Ignacio giving him one last chance to prove himself or this time…not one of the last 99 times, but THIS one…Ignacio will have him killed. Tell me a new one, Ignacio. Dani and Santiago pull up to the house and Santi goes inside. Chamoy grins when Dani drives away. Looks like Santi is his target.

Fernanda hasn’t been in her office five seconds before Ignacio’s in there with his “mi amor,” trying to come on to her. She doesn’t believe he has nothing to do with “Leo” being in jail and she’s VERY vocal about it. Ignacio insists he didn’t and she WILL help him finish carrying out his plans. It’s time to use those papers she got “Leonardo” to sign. Fer refuses, of course, but Ignacio has called a special board meeting and expects her to help him get elected the new president of the company.

Chamoy walks right into Dani’s house, not saying a word to Santi, who assumed it was Daniela walking in. He gleefully grins as he waves his arms around and I’m surprised Santiago can’t hear him smacking his gum.

Fer is feeling so confident that she can defy Ignacio because she doesn’t think he knows where Santiago is. He calls Chamoy so she can hear for herself that she’s wrong.

Fer begs Santi to go along with them, but he tells her not to do what they say! Chamoy takes the phone away and ends the call. Ignacio gloats. He doesn’t care what Fer thinks of him, she’s going to do what he says.

From his silence, Santi has figured out it’s Chamoy who’s there. He always was a coward, only attacking when he had his buddies with him. Santi knows he’s the one who took Renata. Is he going to kill Santi and make it look like an accident? Chamoy keeps on smacking his gum and not saying anything, but he aims the gun at Santi’s head.

Ignacio summons Ivonne to his office to convince her that it’s in the company’s best interests if he takes over, and that it’s not acting behind Humberto’s back, it’s protecting him. And it’s protecting the company itself and the employees. “Fernanda’s going along with it….” Ivonne is shocked. Ignacio says there’s no other way to save the company and he talks Ivonne into giving him the confidential information he asked for.

Basi visits Fernanda’s office to check on her and try to tell her everything is going to be fine. She should have faith in “Leonardo.” He loves her with his whole heart and one day she’ll find out what he was capable of doing for her, for her love.

Fabi sees Yesenia and Ruben come out of his house all lovey and curses Yesenia. Ignacio calls and she swears Humberto took the pill. He’s angry that she’s not at the house, but Fabi doesn’t want to be there if he’s supposed to have a heart attack. They’ll call when it happens. She hangs up on him and keeps watching Yesenia and Ruben and fuming.

Basilio helps Ivonne with her giant stack of folders while Ignacio schmoozes board members in the lobby. They start filing into the board room and Ignacio sends Basi to put gas in his car and air in his tires. Basi tries to get out of it, claiming he’s got important copies to make for some demanding dudes on the first floor. Ignacio tells Basi to blame him and get out.

He checks with Ivonne and she did pull the paperwork, but she still thinks Humberto should be told. Ignacio tells her to let him worry about that–they have to save the company.

Ignacio starts the meeting. Shares are down due to the fraud. A board member asks him to confirm that “Leo” really did do it. Ignacio says he confessed. They need to ditch “Leonardo” so he can face the charges as an individual and keep the company out of trouble. The board member wants to know if Fer has an alternate plan.

Ignacio keeps her from answering by passing out all the proof of “Leonardo’s” previous thefts. The board member asks Fer if the documents are real. Fer says they are–her husband embezzled funds and that’s his signature.

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4 years ago

I loved this episode so much. I blubbered like a baby when Inés realized that she had her “Ángel” right in front of her. Diva, loved this: “What’s a would-be murderess to do? She spots Nora with the tea tray and insists the spoon is dirty. Of course it’s not, but if Fabi says it is…. Nora grits her teeth and goes to clean it (personally, I think she just took the spoon, walked into the kitchen, and walked back out.” Ha ha. I hadn’t thought of that! Those replacement pills had to be some kind of uppers, because Fabi… Read more »

4 years ago
Reply to  Denise

I was crying too! Those scenes were so good!