Silvana sin Lana Monday 8/1/16 #10

The party continues

It’s time for the Villaseñoras to get down on the dance floor! Lupita is already dancing with Pedrito. Angie moons over Jorge, watching him dance with Marge, to Majo’s amusement. Vicente asks Majo to dance and she has a brief run-in with Lucha, who invokes Andres. Lucha turns down Poncho in favor of studying, so Poncho dances with Angie. Finally Manuel realizes he and Chivis are the only ones not dancing. The dancing gives way to googly eyes and Lupita and Pedrito spring into action to separate their parents. Majo, on the other hand, just flounces out of the hall.

And then it’s over

Later, the girls have gone home already and Manuel walks Chivis home. She’s decided to take him up on his “job” offer, starting tomorrow. He decides that warrants a couple of hugs. There’s also a kiss on the cheek after they’ve established that they’ll leave for the fish market early, so no more partying! Majo is lying in wait in the driveway to scold her mom for dancing with Manuel all night, letting him walk her home, and then kissing him! (Well, gosh, Majo, you’d know all about that, wouldn’t you?)

Chivis calls Majo on her tone, but still defends her actions as innocent. Majo gives up and flounces back into the house because she’s SO tired from waiting up for her mom.

Poncho gets home with a cell phone full of pictures to annoy Stella with. Even Dom’s worried about her prospects, if everybody likes Manuel’s new neighbors so much.

New job

In the morning, Chivis gets harassed about her behavior again, this time by Trini. She makes a crack about Caesar’s wife needing to be above suspicion, but Chivis reminds her Caesar isn’t here right now. And oh, by the way, she’s going to the market with Manuel. She’s going to start selling seafood to her old friends. Trini passes out from the shock.

At the fish market, Poncho and Vicente gossip about the party. Stella complains about not being invited. Vicente says his dad has an important announcement for them, once he gets there.

Right now, Manuel’s helping Silvana revive Trini with an epazote-based remedio. Trini whines about the humiliation of her daughter selling fish. At length. Silvana finally decides they should just go. She calls out to Trini to go buy some bread from Don Benito and maybe she’ll feel better. Trini whines to Chuchito (Jesusito) about St. Peter being a fisherman, but those were different times!

School stuff

At school (I’m starting to flinch every time I see uniforms) Jorge and Angie confess their feelings for one another in hypotheticals, without naming any names…but the hypothetical boy having these hypothetical feelings for the hypothetical girl who’s also having hypothetical feelings for him can’t break up with his hypothetical girlfriend.

Well, now that that hypothetical conversation is out of the way…because they weren’t talking about themselves, right?…Angie thinks they should stay away from each other. Because the hypothetical girlfriend is jealous.

In her class, Lupita takes a lecture on BC and AD as an opportunity to ask if they’re going to make their First Communion. Once again, the teacher reminds her this is a secular school, but she kindly suggests that Lupita have her mom find a Church where she can do that if she’s interested…after warning the other little miscreants to quit laughing if they don’t want a trip to the principal’s office. (How old is she supposed to be? I feel like they’re having her act way too young for her supposed age just to give the other kids more opportunities to be horrible.)

Lucha and her group of activists haul a ladder over to a mysteriously empty outdoor seating area on campus so they can hang a banner. Of course, somehow, despite hauling this ladder across campus, none of them realized Lucha intended to hang the banner and NOW they’re worried about getting into trouble for not having permission. Lucha goes up onto the ladder and then fails to remember she’s on one in the first place. When she tries to toss the ropes over a beam she also jumps, falls off the ladder, and lands on the concrete below. The collective shouting summons Andres.

Andres gets somebody to call an ambulance while he checks Lucha’s vitals WITHOUT moving her. This is how you know they’re med students. She starts to regain consciousness and says her leg hurts.

From the back of the ambulance, Andres calls Majo to see if she has the number for the neighbors. She’s a jerk, even after he explains WHY he needs it. Let me sum up…Majo is selfish and annoying, Andres isn’t in the mood, and she’ll call her mom who’s probably with Lucha’s dad.

Fish market

At the market, Manuel announces to everyone that Silvana is going to start working with them. Everyone’s happy except Stella. Not the “keep your enemies closer” she was bargaining for, I guess! Stella goes out to see a man about a truck, rather than stay there and pull Chivis’ hair out in front of Manuel.

Manuel explains to Poncho and Vicente that Chivis is going to (and I’d been avoiding this translation because I kept thinking “That can’t be what he means!”) sell their fish door to door. As in, they’ll load her up with fish that she’ll take to people’s houses so they can select the ones they want without having to set foot in the market. I feel like there are some potential health issues with that.

Anyway, Poncho decides if she’s working with them, she needs a nickname and “Chivis” won’t do. She needs something…classier…like…The Lobster. My brain and Chivis’ face: OH HELL NO!

At the Gazebo of the Annoyed Virgen of the Fish Market, Stella airs her grievances. I swear the statue turns away from her between one shot and the next. Even Dom is asking the Virgen for patience as he explains to Stella that having Chivis around is a HUGE advantage to her. All she’s got to do is teach Chivis everything she knows…the RIGHT way…and Chivis will see how hard their work is and she won’t last three days there!

Manuel, Vicente, Poncho, and Silvana are discussing such mundane things as Excel spreadsheets and Vicente being in charge of cash flow when Stella and Dom barge in. Dom is instantly smitten with Silvana and greets her in French. She gets a text from Majo and tells Manuel that Lucha is on her way to the hospital. Manuel and Vicente head for the hospital, turning down both Stella and Chivis’ offers to go with them. He asks someone to please teach Silvana the ropes.

Stella starts with how to wash fish. Dom and Poncho just moon over Silvana. When it’s Silvana’s turn to try it herself, she accidentally squirts Stella with the sprayer. Heh!

Stella’s next lesson: how to attract customers. It’s not as bad as it sounds. Silvana gets the appropriate amount of enthusiasm into “Mollusks! Crustaceans!” on the third try. But now Stella’s questioning Dom’s loyalty as he whines that a goddess like Chivis shouldn’t be shouting like one of them.


Lucía’s finally awake and worrying about how expensive this hospital looks and whether her insurance will cover it. Andres tells her not to worry about that right now and teases her about not saying “I told you so” until after she’s better. Manuel and Vicente arrive and Andres tells them Lucha just needs to rest over the weekend. She’s got some bumps and bruises, but that’s all. Vicente teases Lucha about getting Andres’ number while Manuel pulls Andres aside to thank him for bringing Lucía to the hospital and not leaving her alone.

Lucía makes it home, complaining about the exorbitant hospital fees and wondering how the hell poor people are supposed to get decent care? Or people who are undocumented? Stella “yes, dear”s all her concerns about the state of healthcare in the US, insists she has to eat, and in general, fusses over her too much. Calling herself their “stepmother” is the last straw. Manuel tells Stella to chill and sends Lucha upstairs to rest. Stella continues fussing about the broth she made and how she loves them and Manuel meets Lucha’s annoyed glare with a halfhearted “She means well.”


Angie comes down with the laundry basket complaining about how Majo just throws things on the floor and they have to get washed again. Lupita brings up her First Communion. Trini decides she can solve both problems at once, by getting Benito (as Lupita notes, he’s no longer “Don”) to do the laundry for her and tell her where there’s a Church nearby. Angie gets a text from Jorge that she’s good to start waitressing tonight at the salsa bar.

Benito brings Trini to his Church and ugh! The ‘tude! The ‘tude! OK, yes, it’s not a cathedral, but it’s a nice looking little building. She whines about the priest being so young and casual. And then he greets Don Benito effusively and says it’s about time he brought a girlfriend by and I laugh and laugh!


Chivis gets home. Trini hassles her about the smell of fish. Even Angie notices it, but she doesn’t say anything. She’s too busy lying about having a homework assignment to do at a “friend’s” house until, um…10pm? Chivis gives in, ignores Trini’s whining about how she needs to stay away from Manuel because his girlfriend is “crazy,” and goes upstairs.

Lucha didn’t want to tell Manuel how the “accident” happened, but he figures it has something to do with the banners that were all over the house the other day? He loves that she lives up to her name, but he wishes she’d be more careful. He did promise her mother to take care of her! Stella comes in with the soup and lurks outside the door long enough to hear Lucha admit that Stella’s making an effort.

Jorge spies while Angie gets ready (which consists of no visible changes to her appearance that I can see…more lip gloss?) and Majo lectures her about not getting too cozy with the neighbors. She totally thinks Angie should have a fling with Jorge, but that’s all it’s going to be.

She’s still under the impression that their dad will come back and they’ll be back to their old lives soon enough. Angie disagrees–they don’t know if he’s coming back at all, and if he does it’ll probably be to go to prison. Plus, she doesn’t have feelings for Jorge. Lupita comes in, wanting someone to go next door with her so she can visit Lucha. Angie lets herself get talked into it.

Vicente comes into the boys’ room and Jorge quickly moves to sit on the back of the couch in front of the peephole. Vicente finds this suspicious and hassles him until he moves out of the way.

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