¿Quién es Quién? Friday 6/17/16 #90

Still in the pre-planning stage

I don’t know if I should call her Fernanda or Isabela now, but either way…Leo tells her not to turn herself in.

Wait, what?!

Yep, he’s not willing to let one more person’s life be ruined on account of Ignacio. He doesn’t exactly apologize for what happened to her family; he says if he had realized sooner what Ignacio was up to things would have gone very differently.

So, ok, he was fooled, she was fooled–he wants to wipe the slate clean and work together. Pedro loves her, and Pedro needs her to be free so she can get him out of jail. Fer loves Pedro, so she’s willing to do anything.

Leo asks about her relationship with Ignacio–did he trust her completely? She says he did, but not after she fell in love with Pedro. And she did accuse him several times of being the one who hurt Santiago, and she told him she hated him, but Ignacio won’t accept her rejection.

Leo suggests that she make him believe he’s still got a shot with her. He thinks so highly of himself, he’s sure to fall for it. Fer gets grossed out at the idea of him so much as touching her and she doesn’t think she can do it. She’s not the same person who made Leo think she was interested in him.

If anyone can understand how love changes you, it’s Leo. He says he’ll move as quickly as he can so that she doesn’t have to go very far. The first thing she needs to do is get into Ignacio’s computer….

Don’t think of it as losing a father, think of it as gaining a brother!

Yesenia has heard the whole story now and she desperately tries to board the boat cruising down that river in Egypt…but Inés has Sara to back her up. Sara feels awful and wonders where she went wrong, but Inés says it’s not her fault.

Sara wipes her tears away and tries to cheer Yesenia up with the prospect of having TWO brothers now…cool, right? Yesenia laughs and says at least the other one isn’t as latoso (irritating) as Perico. She asks what Inés is going to do.

I’m surprised Inés doesn’t mention any legal stuff (maybe it was too long ago?), she just says she never wants to see Chamoy again, but she’s not going to forbid Sara and Yesenia from seeing him. Yesenia is going to have to think about it.

Yesenia’s in the kitchen later when Leo comes in through the back door. He says it’s a long story, but he doesn’t want people seeing him come and go through the front door. She just stares at him with tears running down her face and he gets worried and begs her to tell him what’s wrong. He’s so sweet about it! Yesenia says, “Welcome to the family, Leo.” And then they hug for a really long time while I cry.

The other big plan

Tania wants to compete in the talent show to show Eugenio that she can help with the household expenses too. Not that she has to, but he’s being a little…overprotective…lately. Paloma doesn’t know if this is the right time for singing but…ok, she’s in! Maybe they’ll even win! But they’ve got to get in gear and start practicing for their big debut.


Sure enough, Humberto is staying at Nora’s house in the barrio, where Connie and Lupe (and previously Tania) had been living. He can’t believe he got fooled for so long and he’s grateful to Nora for putting him up, but he’s also concerned about how this is hurting her as well.

Nora’s not. He paid her well enough that she can live off her savings for a few years. What does worry her is Connie. She mentioned something about going to San Francisco to check on something to do with her mother.

Humberto feels awful that he forgot all about Connie. Nora reminds him that the two of them are the only ones looking out for her. She’d like to find her, but she doesn’t know where to start. Humberto has her old address and the information about the company where Matías worked, so he sends it over to Nora’s cell phone.

I want you to want me.

In the morning, Ignacio tells Ivonne to get the legal department working on selling off Evans Tech. “But they’re an excellent company with a hundred employees!” Uff, no, Mr. Big Shot Ignacio El Gran Puercoespín says they don’t fit the new “profile.” Ivonne calls him on his attitude saying if he doesn’t value her opinions she’ll just keep her mouth shut and do what she’s told.

Fer comes in, ready to do her part for Team Twin, in a low-cut blue dress with a little cutout at her midriff and a lot of scalloped edges.

She plays up the “That guy had me fooled” angle and pretends she’s angry and disgusted that some nobody from the barrio had his hands all over her. She wants him to pay! She and Ignacio had a deal and she can still be useful to him as “Leonardo Fuentemayor’s” lawful wife. She doesn’t want to end up out on the street with nothing, like Humberto did.

And besides, they had a good thing going once and donde hubo fuego, cenizas quedan (where there was fire, sparks remain). She bats her eyelashes in a thoroughly unconvincing, but perfect, way!

Ignacio doesn’t think he can trust her, but he agrees to give her just one more chance and reminds her that part of being with him is doing everything he wants. She gives him blatantly false smiles as she’s walking out the door.

Well played, Fer! No, really, well played–she was never going to seem sincere, so she might as well make him think she’s desperate for money.

All action, no talk

At Nora’s house, Humberto makes coffee for Inés. We don’t hear their conversation because the huge goofy grins say it all.

Leo’s at Cocó’s house, working at her dining table while Cocó and Termi snog noisily in the kitchen. I assume it was noisy, based on Leo’s annoyed look.

Fer, in a black lace dress with points at the hemline and the sleeves that looks like a modern interpretation of Elvira Mistress of the Dark’s signature look, brings Ignacio a cup of coffee in his office.

Cocó and Termi watch a movie on Leo’s laptop (or is that still Cachito’s appropriated laptop?) and Basi comes in with gift bags and a hat for Termi.

Fabi watches Yesenia and Ruben emerge from his house after what was surely another night of sweet, sweet lovin’. Fabi’s eyes look puffy from crying.

Ignacio’s two spies watch Paloma’s house. Chamoy watches them.

Fernanda sneaks into Ignacio’s office and breaks into his computer.

Two guys come into Pedro and Saltamontes’ cell and start roughing up Pedro. Saltamontes subdues them and then does some yoga while Pedro dives under the bottom bunk.

 Days Later 

Ignacio visits Pedro and his bruised eye in jail. Mostly I think he just came to gloat because he thinks Fernanda is into him again, but he also hands over pictures of Pedro’s family to “remind” Pedro of what’s at stake if he opens his mouth. I’m with Pedro–he already said he wouldn’t, so cut the threats already. And then he asks about Leo, but Pedro plays up his anger and says he’s in jail and nobody visits him, so how would he have heard anything?

It’s go time!

It’s the day of the talent show and Paloma is nervous. Leo is sure she’s going to be great. (Plus, Pedro’s not there to completely smoke the competition, amirite?)

Fer calls Leo–she has Ignacio’s passwords and she’ll send them to his phone. Leo passes on a message from Pedro, via Basi…he loves her, he adores her, he’s in love with her…by the time he gets to the end of the message, he says “Chaparrita” just the way Pedro would have and Paloma starts giggling.

He tells Paloma they’ve got the passwords and Paloma calls Cocó and says it’s time. Termi and Cocó are on their way over.

Termi and Cocó make their way up the street–her in a cute pink strawberry-themed ensemble and him in…a hoodie? Bro, it’s way too hot for that!

Aha, but it’s all a ruse, see, Termi and Cocó go into Paloma’s house, Termi gives Leo the hoodie, and Leo and Cocó come back out. This is apparently how he’s been doing a lot of his sneaking around.

Ignacio’s spies notice Cocó and her partner on the way in and the way out of the house, but they do nothing. In fact, one starts playing with his cell phone. Because stakeouts are boring.


Inés and Humberto trade twin stories. Humberto tells her about the time that Leonardo prepared an investment plan for all his classmates in first grade to convince them to invest in his dad’s company–but the parents found out and decided THEY wanted to invest. Inés tells him about Pedro at the same age putting on a traje de mariachi for the first time at the school’s Mother’s Day assembly and wowing everyone with his singing. All the little girls were in love with him and he’s been a heartbreaker ever since. Until he met Fernanda, anyway.

Humberto knows all about that. He talks about how much he enjoyed having Pedro around for those few months. Everybody loves him, even at the corporativo. Speaking of the corporativo, he finally got Doña Leticia to agree to a meeting later today. Inés thanks him for everything and they clasp hands and smile at each other. Oh yeah, it’s so on!

Let Phase 1 commence!

The setup at Cocó’s house has evolved to include the laptop, Gwen, and a really big monitor. Basi thinks he’s figured out how Ignacio’s going to handle the money laundering and he calculated the amount that Ignacio’s going to have to make in order to pay the Russians back, with interest, and still have some left over for himself. Leonardo agrees with Basi’s assessment, but where did he learn so much about investing?

Gwen pipes up: “My compadrito has a doctorate in finance from the University of Providence. He’s a badass.” Basi laughs and Leonardo looks baffled. He gets really embarrassed as Leonardo asks if this is true and why he never told him. “Well, I was broke and my aunt was sick and I was looking for any job I could find. And you never asked me.”

Leonardo apologizes for never recognizing how awesome Basi was, not just because of the doctorate, but as a human being. Basi tears up and tells him to turn around. “No, you turn around! I’m gonna cry too! Come give me a hug.”

Termi and Cocó walk in while they’re hugging. Termi explains how he snuck out Paloma’s bedroom window and over the roofs to the mercado and Cocó picked him up there.

Leo announces he’s got the passwords and they’re ready to break into the company’s bank accounts. He gives Gwen the password…”Ready to receive orders, Papi Chulo!”

Remember when I said Edgardo was the one with the brains? He and Ignacio are hanging out in his hotel room. Tomorrow is their first payment to the Russians and it has to go perfectly.

Ignacio: “I have everything completely under control.”

Edgardo: “It scares me when you say that.”

HA! He’s not going to stop worrying until they know where Leonardo is. Ignacio thinks he’s dead and Humberto is off sulking somewhere, heartbroken. To Edgardo, the fact that Humberto hasn’t made a move against them is not a good sign.

Speaking of things Ignacio thinks are a good sign, but probably aren’t–a Mexican cartel contacted him about moving $500 million a month.

Back at Casa Cocó everyone contemplates the massive dollar amounts in the company’s bank accounts. They can’t move the money or the bank will alert Ignacio. Instead, Leonardo instructs Gwen to block all the accounts and change all the passwords. Tomorrow, they’ll find out if it worked.

Now it’s Termi and Cocó’s turn to do something that involved studying all night and a really exaggerated accent and dialect, straight out of a narconovela.

Cachito is spending a few days with Sebastián. Sebastián sends Cachito to look for his wallet in Cachito’s room so he can beg Paloma to come with them. He doesn’t know what Leo is involved in, but it’s obviously dangerous and he doesn’t want her getting hurt. Paloma says she’s staying behind to help Leo for all their sakes, so they can get some peace of mind. He just needs to take care of Cachito.

Cachito re-emerges from his room and Sebastián suddenly finds his wallet was in his back pocket all along. They’re off, leaving a nervous Paloma behind.

He did make a really big impression.

Humberto meets Leticia for drinks. I’m not sure how much he told her, but she says it all sounds terrible. Humberto swears Ignacio was behind the fraud. He knows it’s a lot to ask, but he needs her help. She’s moved by his story and isn’t worried about the money–after all, he lost way more than money.

Humberto points out he’s also gained a lot. He’s met some great people, like Pedro. Ah, yes, Pedro. Leticia thinks he’s a good kid and she does want to help him, but that’s not entirely up to her. She’ll do her best to convince Fermin.

No fireworks, plenty of burn.

Melquiades gives his waitstaff some final instructions for tonight before turning around to see Chamoy coming in, bandage still peeking out below the sleeve of a fresh t-shirt. (Yeah, I know, Mel; I’d forgotten about him too.) Chamoy wants a place to crash and bullies Mel into letting him stay in the office. Mel tells him it had better not be for long and goes off to do something else.

Chamoy starts to head for the door to the employee area just as Yesenia is walking out. She stares at him. No handshake, no listening to his excuses. She defended him for years and blamed everything bad that happened to him on his rotten luck, but now she knows the truth–he went looking for trouble. He can’t believe she would think ill of him? Well, he sold his own son! And what he did to her mother…there are some things you just don’t forgive. Yesenia walks out on his sorry ass.

Both better and worse than expected

Eugenio gets off his shift early. He comes home to an empty house.

The produce is flying at Mel’s bar. Mel pulls some poor guy off the stage and welcomes Paloma and Tania. They’re in gorgeous ’50s dresses with their hair rolled and red lipstick.

Paloma belts out a song about wanting to be wanted, wanting to be remembered, not being able to live without someone’s kisses, she doesn’t care who knows her pain. Tania joins her on the chorus and takes the second verse.

Basi’s sending a live feed back to Cocó’s so Leonardo, Sara, and Inés can watch. At the bar, Cocó is mouthing the words to Termi.

Eugenio comes in just as Tania is singing “come into my open arms, that are waiting for you!” The crowd goes wild. Eugenio, not so much.


Santiago did go to London with Dani, so at least there’s one less person to worry about. Fer begs him to stay there until this is finished and then hangs up quickly when Ignacio comes in.

She can’t entirely hide her disgust with him as he gleefully reports that he went to check on Pedro and see if he received the “message” she sent him, but she hides it by saying there have been enough scandals already.

Ivonne heads for Fernanda’s office, but stops at the door in time to hear Fer and Ignacio talking about her. Ignacio says he was only using Ivonne and he’ll break up with her right now if Fer wants.

Ivonne takes great pleasure in walking in without knocking and announcing that she just got a call from accounting. All of the company’s accounts are blocked. The bank confirmed it’s not an error and they didn’t do it. Ignacio goes off to yell at some poor innocent accountant, probably, and Ivonne gives Fer a dirty look before leaving the office.

Back at her desk, Basi asks what’s wrong and Ivonne blames it on herself–Ignacio used her and she was so stupid she didn’t want to notice. (Aw, Ivonne! Don’t blame yourself. Nail that creep!)

At Cocó’s, the theme of the day is French fries. Yep, on her shirt, on her necklace, and on her earrings. The earrings are tempting. I’m not even kidding. I would never joke about fries.

Um, anyway…she and Termi are nervous until Leo gets the call from Fernanda. It worked! Ignacio’s in his office freaking out. Leo thanks her and tells her to get out of there before he suspects her. Gwen shows them the inside of Ignacio’s office where he’s yelling at the bank, saying he’s the only one with those passwords and HE didn’t block the accounts, so it MUST be their mistake.

Leo turns to Cocó and Termi and says he’ll understand if they don’t want to go through with the next part of the plan. Cocó puts on her narco accent and says “Bullets hit or they miss, but they don’t turn around.” The three of them do a little pre-victory dance.

 San Francisco, California 

Nora has finally tracked Connie to a hotel. Connie explains she needed to find out if what her father said about her mother being a sexual harasser was true. She talked to her dad’s boss’ son to confirm it and she knows that Fabi did it to her film class teacher.

She can’t figure out why her dad called and took it all back, but it seemed like he was saying goodbye. She can’t get him to answer her phone calls or return her emails and she went to the police to ask for help.

Nora begs her to come back to LA, but Connie doesn’t want to go back to her gross family, and Humberto…he’s no saint, either. She’s been watching the TV and she knows what he’s done.

Nora tells her what’s been on the TV isn’t true and there are things Connie needs to know about her mom and her brother.

Dude, seriously!

Eugenio is turning into his dad. He’s angry that Tania didn’t tell him about singing at the bar and he won’t even tell her if he liked her singing AND THEY WON and she wants to give him the $3000 and he won’t take it. Because he can handle the bills all on his own. He stomps out of the house to go to one of his five billion jobs that he’s killing himself with because he insists on being a stupid macho schmo.

Some of that may be redundant, but I don’t care. He wouldn’t even tell her if he liked her singing! Who does that?

At the mercado, Eugenia blames Paloma for encouraging his wife. She should have asked his permission! That’s what husbands are for!

Paloma: “Are you even listening to yourself?! You sound like dad!” Eugenio scoffs that he’s nothing like that man, but Paloma disagrees–he’s talking about Tania like she’s his property.

He’s angry that she would compare him to Justino! He needs to protect his wife! There’s a bunch of perverts out there! Something could happen to her if he’s not with her! Paloma tells him all he’s going to do with that attitude is suffocate Tania. Is he going to go through his whole marriage behaving like a macho (and she means that in the bad way)?

The light bulb finally turns on. Paloma tells him to go talk to Tania already! Eugenio hugs her and thanks her for the ass kicking. Uh, I mean…her wisdom.

Family is…complicated.

Yesenia tells Ruben about seeing Chamoy last night and feeling like something snapped. She’ll never look at him the same way again. Ruben is a sweet boy, but no, this is not just your average “finding out your parents aren’t perfect.” Which is what Yesenia tells him. And she feels awful about the way she defended him to Leonardo and accused Leonardo of being “crazy.” “Have you talked to Leonardo about it yet?” She reminds him they’ve got to keep the fact that she’s got two brothers quiet for now and says she hasn’t had the chance to talk to him yet. She feels as if her dad died. Ruben hugs her and tells her he’ll always be there for her.

Heading for Phase 2

Ignacio frantically tries multiple passwords to get back into the company accounts. Yeah, buddy, you just keep smashing that key right there, that’s definitely going to work. Heh!

Edgardo comes in to tell him the Russians will be there at 6 and NO he cannot make up an excuse and put them off until tomorrow! He blames Ignacio for being too trusting. Hasn’t he considered that Fernanda’s been duping him all this time?

Ignacio heads for her office, but she’s left and Ivonne is on her way out as well. She’s emptying out her desk and she neither knows nor cares where Fernanda went.

According to security, she left fifteen minutes ago. Ignacio snaps at Ivonne to get him those papers for Evans Tech and she says he can find them himself, she’s not staying here another minute longer. Unlike Fernanda and unlike him, she has some dignity! Or does he really think Fer would ever have bothered with him if Leonardo was still around.

Ignacio gets up in her face, screaming at her, and grabs her arms hard enough to hurt. Basi tries to pull him off and gets shoved against the wall, but at least Ignacio stops. He threatens to kill Basi if he lays another hand on him, so Basi shoves him and says “Let’s see!” Ignacio tells them both to get out.

Ivonne can’t believe Basi defended her like that, but Basi said he’d give his life for her if he had to. “Aw, don’t say that!” Yes, she’s finally realized how he feels about her and she says if she hadn’t been so stupid, she would have figured it out earlier. She gives him a little peck on the cheek and tells him he’s “un sol” (a sweetheart).

Edgardo tells Ignacio to quit worrying about petty problems (Fernanda? Ivonne?) when they’ve got the Russians to worry about. Ignacio wants to try to sell them Evans Tech at a ridiculously low price, but Edgardo says they don’t work that way. He called and told them what was happening and they sent him a picture of what happened to the last guy who didn’t do what they wanted. Ignacio takes one look and tells him to erase it!

Suddenly, his cell phone rings and there’s a woman with no name on the other end asking about doing business with him…she had her right hand man call him before because she was out of the country, buying some planes in Calexico. She’s back now and burdened with an overabundance of cash. That’s music to Ignacio’s ears and he’s ready to set up a meeting.

Leonardo grins at Cocó as she gives him an “Oh yeah, totally falling for it,” look.

As if she wasn’t having a bad enough day already!

Yesenia and Ruben come stumbling out of the piñateria attached at the lips. Fabi is on hand to witness their mushyness and turns around so Ruben doesn’t see her face. When he’s gone, she barges into the back of the piñateria and pulls a gun out of her purse.

Inés brings Humberto to the mercado and tells him about Leonardo helping the vendors raise their profits. Humberto is proud of his son, and Inés assures him that he has every right to call him that. He’s been way more of a father to him than Chamoy.

She shows off her shop… “See, I’m a businessperson too!” …and explains she called it El Torito because Pedro loved singing Pedro Infante songs.

“Ruben is mine!” Fabi screams. Yesenia asks her to stop pointing the gun at her. It might go off and Fabi doesn’t want to go to jail, does she? Everyone in the mercado will hear the shot and who knows, they might even lynch her themselves. Yesenia tries to approach her, but a jittery Fabi screams at her to stay back or she’ll kill her.

Out in front of the shop, Humberto is talking about the mercado reminding him of Mexico. Inés says it’s like a little corner of her country–

They hear the gun go off and Fabiola comes stumbling out of the shop. Inés runs to check on Yesenia, but Humberto just stares at Fabiola in confusion, telling her to wait.

Fabi takes off and Humberto snaps out of it and starts moving towards the back of the shop. He gets there in time to hear Yesenia saying that she’s fine, but that woman came there to threaten her. She’s been harassing Ruben and she tried to offer Yesenia money to leave him alone and when Yesenia wouldn’t she showed up with the gun.

More duets in our future?

Eugenio gets home and finds Tania on the couch looking through old pictures. He maybe lets her go on a little too long apologizing for not asking his permission before he apologizes for treating her like a prisoner in her own house. He doesn’t want to be like his dad and he ended up acting like him.

Tania doesn’t think he could never be like his dad–he’s unique, he’s got his own heart. Eugenio was afraid he’d come home and find her packing her stuff, but Tania says she can’t leave him. She loves him! “Yeah, but with that voice….”

Aha! So he liked it! Yes, he liked it a lot. Tania’s glad. Mel offered her a job and he said he’d pay really well. Eugenio jokes about having to become her bodyguard. Tania insists they’re going to save up money and go to New York so Eugenio can pursue his dream. He agrees and they make with the smoochies.

Phase 2

Cocó and Termi arrive at Fuentemayor and duuuuuuuuuude…it’s bad. Really bad. Cocó’s bright red bob is kinda ok, but her outfit screams “70s” and not “narco.” Termi has that hat Basi gave him, complete with a not-really-hidden camera in front, and under that hat is a Slash wig. I cannot back him on that play.

Ignacio greets them and Cocó introduces Termi as her lugarteniente (deputy) El Tecolote (The Owl) and herself as Altagracia Fierro. Termi makes sure to put Edgardo in his place for calling her “Altagracia” instead of “Señora Fierro.”

From Leo’s office, Basi coaches them while Leo watches from Cocó’s house with Paloma. There’s a knock at the door. Paloma answers and she and Fernanda finally meet.

Ignacio invites Señora Fierro into the boardroom. Cocó gives them some tough talk about keeping the cops away and not letting them deal with her clients directly and then Edgardo asks for the names of some of her contacts at other companies. Cocó freezes.

Leonardo tells Basi to give her some names, but Basi doesn’t answer him. Cocó…digo, Señora Fierro’s silence makes Edgardo rush to explain that he’s not being distrustful or anything. Don Teco loses his temper and Edgardo and Ignacio jump when they think he’s reaching for his gun…ha! He was just getting the key to the briefcase full of cash. Señora Fierro asks if they want this $5 million in cash or if she should take it somewhere where they ask fewer questions.

Back at her house, Fer thinks the money is fake, but Leo explains it’s cash from a secret account. “I hope I don’t lose it.” Wow. Must be nice.

Pedro and Saltamontes are hanging out in their cell when the guard comes in to tell Pedro he’s getting out. Yes, right now, before the trial. The charges were dropped. He gives Saltamontes a big hug goodbye. Pedro leaves with the guards and Saltamontes puts his head down on the top bunk and weeps. (Mr. 5ft: It’s ok, he’ll come back for you! Pedro never forgets a bud!)

Leo tells Basi to tell Cocó to spring the question already. Termi shoves the suitcase towards them and tells them to count it and quit standing there. But first…Señora Fierro wants to know, since they’re being all “Show us your references,” aren’t they a little too clean to have been at this for long? Whose money have they laundered? She gives them about two seconds of silence and then says they’re all talk. She’s leaving.

Termi reaches for the suitcase and Ignacio panics and starts naming the names of all the Russians. Termi pretends to be impressed that they deal with the Russian mob. Cocó has an objection–she could just as easily say she’s married to el güerito here (blondie; Ignacio) but that doesn’t make it true.

Ignacio hands her the signed contracts and Termi gives them a sloooooow look as Leo grabs screen shots. Fernanda says this is their proof! Leo tells Basi to tell them to leave the money and get out–they have what they need!

Can it really be this easy?

Inés and Humberto walk Yesenia home. She’s in shock. Humberto begs Inés to go to the police, but she doesn’t want to put Yesenia through anything more. She thanks him for getting Pedro out of jail, but they can handle this on their own. (No! No you can’t!)

Humberto goes to call his lawyer and see what can be done about Fabi and see if he’s had any news. Yesi’s already got a mug of steaming tea and she’s telling Sara that Fabi should be grateful she went in there with a gun or Yesenia would have knocked her out.

Basi reports that Coco and Termi made it out of the office. It’s time for the next phase. Paloma asks what that is. It’s taking all the evidence to the police. It’s enough for them to arrest Ignacio and Edgardo and they put a GPS tracker in the briefcase.

Fernanda gets nervous– is it really going to be over? This easily? Leo and Paloma certainly think so. Leo thanks them both and shakes Fernanda’s hand. She gets teary and gives him a kiss and a hug. Leo leaves to meet Basi at the police station and Paloma says it’s probably about time the two of them talked.

Edgardo is also doubting how easy that went. He thinks they looked more like clowns than narcos. (Ay, Edgardo…if you’d worked alone, you might have succeeded, but you picked a terrible partner!) The cash is enough to convince Ignacio that they’re legit. Plus, they can pacify the Russians while he works on getting the accounts unblocked.

Edgardo gives in. He’ll take the money and make the deposit for the Russians, but he begs Ignacio to consider what he said earlier. He’s convinced the accounts were hacked by Leonardo.

Fabiola’s nervously swilling the good booze in Humberto’s study when Inés barges into the house, over Karen’s objections. Fabi hears shouting from the living room and goes out there so Inés can give her a solid slap across the face and threaten to kill her if she ever touches her daughter again!

Over tea, Paloma and Fernanda get started on the concuña bonding (cuñada/o = brother- or sister-in-law; concuña/o = the spouse of your brother- or sister-in-law). Paloma tells her about the restaurant incident and of course, Fer completely understands how betrayed she must have felt. There’s a knock at the door and Paloma thinks it must be Leonardo…

But it’s Ignacio. He grabs Paloma and screams at her to tell him where Leonardo is. When he sees Fernanda he accuses her and Leonardo of setting a trap for him. He pulls a gun on Paloma and tells Fernanda to call Leonardo and tell him to get there right away or he’ll kill his girlfriend.

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Visita/ Guest

Super recap, Diva. Tells us every nuance.
Loved: “Yesenia has heard the whole story now and she desperately tries to board the boat cruising down that river in Egypt.” Ha ha. She came around though.
“Back at her house, Fer thinks the money is fake, but Leo explains it’s cash from a secret account. “I hope I don’t lose it.” Wow. Must be nice.” Uh, yeah. Funny how big monitors and cash kind of appear when they’re most needed.
Ya gotta love el Saltamontes, right? I hope they follow up with him

Visita/ Guest

Diva and Jenn –
Recapping a two hour episode boggles my mind. When I recapped for LA VECINA, a one hour show, it would take me 3 hours normally and 3 and a 1/2 hours if I hurried! LOL.

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Great recap, Kat!
Why do these people in the barrio just open their doors without seeing who is out there first? I’ve noticed that several times – there’s a knock on the door and the person inside says, “it must be so and so” or “who could that be” and just opens the door. I live in a city and I would NEVER open the door without seeing who was there first.

stealth cacphony
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stealth cacphony

Diva you’re a lifesaver! My power went out just for the time this was on. Seriously, it went off just after it started and back on just after it ended, and then Tmundo had the segments mixed up on their website, its like somebody was out to get me I don’t know what I would have done w/o your recap, and that’s on top of the sheer fun of reading them. Stuff like this where you say just what I was thinking – “Some of that maybe redundant, but I don’t care. He wouldn’t even tell her if he liked… Read more »