¿Quién es Quién? Thursday 6/16/16 #89

100% totally and completely OVER!

So far, Humberto isn’t being talked out of his anger.

He calls Ignacio a thief and reminds him that ever since he and Connie came to live in this house, he’s treated them like they were his own children. Ignacio got the best education and a position in the company that no other company would have given to someone his age.

He doesn’t believe this was all done to “save” the corporation and he accuses Ignacio of having wanted to do this for years.

Ignacio tries blaming it all on Leo–Leo screwed up, he’s just trying to fix it–but nope, that’s not going to work either.

When Humberto threatens to undo what Ignacio did today, saying he doesn’t have enough shares, Ignacio finally drops the act and reminds him he signed a pre-nup giving shares to Fabi. Humberto accuses Fabiola of being in on it and Ignacio’s response is to call Humberto naïve.

Fabi’s still trying to pretend she cares about anybody but herself, saying she had to help Ignacio or she and the kids would be out on the street with nothing. Ignacio smarms at him that what’s done is done. Humberto warns Ignacio that he’s about to meet him not as a father and not as a friend, but as an enemy.

Ignacio laughs. To be enemies, they’d have to be equals and Humberto is finished–he’s got no money, his reputation is trashed, and he’s old. He should just leave now–Ignacio’s bored. Humberto reminds Ignacio it’s his house.

Except, no, he gave it to Fabi before they got married. She tells him she doesn’t want him there and he should do what Ignacio says.

I don’t think Fabi really believes that he just wanted a trophy wife to nurse him through his old age, but that’s what she claims. Humberto now realizes all his suspicions about Fabi and her lovers were correct. Fabi smarms that of course a woman like her wasn’t going to be satisfied with someone like him. Ignacio calls him pathetic.

Humberto tells them this isn’t over, it’s just beginning. They’ll be hearing from his lawyers. He leaves without stopping to talk to Nora or tell her where he’s going. I’m disappointed he didn’t take her with him.

Poor Fabi needs a drink after all that stress! She thought Humberto would be dead! Is Ignacio SURE that he has everything covered? Oh, yes, 100%. It’s all completely legal. We all know what that means–start popping the popcorn!

Ignacio reminds her they have an ace up their collective sleeve–they know where Leonardo really came from and they can use that to their advantage.

Humberto drives down the freeway, remembering the day he handed Fabi the deed to the house and fuming.

Santi needs to work on his aim.

Chamoy has been bleeding, what, all afternoon? Nothing really stopping the flow except for his own hand on the front of his arm, even though he tells Sara the bullet went all the way through. And he still has the strength left to lie, beg Sara not to take him to a hospital, and whine that he needs fewer questions and more help.

Inés remembers waking up after the fever and Chamoy telling her one of the twins had died. The creep even took a picture for her, to remember him by. She vows she won’t forgive Chamoy.

Chamoy bleeds all over Sara’s pillows and shrieks when she pours rubbing alcohol in his wound. Inés shouts from upstairs, asking of Sara is ok and Sara goes to her door and shouts back that she’s just watching a horror movie.

As she heads back to Chamoy she asks him what he did to Inés that she hates him so much? Chamoy swears he has no idea. Sara sighs that she doesn’t understand how he turned out so bad. Chamoy makes excuses and gets all teary-eyed, talking about how life is rough, it’s kill or be killed, blah blah blah.

Sara convinces him to spend the night. She’ll sleep in her chair and keep an eye on him.

Without it, earth is just “eh.”

Yesenia repeats all of Fabi’s taunts to Ruben, but he disagrees. He’s not embarrassed of Yesenia, he likes the way she talks, and he especially objects to the argument that she’s not good enough for him because he’s an “artist.” She’s an artist too–she’s a dancer.

“What? No, dancers get up on their toes and twirl around in tutus!” She thinks the guys out there in the bar, who don’t know or care about “art,” are just coming to look at her body. Ruben begs to differ–if that’s all they wanted, then once would be enough and they’d go look at some other body. They keep coming back for her. She doesn’t have to have studied to make art. And who’s to say she won’t go far with her dancing.

Yesenia decides she’s going to try to be better, for him–NO for herself.

At the mercado, Yesenia looks up dance schools online. Lupe teases Yesenia about being stuck-up now that she’s an “artist”–she’s only kidding, though. She likes seeing Yesenia like this, but she hopes Yesenia’s not going to forget about her.

Of course not! In fact, Yesenia can’t do this without Lupe. No, not the dancing! Lupe’s really good at the business side. Yesenia thinks she’d make a great agent.


Leonardo decided not to go confront Ignacio after Basi reminded him that he’d be putting Paloma and Cachito in danger. Paloma thinks if he’s really going to pull this off, he’s going to have to work with Basi more, and with Termi, and Pedro.

Ugh, but Leo doesn’t feel like he can trust Pedro, after he took his place like that. Paloma reminds him Pedro also turned himself into the cops to help him. “You can trust Perico…as long as you’re not his girlfriend, of course.” That gets a laugh out of Leo.

She always manages to quiet the chaos for him. He feels bad that she’s been there for him, but he wasn’t there for her all the time–especially when she was dealing with her dad. He’s going to make up for every minute he wasn’t there and every tear she cried. He’s going to dedicate his life to making her and Cachito happy.

Paloma brings up having a little brother or sister for Cachito in a couple of years. Leo can’t even imagine how awesome that would be. *smoochies*

He didn’t really think this was going to work, did he?

Chamoy is trying to sneak out in the morning when Inés spots him and gets right to the point. “How could you sell my son?”

Sara listens from the kitchen in horror as Chamoy starts to justify himself. Inés was sick, the midwife said she needed medicine, he was broke, if Inés had died he wouldn’t have been able to keep the babies alive, it was the best thing for everyone, Leonardo grew up surrounded by wealth and not poor like the other kids, she should thank him for saving them all–oh HELL NO! Inés gives him a huge slap across the face.

She can’t believe he could be so evil, to do this and then lie to her about it for 26 years. Chamoy starts to plead with her that he loves her but Inés doesn’t want him to touch her.

Pedro had his chance five years ago and now it’s Leonardo’s turn…he walks in, sees Chamoy trying to grab his mother and hauls him away by the collar, practically throwing him out the door and screaming at him to NEVER come near his mother again. Inés sobs to Leo that Chamoy sold him. As Leo holds her, Sara cries alone.

That answers that.

Nora looks at the tray on the kitchen counter and remembers all of Fabi’s suspicious behavior with the tea. When Karen walks in, Nora tells her to take the tray up. Oh, Nora, what are you up to?!

Fabi’s up in the bedroom gloating about how she’s going to have to adjust to her new life when Karen brings in the tray. Fabi hands over a check for $5000, saying she’s sure Karen has never seen so much money in her life. She promotes Karen to Nora’s position.

When Fabi comes downstairs she’s surprised to find Nora still there. Yes, of course she’s going to fire her so why doesn’t Nora just save her the trouble and leave? Nora asks for a few days to find another place to live. “Why not? I love having you around as my MAID.”

Nora just has one question: How did Fabiola like the tea?

The tea that was on her breakfast tray. There was a mistake in the kitchen and Karen accidentally took the tea that Nora had reheated from yesterday. Since Humberto didn’t drink it, she though maybe it was because it wasn’t any good.

Fabi runs to the bathroom and Nora can hear her retching.

At least he doesn’t have a bunny.

Connie is lying on her couch thinking about Santiago telling her he never wanted to see her again and crying. Tania comes over and wonders what’s wrong. Connie now thinks that Santiago was right and Leonardo and Humberto are criminals.

Lupe comes home and wants to know what’s wrong, but they won’t tell her. She moves on to telling them about everything that happened to Ruben–assault, robbery, getting fired for sexual harassment.

Gross. Fabiola sent Ruben presents. I don’t know where he was when they were delivered, but he finds them on his kitchen table and then assumes it’s her knocking on the door.

He’s screaming at her to go away when he opens it and finds out it’s Connie instead. She heard about what happened and wants to know why…the card that came with the presents gives her her answer. Ruben admits her mother has been stalking him. He’s sorry Connie had to find out this way. He can’t seem to get Fabi to understand and he thought maybe if Connie talked to her….

Connie remembers what her dad told her about Fabi stalking his boss’ son and Fabi’s denials. She goes running out of Ruben’s house in tears.

That was unexpected.

Santiago and Fernanda tell Dani about what happened yesterday and now she believes Santi when he says he’s sure Chamoy was there the day Renata disappeared. She wants to re-open the case, but Santi says they might find out that Fernanda had been working with Ignacio.

About that…Fernanda is ready to turn herself in, especially if it means they can bring down Ignacio. Santi is completely opposed to this plan, having been in prison himself, but Fernanda insists she’s got to pay for what she did.

She gets a phone call asking her opinion…”about what?” She turns on the TV and hears a news report that Humberto Fuentemayor illegally adopted his son Leonardo and probably paid a hefty sum to a child trafficker.


Ivonne didn’t care for Ignacio’s interview. It looked to her like he was just throwing more dirt on Humberto and Leonardo. Oh yeah, well, it’s none of her business and just because they’re dating doesn’t mean she gets to question his decisions. (Come on, Ivonne, break up with him already!) He hands over an envelope with the names of the Russians he’s meeting with later today, so she can let security know they’re coming.

Basi heard the whole thing. He says it sounds like things are getting ugly. Ivonne tells him there are rumors of massive layoffs. She wishes Leonardo and Humberto were here. Basi gives her a little pep talk and then offers to take the envelope down to security for her.

No more secrets

Fer goes to see “Leo” in jail. He explains he had to beat Ignacio to the punch and turn himself in before Ignacio could do anything…but he heard Ignacio took over the company. Fer says it’s true and Ignacio forced her to help him. She had to give him her shares–he was threatening her brother’s life.

“Leo” says this is all his fault for not telling her the truth sooner. “I’m not Leonardo. My real name is Pedro Pérez.” Fer’s face: “???” She thinks he’s cracking under the stress, but no, he says he’s Pedro and he’s Leonardo’s twin brother.

He took his brother’s place a while ago, but he didn’t tell her who he was because he was afraid of losing her. It’s what he was going to tell her the other day, but then all this happened. Fer still doesn’t look like she believes him, but she asks him to explain.

“The first time I saw you was the day you were supposed to marry Leonardo….” He took one look at her walking towards him and he fell in love. From then on he didn’t want anything more than to win her heart. He asks her to let him tell her everything before she says anything. There’s so much he’s been wanting to say for so long…and after he does, she can decide what she wants to do.

Fer is speechless when Pedro is done telling his story. She understands now why he was so different. He really did all this…for her? Pedro says he did, he lied to everyone, and if she never wants to see him again because he hurt her, he understands.

“A lot of things that have happened have hurt me, but never you.” She doesn’t care that he’s not Leonardo–she’s in love with him. He’d like to kiss her right now, but they’re surrounded by guards. Fer asks him to call her Guitarrita. Pedro’s so damn happy right now he doesn’t care what’s going to happen to him. Soon enough, he’ll be free and Ignacio is the one who’s going to be in there. Fer says the only way to bring him down is for her to turn herself in. If Pedro did it, she can do it.

Pedro starts getting agitated and a guard comes over to take him back to his cell. He begs Fernanda not to do what she said as they’re taking him away.

Family reunion

Paloma and Leonardo watch the news. Smarmy Ignacio is giving a smarmy interview distancing himself from the crimes committed by Leonardo and Humberto and pledging that all the money invested with the company is safe. Leo says he’s not going to get away with this.

Sara still can’t believe what Chamoy did–even though she heard the entire conversation. But if the one who was holding Inés wasn’t Pedro, then where IS Pedro? Before Inés can answer there’s a knock on the door.

It’s Humberto, looking for Leonardo. He’s sorry to barge in on her like this, but it’s the only way he had to get in touch with Leo.

While Sara goes over to Paloma’s to get Leo, Humberto tells Inés he knows Pedro didn’t do it, but he can’t help him. His company, his house–it’s all been taken from him. Leonardo comes in and Humberto gives him the news. Leo swears they’re going to get it all back. They hug and Sara, Paloma, and Inés start getting misty.

Sara and Inés have cleared out and Humberto apologizes to Leonardo for not listening to Pedro in the first place. (About time!) Leo doesn’t hold it against him. Paloma gets off the phone and says the doctor will be over soon. She’s about to go upstairs with Sara and Inés, but Humberto asks her to stay.

Upstairs, Inés and Sara agree they’re happy Leonardo grew up with a nice family, but sad that he lost his mother so young. Sara doesn’t think she can forgive Chamoy for what he did, but she’s happy that they got Leonardo back.

Basi calls Leo to tell him Ignacio’s swanning around the place and there are rumors flying about layoffs and a change to the company name. Also, some Russian investors are visiting. He tries to read the names, but decides to send a picture instead.

Humberto heard that Leo and Paloma are getting married. She thinks he thinks she’s not good enough for his son, but that’s not the case at all. Leonardo has been so closed off. He hasn’t even hugged Humberto since he was ten. Even though they’re going through the worst time of their lives, thanks to Paloma, his son looks happy.

Leonardo shows Humberto the names and Humberto nearly passes out. Ignacio met them before and talked to Humberto about having them invest, but Humberto checked them out and they’re not legitimate businessmen–they’re money launderers for the mafia. It all makes sense to Leonardo now, that Ignacio’s had these Russians backing him up the whole time.

Humberto is having trouble breathing. Leonardo and Paloma are going back to Cocó’s to look over the paperwork and see if they can figure out how the Russians got in. They insist that Humberto stay and rest and Inés comes downstairs and suggests he hang out in Pedro’s room.

Well, if you knew her, you wouldn’t ask.

Nora goes to the police station and talks to the same detective who dealt with Pedro yesterday. He rolls his eyes when he hears the name Fuentemayor.

He listens to Nora talking about Fabi’s weird behavior, but he still doesn’t see where she got the idea that she was trying to poison Humberto. Well, Nora lied to her and made her think she was drinking the same tea and Fabiola immediately ran to go throw up.

Also, Nora has the sample she took yesterday. Maybe they can analyze it? I’m sure the detective appreciates talking to someone who understands the meaning of “proof.”

Dosvedanya? Soon?

Ignacio shows “the Russians” into the boardroom. Edgardo arrives unexpectedly, saying they asked him to be there. Ignacio’s flipping out, but hey, no worries, nobody knows him here.

Basi jokes with Ivonne about them looking like mobsters, but she says they should say out of it. He takes a call from Pedro, who has an idea that I heartily approve of…GRAB GWEN! Take her to Leonardo so he can use all those recordings. He doesn’t care if it means he gets life in prison. And now he has some things he needs to tell Basi….

Basi goes into Leo’s office and puts Gwen in a box that looks like it’s lined with some kind of cloth. Gwen starts screaming for help, but Basi shuts the lid and carries her out of the office.

Ignacio finishes making his presentation and one of the Russians whispers something to Edgardo. In Russian. They leave and Ed translates–he was reminding him what would happen if they didn’t keep up their part of the contract. Yes, they got this done, but it was barely on time and messier than it should have been. It’s making Edgardo nervous. The Russians are going to be watching them and the first mistake they make, they’re dead.

A girl’s gotta have her standards.

Basilio brings Gwen over to Cocó’s…oh, this is gonna be good! Leo breaks it to him that Gwen no longer recognizes him and he doesn’t know the password. As soon as Gwen hears Basilio say “Operación Billullo” she wakes up and starts screaming for help and saying she won’t tell them a thing!

Basi explains that Leo has to say the password…but sweetly…and he should call her “Gwencita” because she doesn’t like being called anything else now. Leo: “Seriously?” He gives it a try and sure enough, Gwen says “¡Hola, mi Leo! ¿Qué pachuca por Toluca?” As annoyed as he was, he can’t help laughing. Gwen takes instantly to Cocó, calling her carnalita (sister, little sister).

Gwen’s got all the recordings of Ignacio threatening Pedro…but Termi wonders if that won’t get Pedro in trouble. Leonardo agrees, if Pedro had turned Ignacio in, this could get him out, but since he didn’t turn Ignacio in that makes him an accomplice.

He gets angry when Basi says that Pedro doesn’t care, he just wants to keep Fernanda from turning herself in. “It’s the least she could do!” Basi says she was pressured into giving Ignacio her shares–he threatened her brother. “Fernanda doesn’t have a brother.”

Oh, that’s right, he hasn’t heard the whole story. Well, Basi advises him to take a seat, because he has a lot to tell him.

Always with the threats and the violence.

Obviously, Edgardo is the brains of this operation. Ignacio thought it was so brilliant, putting out this story about Humberto Fuentemayor buying a child, but the news isn’t stopping. Hasn’t he considered that Leonardo and that other guy are brothers and the man he sent to kill Leonardo is their father? How can he be sure Leonardo is really dead and not plotting against them?

Ignacio has it covered. If Leo makes a move, he’ll hit him where it will hurt the most….

Paloma is waiting for Cachito to get out of school when Sebastián walks up. He apologizes for yesterday–he shouldn’t have kissed her. She agrees. Does he want their son to think it’s ok to go around forcing kisses on people? Cachito has been angry at her since yesterday because she told him they weren’t together.

Cachito comes up and asks if they’ve made up yet. Sebastián finally gets a clue. He explains to Cachito that what he did was wrong–he kissed Paloma without her consent and nothing can justify that. He apologized to her and now he’s apologizing to Cachito. Cachito doesn’t look entirely pacified by Sebastián’s assurance that even if he and Paloma are not together, he’ll always be his dad and he’ll always be around.

A couple of Ignacio’s guys watch from across the street and take pictures.

Hey, we’ve heard worse plans on this show.

Eugenio’s heading out for another shift and Tania’s worried about him. He’s exhausted. He insists it’s fine and besides, he’s going to quit his guitar classes. Tania is not happy about this, but Eugenio insists needs to worry about paying the bills.

Tania invites Paloma over so she can tell her about Eugenio. She has an idea about how she can help and shows her the flyer she got from Lupe. She sings and she knows Paloma sings and the prize is $3000, so maybe…?

They do have a lot in common.

Did you think Inés and Humberto were making eyes at each other downstairs? I thought they were and it just keeps getting a little more obvious that they’re not indifferent to each other.

Humberto thinks she’s so kind, not only to not throw him out but to go get his medications (I sincerely hope he means a refill from a pharmacy and not the ones he left at home). When she came over to his house, he thought she hated him. She was angry, but once she saw him hugging Leonardo she knew he loved him. And she’s glad Leo had so many opportunities and grew up to be a good man. Any mother would be grateful.

Humberto sadly says that’s not true–not all mothers are like her, and not all children like Leonardo and Pedro. He can’t believe his worst enemies were in his house the whole time. Inés understands what that kind of betrayal feels like. It wasn’t a stranger who kidnapped her son, it was his father. He told her the baby died.

After what is presumably a somewhat googly-eyed afternoon, Humberto is leaving Inés’ house. He’s going to stay at Nora’s. Inés says she’ll be there for whatever he needs and she’d like it if she could hear more about Leonardo’s childhood. Humberto agrees he’d like to keep talking to her. He tells her not to worry about Pedro–they might have a way to get him out….

Yesenia gets home and things get a little awkward, but Yesenia’s got that “You go, mom!” look in her eyes. When Humberto leaves, Inés sits her down to explain who he was, and presumably everything else.

Isabela Fernanda Manrique Blanco, alias Fercita Fresita, alias Guitarrita

Fer gives Dani two plane tickets and begs her to take Santiago to London. “Tell him I already left and you’re going to catch up with me.” The flight leaves tonight and Fer plans to go to the police in the morning.

Fer gets back to her apartment and remembers waking up with Pedro and him saying all he wanted to know is whether she loved him or not. She remembers what Pedro said today about seeing her for the first time walking down the aisle.

There’s a knock at the door–it’s Leo. “Oh, so now you recognize me? We need to talk. You and I have a lot of things to clear up, Isabela.”

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4 years ago

I just finished watching this, and I was totally lost on where Nora lives. I thought she lived in the house with the Fuentemayors. Or does she work 18 hours a day? But if Humberto is going to be staying with her, that means she has another place (that is not the place where Connie lives now), right?

I can’t believe there are only 3 hours left. 🙁

4 years ago

Love your headings, Diva!
Like: “Well, if you knew her, you wouldn’t ask.” So true.
Can’t wait for today’s episode.

4 years ago

I hope Nora’s house has a lot of bedrooms. It now has Connie, Lupe, Nora and Humberto. Humberto is great, but he doesn’t really fit in with the slumber party vibe of the house. Points to Yesenia and Seabass for showing some growth. I guess I can’t dislike them anymore, and Yesenia is right about Lupe. She’s be a great agent. If Nora and Gwen had been told what was going on, they could’ve had this whole thing wrapped up a long time ago. Ruben can’t even figure out how to secretly record and blackmail Fabi, and he’s into video… Read more »