Silvana sin Lana Friday 7/22/16 #4


The dinner with Stella is bad. She gets under Lucía’s skin by calling her “Luchita.” All the kids except Vicente talk about their mom. Pedrito asks directly if Stella is Manuel’s girlfriend…and when they’re getting married and Manuel keeps giving vague answers. When Lucía can’t take any more of Stella’s trying to be so affectionate with them when they’ve just met and calling them all “kids” when there’s only one “kid” at the table, she leaves the room. And then Vicente, the only one on Manuel’s side, abandons him to go party with Poncho.

Stella follows Lucía to the kitchen, thinking somehow because they’re both women they’ll magically understand each other. Lucía tells her if she wants to date Manuel, fine, go for it–but their relationship is for OUTSIDE this house, because no one is replacing her mom. And Stella agrees that’s ok. Um, what? I’m pretty sure that’s the exact opposite of what Stella wanted to get from this dinner.

Majo’s grumpy about the horrible cell signal in the house. Lupita shares the chisme with Angie that Andres was there earlier and he didn’t come to see Majo. Majo says he was giving the neighbor a ride home. Angie teases her that maybe he likes the neighbor…and didn’t she tell Majo it was a bad idea to lie to Andres? Majo grabs her shoes, grousing that next they’ll say Lucía’s prettier than she is, and leaves the room as they call after her “Baby no one’s prettier than you!…I love you!”

Outside, Majo calls Andres to pick a fight. She mentions that girl who confused her for someone else the other day (not!) and how she was flirting with Andres and has he seen her since then. Andres lies and says he only sees her once a week in class. He tells her to quit being jealous, it’s such a turn-off, and she’s acting childish. Majo leaves him with the cryptic warning that she finds out EVERYTHING and hangs up on him

Once again, talking to Andres on the phone summons Vicente. He invites her out. It’s no big deal…just going out with a friend, right? She’s resisting the temptation…until he says he bets her boyfriend has gone out with someone else without telling her. It’s on now! She says she’ll run upstairs to get ready.

Chivis calls Rafael, her lawyer, and asks for a favor–can she use him as a reference for a job? He’ll do better than that. If she comes by the office he’ll hire her.

Manuel walks Stella out after dinner. She notices Silvana out on her balcony and makes sure to give Manuel an extra kiss for Silvana’s benefit. Oh, Stella…must you be a walking stereotype?

After she drives away, Manuel looks up to see Chivis. She says it looks like his girlfriend got over her jealous outburst. And it looks like she loves him a lot. She hopes it’s all cleared up–they’re just neighbors. Manuel jokes that it’s crystal clear…even if Chivis does make eyes at him. She doesn’t get that it’s a joke right away. Anyway, she thanks him again for everything.

Why is Jorge coming over so late? Angie’s already in her PJs when she answers the door. He wanted to ask about walking to school together tomorrow. And talk about how Margarita’s pushing him away with her ‘tude and he likes someone else. Angie sagely advises him to tell Margarita himself before she finds out from someone else. And, yeah, they can walk to school together.


Back at her place, a limping Stella takes off her shoes and tells Domingo the dinner was good…but bad. First off, wow that Lucía’s a pill! But she knows not to mess with her, so she totally made peace (if you say so). But yeah, she’s “in” the family now (if you say so). The bad part was Manuel’s new neighbor crying on his shoulder about her husband going broke or something. Domingo’s shocked. He hopes she cleared things up? “Oh yeah, I marked my territory.” And she lifts her leg. (I can’t believe she did that after I’ve been trying not to make dog metaphors!)

Night out

Majo and Vicente end up at a club where Majo feels a little out of place, but Vicente’s got her dancing (salsa?) soon enough. She meets Poncho briefly before his dancing partner reels him back in.

Majo is SLOSHED. She confesses to Vicente that she’s always been a little prejudiced against nacos, but now that she’s been to the club she thinks they’re just adorable and she wants to take them all home with her. “I love you guys!” She gets a couple of texts from Andres and responds that she was asleep and she’ll talk to him tomorrow. Vicente laughs at her for lying and then gets her back out on the dance floor for his “favorite” song that he only dances to with very special people…and he doesn’t say that to ALL the girls, just the ones named Maria José. Their dancing turns into snogging, which is somehow all his fault? She slaps him and tells him to take her home NOW.

Drunk!Majo thinks she’s sneaking in all cool, but Silvana busts her. Lies, lies, lies, are you drunk? OK, yes I went out with Vicente just for a little while don’t judge me. *sigh*


Jorge and Pedrito meet Angie and Lupita outside to walk to school. And then Margarita shows up. Uy, she’s like a mini-Stella without the outfits. She insists on a kiss from Jorge, gives the girls a hard time about wearing their old uniforms, makes fun of Angie for being protective of her sister. En fin, can her family move away or something? Please?

Don Benito brings Trini pastries. He asks why they moved and she gives them the same “remodeling” story Majo gave Vicente. But she adds a careless maid with an iron and a fire in their mansion. She claims her daughter’s husband is an international businessman and he’ll be joining them any day now. And her daughter is a bank executive.

Rafael offers Chivis a job as his personal secretary. She’s concerned that she lacks the experience to be a secretary in such a prestigious law firm, but he promises to teach her everything she needs to know. Gosh, in that case she accepts. He’s been the only person to try to help them since Antonio José split. Rafael brushes her hair off her shoulder and takes her hand and touches her face and suddenly I know why he’s being so helpful. Run, Chivis! Get a job at the fish market! The tentacle-y things are way less slimy than this guy!

Lucía gives Andres the report on last night’s dinner. She just can’t back her dad’s play. Stella’s never going to be able to fill her mother’s shoes. She talks about her mother dying. Andres is drying her tears with his monogrammed handkerchief when Majo walks up. She runs off Lucía with a bunch of “Keep your hands off my boyfriend” crap. Andres does not appreciate her making jealous scenes at, basically, his work.

Poncho is teasing Vicente about getting slapped last night and Manuel overhears something about a fresita. He asks who Vicente went out with last night and then asks him NOT to go out with Majo again. The neighbors are off-limits! They’re only separated by a wall and any kind of drama is going to come back on him. Vicente has no idea what they’re going through.


Lupita’s day has barely started and it’s already going downhill. Nobody told her this wasn’t a Catholic school and she asked about praying before class, which was met with laughter. And then, of course, there’s the uniform, which is apparently hilarious.

Lupita’s outside crying during a break and this actress cries in an uncomfortably realistic way, so really the whole bullying subplot needs to end fast. Two of her classmates start razzing her and a bunch of others join in until Pedrito tells them to cut it out. So does Angie, when she hears what’s going on, and I think she was on the verge of getting the junior set to start acting like humans when frickin’ Margarita shows up and starts in on how they don’t belong here, who asked them to come to this school, it’s her business because she’s gone to this school her whole life…. Jorge comes up asking Margarita what her problem is and she spews some BS about Lupita and Angie walking around like they’re better than everyone else and kicking people around?! Behold the projection!


Trini is complaining that Silvana’s job is beneath her after all her parents paid for her education. Working as a secretary apparently leads to such horrific things as getting nail extensions, speaking Spanglish, and chewing gum. Seriously, how am I supposed to pick an “I just can’t even with you!” champion when there are so many solid contenders?

Angie and Lupita get home and Silvana and Trini hear about Lupita’s horrible day. Jorge comes over with an old uniform of Lucía’s that should fit Angie. She thanks him, but she won’t wear it until Lupita has one, too. I’ll spare you Trini’s comments about second-hand clothing.

Majo waits outside for Lucía to come home. You know why. When Lucía has had enough of her insults, she tells Majo that if anybody’s an “insect” in this situation, it’s her. And she’s a coward for being so afraid that Andres will break up with her when he finds out she lives there that she’s afraid to tell him.

Majo tromps upstairs past everyone in the dining room. Silvana goes up to talk to her about her attitude just now and the fact that they’re ALL going through this together. Majo throws a tantrum about not wanting to go back to school (even though it’s paid for) and being tired of everyone “telling [her] how to live her life.”

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4 years ago

Thanks for recapping this one! I’m busy with classes already so I have to binge-watch on weekends, and it’s nice to know what happens before I watch. I am already sick of the jealous women. Stella, Majo, and Margarita all need to CALM DOWN. Jorge should definitely be dumping Margarita for how awful she is. I hope he’s not going to be the weak character who won’t stand up to someone who is obviously a terrible person. At least Stella and Majo haven’t been quite as mean to bully others in front of Manuel and Andres. They were pretty mean… Read more »