¿Quién es Quién? Couples Poll Results

POSSIBLE SPOILERS: If you’re not caught up yet to US Episode 90 (i.e., the second-to-last episode) you may want to save this post for later.

Last week’s poll, in honor of the Gran Final, was “Which couples do you think will be together at the end of ¿Quién es Quién?” including a mix of established couples, maybes, and totally random pairings to choose from. Here are the results of our completely unscientific poll.

Will they make it to the end?

For some couples the real question wasn’t whether they’d get together in the first place, but whether they would STAY together (or get back together).

061116a poll results

Pedro and Fernanda (12 votes) – Like he said, the moment he saw her walking down that aisle, he was done for! Fernanda took a little longer to come around, and we didn’t know how each one would react to the other’s deceptions, but now that we have that out of the way it should be smooth sailing all the way down the aisle for the third time…as long as everyone makes it there alive!

Leonardo and Paloma (11 votes) – Paloma is Leo’s oasis of calm in a chaotic world. Leo won her over with his vulnerability and sincerity. All they have to do now is take down Ignacio, tell Sebastián the whole story so he quits worrying, and get Cachito on their side again. No problem, right?

Tania and Eugenio (10 votes) – These two have been through the wringer. I admit, I was worried about the two of them and, much like Eugenio, thought she would be packing her bags last night. But we both underestimated Tania’s determination and patience. With only one episode left I doubt there’s time, but it would have been great to see them making beautiful music together, literally!

Santiago and Connie (9 votes) – Connie really helped bring Santiago out of his shell, and they were doing great together until all that pesky family/business drama got in the way. She made most of the effort early on, and now it’s Santiago’s turn…he’s going to have to get past his suspicions and distrust and pitch some woo, because Connie’s not going to beg.

Termi and Cocó (8 votes) – As much as Cocó says every time is the last time, she just can’t keep her hands off Termi. He’s embraced her penchant for roleplay and accessorizing. They seem perfect for each other, but how much longer will Termi be willing to dance to Cocó’s tune without a commitment?

Yesenia and Ruben (8 votes) – She’s volatile and he’s naïve. Lately they seem pretty solid, but Yesenia’s jealousy and insecurity aren’t going to vanish overnight, and Ruben is still trusting to a fault.

It’s more a question of “Who?”

Humberto was practically married to Fabiola from the beginning. They’d been living together, he was supporting her and her children, and he even gave Ignacio a position of trust in his company. But we all knew she was scheming against him and nobody thought she would still be married to Humberto in the end.

Humberto probably won’t be alone, though.

061116b poll results

Nora (4 votes) – Early on, it seemed that Nora was harboring feelings for Humberto. She hinted about boyfriends she turned away while she was devoting her life to looking after Humberto and Leonardo. And she’s still looking out for them both, trying to protect Humberto from Fabiola by going to the police with the poisoned tea. She’ll probably always be a part of his life, though lately it seems less and less likely that it will be as a romantic partner.

Inés (7 votes) – The seeds for this relationship were planted right after Jonathan’s death. Humberto was captivated by the picture of Inés he saw in Leonardo’s office. When she ran into him again…or at least, into his car!…he didn’t just make sure she got medical care, he seemed to want to spend more time with her. Since Ignacio sprung his trap, they’ve been spending plenty of time together, sharing twin stories, coffee, smiles, and starry-eyed glances.

As for Basi, he’s been pining for Ivonne (6 votes) probably since he started working at Fuentemayor. He’s finally stopped being tongue-tied around her and revealed his feelings, and while Ivonne can see what a great guy he is, she still doesn’t seem to return his feelings.

He’s also been sneaking over to the barrio to liaise with Tencha and he seemed not-entirely-indifferent, but no one thought they’d be a couple by the end (0 votes). Was it the lies? Tencha’s line of suitors around the block? Basi’s long-standing affection for Ivonne? Whatever the reason, these two just don’t seem meant to be.

Random guesses

Nature abhors a vacuum and telenovelas abhor a bachelor/ette–even when it seems that some characters are perfectly happy without romance. I threw out a few combos in honor of that tendency for previously un-introduced characters to suddenly lock eyes at the final boda.

061116c poll results

Lupe and Sebastián (1 vote) – Sure, they’ve never met, but Sebas has that doctor thing going for him and Lupe has been pining for a guy who’d be as sweet on her as Ruben is on Yesenia. Sebastián still seems a little too hung up on Paloma, and he’s been really focused on getting to know Cachito, so now might not be the right time, boda magic or no.

Dani and Sebastián (2 votes) – Well she’s sure not going to end up with that liar Edgardo! And Santi has had far more chemistry with Connie lately. In addition to the already-stated reasons why Sebastián may not be a good match for anyone right now, Dani is still recovering from Renata’s death, the possibility she was murdered, and she still hasn’t found out yet about Edgardo’s involvement. For Dani and Sebas to get together would be a long shot.

Lupe and her 20% (3 votes) – Out of all the random pairings, you thought this one was the most likely, and I’m inclined to agree. Even if someone at the boda does catch her eye, she’s not going to give up her business ideas.

There’s just one more episode left and we’ll find out which predictions were correct!

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