Silvana sin Lana Monday 7/25/16 #5


After her argument with Maria José, Chivis goes out to the balcony to chat with her neighbor. They get all caught up on the school incident, her new job, his girlfriend.

And then it all goes downhill when she brings up Majo and Vicente going clubbing. She sticks her foot in her mouth, talking about their different “environments” and how Majo’s naïve for her age and Chivis doesn’t really know Vicente or where he hangs out and it’s natural she’d be worried. When Manuel has heard enough, he says it’s up to her to forbid her daughter to go out with his son, if that’s what she wants.

Once again, Pedrito is exiled to Manuel’s room, this time because Vicente and Jorge are watching the highly important fútbol match between RGB and CMYK. Heh!

Vicente texts Majo, begging forgiveness for that one little innocent kiss, that he’d be happy to repeat in exchange for another slap. She finds him funny, but asks him not to bring it up–she feels horrible because of her boyfriend. She lies to Lupita that it was a text from Andres.

Lupita can’t sleep. Majo lets her come sleep in her bed and they talk about how they both miss their dad.

Chivis is ready with her uniform the next day, looking like a bank employee. Or a flight attendant. It’s her first “First day of work” ever. Angie’s sure she can handle it. She’s proud of her mom. Her dad, on the other hand…is it possible he ran off with another woman? Chivis has no idea.


Chivis arrives at Law Firm Associates where her boring outfit is less boring than that of the other “secretaries.” They waste no time giving her a hard time about her neck scarf and wondering how she got hired.

School. Margarita the bully wants to see Angie’s book. Or rather, an old picture of Angie she was hiding in her book. From when Angie was younger and not as slim. Marge goes to town with that ammo and Angie cracks. They end up rolling around the patio, Jorge tries to pull Marge off Angie, and the principal arrives. The crowd disperses and she sends BOTH the girls to her office despite Marge’s fakey fake “I can’t waaaaaaalk!”

At the fish market, Vicente is complaining about the truck. He reminds Manuel it’s been fifteen days already and they’ve lost out on some deliveries. He thinks his dad’s being too soft-hearted with the neighbor.

Stella hears them talking and Manuel pretends it’s some other neighbor…older…barely able to drive. Uh huh.

He gets the call that Angie and Margie were fighting and got suspended, which means HE has to show up to a meeting tomorrow morning, because he recommended Angie. Again, Vicente brings up “the neighbor” and this time Manuel admits that yes, the neighbor whose daughter he gave a recommendation is THAT neighbor. Stella doesn’t want him to go to the meeting, but he quotes her chapter and verse of the Parent Association Manual explaining why he has to be there.

Bad work day montage: uncooperative copy machines; flying folders; dropped calls. And the Mean Secretaries are now mocking Chivis for NOT wearing her scarf. She gets a text from Manuel about the suspension and one of them scolds her about no cell phones during work hours. Chivis loses her cool. She goes off on all three of them and warns them to quit messing with her. I’d say that shut them up, but they’re all standing there with their mouths open.

Chivis whines to Rafael about being lousy at her job. She doesn’t think she can learn, either. Oh, but Rafa thinks Chivis is wonderful and any man would be lucky to have her. Except Antonio José, who’s probably off with some other woman now and never coming back. He guesses.

To cheer her up, he’s got a paycheck for her already and he begs her to take it…for the girls. She finally does take it and walks out. Rafael’s end zone dance is a horrifying thing to behold.


Stella comes over after school and tries too hard to win Pedro over. He actually likes that present Domingo bought him. When Manuel gets home he finds Pedro and Stella playing with the train set while Pedro ignores his homework. That doesn’t go so well for Stella.

Jorge tries to talk to Manuel about Angie’s suspension and whether he’ll be at the meeting with Chivis. That doesn’t go so well for Manuel. He makes the mistake of saying poor Chivis’ husband left her. No que she’s happily married? What’s going on here? He gets Stella to back off by kissing her.

Andres stops by Majo’s old house and calls her from the driveway. She’s still cranky about seeing him and Lucha at school…because she knows what “we women” are like. (Uh, speak for yourself!) He changes the subject to a surprise he has for her…if she’s home…and he’ll call her right back in a sec.

He goes back to his car for a bunch of flowers and then he sees a couple of prospective buyers and a real estate agent walk out of the house. While the couple goes to look at the garden, the real estate agent sees Andres lurking and offers to show him the house. The house has been for sale for a couple of weeks. The bank embargoed it.

Andres turns down the offer of a tour and answers his ringing phone. Her surprise? Yeah, that’s not going to happen. Turns out they’ve both got stuff to do, imagine that. They’ll see each other tomorrow. Majo thinks she’s dodged a bullet.

Chivis gets home and claims she had a god first day. “Yes mom, I served some coffee.” Tuning Trini out now. Chivis brings up the suspension and Angie gives her an honest account of what happened. She promises it won’t happen again. And by the way, Manuel’s supposed to be at that meeting tomorrow, too. That’s news to Chivis.

Manuel has moved on to saying Stella doesn’t have to worry about Chivis because she probably thinks he’s beneath her when Chivis shows up at his house to talk about the meeting. Stella snogs Manuel goodbye before she leaves him alone to talk with Chichis (boobs)…oops, yeah, Chivis, Chichis, Chivo (goat), she always gets those mixed up, “Chao!”

Chivis apologizes for what she said yesterday about Majo and Vicente. She didn’t mean to offend him. “But you did.” I was nervous. “Maybe you need to try some anti-anxiety pills.” She gives up. He can say whatever he wants to.

Manuel backs off and they get to talking about the meeting. He’s quoting The Parents’ Association Manual again. I can’t decide if he genuinely has the whole thing memorized or he just figures no one’s ever going to look it up. Anyway, yeah, he’s gotta be at the meeting. She’s sorry she always causes him problems. He says he’ll make her pay. Nonono, he’s kidding! He tells her to just go home and rest and they’ll fix everything tomorrow.

On the way back, she runs into Stella. Just so Chivis doesn’t get any “ideas,” Stella makes it clear that she and Manuel share EVERYTHING. She brings up Chivis’ husband leaving her and the meeting at school tomorrow. And by the way, Chivis had better not write in Stella’s notebook because she’s got every page accounted for.

Casa Stella

“Do you think she got the notebook thing?” Poncho wonders. (Well, yeah, because Chivis is a telenovela fan and she heard Termi saying it on ¿Quién es Quién?) Stella complains to Poncho about how Chivis dared to stand there and pretend nothing Stella said bothered her. Well, Poncho’s not worried–his boss would never go for a ricachona (rich woman). “Ex-ricachona,” Stella reminds him. Dom disagrees–she’s dangerous! She was all over Manuel in the truck and now she’s practically living in his house. Buncha smack talk about Chivis having no “meat on her bones” compared to Stella ensues while I roll my eyes. Anyway, Stella’s not letting this river piranha (Chivis) get her man-shark. She doesn’t know who she’s messing with…Stella busts out a little hip swivel action to illustrate.


Time for the infamous meeting. The principal SAW both girls trying to rip each other’s hair out, nobody TOLD her, she emphasizes to a disbelieving Chivis. It turns out Benito is Margarita’s grandfather and he’s sure it’s just that hot Spanish blood to blame for Margarita’s momentary display of temper. Chivis has no idea where Angie’s came from…but Benito knows how trying things have been for the family lately, since Trini told him all about the house burning down because of that careless maid who left the iron on. Chivis doesn’t get a chance to contradict him as Manuel interrupts.

Manuel makes an impassioned speech about forgiveness and learning from their mistakes and not punishing the girls further. The principal (who might be won over or might just be bored) agrees they can both come back to school tomorrow, but this is their last chance. The next time they do anything like this, they’re both getting expelled and Manuel’s reputation is going to be seriously damaged.

It sucks to be Majo

Majo is sleeping in again, not going to school, and she doesn’t want to help with chores. Even Trini tells her to get up and make herself useful, which…coming from Trini….

Andres tries to apologize to Lucha for Majo’s behavior, but what he’s really after is the truth. He remembers what she said the other day about Majo being her neighbor. “Does she live in your barrio?” Gosh, Andres, try to sound a little less repulsed by the idea.

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