Silvana sin Lana Wednesday 7/20/16 #2

I now pronounce you neighbors and neighbors!

It’s only been a day but I think I rather like Manuel and Chivis…individually. Together I swear they bring out the worst in each other. Manuel’s furious about the bounced check AND Chivis moving in next door. I don’t think he’s seriously accusing her of spying on him. At least I hope not. Chivis, and I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt here, is extremely embarrassed that the check bounced? And reacts by calling him anormal….un ordinarionaco. Yeah, not her finest moment.

Angie comes over to take Jorge up on the offer to share the WiFi password. She compliments their house. “It’s the same as yours, just…reversed.” (Yeah, but y’all’s is decorated and stuff.) The network name is “tiburones” (first non-conversational word in Spanish that Mr. 5ft ever learned and he gets so damn happy whenever it comes up again) and the password is “papichulos.” (I’m dying of laughter!) She learns that the network name is in honor of the fish market thing and he babbles about the sibling order and I learn that Lucha is the oldest, so…thank you Jorge! He also tells her about their mom, but she doesn’t want to talk about her dad. Anyway, she’s on her way out and just giving him a kiss on the cheek when the woman standing on his doorstep says “I don’t know you.”

Not only does Maria José keep denying that she’s Lucha’s neighbor, she gets downright snobby about it. “See, I live in Coral Gables. Do you live in Coral Gables? Because you don’t look like you live in Coral Gables?” And Andres just acts like it’s cute when his girlfriend acts like a jerk. I’m cutting him the tiniest bit of slack because he refers to her as “Majo”and that’s going to save me some keystrokes.

Manuel and Chivis get stuck in a horrible cycle of warming up a little…and then somebody tosses in an insult…and then the other one gets angry…and then the other one feels bad and backs off…etc., etc., etc. Chivis ends up in tears after one too many digs about her absent husband, but she also bargains for another week to make good on that check. She offers her SUV if he really needs it. Mauel relents. She can have the week, but no, he’s not going to stink up her truck like that. Besides it might bring him bad luck…see above: re cycle. Chivis stays out on the balcony, crying after he’s gone back inside and he peeks out and catches her.

Uh oh. Jorge has a girlfriend. Her name is Margarita. And she doesn’t like the new neighbor moving in on her man.


The fish market is lively as ever. Poncho and Vicente were apparently out partying last night. Stella bought a new miniskirt to impress Manuel. She’s still on about wanting to be his girlfriend in public and he’s still making excuses. She breaks up with him, but I doubt it will stick. If he wants to prove he loves and respects her, then he needs to introduce her to the kids. So. Not. Happening.

We get the entrada today and I don’t know if I’m completely sold, but I feel like it’s going to grow on me.

Once Manuel gets inside, he has a talk with Vicente. He didn’t come home last night. Manuel doesn’t like him staying out like that when he has work the next day and he doesn’t appreciate Poncho inviting Vicente out when he knows this. (Um…I thought it was Vicente who invited Poncho?) He suggests Poncho grow up and get married. (This from the man who was complaining about the kids trying to hook him up with the neighbor yesterday?)

Suddenly Poncho’s all about how he’s a much better partner for Stella than Manuel. Domingo objects, but Poncho says one day he’s going to have Manuel’s job and then Stella will notice him. Is it possible to get high off fish fumes?

On the way home, Vicente and Manuel talk about Stella. Vicente thinks Manuel needs to move on already, that he’s being overprotective and if he doesn’t get a move on then all the kids will grow up and move out and he’ll be all alone. Besides, “women” don’t like feeling like a relationship is going nowhere. Manuel praises his wisdom…and then Vicente tries to parlay that into Manuel backing off about the partying during the week. “Cut your hair, hippie,” is Manuel’s response.


Lupita and Pedrito meet when he kicks the ball out of his tiny little backyard and into her tiny little backyard. She’s a little insulting about hoping he doesn’t steal, ’cause her grandma said people around there steal (stop listening to your grandma!); and he likes to throw words into conversations when he doesn’t know what they mean. Like “anticontortionismo” (no clue what that’s supposed to be–Mr. 5ft guesses he really meant “anti-consumerism”) when she explains her dad ran out of money. Or, when she asks him not to tell anyone about their conversation, suggesting they can be “amigos con ventajas” (friends with benefits)…which he figures must be something good because it’s something his brothers say (stop listening to your brothers!).

There’s something ironic about Trini complaining that Silvana is putting together Ikea furniture and Silvana saying it’s cheaper. I guess it’s all relative. Nobody bothered to explain to Lupita before now that she and Angie are switching schools. Silvana assures her she’ll still have her First Communion, though.

Don Benito, the owner of the bakery around the corner brought over some sandwiches and other assorted goodies…but he wants to give them to the lovely lady with the hair like sunbeams. He means Trini.

Angie lets him in and then stops Jorge and Margarita to ask about their school. Is it expensive? Margarita mocks her for the question then tries to talk her out of going because it’s just not her kind of school and she’ll get bullied. “Oh, no problem, I’m used to people who make fun of other people because they feel bad about themselves.” Go Angie! Anyway, yeah, she’ll tell her mom to ask his dad about the school.

Don Benito’s doing ok so far and that’s before he even hands over the baked goods. (Did that really have to turn into an opportunity for food-shaming and weight talk?) Trini tries to con the guy into paying someone to assemble their furniture, but Chivis puts a stop to that and just has him send someone over. Angie’s loving this ‘hood. Baked goods, friendly neighbors…by the way, Jorge said his dad is the president of the parents’ association ad his charter school and Silvana should totally ask him to help get her and Lupita into the school. So. Not. Happening.

Antonio José maybe calls Chivis, but she can’t get a good signal on her cell phone. She ends up out on the balcony and doesn’t appreciate his “Hola, mi amor.” Seriously, dude? He’s sitting in a bar, having a drink. She wants an explanation for what’s going on! He says it’s too complicated to explain, but it’ll all get straightened out. Chivis rips into him for everything they’ve been through, including having to lie to Lupita so she doesn’t get upset. That lying creep says “I’ve gotta go! It’s dangerous! Don’t tell anyone I called!” and hangs up on her.

Angie gets the truth and she’s not happy with her dad. Trini takes his side, saying he must have a good reason for what he’s doing. Silvana’s angry–they had everything taken away, including their friends, and she doesn’t even know where she’s going to send the girls to school. Angie says if they lose their friends, they weren’t real friends. And grandma’s got guys bringing over cakes. And yeah, they can hear the neighbors at all hours, but in the old house they could barely hear each other. Awwwww. Group hug!

Majo tries to cancel a concert date with Andres, has an argument about him calling her “gorda” as a term of endearment, and then has to make excuses for why he can’t just come over to her house after school. When Manuel and Vicente get home, Vicente starts to head over to talk to Majo, but Manuel pulls him aside. Not her! Her mom’s the one who wrecked the truck and she still owes him money. He doesn’t want any more problems with her. Vicente laughs him off–why should the kids have to pay for their parents’ sins?

Manuel gives up and goes inside while Vicente listens to the tail end of Majo’s conversation. She gets stuck agreeing to go to the concert and let him pick her up at “home.” She doesn’t find it charming that Vicente was listening in on her call and tells her she should break up with her boyfriend. But she’s willing to ask him for directions to Coral Gables from here. Instructions that include “two buses,” “metro,” “walk,” and “let me draw you a map.” I’ve got a bad feeling about this.


Lucía runs into Andres after he’s finished his phone call and they joke around about doctors being boring nerds, but the good doctors being “crazy.” She says he can’t be that much of a nerd since he’s got a girlfriend, even if she does have him on a short leash. She figures that’s what yesterday was about–jealousy. He thinks all women are a little jealous. But anyway, he’s on his way to pick up Majo, so, can he offer Lucía a ride? Of course not, since she lives nowhere near his girlfriend.

Casa Tiburones

Manuel has an announcement to make during dinner. But he can’t make it because everyone’s talking over each other. And then he trips over his word a lot. He gets as far as “I have this friend…” and the talking starts again. Lucha hears Stella’s name and takes her dinner upstairs. Jorge just doesn’t want another woman in the house. Pedrito’s take: If his dad has a girlfriend, he’ll marry her and she’ll come to live with them and Pedro doesn’t want to live with someone he doesn’t know. Plus, he already had a mom and he doesn’t want another. That’s two down. Jorge is over the conversation and would rather go over to Margarita’s.

Manuel checks on Lucha later. She says she’s studying for a test, but he wants to talk about Stella. And really, for Lucha it’s Stella. Not that he has a girlfriend, but that she doesn’t think Stella is right for him. He can’t even manage to say he loves Stella. He’s never going to love anyone more than their mom. They had four kids together, after all. Lucha thinks Stella is way too different from her mom–her mom didn’t wear tons of makeup or loud clothes and she wasn’t loud herself, she was “real.” Manuel gives her puppy dog eyes and Lucha caves. OK, when is he bringing her to dinner? “Tomorrow?”

At Stella’s place, she and Domingo celebrate. Poncho doesn’t think she should get her hopes up. She stresses over what to talk about with the kids. Eh, better she should keep her mouth shut and keep from screwing things up. Domingo tells him his attitude sucks and he’s going to drive the fish back into the ocean.


Andres has been at the old house waiting for Majo to answer the buzzer at the front gate. He calls her and she says she’s not ready yet as she walks down the road. Where is he? He lies and says he’s almost there. She tells him to take his time, she’s not going to be ready for a while. And she’ll wait outside for him so they don’t get there late. Leaning in the front window of his Hummer, Andres sees Majo and she waves weakly. He asks why she’s been lying to him.

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