Silvana sin Lana Wednesday 8/10/16 #17

The fallout continues

Silvana considers not working with Manuel, but he talks her into staying, which unfortunately also includes being more dismissive about what happened than he had previously been. It also ends up making Silvana look a little disloyal. She goes from talking about defending her daughters to giggling about how Manuel makes her change her mood so quickly. Demerits for that, writers.

Angie’s still furious and not willing to forgive Jorge. His saying it was so he could get to know her better and figure out what kind of guy she likes makes it even worse. He’s broken her trust, y ya.

Trini is paranoid and checking for holes in the wall everywhere. She even calls Benito to ask if he’s spied on her, which is ridiculous to begin with. She has him come over and check her room. Overall they’re still playing her reaction for laughs and it’s falling flat with me. Trini’s classist remarks end up annoying Benito and he leaves.

Majo gets home, makes sure to run into Vicente on the sidewalk, and then uses The Incident as fodder for flirting. (OK, maybe it wasn’t a big deal *to her* but she’s acting like it wasn’t a big deal, full stop.)

Fish Market

Chivis is trying to work on a quote for the wedding, using Manuel’s office computer, but Stella comes in and won’t stop chattering at her and asking about her husband. Chivis gets her to shut up by saying Stella knows how it is…sometimes love comes, sometimes it goes, sometimes a third party gets in the middle…surely that won’t happen to Stella, right?


Margarita notices Jorge moping at school. He says there’s just some…stuff…going on. He opts to walk home alone so he can think and Margarita manages to land a kiss on his cheek before he goes. She seems to think this means she’ll have him “back” in a matter of weeks.

Andres and Lucha are speaking to each other again. They start out with general feelings about marriage and commitment–she finds the thought intimidating, he thinks everything is a tradeoff. Then he asks her opinion of Majo…as his life partner. She’s not touching that one. He accuses her of knowing something she’s not telling him. “Just make sure she doesn’t lie to you.”

The apology proposal

Even though Manuel asked Jorge and Vicente to come up with a way to apologize “to la señora Chivis” he decides what they’re going to do is remodel the girls’ room. He got paint samples, Jorge’s in charge of the work, and it’s all coming out of Jorge’s allowance (and Vicente?). They’re really trying to take this seriously, but I still think they (as in the writers) broke something there’s no way to fix.

Jorge and Vicente go over to apologize to Chivis. Jorge does anyway. Vicente nearly says “no big deal” and Jorge smacks him to shut him up. Look, Chivis knows they’re not bad guys and she accepts their apology but she can’t promise she’ll ever trust them again. Jorge floats the remodeling idea and shows her the paint samples.

Chivis talks to Trini, Majo, and Angie about it. Majo likes the idea and thinks anything would make this room look better. Angie is indifferent. Trini’s worried about them hanging out with the boys even more while they’re in here plastering and painting. Majo says that part sounds good, too, Angie can spend more time with Jorge. Um…no. Angie isn’t interested in that at all.

Angie cries to Chivis about Jorge. She tries to say she wasn’t THAT interested in him, but no…the truth is, she really liked him. Everything was so complicated, with Margarita, but now this? He lied. How is she supposed to trust him again? Chivis says things happen for a reason–maybe this is a sign that he’s not the right person for her.

New roomies

Stella gets home to a house that’s a wreck, screaming kids, screaming adults…but, hey, she can’t leave Jenni and her family out on the street. She’s giving up her room and going…guess where?

Yeah. She pulls a Jenni, shows up on Manuel’s doorstep, and says she got kicked out of her place and had nowhere else to go. He can’t turn her down when he’s the one who set the example of generosity, right?

Manuel gives up his room for Stella and says he’ll sleep in the boys’ room, though I don’t see how he could possibly fit! Vicente and Jorge come home and tell him Chivis accepted their offer. He hands Vicente the money he’ll need and says that’s his allowance for the rest of the year.

Manuel comes into the boys’ room and tells Pedrito to scoot over. Hey, he always makes room for Pedrito, right? Pedrito complains about Stella being there and Manuel reminds him she gave up her room for a woman with three kids. OK, fine, but Pedrito wants a story. Too bad they’ve heard the stories of Pedro Infante and Jorge Negrete and La Cucarachita Martina  a million times already.

Jenni thinks she’s sneaking into Poncho’s room, but instead she sexually assaults Dom. He mentions he’s never even kissed a girl before, so he’s particularly grossed out. Poncho scolds her for skulking around the house instead of staying in Stella’s room after Stella basically moved out of the house and left it to her.

Chivis is watering the geraniums, hoping to see Manuel, but Stella emerges instead, bragging about how she and Manuel are now “living together.” Yeah, Manuel totally begged her to move in and now he’s talking wedding and getting a bigger house and which one does Chivis think she should focus on first? Chivis retreats to her room to avoid answering.

Multitasking isn’t always a good idea.

Majo, Vicente, and Andres are in their respective homes in their respective pajamas and texting each other. Gotta give Majo props for not screwing up which guy gets which messages…until she accidentally calls Andres a pervert and asks if he wanted to get a look at her completely naked. Andres texts back “WHAT!!! I DON’T UNDERSTAND!!!”

Majo freaks out and then calls him and tries to pretend it was just sexting gone terribly wrong. Andres was not turned on and he’s doubting her honesty. He’ll see her in the morning early so they can talk.

Andres has had all night to parse that text for subtext and it’s not looking good for Majo. He’s convinced it was intended for someone else as part of an ongoing conversation and he’s not buying the Talk Dirty Fail defense. Majo acts all affronted that he’s not trusting her, but Andres doesn’t back down. “Are you cheating on me?”

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