Silvana sin Lana Thursday 7/28/16 #8

Law office

Silvana confronts Rafael about sexually assaulting her and assures him she’s going to pay back the advance he gave her, but she’s never coming back to this office.

Fish Market

Dom gives Stella the chisme that Vicente was out with Silvana’s daughter last night. Those neighbors sure to seem to keep getting closer and closer to her “Manny Manuel,” he suggests….

This, of course, means Stella has to make a visit to Manuel’s office to hassle him about “the neighbor.” Just then, Silvana calls for the number of that guy he knows who can buy her SUV and Stella makes sure to shout a bunch of suggestive stuff in the background. When Manuel gets off the phone she lets slip that Vicente is “dating” Majo.


Lucha and some classmates are getting banners ready for an immigration reform rally and she gets really excited about the prospect of Andres going with them. But, hold up…they have class, and there’s a test scheduled for today. He jumps awfully quickly from “no” to “don’t think just because we’re friends I’m going to reschedule exams because you ask me to.”

Angie’s getting the impression everyone at school is laughing at her and she’s not wrong. Jorge finds out there’s a We Hate Angie Facebook page. He’s sure Margarita has nothing to do with it (oh really, Jorge?) and Margarita’s response when he shows it to her is “Wow. That sucks. I’m sorry.” but I dunno….

Majo sticks a “Forgive me!” sign on Andres car and watches him find it and drive off. I think maybe he was smiling a little? Lucha finds her lurking and Majo informs her Andres knows they’re neighbors now, so she’d better stay away from him. Whatever. Lucha doesn’t care, but what about Vicente…you know VICENTE, her brother, the guy Majo was sucking face with last night? Oops! Majo tries to deny even knowing Vicente, but gives up and resorts to begging Lucha not to say anything to Andres because they’re just starting to make up. Lucha shakes her head and walks away.

Resolving some money problems

I thought the car guy was Manuel’s friend, but Manuel complains he’s offering too little for the SUV. Car guy says sure, they COULD get more, but do they really have the time to sell it themselves? He’s got a fat envelope of cash right here….

Chivis takes it and immediately pays Manuel’s loan back. Her dad used to say you sleep better without debts. Manuel invites her to dinner to celebrate their new start, now that their “original argument” is over. Chivis looks doubtful when he suggests they go out for tacos de suadero (it’s not a cut of meat I’m familiar with, but it’s supposed to be good, so I’m not sure if that’s what she’s looking unsure about or the idea of tacos in general).

A terrible idea

Trini stops by the bakery to ask Benito to take her grocery shopping. He’s only too happy to help his fina vecina and leaves his assistant in charge. Margarita throws a tantrum, complete with foot stomping, because she can’t stand that old woman…not that she’s done anything to her…yet. *sigh*

Yeah, grocery shopping with Trini. Who thought THAT would be a fun time? She’s got things like “two bottles of French Champagne, four bottles of Spanish wine, and an 18-year-old scotch” on her list. For unexpected guests. She uses a bag of limes to ward off the potential for any unexpected guests from her former life (lol…a coworker used to keep a lime on her desk to soak up bad vibes, so I got a kick out of that). She makes some nasty remarks about the available foods, income level, and weight gain.

Trini’s bill is close to $500 dollars and she starts having to pull things out of her bags to put back. I don’t think the broccoli is going to help much. Just saying.

Facebook don’t play that

Angie and Jorge reported the Page. Now they’re just waiting for it to come down…and soon enough, it does. Margarita comes over (I suspect she’s got a “Facebook has removed your Page for violating our Terms of Service” email waiting for her), gets cranky about Angie being there, makes a remark about Angie wanting to steal her boyfriend. En fin, the usual.

The Angie-Margarita bickering continues, mostly on Margarita’s side, until Angie gets fed up and leaves. Jorge asks if Margarita had anything to do with that Facebook Page and Margarita just scoffs and leaves without answering the question.

Dates, sort of

It’s chore time at Pea Soup. Angie’s still cranky from earlier and doesn’t appreciate Majo taking up most of the closet space or filing her nails instead of sweeping. Lupita thinks cleaning is fun–like playing house! Oh, sweet child. Andres makes a surprise visit…he’s come to a decision. Dun, dun, dun!

Majo whips off her muffins apron (which IMO was cuter than her outfit) and gives her sisters the telepathic “GET OUT!” signal. Andres wants to hear the whole story, most of which she’s already told him. He asks how her mom’s doing. “Not well, but she tries to hide it.”

The lady in question is actually out enjoying her tacos de suadero. Manuel shows off his mad taco eating skillz…taco in one hand and beer in the other. He proposes that Chivis work for him, making deliveries (once he gets the truck back) and selling to her rich ex-friends.

Majo cries as she tells Andres that her mom doesn’t know how to do ANYTHING and she’s working as a secretary…A SECRETARY! But at least she’s doing something for them, unlike her dad. Sometimes she wants to strangle him and sometimes she just wants to know if he’s ok. Andres gives her a reassuring hug and responds to her request to say he’s not breaking up with her by asking his (*groan*) “Baby Boo” for a tour of the house.

Chivis really isn’t sure about this proposal. What if she screws up? What if they lose money? Manuel says they can’t…with her contacts and his competitive pricing, they’re bound to make money. He wonders if she’d be embarrassed hitting up her old “friends” but no, Chivis will do whatever she has to for her family. She’d still like to think about it and consult the girls first.

Andres has finished the tour and Lupita grabs him for a little one-on-one time because she’s missed him SO much! Which is cool with Majo until she starts in on the “Majo thinks you’re mad because we don’t live in a mansion anymore….” Luckily, Jorge shows up with Angie’s laptop and some downloaded movies.

Majo pulls Andres into the kitchen to make popcorn (Is that what the kids are calling it these days?) while Jorge connects the laptop. Angie asks him to leave, to avoid any more problems with Margarita, but Jorge says if she has a problem, it’s HER problem (yeah, except she makes it Angie’s problem, so…).


Stella whines about Manuel helping Chivis. Dom and Poncho offer their opinions…and then Dom suggests she stop taking her contraceptive pills. I don’t know how to interpret Stella’s glare. “Brilliant!” or “Seriously?”

Poncho and I are against the idea of trying to get pregnant to manipulate Manuel. So is Stella, because heaven forbid she ruin her figure. What she WILL do, though, is become Chivis’ friend. As Dom says, “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!”

Everybody’s home

Trini and Benito finally make it home from their grocery adventure just as Vicente is pulling up in the van. Trini gets him to carry the groceries in for her, but he pauses in the driveway to catch the scene Margarita’s making about how late her grandpa was out. Trini finally hustles him inside after Marge and Benito start driving away.

Inside, Jorge is finishing his setup (I bet he’s one of those people who can get a projector to work right the first time) when Trini and Vicente walk in.

Trini tells Vicente to take the groceries into the kitchen, where he finds Majo and Andres sucking face. After much meaningless small talk, Majo pretends she’s forgotten Vicente’s name, so Andres introduces himself rather than having Majo introduce them (this is a great party trick, too). Vicente invites them out to dance salsa sometime and jokes about “practically” sleeping with Majo since they’re only separated by a wall.

Andres likes him, and he’s totally into the salsa idea. He leaves so he can get home and prep his class for tomorrow.

Angie’s still getting the movie set up when a Skype call comes in from Antonio José. Everyone freezes except Majo, who rushes to accept the call. Silvana comes home to the unwelcome surprise of his ginormous face on her TV screen.

Jorge is waiting in Manuel’s room when he comes home. He wanted to talk about “women.” “Plural?!” Well, yeah. He’s thinking of breaking up with Margarita because he can’t stop thinking about another girl. When Manuel hears that it’s one of Chivis’ daughters, he whacks Jorge with a pillow. Manuel’s face: “Seriously, Jorge?”

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4 years ago

LOL! Yup, “Baby Boo”. Too funny. 😀

4 years ago
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ROFLOL! I hear you! 😀