Launch Pad (July 16, 2016)

Here is your weekly open thread and blog update. Comments and questions are welcome and nothing is off-topic.

Last week’s posts

Our Monday Música post this week was the previous end title song, Golpes que da la vida, as performed by La Sonora Santanera featuring Reyli.

We posted recaps of Amor de Barrio, La Sombra de Helena, and La Ronca de Oro.

This week’s schedule

UniMás programming was disrupted yesterday (Friday) afternoon and evening for fútbol, and that seems like it’s becoming a pattern for Fridays.

Today (Saturday) Univision is showing a marathon of the first four episode of Moisés, Los Diez Mandamientos starting at 1pm/noon.

On Monday, the re-run of Un Gancho al Corazón starts on Galavision.

Monday night, the three-hour Gran Final of El Señor de los Cielos airs on Telemundo.

Also on Monday night, rehearsals for Land of a Thousand Dances begin. *gulp*

Tuesday is the big day Telemundo has been waiting for: Martres. Three back-to-back premieres start at 8pm/7c: Silvana sin Lana, Sin Senos Sí Hay Paraiso, and Señora Acero 3.

Also on Tuesday, UniMás premieres El Príncipe at 10pm/9c.

On Wednesday afternoon, there’s a repeat of the Martres premieres.

Thursday night, Univision has some Presidential primary coverage that’s disrupting the usual schedule.

You can find more schedule details, including our best available information on pre-emptions on the Horario, but you can also check for major events on the Calendar and premiere dates on the Proximas page.

Known technical issues

None at this time.

Link roundup

People en Español has an interview with Gabriel Soto about his character in Vino el Amor and the challenges of portraying a more “complex” galan than usual.

Plagiarism Today posted a new addition to their “Plagiarism in Pop Culture” series on an incident of plagiarism on Cheers. I know I watched Cheers, but I can’t say I remember this particular episode. And yes, of course the comments on the way plagiarism hurts authors spoke to me.

Because I am chronically uncool, I had never heard of Alice Bag until an audiophile friend shared this article on Facebook: “Chicana Feminist Icon Alice Bag on the Music of Her Life: The 57-year-old punk lifer explains how David Bowie, traditional Mexican songs, and the Disney movie Mulan helped her learn to love herself.” Doesn’t that title grab you?

Last week’s poll results

Last week’s poll was: “Who do you watch your favorite telenovelas or series with?”

The results were…

Alone: 6 votes
With an online community: 2 votes
With a friend/s: 1 vote
With family: 1 vote
With a spouse/significant other: 1 vote

This week’s poll question is: “What do you think about all the new shows starting up at once?” It’s up on the sidebar now, waiting for your input.

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Autora/ Author

Thanks for the weekly polls and the results. I really am a sucker for such things.

I’m going to sit down and read that People article. The casting of Gabriel Soto still gets under my skin, but I’m still going to give the show a chance. I’ve seen a mini promo and it looks different enough that maybe I won’t do too much comparing. I do agree the Vicente character was quite complex in the original. I just like the Chilean cast so much…

Autora/ Author

Since we’ve gotten on a Sueño topic I have a question. Sueno was the first novela I had seen since they started to improve production values. My first thought about it was that the image seemed fuzzy. I noticed the same for Yago. I’ve watched a few episodes of Por siempre Joan Sebastian and it looks fuzzy too. Are my eyes going? Am I just too old to understand this hip, new way of recording shows? Is a crisp image too much to ask? Am I making sense? Every new show that I’ve seen from Televisa looks like it’s been… Read more »

Autora/ Author



I hope it’s worth my excitement. 🙂

Autora/ Author

Geez. Now I see that Cynthia Klitbo is in Vino de Amor. I grow even more interested.

Thing is though, we’ve gotten very few of the latest Televisa productions. They’ve been using us as a test market lately. We’ve gotten 3 shows before they aired in Mexico. Meanwhile we’ve missed out on AQNMD, Corazón que miente, Simplemente Maria and La Amazonas. I don’t have much hope for getting the new ones coming up.