Silvana sin Lana Tuesday 8/9/16 #16

Work visit

Poncho sees Stella with Jennifer and tries to hide, but Dom convinces him this is the perfect opportunity to convince Stella they’re really dating, so instead he greets her happily and gets clasped quite literally to her bosom. He even takes her over and introduces her to Manuel and Vicente. I mentally kick Dom and Poncho both in the shins and hope by the end of this Jennifer ends up with someone who’s not jerking her around.

(Also on my shin-kicking list, whoever on the production staff thought the nearly-constant diet and weight talk from Majo and the fat jokes about Jennifer really needed to be included. I’m ignoring them to the best of my ability, but it grates.)


Margarita gets to the panaderia and hears about the laundry service her grandfather is providing to Trini’s family, via Juanito. She generously offers to “help.”

When the laundry gets back to the house and the only two items ruined just happen to be Angie’s two school shirts, Angie knows exactly what happened. She goes over to the bakery to confront Margarita, which is of no use at all. Benito comes in and scolds them for arguing and Angie says she just dropped by the say their washer seems to be broken…it’s randomly bleaching clothes.

Benito asks about the shirts and Margarita ends up sobbing and admits she did ruin the shirts…because Angie ruined her relationship because she and her whole family are evil and everybody likes them better. As evidenced by Trini calling and Benito immediately agreeing to go do whatever it is she’s just asked him to do. (Yes, I embellished. Margarita brings out my melodramatic side.)

Benito accompanies Trini on what he says will be their last shopping trip together. Since Jorge broke up with Margarita and she blames Angie, she wants him to say away from Trini’s family. Trini is annoyed at the very thought of Angie having an “affair” with “the fisherman’s son” and faints. Benito tries reviving her by fanning her with something green and leafy.

Nothing good was ever going to come of this

The peephole is back. Vicente takes a look, texts Majo a few times, and makes cracks about her lying in bed and sitting up…Majo assumes he must be looking in the window. She jumps when Angie comes in and she’s momentarily distracted by the ruined blouses. She tells Angie about the weird texts and Angie agrees–sometimes Jorge talks as if he knows what she’s doing. As if they’re being spied on.

Manuel gets home early and finds Lucha working in the living room. Her leg still hurts and they were doing field work today, so she skipped class. Oh, really, that’s the reason…she’s not nursing some heartbreak? Lucha scoffs at that.

She goes upstairs to see how Jorge’s love life is doing. She’s surprised he broke up with Margarita so quickly. She begs him NOT to even think about Angie…that way lies badness. Anyway, she’s been cooped up all day, so she’s heading down to the bakery…? Jorge would rather not go with her. He doesn’t want to see Margarita right now.

Angie texts him that she’s happy, even if everything’s a mess right now. He texts back that it will all work out. He starts to turn on the TV, but instead. Uhg. The peephole. Pedrito busts him and knows exactly what’s going on. (Well, mostly…he assumes there’s nudity involved.)

One good thing happens

Silvana’s folding laundry when Catalina from the club comes over. She feels awful about the other day and the way she treated Chivis in general. All is forgiven. Good, because she has news–her daughter is getting married and the groom is pecetariano (pescatarian)! Cata was thinking of telling the caterers to buy all the fish for the reception from Chivis. She’ll pass on her info and asks about business cards or a website (which, yeah, Chivis really needs to work on that).

Trini comes home with Benito and treats him like a nobody when she realizes Cata is there. It’s tiresome. And Cata keeps looking around like, “How do people live like this?!”

Chivis runs over to Manuel’s to tell him what just happened with Cata. I’m thinking to myself “You run a fish market–you should know what pescatarian means!” when he says “I should know that,” which I got a laugh out of. She’s just so happy, ever since yesterday she’s had nothing but good things happen! He’s giving her a celebratory hug when Pedrito ambles down the stairs whining that Jorge’s looking at naked neighbors…oops!

So much for that

He tries to take it back, saying he was just joking, but nope, they’re not falling for that. Manuel tells him to go get Jorge.

Upstairs, Pedrito apologizes, but he didn’t know Chivis was there when he told dad about naked neighbors. Jorge tries to put this all on Pedrito for ratting him out, but Pedrito’s like “Um, you know spying on the neighbors is not right!” And also…dad’s waiting for him downstairs.

Lucha gets back from the bakery and sees Andre’s driving up. She tries to outrun him but, ni modo. He hassles her about missing the field trip and she loses her patience. His fiancée keeps coming over and throwing jealous tantrums and she’s sick of it! And it all felt too weird, being somewhere overnight away from home and ok fine she doesn’t want him to get married! She doesn’t think Majo is right for him. Majo’s been watching them (and listening?) from her driveway and comes over to do that thing she does.

Jorge comes downstairs and between Manuel’s yelling and Chivis’ calm he ends up telling the truth. And then making excuses about how he didn’t have any ill intent and they were never naked and…. Yeah, no. Chivis doesn’t want to hear it and she doesn’t want the boys over at her house anymore. Manuel is disappointed, embarrassed, and looks like he has no idea how to even begin to deal with this.

As Chivis walks out of the house, she runs directly in to the latest screaming match between Majo and Lucha. She tells Majo to come home with her–there’s something she needs to tell her. Majo whines to Andres that she “had to put her in her place” and tells him to behave, all of which he laughs off, but seriously, dude…THIS is the woman you want to marry?

Manuel checks out the peephole. He’s really wigged out. There can’t possibly be a good explanation for this, but Jorge tries. He was just trying to get to know Angie better. “Invite her out for coffee! Ice cream! Something!” Jorge starts to swear on his mom…”Don’t!”…ok, he promises he fell in love with Angie and he just wanted to check on her, see if she was doing ok. The music of “Aw, shucks” plays and Manuel says ok, let’s assume all of this is true and…mood shift, because guess what? IT’S STILL NOT OK! Jorge knows. Manuel says they have to find some way to make this right.

Silvana sits Trini, Majo, and Angie down to tell them about the peephole. Angie can’t believe Jorge would do this. Majo realizes Vicente must be doing it to. The show tries to turn this into a joke with Trini wondering if she’s also being spied on because, you know, she came downstairs in a towel the other day (this episode feels like it’s been especially bad about trying to make jokes about non-funny stuff). Angie’s upset. Majo whines that she’s sure they saw her naked…and without her makeup! (Not. Funny.)

At dinner, Manuel’s family are also trying to deal with things. Manuel’s incredibly embarrassed. Yes, they’re “good” kids and he raised them to have values but it sure must not look that way to their neighbors right now. Lucha’s mostly concerned that her brothers were even capable of spying on the neighbors (but less concerned with what the neighbors think). Vicente and Jorge both try to take responsibility for not putting a stop to this in time. Manuel says they’d better come up with a REALLY good apology.

Upstairs, Majo moves some of the posters to cover up the hole. She and Angie argue over Majo saying “I told you so” and how come she told Angie not to get involved with the “naco” but it was ok for her…. Silvana tells them both to cut it out–the point is, they look out for each other, right? And they’re not going to see those boys again, right? Angie sadly says no, she’s never speaking to Jorge again. Majo sticks her nose in the air and says she already stopped talking to Vicente.


Ponchito’s bragging to Stella and Dom that he’s got one of those modern, casual relationships when Jennifer shows up with all three kids, saying she owed three months back rent and got kicked out of her house. Can she stay with him?

Poncho can make all the excuses he wants to, but this is Stella’s house and she doesn’t have the heart to leave Jenni out on the street with her kids. So they’re staying.

Poncho apologizes to Stella, but she says this is what friends are for, right? And it’s only a few days and she felt sorry for the kids. And that’s the last kind word anyone has to say about this whole situation before it devolves into lazy jokes about Jenni, her mothering style, and the two absent fathers of the kids. Prison. In case that actually becomes relevant later. Which I doubt.

Jennifer tries to convince Poncho they should move in together–not here at Stella’s, but maybe rent a little house…. They’re interrupted by the crying baby. Dom stops by to say this is the price Poncho’s paying for lying and trying to make Stella jealous. (I seem to remember somebody encouraging that….)

Dom wakes up in the middle of the night to find that Jenni’s drunk the last of the juice, among other things. Stella wakes up to find all three kids in her bed, the baby crying, and the oldest one complaining he’s hungry.


Silvana and Manuel meet in his office. He’s talking about how they’re kids and kids do stupid things and neither Silvana nor I are in the mood to listen to that crap. Because they’re NOT “kids” and this wasn’t just some stupid thing they did. If she could, she’d move right now. At the very least, she doesn’t think they should work together anymore.

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