La Sombra de Helena Thursday 7/14/16 #19

Helena’s all for Luiza getting away and getting some perspective–especially at her age. She half-jokingly suggests a mother-daughter trip.

Chica leaves Viriato and Selma at a table in the food court while she goes to buy a housewarming present for Luiza. Viriato thinks Selma shouldn’t worry so much about forgetting things. He’s decided he should only listen to what he wants to and remember what he wants to. He notices Selma isn’t listening…and doesn’t recognize him.

Luiza meets Andres to break up with him. She swears it’s not Laerte–there’s no reason. She just feels like their relationship has run its course. Sure, Andres noticed she’s not the same person she was, but he had plans all the same. Luiza doesn’t really think past today and today she thinks this is a permanent break-up. She asks his forgiveness, his understanding. He just wishes her happiness.

The next day

Marina and the studio are nearly broke, not bringing in enough money, and her father has disappeared in the last month. Vanessa notices Clara is watching them in the pool and gives Marina a massage and a kiss on the neck.

Later, Vanessa confronts Clara, saying she’s starting to believe Clara really is in love with Marina. To her, love and jealousy go together and Clara is jealous.

Laerte visits Luiza’s apartment. Without an invitation. There’s horrible flirting. Both horrible in the sense that he’s trying to hard and horrible in the sense that she’s probably the last person he should be flirting with. She avoids one kiss but later he gets more aggressive. Luiza ends up screaming at him to get out of her apartment, saying that’s not what she wanted and he shouldn’t come looking for her again.

Felipe decides he needs some liquid courage before he talks to Silvia. He takes a few swigs from a flask before the receptionist tells him that a patient of his is on the way up to the office. When Silvia finds the flask in the couch cushions, she’s upset that he drank at the office and tells the receptionist to send the patient to her office instead.

Barbara runs into Andres on campus. They chat about their moms a little, but he excuses himself to go talk to Alicia. He has a few leads on his birth parents and she volunteers to go with him to follow up on them.

Shirley calls Helena to annoy her. She’s on about the furniture for Luiza’s place again. Helena manages to act like it’s cool and they’ll meet at Luiza’s.

We don’t get to see the furniture, but Luiza and Helena joke about it later. Luiza felt like she didn’t have a graceful way to turn Shirley down. They make plans for a slumber party later.

Neide has changed her mind and is willing to help Alicia look for the men who raped her.


Helena and Luiza are curled up in bed watching a movie and eating popcorn. When Luiza goes to get more popcorn, Laerte calls. She tells Helena to answer it, but realizes when she gets back to the room that might not have been a good idea. She distracts her by dropping the glass bowl full of popcorn.

When Helena goes to get more popcorn, Luiza returns his call to tell him not to call again. Veronica hears his side of the call, begging for forgiveness. She tells him if he’s going to seduce his students he can do it away from the house.

Selma hears the argument and comes out of her room just as he’s flouncing out of the apartment. She babbles about the same “demon” Helena had being in Luiza now and how she hates them both. Veronica doesn’t know if she can take this anymore.

Cadu has acquired Fernando’s suspicion of Jairo and jokes-but-doesn’t that he was checking out Clara. She assures him she only has eyes for him and he’s the one who’s been all weird lately. They make with the snogging and I hope Dr. Silvia has cleared him for nocturnal physical activity….

The next day

Shirley sees Veronica out walking by the beach and a string of nonsense comes out of her mouth about staying in shape for her boyfriendnotherhusbandbecausesheonlyconsidersthemmarriedafterthey’vegotthepieceofpaperhahaha.

Selma gives Laerte a hard time for being stupid about Veronica. She wants him to be happy. Oh, he thinks he’s getting close to finding happiness. As for Selma, she says he doesn’t need to worry about her the way she worries about him. She’s seriously considering the retirement community and she thinks she could be happy there.

Laerte sees Shirley and Veronica having a coconut water and offers Veronica a ride. Shirley takes him up on his offer instead, leaving Veronica with the check and the task of telling Barbara she’s been ditched.

Alicia and Luiza visit a women’s shelter.

Helena begs Virgilio to talk to Jairo and figure out where they can use him in the auction house. He grudgingly agrees. Helena’s in a good mood because Luiza has been so affectionate lately.

Jairo has no official work history. He’s always worked under the table doing pretty much whatever. He thinks he’s owed a job with some status on account of being the owner’s aunt’s husband, but Virgilio says he’ll be treated like any other employee. He sends him to get an official work record and come back early tomorrow.

Barbara approaches Shirley for love advice. I’m cringing already. See, Barbara is a virgin and there’s this guy she likes, but he just broke up with his girlfriend and he still barely notices Barbara exists. Shirley knows it’s Andres and she tells Barbara not to worry about Luiza, show Andres what she has to offer, and don’t treat her virginity like a problem. OK, that wasn’t horrid.

Clara gets to Marina’s and finds Marina and Vanessa in bed together. She ignores Vanessa and focuses on Marina while Vanessa grouchily goes off to have a bath. No, Marina and Vanessa aren’t “back together,” Marina assures Clara. Flavia comes in to tell Marina her dad was just on the news being accused of embezzlement of public funds, money laundering, and tax evasion.

Clara comforts Marina. Whatever else happens, Marina still has her talent and her skill. She’s sure everything will work out.


Laerte still isn’t taking Veronica’s anger seriously. He thinks she’s being childish, returning his ring, but Selma disagrees–she’s being polite. Selma points out that Laerte and Veronica had always been together alone, and now he’s back in Rio and Veronica’s having to fight for his attention. Even Selma feels like she’s intruding on him here. She’s going to go spend few days with Chica. She hopes he takes the time to think because he’s not going to find another partner like Veronica.

The next day

Fred hasn’t found anything dirt on Jairo or his friends. Fernando can’t believe it.

Juliana harps on Jairo’s outfit and his tendency to use slang and somehow that leads to snogging.

Fred heard about Jairo’s new job, which Fernando is even more shocked about. He goes to the auction house to check it out and there’s Jairo in his Juliana-approved outfit, helping Leyla. He’s crushed…and suspicious. Just as he’s declaring that Jairo will wreck the place within days, Leyla starts to fall off a ladder, holding a vase and Jairo catches her and sets her down. Poor Fernando wanders out, dazed.

Marina has a new gig, doing shots for an ad campaign. She’s excited about the prospect of the campaign AND being able to keep paying for the studio.

Andres texts Luiza. He still hasn’t given up.

Cadu runs into Veronica having breakfast at the bistro. She confesses to him that she left Laerte. They get along great as far as business, but they were fighting all the time. Cadu is sure she’ll have no problem dating again if she wants to. They espresso-toast to that.

It’s been a few days, but Luiza is just now telling Helena about breaking up with Andres. She says they were just fighting too much, he’s focused on finding his parents, she’s still trying to figure herself out. And she doesn’t want to travel after all. Just stick around and be open to whatever happens. Uh huh.

Alicia visits the women’s shelter again. A reporter is there who heard about Alicia’s story. She’d like to do an interview.


Luiza has drinks with the younger set. I don’t know how many Andres has already had, but he starts out trying to get back together with Luiza and ends up screaming at her, grabbing her, and loudly accusing her of being in love with Laerte. “And when he’s done with you, he’ll go after every other woman in your family!” Luisa slaps him and goes off in tears.

Clara and Cadu are getting along better. In bed, at least. He bought her a new wedding ring and asks her to marry him again. She accepts it, but behind his back she looks worried.

A Month Later

Chica’s in Venice with Ricardo.

Juliana’s having issues with food. She talks to Helena, thinking she ate something that didn’t agree with her, but she realizes she missed her period this month.

Jairo and his buds come in from the beach and Juliana scolds them about getting the sand off at the outdoor shower before they come upstairs. Helena can’t believe she married someone so different from her. Juliana thinks it’s only on the outside. She starts feeling sick again and goes running for the bathroom. Guiomar seems upset that Juliana might be pregnant.

Neide is shocked to read Alicia’s interview online. Teo’s trying to ask her out, but she’s a little distracted. She leaves the laptop.

Studio Opening

At the studio, Veronica plays with a violinist while Laerte looks on, jealous. Hm…they do look a little flirty.

Laerte congratulates Michél, the violinist and thanks the audience for being there on this important night when they’re finally opening this studio that has been HIS dream for so long. That creep! Veronica somehow refrains from kicking him in the shin or accidentally stepping on him with one of her spiky heels. HIS dream? The nerve!

Marina wanders around the party getting candid shots.

Felipe brought Silvia. Gabriel’s working late, as usual. Cadu has been feeling a little more tired lately. Silvia won’t bug him about it at the party, but she wants him to come by the office.

Luiza gives Laerte a framed sketch of him. Veronica comes over to make nasty comments about how Laerte will soon find out all of Luiza’s talents because she’s so young, and Luiza going after married men. I don’t know if I dislike her more for starting this or if I dislike Luiza more for smarming that yeah, she goes after married men if they still consider themselves available…though it’s better if they’ve left their wives.

“And does your mother know you’re with the man she loved so much, and who nearly killed your father?” (Thanks for saying it for me, Vero!) Luiza’s eyes start to water and she sees her parents across the room. Laerte accuses Veronica of being cruel. As Luiza tries to pretend she’s fine, Virgilio glares at Laerte over her shoulder.

Dulce and Helena talk about the kids breaking up and how Andres is sure Luiza’s dating someone else.

Cadu is still jealous and resentful of Marina.

Shirley tries to give Virgilio a horse as a present. While she and Helena banter about Virgilio possibly being the “perfect” husband, Shirley lets slip that Laerte and Veronica aren’t together anymore. “Didn’t you know?”

Laerte calls Shirley up to the podium so she can make a smarmy speech about loving artists and Laerte being the father of her child…and present Laerte with a huge ceremonial check.

The next day

Marina’s dad comes to the studio. He’s in town for “business.”

Silvia is adjusting Cadu’s medication again. If it doesn’t work this time, then they’ll consider a transplant.

Luiza is hostile to Laerte at the studio. She’s supposed to be putting up some pictures she took in Vienna and then she’s going to disappear for a while and start studying for exams. He suggests a flute lesson. “No, I don’t want to take a flute lesson. Offer it to Veronica, your ‘disciple.’ Or maybe Shirley. I don’t want to be one more of your crazy women.” He grabs her, talking about her agitated breathing. She accuses him of trying to control her, but he knows she’s uncontrollable. “That’s exactly what I like about you. You’re just like your mother.”

I’m seriously holding up a hand to ward off the stupid. Luiza can’t believe he said it, either. She doesn’t want him talking about her mother and no they are NOT alike! She calls him an idiot and storms out of the studio.

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