El Gran Final de ¿Quién es Quién? Monday 6/20/16 #91

Of course it wasn’t going to be that easy.

Paloma and Fernanda try to handle Ignacio themselves, but he’s not really thinking clearly at the moment, assuming he ever was. He wants Fernanda to call Leonardo and get him there or he’ll kill Paloma.

Leonardo is riding back from the police station with Basi. In the front of the limo, for once. The video was enough evidence for the police and they’ve mobilized to round up Ignacio and Edgardo. Basi’s happy, and he’s especially happy that Humberto can get his company back now.

Leo thinks it will take months, still…a trial and proving that Ignacio used fraudulent means to get his grubby paws on the company. Eh, Basi figures there are three of them on the hook for this–Ignacio, Edgardo, and Fabiola–and that means three potential people who could confess.

The Basimobile gets a flat, but before Basi can change it, Leonardo gets the call from Fernanda that Ignacio is at Paloma’s house. Leo takes off at a run and tells Basi to call the cops.

Inés is still out (yelling at Fabi) and Yesenia is worried about her. Pedro gets home and has to tell them he’s Pedro! They didn’t realize he’d gotten out of jail.

Fabi and Inés trade insults and threats until Inés decides to leave before security can cart her out. Her parting shot is “If you ever touch my daughter again, I’ll kill you.”

When Pedro asks where his mom is, Sara mentions Don Humberto. Yeah, Don Humberto. They’ve become great friends lately. Pedro’s on the verge of doing the “nobody’s allowed to date my mommy!” thing when Termi comes banging on the door. The Barrio Watch finally came through–they saw Ignacio go into Paloma’s house. Pedro and Termi take off running.

Fabi calls Ignacio and whines that she needs him! Something terrible happened to her! It’s possible I may have loudly exclaimed “Oh, get over it!” but I’m sure I wasn’t the only one.

Connie comes in, but boy is she not in the mood for Fabi’s pouting and whining. She knows everything and she brought Nora along for moral support. She knows about the poisoned tea. She knows about Fabi’s weakness for younger man. She talked to the guy Fabi stalked in San Francisco. She knows Fabi stalked Ruben. She knows Fabi killed Matías. That’s right–the cops found his body. He died of a gunshot wound and Connie’s sure Fabi and Ignacio are responsible.

Ignacio blames everything on Fernanda for not staying with him. He’s angry at Paloma for believing in Leonardo. One of the twins bangs on the door–it’s Pedro, but Ignacio thinks it’s Leonardo. Pedro tells Ignacio to let Paloma and Fernanda go. But Ignacio wants him to un-block the accounts and transfer a bunch of money.

Pedro stalls, saying the computer is running slow. Now there’s another knock at the door and when Ignacio hears the other twin’s voice he really starts freaking out.

Fabi keeps trying to convince Connie that she’s wrong, that she had nothing to do with killing Matías. She makes a last-ditch effort, blaming it on Humberto, but Nora isn’t going to stand for that. Connie tells Fabi that the cops found poison in the tea that Humberto was supposed to drink…right before Fabi hears the sirens.

Edgardo and the suitcase get back to his hotel room. He leaves a message for Ignacio.

Ignacio has Twin 1 go open the door for Twin 2. They refuse to tell Ignacio who’s who, so Ignacio fires at Fernanda without looking. She leaps out of her chair and completely avoids getting hit, but when Pedro runs towards her, Ignacio knows the other twin is Leonardo and tells him to unblock the accounts or he’ll shoot Paloma.

Termi watches from the window. Chamoy and Yesenia come running up and Chamoy gets ready to go in through the back door. Yesenia was supposed to leave, but she’s not leaving Perico!

The cops come to collect Edgardo–and, yes, they know he’s Edgardo and not “Eduardo.”

Fabi gets cuffed. Heh. And she cries and whines. It was highly entertaining. At least she’s so busy begging Connie not to let them haul her off she doesn’t verbally abuse the cops.

Chamoy sneaks in through the back and calls out to Nachito…who lets go of Paloma. Chamoy and Ignacio fire at the same time. Great, they can take each other out!

Ooh, not so fast. Only Chamoy goes down. And Ignacio appears completely unharmed.

Yesenia heard the shot and Termi’s having to hold her so she doesn’t go running into the house. Inés shows up just then and can’t get either of them to tell her what happened, aside from Yesenia yelling “Dad!” and Termi saying he has no idea.

I guess Ignacio gave up on the money? Because now he’s all about how he’s going to shoot Leonardo first. Perfect Leonardo, who everything always goes right for. What if he didn’t have a millionaire dad and a company that was his since birth? (Well, he’d be Perico? Who’s not doing so shabby, all things considered.) He’s seriously demanding an answer and Leonardo says Ignacio’s a smart guy. He could have gotten plenty far on his own and he didn’t have to throw his life away like this.

Chamoy starts to stir. He moves just enough to get the gun again while Ignacio screams at Leo for allegedly sneering down his nose at him. “So you think you’re better than everyone else? Answer me!” He screams that for once Leo made a mistake and he’s going to die. Chamoy takes his time lining up the shot and gets Ignacio in the gut before Ignacio can pull the trigger. He gloats (as much as a dying man can) in Ignacio’s general direction that ya te cargó el payaso. Yep, Ignacio’s dead.

The boys run towards their father and Paloma runs to Fer. It’s confession time. “Leo, you were right. I killed Jonathan out of jealousy.” The twins trade a look like “Mom does NOT need to know this!” Paloma lets Yesenia and Inés in. Chamoy tells Inés he did take her son away when he was born, but now he saved his life so…they’re cool, right? Inés nods. He wants to ask everyone for forgiveness, even though he knows he doesn’t deserve it. He asks the boys to take care of their sister, “She’s the only good thing I did in my life.” (That’s nice and all, but you probably didn’t have a whole lot to do with that.) He dies as they hear the ambulance sirens.

 Eight months later 

So as not to interrupt the fun…

Fabi’s in jail complaining about her delicate skin getting ruined and not letting her have her cleansers and creams being a human rights violation and wanting a dermatologist. A guard calls her Lady Roñas (mange). She looks like her face is breaking out in another allergic reaction like she had after Cocó’s treatment and she’s taking it about as well as she did then.

And now for the fun stuff!

It’s party time at Casa Fuentemayor. The far backyard (let’s just imagine this is what lies beyond the pool) is decorated in bright piñata colors.

Inside, Inés directs some more of the staff out to the back. Nora scolds her that she should be getting ready, but Inés corrects her–they BOTH should be getting ready and she’s not “señora” she’s just “Inés.” And just Inés thinks they’ll get done faster if they split things up, so if Nora goes to supervise in the kitchen, Inés will finish taking care of stuff out here. Nora can’t quit staring at her. “I like you.” Inés is grateful that Nora loves her son. “Both of them,” Nora corrects, and they both get back to work.

At Paloma’s, Yesenia, Lupe, and Cocó sigh over Paloma’s dress. Cachito comes in wearing a tux with tails and complains that he looks like a penguin. There’s a chorus of “nooooo,” but I disagree. He does look like a penguin, and who doesn’t love penguins? He pulls Paloma aside to tell her he gave his permission to marry Leonardo because he can see that she’s very, very happy with him. He gives her a kiss on the forehead and there’s more sighing.

At Fernanda’s apartment, Fer tells Dani the story about how she and Pedro went out to dinner and there was a pianist and Pedro sang to her and there was a producer there who heard him and now Pedro’s recording an album. It’s what he’s always wanted. Dani warns her to watch out for fans! But she’s kidding because she can tell Pedro’s crazy about Fer. As for Dani, she’s fine. She’s not going to cry over some criminal who lied to her Maybe there’s a guy out there, but if not…she’ll just keep adoring her own self.

Basi tries taking some selfies in the Fuentemayor living room. Humberto busts him and Basi says he’s as excited as he was at his own wedding. WHAT?! “And where’s your wife?” WHAT?! Basi says she had to make an escala tecnica (refueling stop)…he jokes about her feeling sick and then looking at him makes her feel more sick. Humberto says she’ll start feeling better once she’s past the first few months–the sickness should stop. Basi “Yeah, but mine will start!”

Basi thanks Humberto for giving him a chance and making him Sub-Director of the company (I think Leo is the Director). Humberto says he’s the one who’s grateful–Leo told him how well he did presenting the new projects. Ivonne and her belly come around the corner, praising her husband’s brilliance. Humberto declares Basi a jewel. Basi tells Humberto that Ivonne is his inspiration. And they’re having twins! They’re going to name them Perico and Leonardo, of course.

Upstairs in Leo’s room, the boys are getting ready and Inés mixes them up. Leo hands over some cash to Pedro. He lost the bet. Inés scolds them about not pulling the twin switch on her, threatens to yank their ears, and hugs them both. Pedro jokes that she’s cute when she’s angry and Inés throws in “And sexy, right?”

Humberto is out greeting the guests. Connie arrives. She’s been traveling, trying to think and forgive all the crap her family pulled. She and Bert are totally ok. And there’s a nice young man who was asking about her. Connie looks over and sees Santiago smiling at her.

At a table, Eugenio catches the barrio crowd up on the latest chisme from Mexico. Magdalena has a boyfriend! A millionaire! And he’s taking her on a tour of the Greek islands. (Aw, just like Fabi wanted…they should send her a postcard!)

Sara is glad that Magdalena is finally thinking of herself. She tells the “girls” this just proves you never know when a galan is going to show up. Lupe says “What do I want just one for when there are so many handsome ones out there?” In fact, there’s one right over there…some nice random guy in a suit that Lupe heads over to talk to.

Sara tells Tencha to learn from her example, but Tencha’s still heartbroken over Basi. “What does she have that I don’t have?” Termi makes the mistake of answering and Cocó pinches him. The theme, in case you were wondering, seems to be pandas and bamboo. Termi went with a red suit and white lips on his black shirt. But his hat has a tiny feather in it and Coco’s wearing a feathered hair clip.

Here come the brides.

The mariachis start the wedding march and Nora calls out that the brides are coming. Humberto has Fernanda on one arm and Paloma on the other. Paloma’s dress is a pretty simple strapless gown with embroidery on the skirt under a layer of sheer fabric. Fernanda’s (third) dress (just saying) has a heavy lace sleeveless bodice and a long satin skirt.

Everyone’s smiling as Humberto hands them off to Pedro and Leo. The guests gather around the canopy and the priest asks if before they begin, someone can explain to him quién es quién. Everyone laughs. Fer and Paloma introduce their respective novios, Pedro in his bright blue traje de mariachi and Leonardo in his tuxedo.

Fer and Pedro exchange rings.

“I choose you, Pedro, because every step I take at your side is full of excitement and happiness; because you make me laugh, dream, and quiver.”

I’ve been wondering if she was going to get married as Fernanda or Isabela and Pedro sidesteps all that by saying,

“I choose you, my beautiful Guitarrita, because when I saw my eyes reflected in yours I knew you were my destiny.”

Now it’s Paloma and Leonardo’s turn.

“Leonardo, I choose you as my husband because you’ve filled my life with love and because you let my son and I into your life. For a long time now you and I have been one.”

“I choose you, Paloma, because you knew how to wake my sleeping heart; and because in the middle of my confusion, you have always been the light that illuminated my path; and because through good times and bad, you and I are always going to be together.”

Humberto leans over to Inés and says her sons are so handsome. “OUR sons,” she corrects him. And then there are a LOT of newlywed smoochies.

Party time!

The mariachis play and everyone gets down on the dance floor.

When Pedro and Humberto hug and Pedro calls him “jefe,” we find out that Humberto’s been trying to get him to come work at the company. He knows Pedro wants to sing, but he’s not going to stop hoping. Inés welcomes Fernanda to the family.

Cachito drags Dani over to Sebastián and makes introductions. “This is my dad. His name is Sebastián and he doesn’t have a wife or a girlfriend. She’s Daniela, but she also doesn’t have a husband or a boyfriend. Go dance with her!” Sebastián and Dani are smiling and they agree they’d better follow orders. Cachito watches them leave and then celebrates.

Eugenio gets a call from his mom and passes the phone to Paloma. She gives Leo the phone so Magdalena can talk to him.

Santiago thinks Connie’s looking different than the last time he saw her. More mature, more womanly (don’t make me kick you!), more interesting (seriously, don’t!), more beautiful. (It’s probably the effect of not having two horrible family members weighing her down all the time.) He apologizes for what happened the last time they saw each other. He had no reason to think anything bad about her, he was just being stupid. All she ever did was give him encouragement, hope, good times.

“You were my eyes when I couldn’t see. And now that I can see, I want you to know that I love you and I don’t want to lose you. So do you want to be my girlfriend?”

Connie isn’t sure she heard him…or the second time…he finally shouts it out the third time.

Ruben is running the Cultural Center now. The Center gave Eugenio a scholarship. They move to New York at the end of this month. Tania has a job singing in a bar. Yesenia finished her first semester of Modern Dance. “I’ll do you a pas de bourrée and everything!” They all toast to each other.

Tencha meets a luchador.

Pedro serenades his new wife with a song about how grateful he is that his path moved, that he turned his head and saw her, because he adores his “Guitarrita,” and he’ll always be in love with her. He calls to his cuñada to come join him. Paloma sings to Leonardo that when she’s with him she’s so dazzled she can’t even tell if it’s night or day, she’s gives thanks that she met her green-eyed galan, she loves him and she’ll always be in love with him.

As the singing continues Coco and Termi shag for…say it with me now…the LAST time…in one of the bathrooms.

Humberto brings Inés back into the house for a minute to tell her he thinks it’s time…look, he’s not a kid anymore but she knows he’s crazy in love with her. Humberto gets down on one knee and asks her to marry him. Inés gets down on the floor with him and says yes, she’s in love with him too and she wants to marry him too! He slips the ring on her finger and kisses her as Nora looks at them both, sighs, and smiles.

Tania and Paloma’s song from the talent show plays as everyone applauds.

Paloma and Leonardo call Cachito over for a hug.

Basi and Ivonne kiss.

Yesenia and Ruben kiss.

Eugenio and Tania kiss.

Santi and Connie kiss.

Humberto and Inés come out of the house, see everyone else snogging and decide to join in.

Paloma and Leonardo kiss.

Pedro and Fernanda kiss.

And the earth moves…literally!

Everyone starts running around. Tencha screams “¡TERREMOTO!” just before the luchador grabs her and drags her away.

Pedro wonders if the ground is shaking or Fernanda is making him tremble. Eh, she doesn’t care. She just wants him to keep kissing her.

Leonardo and Paloma haven’t noticed a thing and they keep kissing and swaying in time to some music only they can hear.


Thank you to Sara for helping with recaps and Mr. 5ft for letting me monopolize the TV! Thank you also to everyone who read and commented! 2 hours a day is a LOT, but I’m still a little sad that it’s over, especially now that we got the villains out of the way. I like a lot of the characters and would be totally on board for the continued adventures of Leo and Perico and their quirky family and friends.

Let us know what you think about the show and the ending. Was anything left out? Was there anything you thought they could have wrapped up better?

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4 years ago

First, a standing ovation to you, Kat, for all your wonderful recaps of this novela especially when it went to two hours. It made watching it so much more fun (and helped with vocabulary). I found the rapid-fire, slangy, Mexican Spanish of the barrio folk very hard to understand. I really enjoyed this novela and am grateful that Telemundo didn’t cut it when they moved it to daytime. I thought Eugenio Siller did a great job portraying the twins with distinct personalities. I also liked how after he regained his memory, Leo realized what a jerk he had been. Carlos… Read more »

4 years ago

Holy cow, 5-ft, I had NO IDEA you were recapping Quien on this site. There was nothing on Caray, so I was adrift when I didn’t understand something. Vivi put your link in today, and here I am reading your terrific recap. I just loved this show, loved the cast, and thought Eugenio Siller did an outstanding job in his double role. And I loved that the show was uncut – rare these days. I had the feeling they might have done a little trimming in the last two episodes, but if so, it was nothing that hurt the story.… Read more »

4 years ago

I can only echo what Jean and Maggie wrote about your excellent recaps, Diva. They were superb and so great to read after watching the episodes. I love how you included the vows in today’s recap! The Mexican slang was very difficult to follow, and I’m very glad that your recaps were here to clarify what the characters said. ¿Quién es Quién? has been a fun ride, even when Telemundo aired two shows a day, and now I need a new telenovela to watch. Thanks again for all your terrific work!

4 years ago

Nora and Humberto had a little too much history to be together. They could both use a fresh start. Maybe Sebastian knows a nice doctor to set her up with. Someone who’d be ok retiring with her to the bario, where she has a pretty amazing house considering she’s been a housekeeper all these years. She may not have gotten to date Humberto, but at least he paid well. And Lupe should find an entertainment lawyer, she can be an agent, and they’ll be a major power couple in Hollywood. I was a little disappointed that Ignacio got to die.… Read more »

4 years ago

And big thanks to you, 5-ft, for posting all these recaps! There’s so much I would’ve missed Year’s supply of Coco’s fashionable accessories for you! (I’d send you the face creams but we know how well those went over).

4 years ago

Diva, thanks so much for all of the enjoyment that your excellent recaps brought to us. Your sense of humor never fails to elicit a laugh out loud response from me.
I’m in serious withdrawal as I knew I would be. We’ve become attached to these characters – Pedro, Basi, Leo, Fer, Paloma – even Ignacio.
Thanks again for the recaps and for creating this fun website.

4 years ago

Muchas gracias for all the recaps, Diva! I am sad this TN is over as it is definitely my favorite. Luckily it had a satisfying and happy ending, and actually it’s not completely over for me since I’m still working my way through the rest of the double episodes I missed. I also thought they were originally leading up to Nora + Humberto and Dani + Santiago but I’m happy with how things turned out. Cachito was so adorable setting up Dani and Sebastian. Such a cute kid (and I don’t even like kids)! Eugenio Siller did such a good… Read more »

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
4 years ago

Diva thanks a million for heading up this show and consistently giving great recaps. waaa I’m not ready for it to be over I’ll miss the wonder twins even though they weren’t hardly ever together. In other news the institute for coiffure related studies, of which I am the founder, (we are offering fellowships for interested associates) has concluded in light of Leo’s hair’s continued straightness even while his personality loosened up, that Perico’s hair probably curls naturally and Leo’s probably doesn’t. The institute has no explanation for the phenomenon of the continued obliviousness of the people in their lives,… Read more »

4 years ago

I think it would have been funnier if one characer had caught on to the hair difference immediately because it was SO obvious (well, to us non-telenovela characters at least).