Silvana sin Lana Wednesday 8/3/16 #12

Fish Market

Vicente swears it was the first and last time he and Majo had gone out together. Uh huh. Manuel tells him to take yesterday’s order to the warehouse and then stop by the office.

OK, we already had the “Don’t date the neighbors” talk, right? So what gives? Vicente swears someone just got the wrong idea. They’re just friends who went out dancing. If Manuel and Silvana can be friends then so can he and Majo, right? And Manuel has a girlfriend. He leaps over his desk, but Vicente is already out the door. He sticks his head back in to taunt his dad for being old.


Majo and Angie aren’t speaking to each other and Trini definitely noticed. When Andres knocks on the door, Majo jumps at the chance to get out of there and go have lunch. So does Trini but, um, maybe another day? Andres can’t help looking up at Lucha on the balcony as he helps Majo into the car.

Don Benito also stops to greet Lucha on his way into the house. He brought over some food for Trini. She’s so glad…she wouldn’t even be eating anything at all if he hadn’t come over, she’s just soooo busy! She chats with him about Majo going out with her boyfriend to a fancy restaurant. Benito invites her out later…to Mass…so she can talk to Padre Young Whippersnapper about Lupita’s First Communion. He can’t stay for lunch–she knows how Marge gets!

Andres took Majo to lunch to talk about why she’s suddenly so jealous. (Um, are you sure you want to go there?) I’m going to give Majo the benefit of the doubt and say that she’s being genuine in her self-analysis. She always thought she and Andres were going to get married and she felt very sure about the direction her life was taking, but then her dad abandoned them and suddenly she had no idea who she could trust. But definitely she feels insecure about Lucía. And she has no idea what Andres can do so she’ll feel secure with him again.


Chivis gets home with her new car. Which is actually a cargo van that she has no intention of using for anything but her new business. Now they just need a company name and a logo to paint on the van. Trini makes a bunch of cranky suggestions, but I actually liked the one about the octopus holding flowers. Which is about the nicest thing she says. Chivis recruits Angie to come up with a logo for her, but Angie’s not sure she’s up to the task. Lupita suggests she get Jorge to help.

Angie goes over to talk to Jorge about doing the logo on the computer. He says he’ll do it, but he’s cranky (because the other day when he was listening to conversations he shouldn’t and Majo told Angie that Jorge wasn’t right for her, Angie told Majo that Jorge’s the one who has a thing for her, not the other way around). She has no idea what he’s talking about with “I don’t have a thing for you,” but she thinks it was a mistake to come over. She tells him to forget it.

Manuel comes over to see Chivis and the van. He’s happy for her and she’s pleased with herself that she bought it all on her own and even got his friend to give her a discount. Trini does that fake-nice thing with him where she says he’s been so helpful she’s going to get her son-in-law to give him a job and get him out of that awful fish market. Manuel says he’s fine where he is, thanks.


Benito arrives to pick up Trini, Lupita, Angie, and…Pedrito for church. Manuel makes an awkward joke about it being ok with him if Pedrito goes with them as long as he doesn’t decide to become a priest. Majo comes home, surprised to see everyone assembled in the living room. Silvana decides they’re ALL going. And afterwards she and Majo are going to have a talk.

At Church, Padre Whippersnapper gives his sermon (I think “To everything there is a season…”) and everyone prays. Trini wants some guy on the other side of the aisle to quit looking at her. Silvana wants help with the girls. Majo doesn’t want to get busted for cheating on Andres. Angie doesn’t want to get busted for working in a bar. Lupita prays for her dad to come home. (Right in the feels, show. Right in the feels.) Pedrito desperately wants one of his brothers to go off to college and he swears he’ll miss him, but he could use a little extra space and maybe a real bed.

The Villa of the Señoras

Everyone gets home and Silvana reminds Majo they need to talk, but first she’s got to return Pedrito to his dad. Which means walking two steps over. Since she’s already all “confessed and forgiven” Manuel invites her to do some sinning…in the form of a glass of wine…?

Trini and Lupita hang out in the kitchen playing on their respective electronic devices. Lupita’s looking up prayers and information about the Virgen. Which leads to “virginity” and “virgins” and whether Trini became one after grandpa died and whether her mom is one now that her dad is gone. Trini does a lot of “um…uh…well…ask your mother!”And that, my friends, is the real danger of the Internet. All that information at the fingertips of children who are surrounded by adults who aren’t prepared to discuss it.

Angie is angry-typing when Majo comes upstairs to accuse her of telling Chivis about her and Vicente. Angie swears she didn’t, but then how did Silvana know? Wait…was it the person who told Angie who told her…? Angie says that’s not the point. The point is if Majo doesn’t want their mom finding stuff out then just don’t do it in the first place.

Shark central

Chivis and Manuel toast to their respective families and Manuel’s peeps at the fish market and Stella. Manuel talks about how Stella’s kind of intense, but she’s good peeps and she was willing to date him even though he’s a widower with four kids and no intention of getting married again.

Except that’s not what Stella told Silvana. Manuel insists Stella knows exactly how he feels–he married once and that’s it for him. Even though his wife is gone, she’s still the mother of his children. Chivis understands. Not that Antonio José is dead, but she would find it odd to live with someone else. And if she fell in love with someone? She supposes it would be like it is with Manuel and Stella. Because he’s in love with her, right?

You know what’s a bad idea? Asking your married crush if she thinks you’re really in love with your girlfriend and if you should marry your girlfriend. Which is exactly what he does.

She tries to avoid answering him, but eventually gives him a quiet “no,” he shouldn’t marry Stella. Aha! He knew it. He warns her if she ever wants to keep something from him she should wear shades, because he’ll be able to see it in her eyes. Lucha creeps down the stairs to listen as he gives her a present: a vacuum cleaner.

Jorge patches the hole in the wall, finally, and sticks the hook back in it. Hm. I’m not sure that’s really going to hold. Vicente gives him a hard time about it but Jorge has finally realized the danger of hearing things they aren’t supposed to. Like, for instance, he knows Vicente has a thing for Majo. Vicente admits that, but…it’s not, like, serious…he’s just going with the flow, you know? Yeah, Jorge knows, but he doesn’t believe it.

Mother-daughter chats

Silvana gets home and Trini gives her a hard time about how long it took her to come home…until she sees the vacuum cleaner. She (not entirely jokingly) tells Silvana she should mention to Manuel that they also need a washer and dryer to complete the set.

That “something in your eyes” thing? Trini sees it too and tells Silvana to sit down. She thinks Silvana is disappointed she got a vacuum cleaner instead of flowers, but (1) they don’t have vases, (2) if they don’t start vacuuming they might as well be living in the Arizona desert, and (3) just because Antonio José is gone doesn’t mean she’s divorced. Chivis rolls her eyes and says she’s going upstairs to talk to Majo.

Silvana wants to know why Majo is cheating on Andres–and she can save the “just dancing” schtick. Majo’s getting used to lying and no matter what she says, no, she hasn’t always been this way. Silvana understands that Majo is having a tough time with everything that’s going on, but it doesn’t mean she can steamroll everyone. Majo has no idea why she’s doing what she’s doing. What she does know is that she loves Andres and he’s perfect and she’s going to marry him and have kids. But maybe if she’s doing this, she doesn’t really love him. And maybe if she doesn’t love him then he’s not the perfect guy for her.

Good thing it wasn’t a washer/dryer!

Manuel is surprised when Lucha asks him why he’s giving presents to the neighbor. Is he trying to seduce her. Ha! Now we see the brilliance of Manuel’s gift because how can she possibly accuse him of trying to seduce the neighbor…with a vacuum cleaner! He counter-accuses her of being just as jealous as Stella. But no, she heard their whole conversation and the vacuum cleaner was just the cherry on top. She knows what he’s like. And by the way, he doesn’t look at Stella the way he looks at Chivis. (Well, duh, because Stella is shorter! Thank you folks, I’ll be here all week. Please tip your server generously….)

Lucha’s got Manuel’s number. She heard him flirting and yes, of course HE would try to seduce the neighbor with a vacuum cleaner. She warns him more than one woman has taken his niceness to mean more than he intended, so he’d better be careful. In the end, after all the bickering, Lucha tells him if it comes down to a choice between Stella and the neighbor, she picks Stella. Because at least they have something in common with Stella.

It was the logical next step

Over at Pea Soup, the Villaseñoras are having dinner. Lupe liked the Church. Chivis liked the Padre. There’s a knock at the door. I’m reading between the lines here, but I think Andres decided the thing to do to make Majo feel more “secure” was come over and propose.

Instead, Majo freezes. She says it’s a really pretty ring. Trini thinks she should accept. Silvana says it’s Majo’s decision. Angie thinks they should leave Andres and Majo alone (Majo shoots her a panicked look). Lupita admires the ring. But what’s her answer?

Majo says she’s lousy at speaking in public, but she knows her family will agree with her decision 100% (significant look at Angie and Chivis) and yes, she’ll marry him. Silvana congratulates them both and says this is going to be both the most wonderful and most difficult time in their relationship, so they’ve got to stick together. Angie and Trini go to the kitchen to mix up some juice and everyone toasts the happy couple.


It’s a painting party in front of the duplex. I see they’re not rejecting the octopus idea. Score! But the new business needs a name. Lupita declares all their ideas un-chic and proposes “Chivis Fish” over Trini’s objections. Chivis Fish it is.

Lucha’s still supposed to be resting. Her idea of “rest” is researching Andres on the Internet and sending him a friend request on Generic Facebook. Oh, great, so she can see ALL his “Me and Majo” selfies? Over at his house, Andres hesitates, but accepts the request.

Majo’s ignoring the painting process in favor of checking out Instagram. When Vicente comes over to ask if she’s still fighting with Andres, she shows off her engagement ring and tells him to forget anything that might have happened between them. “Oh, you think it’s that easy?” Sure. She’s already forgotten. She’s engaged, her fiancée is Andres Montenegro, y ya.

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