Silvana sin Lana Wednesday 7/27/16 #7


Antonio José’s call is as useless as his previous call. He has some things he needs to fix, he’ll be back soon, don’t tell anyone he called. Silvana is furious at him for leaving her to deal with everything on her own and says she doesn’t want to talk to him again. Next time, he’d better call one of his daughters. The call gets disconnected and Rafa encourages her to cry on his shoulder as he says she’s not alone. *shudder*

Vicente drops Majo off at school after making a bunch of unappreciated remarks about what “her Andres” must be like and how they should get him and Lucha together. When a friend sees her heading away from the van, Majo makes excuses about her car breaking down on the freeway and this guy helping her…poor thing, he thinks he’s cute but she swears she smelled alcohol. Skipping classes? She’s been on vacation with her family, that’s all.


Jorge gets the TV all hooked up and mounted on the wall. He’s a total Mr. Fix-it. He takes after his mom that way–she always told him they should try to fix stuff instead of just throwing it away. She’s been gone eight years and it feels like two to him. He thought she’d be around forever. Angie says she always thought her mom was so fragile and here she is taking care of everything. Meanwhile her dad ripped off half the city…and he always said Angie was his favorite. She asks Jorge not to tell anyone.

Jorge has been giving Angie a comforting hug for what she points out has been a very long time. He finally lets her go and gives her another pep talk about how he’s sure her dad is going to come back and he’ll apologize for everything and it will all work out. When his mom died, he didn’t think he was going to survive, but here he is. And Angie’s got her family, and she’s got him, and he thinks that hug did them both some good. Jorge and his tool box go back home.

Rafael gives Chivis a ride home. She’s determined to get on with her life as if Antonio José’s not part of it. She thinks the less the girls hear about him, the better. Rafa likes the sound of that–in fact, he’s all set to help her get over Antonio José. OK, NOW she definitely knows what his intentions are and she’s SO not into it! She screams at him to let her go and Manuel comes running up to punch Rafael out. The guys trade insults and threats of litigation–Rafael threatens to press charges for assault and Manuel threatens to report him for attempted rape. After he’s gone, Chivis figures she’s just lost her job. Manuel suggests they go inside, have a cup of tea, and figure something out.

Manuel makes Chivis that cup of tea and proposes she ask her horrible neighbor for a loan. She refuses. Even though she’s determined to pay Rafael back for that advance on her salary. She’s decided to sell the SUV, “OUR SUV?” he jokes, “Then we’ll both be without a car!” She needs to get a new job, but she doesn’t know how to do anything. Eh, Manuel thinks her looks and intelligence are a “lethal” combination. She’ll find something. He’ll help. They’re interrupted, first by Jorge’s arrival, then by a phone call from Stella. We can tell it’s Stella because she changed Manuel’s ringtone to the wedding march.

She can’t handle the truth

Andres, hoping to get Majo to ‘fess up already, picks her up from school and insists on taking her home. At least that way they can spend a little time together, right? It’s no problem for him at all.

Andres pulls up right to the door of Majo’s old house and she makes a fuss about her purse being such a mess–it’ll take forever to find her keys! He should just go already. Andres angrily gets out of the car and demands to know when she’s going to stop lying. Where is she living? Because as far as he knows, this house has been on the market for the last two weeks.

When she won’t talk, he gets back in the car. She begs him not to leave and whines that she was afraid he’d break up with her. Nope, it’s more the lying that’s going to make that happen. She explains that her dad went broke and left the country. He’s still angry that she would think he’d break up with her and that she’s been lying to him. And this after they’ve been dating for THREE YEARS. He tells her to get back in the car–he’s taking her to her new house. “Nooooooo!” Andres is adamant and Majo poutily gets back in.

In front of her house, Majo is shocked to find out he already knew where it was and that he spied on her and saw Trini leaving yesterday. Yeah, well, he was shocked she lied to him so, they’re even. He’s not sure if he’s going to break up with her or not. How could she think he’d break up with her because of where she lives? How’s he supposed to take it that If he hadn’t found out some other way, she might still be lying to him? He’s not letting her get away with saying she was just stupid…”You’re not stupid, but you do stupid things.” And yes, he knows she wasn’t doing it out of malice…”You’re not a bad person, but you do some bad things.”

Inside the house, Angie, Trini, and Lupita are working on folding and ironing laundry when Majo comes in and runs upstairs. They’re wondering what could have happened when Chivis gets home and evades questions about work. Angie sends her upstairs to see what’s going on with Majo.

Majo’s camped out in the bathroom, which is probably the only place in the house she can get any privacy. Silvana gets Majo to let her in so they can talk. If Majo told Andres the truth and explained why she was afraid to tell him before, then the only thing to do now is give him time and give him his space. Majo doesn’t like that idea. Chivis leaves her to think for a while. Vicente, on the other hand, texts with an offer to go dancing tonight.


Stella prepares the house for a romantic dinner with Manuel and kicks Poncho and Dom out for the night. When he arrives, Manuel decides they’ll start with the non-culinary portion of the meal. If you know what I mean.

Manuel and Stella are finished with dinner…the real dinner…and Manuel is getting ready to go back home. But wait! Stella has a surprise for him. It’s a re-enactment of Flashdance. I really didn’t need to see that.


Majo is already regretting taking Vicente up on his offer as soon as they get to the club. They run into Dom and Poncho. Dominique (“Don’t listen to him, it’s Domingo Gomez!”) at least gets a smile out of her. Dom and Poncho grab some partners and everyone hits the dance floor, but it’s obvious Majo’s not feeling it.

Majo gives up on dancing. She tells Vicente that she’s sure Andres is going to break up with her. And now it’s weird because the two of them are out together and here she is telling him about her relationship with Andres. She decides she’d like to go home. As they walk out, Dominique says Stella is NOT going to like hearing that Vicente was out with Chivis’ daughter.


Angie puts away laundry and talks boys with Lupita. Lupita’s totally had crushes on five boys and had three boyfriends already, but no kissing because kissing is GROSS! The last one was a guy at her old school, but it’s probably better they broke up because he was jealous and followed her around all the time.

Anyway, what about Angie…does she like Jorge? Even a little tiny bit? When Angie admits it, Jorge, who has of course been watching this entire conversation through the magically moving peephole, lets out a cheer. Angie panics until he covers by shouting “GOOOOOOOOOOOOL!”

Trini brings Chivis some soup and Chivis starts laying groundwork, saying working for Rafael is too difficult and she’s looking for a different job. She’s given up on Antonio José coming back and even if he does–what’s that going to fix? She remembers she needs to give Trini some money so she can shop for groceries. Hey, that’s gotta be easier than tackling the mount of laundry like she did today, right? Trini accepts Chivis’ praise and doesn’t reveal her laundry secret.

Lucha keeps trying to call her dad and Pedrito’s starting to get worried. Who’s he going to sleep with? He can’t sleep alone–he gets nightmares. He doesn’t want to sleep with Lucha–she snores! And besides, Manuel was going to read him some Harry Potter tonight. (Show of hands, who wants to hear Carlos Ponce read Harry Potter and do the voices?!) Lucha goes out to the balcony to try to call him from there.

Outside, Majo and Vicente are getting home, which means Lucha’s just in time to watch them snogging at Majo’s front gate after they flirted for too long. Lucha runs back inside when Majo does, so she can head downstairs and confront Vicente. He tells her to chill and suggests she get a boyfriend so she can quit worrying about everyone else.


Lucha’s still not speaking to Vicente in the morning and won’t even pass him the salt. She has plenty to say to Manuel, though. Pedrito backs her up–he hardly slept at all! He’s completely over Stella and wants Manuel to return the train set, so that’s how you know he’s serious. Vicente, probably thinking about his own evening, tells Manuel not to worry about everyone giving him attitude–no one can take back the meal already eaten or the dance already danced. “You went dancing?! Now I hate her more!” Alrighty, then. Pedrito has spoken.

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