Silvana sin Lana Friday 7/29/16 #9


Antonio José can shove it. Once again he has nothing useful or concrete to say, just a bunch of “I need more time” and “I’m coming back soon.”

Manuel tries to convince Jorge that he and Angie are from different “cultures” and it will never work. (Nice try, Manuel. My bi-cultural household laughs in your general direction.)

Chivis cries to Trini about Antonio José. Still no news, still no idea when he’s coming back. And she doesn’t want to hear any pity for him either–he’s been a lousy husband and a lousy father. Trini consoles Chivis, but reminds her she got married in the church, so her marriage is for keeps. (Or until he dies. Just saying.)

In the morning, Chivis explains to Trini, Angie, and Majo that she quit her job because Rafael was a creep and until she finds a new one they’re living off the money she got from selling the SUV. She’s counting on them to help her keep this from Lupita. Majo and Trini do some whining, but in the end it’s all rah-rahs and a big family group hug.


Angie asks Jorge how old he was when he found out his mom was dying. I think she’s wondering if they’re doing the right thing not telling Lupita the truth. She doesn’t seem to come to any conclusion about that, but she has decided she wants to get a job. Jorge has the brilliant idea to have her take Majo’s ID and use it to get a job at the salsa bar as a waitress. Margarita walks up, asking to talk to Jorge as soon as he’s not busy. I think if I had to pick, I’d rather see how this stolen-id-to-get-a-job thing works out than find out what Marge wants.

Lucha is getting people organized for another immigration rally tomorrow, taking advantage of a visit from the Senator. Andres wanders over, braving her bad mood, to say he’s worried she’s not doing this properly–no permits, etc. And is he worried about everyone or just her? He tells her not to get the wrong idea.

Margarita wants Jorge to understand that she doesn’t care if she’s got to be rude or violate Facebook’s TOS to hold on to her man, she’s going to do it and he’s just going to have to understand. Oh yeah, she totally did the Facebook Page. “So what?!” *siiiiigh*

Jorge’s not buying the “I did it for luuuuuuurve” defense, nor Margarita’s insecurity about Angie being prettier/better than her. If he’s with Margarita it’s because he thinks she’s pretty and he likes her. He and Angie are just friends. So she’d better go tell Angie what she did and apologize before Angie finds out some other way.

Not at all fishy

At the fish market, Stella packs a couple of tubs full of seafood for “a friend.”

Vicente is back from making deliveries, picking up the truck, and collecting some money owed. Manuel gives him another “stay away from the neighbor!” lecture. Yes, yes, he’s talked to Jorge too, but Jorge thinks he’s in love. Manuel knows what Vicente is like, the big flirt. OK, ok, Vicente admits he’s not looking for a serious relationship. Besides, she has a boyfriend. All the more reason to stay away.

Stella comes over to Chivis’ with her “peace” offering of shrimp, oysters, and mussels. As an added bonus, Stella can’t get her name right and throws some shade. But it’s all friendly on the surface, so Chivis doesn’t have a graceful way to turn down this “gift.”

After school, in front of the duplex, Margarita tries, but good grief, she sucks at apologizing! Even when she manages to get out a perfectly acceptable “I’m sorry. What I did was wrong and I won’t do it again.” it’s SO incredibly sarcastic. She’s open about doing this because Jorge told her to and being completely insincere, but she still seems to feel like Angie’s under some kind of obligation to accept. News flash! She doesn’t. And another news flash: she is not now, nor has she ever, nor does she have any intention of getting between Marge and Jorge, so chill!

Cranky Angie goes inside and explains her ongoing problem with Margarita. Silvana thinks maybe she should try to stay away from Jorge. Trini moves on to the REAL problem here…where are they going to put all that seafood?

Manuel doesn’t get the seafood thing. He disbelieves Stella’s sincerity about trying to help the less-fortunate, but whatever. I’m sure he’s thrilled to hear Stella wants to be Chivis’ friend.

What else are you going to do with that much seafood?

Trini takes the seafood down to Don Benito’s to ask him to store it for them, but he has a better idea…PAELLA!

He organizes a big party at the community center and he and Vicente haul in the enormous paella pan. I don’t even like seafood, but that paella is a work of art!

When Silvana, at al, arrive at 9pm Trini and Majo want to make a run for it. The people! The color! (It’s reminiscent of some of the parties at the Mercado on ¿Quién es Quién?) Trini’s a little overwhelmed with everyone greeting her.

Manuel and his family arrive. Vicente announces dancing after dinner. Majo takes a call from Andres and whines about all the homework she has to do instead of doing the reasonable thing and inviting him over (seriously losing my patience with her). She pretends it was Angie who goosed her and made her shriek instead of Vicente.

I’m not even going to repeat what Trini said about the paella. She’s not above drinking wine out of a plastic cup, I see.

Somehow no one thought to invite Stella. That’s ok, Margarita’s got the market cornered on sucking face with the boyfriend to mark her territory. We don’t really need Stella around doing the same.

Vicente confronts Majo about “forgetting” his name last night. She counter-confronts him about inviting them dancing.

Manuel and Silvana talk about how Stella’s a good person, she’s just impulsive. And jealous. They compare the atmosphere at the fish market, where everyone tries to help everyone else out, to Chivis’ former world where “the more they have, the more they want.” Manuel admits he was wrong about her.

Both Majo and Lupita have notice Manuel and Chivis having a little too much fun. Lupita shares her concerns with Pedrito, but he thinks it’s no big deal. Besides–his dad has a girlfriend. They both complain about no one ever wanting to tell them anything because they’re “the youngest.” Pedro proposes a pact. From now on they won’t tell anyone anything. Lupita doesn’t get it. “They wouldn’t care.” She also doesn’t get Pedro swiping his chip through the punch fountain.

At Casa Stella, Dom is doing Stella’s toes but he suddenly gets worried about where Poncho is. When he has Stella call, Poncho has no problem telling her that he’s out with Manuel at a “Welcome to the Neighborhood” party for Chivis and her family at the community center, having a fabulous paella they made with the seafood she brought over for Chivis and things are getting steamy. Thanks, Poncho.

Stella is furious! Dom tries to calm her down so she doesn’t ruin his tiny works of art.

Benito and Manuel make speeches, thanking everyone for being such cool peeps and welcoming Silvana and her family to the neighborhood. They get Silvana up, too, though she hardly knows what to say besides thanking everyone for being so nice. Benito calls for the dancing to start.

Majo complains to Angie about how cozy their mom is being with Manuel when she’s married. Oh, Angie knows she’s married to some guy who ditched them overnight. Majo says that’s their dad she’s talking about and their mom is still married to him, even if she’s determined to forget that.

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