¿Quién es Quién? Wednesday 6/15/16 #88

Is anyone surprised?

The board member who keeps asking all the questions is angry that “Leonardo” was able to do so much damage and they’re just now hearing about it. He accuses Fernanda of being “Leo’s” accomplice, but Ignacio says she didn’t know any more than they did.

Cranky board member wants Humberto to answer for this, as president and majority shareholder. As a matter of fact, they can’t take any action without Humberto! Ignacio corrects him. Humberto is no longer the majority shareholder. Between Ignacio, Fabiola, and Fernanda they now own 60% and they’re calling for a vote to elect a new president.

After some discussion with the others, cranky board member agrees that they can elect a new president, but they also have other thoughts about what they can do. For one thing, they need to revisit their contracts–if Fuentemayor goes down, they could lose money as well. He thinks they should have the right to break their contracts and operate freely.

Ignacio finally calls him Orozco and tries to scare him, saying of course Fuentemayor would cover their losses, but if the Corporativo breaks up, they’re all at a disadvantage. More whispered conversations ensue.

Orozco wants guarantees that Ignacio can turn things around. Of course he can! As long as they elect the right man for the job. Fer was looking hopeful when Orozco objected, but now she’s looking hopeless again.

The meeting is over. Fer can’t stand listening to Orozco congratulate Ignacio and leaves the board room with Ivonne hot on her heels.

Why does he have to be evil?

Dani is out having drinks with “Eduardo” and discussing what’s happening with “Leonardo.” Greeeeeat. She even tells him they don’t know who they can and can’t trust–hello, Dani, listen to yourself!

She spills that they think it was Ignacio and his accomplice Edgardo Harrington who set “Leonardo” up. Yes, that’s why she was at Berkeley looking for him. Dani gives him the short version of their investigations and the sad, sad news that they have absolutely no proof of anything.

“Eduardo” wishes she’d quit Fuentemayor, but Dani doesn’t think she’s in any danger and she’s not going to abandon her friend. But he likes her and he’s worried about her. Damn, he looks sincere, too, the lying creep! He’s making a serious effort to get her to quit and offers to get her interviews at places where she could get paid much more.

He’s got the whole wine and sunset on the rooftop thing going for him and Dani is not indifferent to his kisses. “Let’s go back to my place.” Whoa! Too fast, dude! But Dani’s into it. No, Dani! Run!

Oops, my bad?

Humberto is still comparing the two pictures. He starts to think about the day of Leonardo’s first wedding, when Pedro insisted he wasn’t Leonardo. Nora comes in and asks who that woman was. “Leonardo’s biological mother.”

They all like the other me better.

We finally hear what Corporativo Fuentemayor actually does and it sounds like they’re a private equity firm. As Leonardo explains to Paloma, they find smaller companies that aren’t doing well financially, but have good ideas and they invest in them. So the Corporativo is made up of lots of little companies.

Paloma figures that’s the kind of thing that takes LOTS of administrative support, managing all those companies. And LOTS of organization. Pedro must have left behind a mess. Leo admits that not only did Pedro make the company a ton of money but people really seem to like him.

Paloma agrees, Pedro’s good at that. He’s generous to a fault, he’s everyone’s friend. Leo said it was different when he was there before. People practically ran from him in fear…he must have been horrible. Paloma says now that he knows he can change that. Leo wonders how Pedro does it. What’s his secret?

They get back to looking at the paperwork and Leonardo finds an account that looks like it has too much money in it. He can’t tell why–Pedro’s investment or Ignacio’s fraud?

Basi knocks on the door and comes in to tell them about Ignacio’s emergency board meeting. They all agree this sounds like bad news, but none of them knows what to do. Paloma suggests Basi casually mention it to Humberto, but he’s worried Ignacio will know it was him and it will interfere with their plans.

Not enough mouthwash in the world

Santiago’s tired of waiting and tells Chamoy to just off him already. Connie comes knocking and he takes a chance and shouts her name before Chamoy can put a hand over his mouth.

Connie sneaks in the office door and tells Chamoy to let Santiago go. She gets the gun aimed at her for her trouble. Santi tries telling Chamoy who she is, hoping that will save her. Chamoy demands to see some ID and sure enough…Connie ECHÁNOVE. He shoves her down on the couch next to Santi and tells them both to stay quiet or they’re dead.

Chamoy gripes about the bad coffee in the coffeemaker and insults Santiago. Connie loses her temper and tells him she can call her family if he wants money. Chamoy tells her to sit down and threatens her some more while he FINALLY answers the phone and talks to Inés.

Connie and Santi have a quiet conversation while he’s occupied and Connie wants to know who this creep is. She’s looking over at the cell phone peeking out of her backpack as Chamoy faces out the kitchen window and listens to Inés screaming at him that he’s going to pay for everything that happened to her and her son.

He can quit playing stupid. She knows her son isn’t dead. Chamoy sold him. He turns around in time to see Connie reaching for the phone and hangs up on Inés so he can go back to threatening Connie and Santi.

Inés tries to call him back and keeps yelling at him to answer the phone. Chamoy wants to answer his phone again and Connie takes advantage of his distraction to bite his arm (get a rabies shot, Connie!) and jump him. He drops the gun. She’s no Yesenia, but she’s scrappy and determined and she’s got the love of her life to protect, so…my money’s on her.

Somehow Santiago got knocked over in all the struggling and hit his head. He seems to be in really bad pain, but he realizes his sight is coming back. He can see two figures struggling and a gun on the couch. He picks it up and tells Chamoy to let her go or he’ll shoot.

Chamoy doesn’t believe Santi when he says he’s aiming at Chamoy, but he lets Connie go. Connie grabs her cell phone and Chamoy moves towards them. Santi shoots him in the arm. Chamoy threatens he’ll get Santi next time and goes running out of the house.

Santi turns around and Connie realizes he can see again. They hug happily when they should be calling the cops. Connie actually realizes that, but Santi tells her it has to stay a secret. And then he tells her to leave so nobody sees her there. He won’t explain anything and tells her he can never see her again. Connie storms out of the house.

What part of “no” don’t you understand?

Ruben. Fakey Fabiola. She wants to support him through this difficult time. Except he knows she’s the one who CAUSED it. He’s on to her, finally, and he tells her she can drop the act–he knows she got him fired and hired those guys to wreck his stand at the mercado and break into his house.

He finally realizes she has no dignity. Well that and she doesn’t listen to him when he says things like “I don’t want you. I’m in love with someone else.” He warns her to leave him alone or he’ll call the cops. Aw, call the cops on her now, dude! He doesn’t even walk her to the door and make sure to lock it behind her. I hope that doesn’t come back to bite him in the ass later.


Melquiades gives Lupe a bunch of flyers for the new place’s talent auditions.

Lupe tries to recruit Tania to be the next Candy la Candida. Tania says she can’t dance! She’s torpe (clumsy). But she can sing a little. And the money would be nice. She’ll think about it. Yesenia comes up with a big goofy smile on her face.

Yesenia is in the back of the piñateria when Fabiola comes in. She’s willing to offer her money to leave Ruben. Why does no one ever take these deals? It’s not some kind of legally binding contract. Just take the money and stay with him. What? She’s offering $10 or $15K. Is that all he’s worth? Fabi starts preying on Yesenia’s insecurities about not being good enough to be with an artist, someone with an education.

Eugenio’s exhausted and trying to run on caffeine. Tania keeps trying to convince him to let her work and save up money and go to school in New York. Before they can have much of a conversation, Sebastián arrives with Cachito and asks about that school in New York they were talking about. Eugenio acts like it’s nothing important. They were on their way to the flower shop, but Tania tells them that Paloma didn’t open today, so they head for her house. Eugenio leaves for work and Tania pulls out the flyer.

No post-meeting glow here.

Back in Fernanda’s office, Ivonne wants to know why Fer is so down, but Fer won’t talk about it. They all had their reasons for supporting Ignacio and now they have to live with them. She asks Ivonne to leave so she can take a call from Santi. He tells her not to do what Ignacio wants and get to Dani’s right now because there’s something he needs to tell her.

She can’t get out before Ignacio comes sliming up to her, so full of himself that he doesn’t even care how skeevy he looks, asking her if she doesn’t see now how much easier it is when she does what he says RIGHT IN FRONT OF IVONNE. He mentions her brother and says he’ll call and give the order to leave him alone. Again, right in front of Ivonne. And then he barely spares a glance for Ivonne as he goes back to his office. Ivonne can tell something is up.

Back in his office, Ignacio is furious that Chamoy won’t answer his calls. And he doesn’t appreciate Ivonne coming in and asking about him without knocking first. She suspects he doesn’t need her anymore and is done playing nice. She feels awful about what they did and begs him to tell her what is going on. Fer’s upset, Humberto’s missing, and some Chamoy guy is making him angry. Ignacio leaves without answering her.


Nora is staring at the tea service, thinking about Fabiola’s weird insistence on having her re-clean a perfectly clean spoon…and then asking if Humberto drank the tea. She finds a little plastic cup with a lid and pours some of the tea into it, dumping the rest down the sink.


Saltamontes cries over how he let down his mom, becoming a thief. Pedro has to stop him from hitting himself. Pedro hears he’ll be in for 3 years and does the math to figure out how many days that is. He tells him that each one is an opportunity to show his mom he can turn his life around. Saltamontes can get behind that idea. He’s feeling so much better now. Where has Pedro been all his life?! Perico Perez: Life Coach.

The guard comes to fetch him to the visiting room. Humberto is waiting there to say he knows what’s going on and Pedro can stop faking. Pedro can barely even get a full question out.

Humberto is angry that he thought he’d gotten his relationship with his son back. Pedro’s eyes start to fill with tears. Pedro apologizes to Humberto and tells him how much he liked being his son, even if it was fake. And he thought that by telling him all those things he did, he could help Humberto and Leonardo have a better relationship.

He reminds Humberto that they didn’t want to believe him when he said he wasn’t Leonardo! And things kept getting more complicated and he felt like he couldn’t leave so he just tried to do the best he could.

He really doesn’t appreciate the accusation that he’s screwed up the company’s reputation AND Leo’s. He tells Humberto he HAD to do this, because Ignacio’s the one who’s been embezzling from the company. He’s the one who committed the fraud that Santiago Blanco got accused of and now he’s trying to get his hands on the entire company AND kill Leonardo. That’s why Pedro turned himself in.

Humberto trusts Ignacio. As opposed to Pedro, who stole his son’s life…and his fiancée! Pedro says he did more than that. He fell in love with Fernanda and it’s what made him stay in this life that didn’t belong to him. If he could, he’d take back all of it, except for her.

He would have told her the truth, too, but Ignacio found out he was Pedro and threatened to hurt his family, and Humberto’s, if Pedro didn’t do what he wanted. That’s why he didn’t tell them before. Humberto thinks Pedro is just trying to get out of jail, but Pedro begs him to go talk to Leonardo or Nora and they’ll tell him–Ignacio and Fabiola are trying to steal from him.

Bringing up Fabi was a mistake. Humberto is ready to turn all his lawyers against Pedro and unmask him as an impostor. Pedro doesn’t care about that. He’s not asking Humberto for anything, he just wants to tell him the truth and that’s that Ignacio and Fabiola are planning something behind his back. And if Ignacio finds out that it’s not Leonardo in jail, then Humberto and Leonardo will be in danger.

Ignacio wanted to kill Leonardo. Pedro took his place. Leo’s hiding out in the barrio and he knows everything. He’s trying to gather evidence against Ignacio. Pedro gives Humberto the address.

The good news is….

Santiago tells Fer that he’s fine, but Chamoy got shot. Also his sight is back. Yay? It takes Fer a minute to process that before she starts hugging him. Santi doesn’t know how it happened, the hit on the head or the adrenaline, but it’s like the doctor said–it could happen at any time.

He had to confront Chamoy to keep him from hurting Connie! Fer’s sad when she hears that he told Connie he could never see her again, but she hopes that what happened today made it clear that Connie is not involved at all in what’s going on. He asks what Ignacio made her do and she says he took control of the company. She wants Santi to leave so they don’t come back to get revenge on him for shooting Chamoy, but he won’t go.

Now he’s got his sight back and he’s ready to defend everybody. Fer still wants him to get checked out by a doctor, but Santi is more worried about how she’s doing. She’s sure Ignacio is about to rat her out and “Leonardo” is going to hate her. She insists they made a mistake. “Leo’s” a good guy who’s incapable of hurting anyone. She doesn’t think she’ll ever find anyone who’s going to love her the way he does. And now she’s lost him.

Santiago says it sounds like they both have to forget the people they love.

Sebastián makes a nuisance of himself.

Cachito comes in and goes running to the bathroom. Paloma tries to get Sebastián to leave and he starts up with the “that guy” talk. Things get increasingly awkward since she can’t tell him anything. He tries begging her to go on vacation with him, and then he kisses her.

Cachito sees this and takes it entirely the wrong way. Sebastián wants to help Paloma explain things to him, but she (wisely, I think) tells him to leave so she can explain to Cachito that she isn’t with his dad. She loves someone else. He throws a tantrum about her not loving his dad so the three of them can be together and stomps off to his room without listening to her.

Paloma tries to explain to Cachito later that she just doesn’t love his dad and it’s not a good idea to marry someone when you don’t love them. She did love him before and she’s glad she did because it’s how Cachito got there, but now that love disappeared. Marrying Sebastián would be like betraying the person she does love, and herself, and Cachito, too–because the marriage would be a lie.

Ignacio did what?!

Basi gets back to the office and finds Ivonne still there, sorting folders. She feels like a terrible traitor, even if removing Humberto from the presidency and electing Ignacio is what was best for the company.

Ivonne tells him about Fabi, Ignacio, and Fernanda having the majority of the shares and how she feels like she stabbed Humberto in the back. And yes, Ignacio was very convincing about how this was the right thing to do, but she knew…she knew! Something wasn’t right.

She can’t believe she was so stupid as to do it anyway just to please him! And she’s sure that he’s just using her.

Basi tells her that if Ignacio doesn’t kiss the ground at her feet he’s the stupidest man on the planet. She deserves to be treated like the queen she is, like the most beautiful woman on the earth, she deserves to be loved.

He collects himself and pries himself away from her. They’ll find a way to fix this and it’s not her fault. He goes running off and leaves Ivonne to think.

Team Good isn’t doing so good.

Termi and Cocó are bragging to Leonardo about how they’ve got the barrio totally secured and they’re ready for anything. Termi’s really trying with the outfit. I mean, there’s a big pink donut on his t-shirt and there’s some pink in his hat, too, but…it’s flamingoes. He’s going to have to do better.

Anyway…Leo’s waiting for Basi to get there and tell him what went down at the company today. We and Leo are subjected to Termi and Cocó’s epic snogging in the middle of the living room. He tries to tell them to get back to planning, but they can’t hear him over the roar of their hormones or whatever.

They finally break it off and Cocó slaps Termi and says that’s the last time he kisses her by force again which it SO was not! She goes off to her room while Leo has to endure Termi’s smugness.

Basi gets to Cocó’s house and gives them the bad news–Ignacio is now president of the board of directors and CEO of the company and Leonardo and Humberto are out of the company. Big shock all around the room! Yes, Ignacio has more than 50% of the shares between his and Fabi’s and…um….

Leo realizes Ignacio must have also used his (Leonardo’s) shares that Fernanda got control of when she married Pedro. Basi is sure Fernanda was being forced, but Leo insists this is what she was after all along. He can’t believe Pedro was taken in! And he’s supposed to be the expert on women.

Termi, Cocó, and Basi all agree that he is and so if he fell for Fer that means she’s not some evil gold digger. But Leo thinks love didn’t let Pedro see the real Fernanda.

He’s ready to run right out and go confront Ignacio, but Cocó tells him to stay put or he’ll get himself thrown in jail along with Pedro. Basi agrees. A lot of people could get hurt if he screws up. He should at least warn Paloma so she can be extra careful with herself and with Cachito. Leo seems to consider it for a moment before he leaves.

Yep. They did.

Dani and “Eduardo” come stumbling into his hotel room, attached at the face. She hesitates, worrying about Santiago and “Eduardo” begs her to stay. With his mouth. On her mouth.

Dani doesn’t stick around after. She doesn’t feel ready to subject anyone else to the sorrow that tends to hit her every night over Renata’s death. She seems a little suspicious that he’s already talking about sharing their bad times with each other. She gets a little choked up when he says he wants to share everything with her.

She kisses him again, but her taxi is there for her. Ed tells her to please consider that her sister would want her to be happy and move on with her life.

As soon as she’s gone, he calls Ignacio for an update–are things ready? Has Humberto reacted? He seems pleased with the answers.


Pedro’s warning Humberto to be careful as the guard comes to tell them their time is up. Before Humberto can leave, a lawyer walks in and gives him the news–Ignacio took over the company and he controls the majority of the shares.

As Pedro is being led away, he calls back to Humberto that he knows who to talk to and he should do what Pedro told him to.

Just bar

Yesenia does her makeup and thinks about Fabi and her attempt at bribery and her insults. Lupe comes barreling in, telling her the place is packed and there’s a line out the door. They must have heard Candy would be on tonight. Yesenia confesses that she’s down because “La Ruca” came around to offer her money to break up with Ruben.

We don’t get to see Yesenia’s act, but Ruben says it was great. She tells him she needs his honest answer on something–does he think she’s not good enough for him?

We told you so.

Sara’s watching her telenovela when Inés gets home. She’d been out walking and thinking. She just found out that Chamoy is way worse than she ever thought he was. So bad that even God can’t forgive him.

Sara wants to know what Chamoy did now. “Not now, it was a long time ago. And don’t tell me that all the crap he did was for our benefit because that’s not true. If he calls, tell him to be a man for once and come show his face.”

Sara’s scared. Inés says it’s Chamoy who should be scared. He messed with what Inés loves most and he’s about to find out what she’s capable of.

Chamoy sneaks into Sara’s room in the middle of the night, begging for help.

So much for keeping things secret.

Fabiola sneaks nervously into the house. Karen startles her and tells Fabiola that Humberto went out after talking to a strange woman. She remembers that Fabiola offered to give her money for important information and she’s got some!

Fabi offers $1000 but it’s worth at least $5000, according to Karen. The woman who came to visit was Leonardo’s biological mother and also the mother of some guy named Pedro.

They go into the study so Karen can give her all the details. Humberto believed the woman, Karen thinks. Nora pulled her away, but when the woman left Nora and Humberto were talking. Karen heard something about Martin Andrade who sold the baby to Don Humberto.

So is Fabi going to pay up? Tomorrow. She needs Karen to leave now, so she can “think.” She calls Ignacio and tells him to come home right now–there’s something he needs to know.

Nora noticed how long Karen and Fabiola were talking in the study and she wants to know what it was about. Nora doesn’t believe it was about ironing a dress. Karen had better not have betrayed Don Humberto after everything he’s done for her. Karen whines about needing money and Fabi offered to pay her in exchange for information.

Ignacio gets the gossip from Fabi and finally realizes that Chamoy is Leonardo’s father and he must be protecting him. They look up Martin Andrade, but Fabi figures they don’t need to know much beyond the first article. Humberto’s probably dead by now.

Ignacio’s nervous that no one has called, not even a hospital. Fabi gets nervous that if the pill was supposed to cause a heart attack, that means Humberto could still be alive. Ignacio hisses at her to shut up before someone hears her!

Nora tries to grab Humberto when he comes in the door, but he wants to go confront Ignacio. He gives him a satisfying (for me) punch right in his smug face before Ignacio can start with his fake explanations.

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4 years ago

Thanks for the recap! I was a little confused about Santi kicking Connie out. Is he still suspicious of her or is he just trying to protect her?

I hope there are more punches to Ignacio’s smug face!

4 years ago

Super recap, Diva. I don’t know how you can do such a bang up job with two hour episodes! Will it be Leonardo or Humberto who finally takes some effective measures against evil Ignacio? Or will Nora be the one to come through by having that tea analyzed? Did we ever see Humberto actually drink the stuff?

4 years ago

I thought Nora might have dumped the rest of the drugged tea and started fresh. Good for her for saving some, though.

I knew Ines was young, but she was 16. 16!! Just when I thought Chamoy couldn’t get any worse. But that means she’s only about 43 and Jonathon was maybe 30, so their age difference isn’t such a big deal. Not that it matters now. The point was, Chamoy sucks even worse than before.

I hope Ivonne is able to get in a punch to Ignacio’s face before this is over.

4 years ago

So much for Termi’s barrio patrol protecting Ines’ house. A bleeding Chamoy just waltzes right in to Sara’s bedroom.

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
4 years ago

Diva thanks so much, I especially liked this –
“Why does no one ever take these deals? It’s not some kind of legally binding contract. Just take the money and stay with him. What? She’s offering $10 or $15K. Is that all he’s worth?” I could not agree more, just take the money and use it! If she feels bad or thinks it dirty she could give it to charity, but there’s no reason to refuse free $$ especially not from someone like Fabiola