Silvana sin Lana Friday 8/5/16 #14

Take 1

The surprised woman in the purple shirt is Catalina, an old “friend” of Chivis. And this is where the “selling to your old contacts” plan falls apart. Because Catalina and the other women from the club want to pretend Chivis is the one who just disappeared and Chivis isn’t letting them tell that story. THEY’RE the ones who stopped calling her!

Oh yeah, well, her husband cheated a bunch of their husbands. So what is she here for, to pay back the money he stole? Chivis insists she had nothing to do with that. As for what she’s here for, she’s selling seafood out of that van right over there and they can laugh all they want to but they are NOT going to make her feel bad! She knows her worth now so they can choke on their laughter! Bunch of frivolous, useless, pathetic…!

That may have been satisfying, but it’s not going to cut it as a sales pitch.

Chivis comes home and vents to Trini about the treatment she received. Trini’s not surprised. That’s just the way “their” world is. Chivis is done with it. She doesn’t want to be part of that world anymore. She never would have laughed at someone in her situation! She can’t believe Alvaro José did this to them! And here she is having to pay the price for HIS mistakes! She takes off her wedding ring and says it’s over.

Trini wants Chivis to put the ring back on because she values her son-in-law more than her own daughter. And she can dress this up all she wants with “benefit of the doubt” and “nobody changes overnight unless something really big happened” but I don’t buy it.

She gets Chivis remembering Christmas. Antonio José used to dress up as Santa. Then she keeps laying on the guilt about this not being the right job for her and the neighbor being part of the reason she’s ready to ditch her wedding ring, and she can’t be exposing the girls to decisions made in haste. (Oh, you mean like embezzling a bunch of money and skipping the country?) Chivis puts the ring back on.


Lucía made it to school, still limping, but basically doing ok. She and Andres talk awkwardly about their Facebook friending and both claim they’re barely on there. And then he gets so serious about needing to tell her something that she worries she’s failing his class. But no, he’s just engaged, that’s all.

Lucía makes a convincing show of congratulating Andres. He mentions going out to celebrate with Vicente and Angie last night. Lucía is surprised, but yeah, that’s Vicente…he loves to dance and meet women. Andres thinks he was totally hitting on Angie last night and jokes that they might end up being in-laws!

Angie’s wiped after working at the salsa bar last night. She figures she’ll have to tell her mom about it…eventually…maybe after the business is going better. She admires her mom’s courage, going back to the old neighborhood to try to make sales. Jorge says she’s pretty amazing, too. He takes her hands, but she pulls them away and admits she’s totally got a thing for him, since the moment they met, and if he takes her hands she might not want to let go.

So, how about it Jorge? He says she already knows he likes her, so…he thinks they’ve got problems on the way. They compare notes and figure out that probably everyone knows about them by now. She doesn’t like to think she’s the reason he’d be breaking up with Margarita. He assures her he wouldn’t be and he’s going to have to think about it, but it seems pretty obvious to him that he’s going to.

Majo is out in the driveway trying to get a good signal when Lucha gets home. She wants to make sure Lucha knows about her engagement. “Yeah, I hope you’ll quit cheating on him now.” All the rest is meaningless insults.

Fish Market

A mopey Chivis goes to Manuel’s office to whine about the way her friends..or rather ex-friends…treated her. He’s more sympathetic than Trini. He knows fresas are like that…uh, no offense? But Chivis is an ex-fresa now, right?

Absolutely! And now she’s got her second wind. She doesn’t care if they laughed at her, she’s going back there anyway, and she’s going to try all the restaurants she used to go to, and there’s one in particular she’s POSITIVE will help them. But she wants Manuel to come with her this time, to make sure she doesn’t mess it up. And he, of course, agrees, because he’d hate to see her get taken advantage of.

Stella and Dom find Poncho and start questioning him about Jennifer. Was he serious about getting married? Poncho accuses them of being superficial and only thinking about looks and if Jennifer were slender he’s sure they wouldn’t doubt his love for her. But noooooo, they’re too busy focusing on appearance. He flounces off and Dom hopes he really is in love with Jennifer so it’ll knock the bad taste of unrequited love out of his mouth. And then he makes a run for it before he can tell Stella what he means by that.


Trini brings more laundry over for Benito…except it’s his shop assistant who’s been doing the laundry. She complains about how much she’s working, so he suggests a movie tonight. His shop assistant recommends the new 4D movie that’s out and once they get past Trini thinking “4D” has anything to do with “XXX” she agrees.

I don’t know what 4D movie they’re watching, but it gives Trini motion sickness. Don Benito leaves the theater to check on her, but then runs back inside to watch the last few minutes of the movie.


Jorge goes over to the bakery intending to break up with Marge, but he totally forgot it’s their anniversary. And she got him a t-shirt…with a picture of the two of them on the front. Jorge…don’t back out…run away, Jorge, run away! Nope, he’s delaying the breakup.

Lucía takes advantage of the fact that she’s in the kitchen and Vicente is hungry to ask him what the heck is going on with him?! Is he hitting on Majo’s younger sister? Vicente doesn’t know where she heard that, and sure she’s pretty, but she’s a little young for him. Plus Jorge likes her.

He also won’t answer when she asks if he’s seeing Majo or not and teases her about wanting to go rat her out to Andres and bust up the marriage for her own reasons.

Into this conversation comes Jorge, wanting to talk to Lucía. About “women.” Yeah, best not have that conversation with Vicente “The Expert.”

Jorge tells Lucha about his sad, sad situation and she demands all the details he really didn’t want to give her. Like that he’s in love with someone else…and it’s Angie.

Wow, ok, well, Lucha thinks “love” is a pretty big word for someone he’s just met, but leaving that aside, yeah, he’s got to break up with Margarita. Not for Angie, but because Margarita deserves to be with someone who loves her.

Now as for dating Angie, he’s got to know that it’s not going to go well. They’re from different worlds, etc. Jorge can’t believe she’s being so old-fashioned! OK sure, technically Angie’s a rich girl, but she’s also beautiful inside and out. Lucha sighs.

Truth time

Majo and Lupita look at wedding dresses online. Angie comes downstairs in time to hear Lupita say that Majo can’t get married if their dad isn’t there. Angie disagrees and they get into a fight over Angie saying he doesn’t seem to care about getting in touch. Majo and Lupita are totally Team Antonio José. He LOVES them! And Angie had better not say otherwise in front of Lupita again! (Ugh. Pobre de Angie.)

Trini’s still stumbling when she gets home…and possibly seeing things.

Upstairs, Majo gripes at Angie for daring to say anything bad in front of Lupita. Angie’s tired of Majo living in her little fantasy world and caring whether he comes back to walk her down the aisle. Yeah, yeah, it’s the most important day of her life, but why does she care if she gets walked down the aisle by an embezzler? For all they know, he’s got a whole other family out there.

That’s too much for Majo. She shoves Angie and warns her not to ever say another negative word about their father in this house again. They hear Lupita shouting from downstairs that Trini is dizzy.

Majo instantly thinks she’s drunk. Trini explains about the 4D movie and things jumping out at her and flying around her head. Angie tells her to lie down and Majo teases her about liking nacos. Angie snarks that it runs in the family and this gets Trini’s attention.

To distract her, Majo asks how it went for their mom at the club…and Trini tells them. Angie says she never liked those women and this is all their dad’s fault. Lupita yells at Angie for blaming their dad and runs upstairs. (This whole “Dad completely ditched us” angle is really throwing a wrench in the overall lightness of the plot.)

Lupita doesn’t want to talk to Angie unless Angie’s going to tell her the truth. She’s tired of everyone lying to her. She knows Angie wouldn’t be so angry at their dad for no reason and she’d better tell Lupita what’s going on because Lupita is starting to think some bad things herself. Like that maybe their dad doesn’t love her anymore.

Angie agrees she’ll tell her what’s happening if Lupita agrees to come talk to her whenever she has any questions. She gives her a very gentle version…”Dad owes a lot of people money and it’s best if he doesn’t come back until he can pay them back.”

Back downstairs, Angie and Majo get into a pointless argument about whether Angie should have told Lupita the truth or not. (It’s done, so what’s the use arguing about it?) Majo insists if telling someone something is going to upset them, it’s better to keep your mouth shut. “Oh, so that’s why you’re lying and covering things up?” Majo can’t figure out what this has to do with her. She just wants Ms. Perfect to admit she screwed up for once. “For once, yeah, not all the time like you’re doing, forcing people to cover for your lies. Do I need to remind you about the salsa bar?” Trini has no clue what they’re talking about and Majo says it’s just Angie exaggerating again.

Lupita goes over to visit Pedrito and tell him she thinks her dad’s some sort of thief. So I guess she read between the lines after all. Anyway, she doesn’t want him to go to jail, so he’d probably better not come back. She thinks her mom should make more money and then send Lupita to visit him. Pedro wonders if prayer is an option, but she’s been praying for a month and the results are spotty. There’s apparently a very long line of people making requests. Lupita doesn’t care what her dad did, she still loves him.

Closing the deal

Chivis was right about her restaurant contact and they end up making her first sale. She’s not getting paid until the end of the month, though, so what’s she supposed to do for cash until then? Manuel recommends asking her boss for an advance. She wonders if she should take her boss out for tacos de suadero. Oh, he thinks if her boss is a smart man, he won’t turn down an offer of tacos.

Chivis and Manuel find the taco truck and place their orders. While they wait, he jokes that she didn’t even put salsa on her tacos last time and now it seems like her tastes have changed. Chivis thinks they have…no, she doesn’t mean people!…but, ok, geraniums. Seriously, geraniums. She always liked them, but she thought they were kind of, uh, low-class. Flowers she might enjoy in private, but not put on display. And how silly, right? To treat flowers like they have social classes?

Manuel agrees everyone has prejudices. Like, to him sushi is something really fresa…but it’s just fish and rice.

Chivis misses sushi. And sleeping late, and going to Acapulco, and massages, and having someone bringing her breakfast every morning. Manuel jokes that the beach is right over there and he’ll invite her any time. Massages…hmmm, might be dangerous. Hands might wander. Breakfast, he can cook and put over on her balcony on a silver platter or a bamboo tray. Chivis loves that balcony. Manuel says there’s something he likes about his new neighbor…that he feels like he’s important, like she needs him.

Do we have a beso in our future?

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