Silvana sin Lana Tuesday 7/26/16 #6

You call that an investigation?

Nope, nope, Lucha’s not getting in the middle! If Andres wants Majo to be honest, he’s the one who’s going to have to do something about that. Majo already threatened her once and if she comes after Lucha again Lucha’s going to defend herself, so she’s staying out of it.

Andres cruises by Majo’s new house and recognizes Trini trying to sneak out unnoticed, despite her sunglasses-and-scarf disguise.

The rest of the morning

Even though the meeting went well, Silvana’s still in a rotten mood. Partly because of this “the maid burned the house down” story that keeps going around and partly because Manuel told Stella that her husband left her. Manuel tries to excuse himself with “You know how women are…it just slipped out…sorry?” That finally gets a smile out of her. She insists on him borrowing her car today, since he’s been without one for two weeks now…but she needs him to take her to the bank and then drop her off at work. “Oh, you were used to a chauffeur and now you’re trying to make me into one…kidding, kidding!”

Trini goes down to the panaderia for her bread and to blame the fight between Angie and Margarita on Margarita. So much for their beautiful friendship–both are entirely convinced the other’s grandchild started the fight and they won’t budge. Trini gets her bread…ON CREDIT…and goes off in a huff and Benito and Margarita agree that “those people” seem to think they’re better than everyone else. *sigh*

At the fish market, Vicente reassures Stella that she’s Manuel’s one-and-only, then takes selfies for Majo. His selfies all make him look worried.

Majo cleans the bathroom with a grossed-out expression and what looks like a lot of Windex on every surface. When she gets Vicente’ s selfies she takes one for him. Being the selfie pro she is, she manages to frame her “ew, gross!” face with her rubber-gloved hand AND the toilet all in the same shot. They’re text-joking about her being Cinderella and him being lucky he didn’t turn into a mouse, but when she tries to call him, she finds out her cell phone service has been cut off.

Silvana gets the angry text from Majo about service being cut off while she’s in the car with Manuel. He’s digging her luxury ride and jokes they could sell it and have enough to buy everyone a motorcycle. Silvana has no idea what it cost–Antonio José always took care of things like cars, vacations, hiring staff. Manuel checks out all the controls and has a little trouble with the windshield wipers, which Silvana graciously reaches a hand over to help with. He teases her about that…and then Stella calls and he ignores the call.

Stella doesn’t like being ignored. Domingo and Poncho talk about Poncho’s lottery dreams. Stella stomps off in search of Manuel.

She finds him outside, parking the SUV. He admits Chivis loaned it to him because she’s the one who hit his truck. Stella turns being angry at him for not telling her that into an opportunity to talk about getting married in the church. *sigh* Manuel’s not going for it.

Chivis gets to work late and Rafa reminds her to call and let him know next time. His pep talk about how she’s making it on her own and solving all her problems would sound so much better if we didn’t know he was a creep. The shelf behind Silvana gets my attention…he seems to have a Beatles anthology and a large binder that reads “All the Songs.” I didn’t think he was an entertainment lawyer. Joke from the crew perhaps? He asks if she’s heard from Antonio José and I’m thinking maybe there’s another angle here. I’m sure he has a thing for Chivis, but is he also trying to keep her close to get to Antonio José? Does Antonio José owe him money?

¡Ay Trini, ya bájale!

Lupita’s still having a terrible time at school and if Angie doesn’t have to be there, she doesn’t want to be there either. She runs off and Vicente and Pedrito go running after her.

At home, Angie breaks it to her that quitting school isn’t an option, even if people are being horrible. Lupita heard they were saying things to Angie about their dad. Jorge wonders where he is and Lupita repeats the story about him being away on business. Trini practically shoves Jorge and Pedrito out the door, then sends Lupita to wash her hands so she can warn Angie that Jorge has a thing for her.

Angie’s about as sick of Trini’s classist attitude as I am and storms upstairs to her room. Trini follows, scolding Angie about walking away from a conversation, but Angie holds firm–Jorge is her friend, that’s all, and she wants Trini to treat him better. Lupita gets stressed out all over again at the two of them arguing, so Trini sends her to the panaderia with a shopping list. Seriously, Trini?

Once Lupita’s gone, Trini continues with her classist rant. Angie reminds her their situation has changed and they’re no longer as high-class as Trini thinks. Trini is convinced Antonio José will be back soon to save them all. Angie snarks that her dad’s the perfect example of someone from their “class” and tells Trini to just leave her alone. Jorge sees Angie crying after their argument, but how much more did he see?

Lupita decides to go over to visit Pedrito. She tries explaining that he grandma’s cool, she’s just…aristocratic…but he’s not buying it. They talk about a picture Pedrito drew of his family and commiserate about their absent parents–his mom in heaven and her dad off on a business trip.

It’s Angie’s turn for a visit. She gives Jorge the same “My grandma’s cool, just classist,” excuse Lupita used, but Jorge doesn’t care about Trini. He’s more interested in Angie and why she cries whenever she mentions her dad. “What are you talking about? I’ve never cried in front of you.” Jorge gives a convincing enough reason–he usually cries when thinks about his mom and he always does it in private, so he just figured…. Angie accepts that, but she still doesn’t want to talk about it.

Another side to Margarita?

At Benito’s, Margarita whines that Jorge doesn’t love her anymore. He’s been weird since the neighbors got there. I can’t even see Benito’s face, but I can feel him rolling his eyes as he says that must be why they fought–over Jorge. Margarita denies it–they fought because Angie’s a stupid rich girl…and she’s classy and blonde (eh?) and speaks two languages more than Marge and has traveled all over the world and probably has lots of interesting things to talk about!

Benito tells her none of that stuff matters and Jorge will get bored soon enough. Marge is pretty and smart and strong and she’s no less perfect or special than Angie. And intelligence has nothing to do with how many places you’ve visited or how many languages you speak or Benito would put Einstein to shame. That gets a weak chuckle out of Marge.

Chivis’ big surprise

Silvana navigates the two metros, two buses, buying a Metro card, and the long walk back to the duplex that I keep thinking of as a bowl of half tomato soup and half pea soup. Much like Lupita, she decides a stop by Tomato Soup would be just the thing this afternoon. She wants to pay Manuel back at least part of what she owes him for the truck.

He suggests she use the money to buy something for her family instead. Chivis admits they need a washer and dryer, but what she’d most like to get is a TV. Manuel understands. He criticizes people who criticize “the poor” for not having enough food, but buying TVs–“As if we don’t have the right to entertainment!” He’s made up his mind–he and Chivis should go out right now and get a TV for her house. He insists. He’s an expert on TVs and he’ll help her pick one out and bring it home. She passes up the chance to check out his biceps to verify that he is indeed qualified to carry a TV.

At the store, Manuel gets a kick out of going along with the sales guy and pretending Chivis is his wife, who will have total control of the remote, who snores so loud he can’t even watch TV while she’s sleeping anyway, and who has the final say on the purchase. Manuel and Chivis are both excited to surprise the girls.

As Chivis predicted, Lupita is thrilled with the TV. Trini…well, I’m tuning her out. Majo complains about priorities–what about her telephone?!!! Silvana has decided to give Majo and Angie monthly allowances and Majo can pay her phone bill from that if she wants to. Lupita remembers her school uniform. Chivis proudly hands over the navy skirt and yellow top. OK, but what about cable service? Angie says they can borrow from next door and Trini has another screeching fit about pirated (literal) cables and we never hear whether Chivis had a solution for that or not.

The next morning

Vicente’s off to handle some invoicing and collections and asks to borrow the truck. He suggests Manuel borrow Chivis’ car again and Lucha’s already making a face over that when Stella comes over to give Manuel a ride. She looks like she wants to puke when Stella wheedles a kiss out of Manuel.

Over at Pea Soup, Angie asks about a weekend job, Lupita’s loving her new uniform (“I think it makes me look older!”) and Majo has finally decided to go back to school. Or possibly she just wants to track down Andres. Chivis informs her the car is now for emergencies only since gas is expensive and if she can take public transportation so can Majo.

What luck, Vicente is leaving at just the same time as Majo and while she’s annoyed at his continued insistence that she forgive him, she gets over it when he offers her a ride. She’s even willing to brave the fish-smelling interior of the van.

Trini, still smarting over Silvana’s earlier suggestion that she make herself useful by doing laundry…does laundry. I’m not sure she’s very effective at it, what with tossing all the clothes into the bathtub and only barely agitating them with the toilet plunger and using shampoo instead of detergent, but it’s the thought that counts? Benito comes over with fresh-baked croissants of peace. Oh, she may not be willing to accept his peace croissants, but when he comes upstairs and demonstrates how to properly hand-wash laundry and then offers to let her use his washer and dryer, well, who could pass that up?

Poncho prays at the Gazebo of the Annoyed Virgen of the Fish Market. He thanks her for sending Chivis and prays Manuel will fall in love with her and leave Stella. Stella drives up with Manuel and Poncho teases him (after Stella has gone into the market) about his new neighbor. I don’t think Manuel’s repeated denials convince Poncho there’s nothing going on.

When Chivis gets to work, Rafael asks her out to dinner. She begs off, saying all she wants to do at the end of the day is go home and the girls aren’t used to her working. Antonio José calls her from another bar and she answers the phone at Rafa’s insistence. He’s definitely interested when he hears it’s Antonio José on the line, but interested how?

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