Silvana sin Lana Monday 8/8/16 #15


Well, there could have been a kiss, but the tacos arrive instead. Priorities. After a little bit of talk about how Chivis is getting more independent and her family is adjusting and the kids are all pairing up he tries again. Her lips are beautiful, her eyes say “kiss me….”

This time, it’s a call from Trini that interrupts them. And then they decide they’re just confused, that’s all. What they feel is…friendship…affection…admiration…respect. Yeah, that’s it.

So, um, good thing nothing happened here, right? That’s the important thing. Because she’s married and he’s got a girlfriend and he really needs to quit looking at her like that and…”But if you weren’t married, would you have let me kiss you?” Ay, Manuel.

Just to clarify, he also means if he weren’t dating anyone. He jokes with the guy who brings the check that she’s paying because she’s his “Sugar Mami” har, har, har, and keeps pressing her for an answer. He’s practically doing an endzone dance when she says yes, under those conditions she would have let him kiss her.


Stella was surprised enough to find out Poncho has a girlfriend, but now Dom’s telling her that Poncho’s only using Jennifer because he’s in love with someone else. He won’t say who–until she chokes the answer out of him. “You, duh!”

No, no, he can’t possibly. Because reasons. Dom’s perfectly happy for her not to believe him. But then she thinks about it and Poncho walks in and everything gets awkward. Stella asks too many questions about Jennifer, Poncho thinks she’s jealous, and she tells him she couldn’t be–they’re like siblings.

The eldest

Vicente keeps texting Majo. He probably thinks he’s being funny, but “Call me when you have marital problems. I’ll be your lover”? And multiple texts per minute? Majo’s not terribly funny either, when Andres calls and says he’ll be out tonight doing pro bono work with some of his students and she whines and complains and says one day she’ll show up at school and show her engagement ring to all his female students. At least Andres has a pretty house to look at while tuning out their conversation.

Andres messages the class about tonight’s field work and asks them to confirm their attendance. Lucha confirms and looks through his Facebook pictures again…Andres and Majo, Andres and Majo, Andres and Majo…she stops on a picture of a young Andres.

Majo goes over to pick up Lupita from the Gallardo house. Well, that’s the excuse. She’s really there to flash her ring in Lucha’s face, ask why she didn’t go on the field trip after all, and make snide remarks about Lucha’s inability to attract a man. Lucha fires back that she’d have an easier time finding a husband than Majo did finding a lover.

The inevitable

Jorge goes over to Margarita’s and, despite her best efforts to avoid it, breaks up with her. It isn’t pretty. I’m anticipating some major retaliation against Angie and the sad thing is that’s marginally less awful than crying Margarita begging “Please don’t break up with me.” She tries to say it’s no big deal if she loves him more than he loves her, because that’s what it’s always like for women (Oh, honey, no!) and finally she tells him to just get out. And give back the t-shirt.

Good night

Chivis and Manuel get interrogated by Trini and Pedrito, respectively. They can smell the salsa verde! As soon as the interrogations are over, Manuel and Chivis meet on the balcony. They talk about…the weather. Hey, in a totally sexy way. And then they go inside to lie in their beds and think about each other.

Good morning

Manuel comes downstairs singing in the morning. Even Pedrito’s announcement that Jorge got a D in math doesn’t bother him–he’ll make it up next week, right? Vicente smells his cologne and says his eyes are shining and the whole table gets to mocking him with a chant of “Your eyes are shining, flirt!” At least until Vicente tries to freestyle. Yeah, that’s not happening.

Chivis is also singing as she makes pancakes. Angie likes seeing her happy. Majo finds it suspicious. And that song…it’s romantic. Obviously her dad called and that’s why Chivis is singing a romantic song, right? Oh, (hell) no, not at all. Chivis is just glad things are finally going her way.


Jorge tells Angie he broke up with Margarita, but she’d rather not start the PDA right away. They need to give things time. They see Margarita walking their direction, so Angie leaves. She watches from behind a column as Margarita hands Jorge a pepperoni, cheese, and tomato sandwich–his favorite–tells him she’ll be waiting for him, and begs him not to go out with anybody else yet.

Fish market

Chivis stops by Manuel’s office to pick up some invoice forms before she visits a couple of restaurants. She’s talking about needing to keep their distance and he’s totally on board with that. But he bought her geraniums. For the balcony. Stella walks in and gets an eyeful of the two of them standing awkwardly on either side of his desk. With the geraniums. Oh yeah, totally incriminating.

Chivis makes it out of the office with her geraniums after Manuel tells Stella they’re from a client, but it doesn’t matter if the client’s after something because she’s MARRIED and no, she hasn’t heard from her husband. Stella thinks the whole “married” thing is a ruse and Manuel had better watch out–what if Chivis gets involved with a married client and causes trouble for them? She’s not worried about Manuel, because he would never trade her in, right? Right?

Stella’s out picking up lunch from a food vendor outside when she runs into Jennifer. She’s only too happy to show her into the market and help her find Poncho.


Trini’s in the middle of her shower when the hot water runs out. She calls Don Benito for help and goes downstairs to let him in wearing a cabled bathrobe (like!) and a shower cap. He, um, gets the impression that when she asked for help with the hot water she didn’t mean it in the literal sense. And he’s only too happy to follow her up the stairs–until Majo comes in. And then he’s confused and can’t get out of there fast enough. Majo has a great time mocking Trini for the whole situation.

She’s still at it when they sit down to lunch later, complaining about how there’s no lack of bread in this house since Trini’s “dating” the baker. And really, Majo didn’t expect it from her–aren’t they the two “rational” ones in the family? They’ve got to stick together! Trini gets her revenge when Vicente starts calling Majo’s phone. She claims with age comes wisdom and a calming of the hormones, where as Majo had better watch out.

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