Despertar Contigo Thursday 10/27/16 #41

Casa Antonia

Pablo and Tatiana can’t make up their minds whether to tell Antonia they’ve met or not. Tatiana settles it by saying Pablo just has one of those faces. She comments on his shirt and he sarcastically says they sell great white mochas at a place nearby and he’ll get her one.

Antonia desperately needs to talk to Eligio about the Flower Council’s demand that she keep working with Pablo, but he’s too angry to want to listen. She explains that they’ll only buy from her on the condition that Pablo is her partner. Their business depends on keeping up the lie. Eligio agrees he won’t say anything about Pablo being Antonia’s bodyguard, but in exchange he wants a divorce.

Tatiana summons Pablo to her room to sexually harass him. She stands there naked, telling him this is his opportunity to make up for earlier. Pablo tells her to put some clothes on. She accuses him of being gay and tells him to prove he’s not. We get a classic “nobody says no to me!” I was also expecting a “me las vas a pagar” after he left, but no. What a lot of harmful sexual stereotypes in such a short scene.

Pablo doesn’t tell Antonia and Eligio what just happened, but he does try to get out of being assigned to Tatiana. Eligio vetoes that–Tatiana’s already given Alvaro the slip once before.

Eligio wants to talk about the divorce–when are they telling Tatiana. Uh, never. Because Antonia’s not divorcing him. They’re just having “problems.” Eligio knows what’s up–she doesn’t want people to talk. First Antonia denies that’s why she won’t divorce him (though she can’t even manage to say that she loves him) then she threatens she’ll kick him out of the company and leave him in disgrace. Eligio sighs and raises his glass of wine to her. His love elevated her to the heavens and now she’ll have to deal with his revenge–leaving her there alone.

Antonia and Rufina both agree they have no idea what Eligio meant by that. Rufina: “It’s like his operas. I have no idea what they’re singing, but it sure sounds pretty.”

Casa Maia

Federico brings Maia flowers. She’s so not in the mood to listen to him. How dare he saunter up to her bedroom whenever he wants to! Plus, he had no business getting into bed with her or telling Frida they’re anything more than friends. In fact, there is NOTHING going on between them anymore. She doesn’t want to hear his explanations and only takes the flowers so she can throw them at the back of his head before screaming at him to get out one last time.

Maia looks over her test results again. Her phone rings and that “friend” of Federico’s is on the line, saying Pablo didn’t kiss anybody, she’s not Federico’s friend, and Maia should be careful with him.

Frida arrives and Maia tells her what Fed’s not-friend said. She’s starting to wonder if, since Fed lied to Frida about them sleeping together, he might have also lied about telling Pablo she went to Somalia. Maybe Pablo was telling the truth. Frida’s advice is to go to Mexico and tell Pablo that she’s pregnant with his baby.

Maia packs. Frida’s totally going with her. Maia teases her that she’s really going for Rodrigo. She jokes that Rodrigo has turned her hombreriega, commitmentphobic friend into a hopeless romantic willing to go to Mexico and win back her principe. When Frida jokes back about all the things Maia has been through with Pablo she suddenly panics. She doesn’t want Pablo to reject her or the baby.

Frida convinces her she has to do this or she’ll regret it. Just shut her eyes and jump. She gets online to buy the tickets while Maia rips up the test results–she can’t have anyone finding out she’s pregnant. (Wouldn’t taking those with her have been a better idea?)

Casa Tulia

Silvestre says he’s feeling better, but he seems subdued. When Tulia brings up wanting to tell him about something that happened that she hasn’t told anyone else he mentions the Manual del Buen Bombero and a rule about trust and discretion, but I sadly notice he doesn’t give a rule number.

Tulia tells him that the mother of the child who died in the same fire as Herminio came to talk to her. Silvestre scolds her for talking about the family so harshly–what happened was the fault of the fire, of fate. They were victims too.

Cristian overhears their conversation and while he’s genuinely upset, he wants to track her down and get money out of her. Because how dare those people be rich when they don’t have “ni donde caernos muertos.” (Seriously, Cristian?) Tulia forbids him from doing any such thing AND from telling Jenny or Pablo.

Day 1 on Tatiana duty

Tatiana’s running Rufina ragged, using her as a go-between because she won’t speak directly to Pablo, even though he’s in the same room. She wants him to wait outside in the SUV, to call her Señorita Vallejo Santamaria, to be her chauffeur and personal assistant today….

When Pablo finally says yes, he heard, he’s not deaf, Tatiana says he’s blind while hiking up her skirt and ostentatiously crossing her legs only to get up and walk out a second later. Rufina wonders what that was about. What did Pablo do? Pablo says it’s what he DIDN’T do. And out of curiosity, did she see what he just saw? Yep, she’s wearing the fuchsia. Pablo tells her to blow in his eye, he’s still got some fuchsia stuck in it.

Tatiana goes shopping. She flings coffee on Pablo again. She wants to be dropped off at the club, after which he’s to go to Antonia’s office and get one of Magda’s pens. Sure, she could buy her own, but she wants Magda’s. And then there’s a list of makeup she wants him to buy. And she ordered some stuff online that’s being delivered to the flower fields. (You know, the ones that aren’t Antonia’s anymore.)

Pablo refuses, of course, since it’s his job to guard her. In that case, she’ll tell her mother he assaulted her. Fine, he’ll do it. She throws her shopping bags at his feet and tells him to pick them up and go get the car–she’s going to get a dress.

Pablo calls Alvaro and tells him to watch Tatiana while he runs her ridiculous errands. Watch her WITHOUT her knowing.

While Pablo is trying to get Magda to give up one of her precious pens and looking for one that actually writes…and in a color of ink Tatiana likes…Antonia is trying to convince the Flower Council guys to sign the sales contract without Pablo being there. He’s…um…busy getting other signatures on other contracts. And he completely trusts Antonia to deal with the contract by herself. But if they’re not comfortable, they can leave this for a day Pablo is available…. Rather than miss out, they sign.

Pablo has tested all the pens, in all the available colors, and he checks with Tatiana to find out which one she wants. Green. Nope, there’s no green. Well, too bad because she wants green and if he doesn’t get it he’s fired. Magda takes pity on him and gives him the keys to the storage room. Maybe there are some green ones left from last month’s shipment.

Mostly, I assume that’s to get him out of the way because Rodolfo arrives for his second interview with Antonia.

The garage

Othón has made the news in Mexico. Rafa watches a report on his TV in the garage office. According to the reporter, Othón’s being investigated for human rights violations and might have his residency revoked.

A customer comes over to accuse him of putting used parts in her car instead of new ones. Word’s gotten around. Hasn’t he noticed business has dropped off? Nobody wants to have problems with him, so they’re taking their cars to other garages instead.

Rafa confronts Cindy and she admits after MANY interruptions that yes someone else brought in a car with used parts, but when they checked they realized the customer was wrong–the parts were new. So why would she have told him? He can’t possibly think that she…? No, but he’s still essentially blaming it on her because she must look so naïve the guys are taking advantage.

Has he even met his daughter? Naïve? There are a lot of things I would call her, but naïve isn’t one of them.

He goes on to say that if she’d married Pablo the guys wouldn’t be doing this. Seriously, dude? Cindy whines that the taller is her life and Rafa threatens that if she doesn’t get to the bottom of this she won’t HAVE a taller. (Well, it’s not like she has one now, jackass!)

Secretive Silvestre

He decides to go do the tests, but he doesn’t want anyone in the family to know, so he takes Mosquito. He and Mosquito joke around in the waiting area at the clinic about how things were simpler when Silvestre was younger. Like, they didn’t even have to study the Mexican Revolution because it hadn’t happened yet. A nurse comes to take Silvestre back and says his “grandson” can stay in the waiting area.

Poor Othón

Carmen comes over and Flora lets her in and says she’ll let Othón know she’s there. Carmen starts giving Flora a massage and asking if she’s ever done yoga. She seems really tense and there are some poses that would align her chakras and improve her posture. Flora thinks that whole “chankras” thing sounds cool…can she get another massage later?

Flora goes off, presumably to get Othón, but according to Ferney Othón is still upstairs in bed. Maia must have gone to the hospital early because she wasn’t there when Ferney arrived this morning. Carmen’s worried about Othón, since he’s always an early riser. She wants to go upstairs and check on him, but Ferney advises her to look at today’s paper before she does. “The Printed Press” is declaring Othón Alcalá GUILTY. Carmen: “What’s this?”

She goes upstairs to snuggle with Othón while he moans about everyone turning their backs on him. She begs him to open up his mind and let the understanding flow in, but the only thing flowing are lawsuits.

So…did he really hire undocumented workers? Othón sighs. “Who doesn’t in this country?” She gives him points for honesty. Maybe this is an opportunity for him to get back to being the Othón she fell in love with. She encourages him to get up, have a shower, and get on with his life.
Then she sneaks over and looks through his planner.

Carmen calls Antonia and tells her to call this off. She’s sending Othón into a depression. Antonia’s thrilled. He broke her heart twice–once when he lied about who he was and then when he married Carmen. Eligio stops at the door to Antonia’s office in time to hear her say that she’s barely getting started and she won’t rest until she’s destroyed Othón and his entire family. She hangs up and starts singing to her phone about revenge.

Maia in Mexico

Sounds like the pregnancy is hitting Maia pretty hard. She slept right through the alarm this morning. I’m sure the travel and general stress aren’t helping. I hope she’s managing to eat again. What? I worry.

Anyway, she and Frida debate where to go looking for Pablo. Home? The office? Maia does NOT want to see Antonia, but she decides to try the office and she won’t let Frida come with her. Maia is suddenly excited about telling Pablo he’s the father of her baby.

Frida drops Maia off at Antonia’s office and gives her a last pep talk before Maia goes in. Maia encourages her to go find Rodolfo, which shouldn’t be too hard because he’s been checking in to places he’s visiting. She makes Frida promise not to turn off her cell phone in case Maia needs to call her.

Pablo comes back from the warehouse with two boxes of pens just as Maia turns the corner and says his name. Rodolfo, still in the waiting area hides his face behind a magazine.

Maia pulls Pablo aside and starts telling him the truth–in parts. Uuuuuuuuugh!

Part 1: She lied about being with Federico because she thought Pablo was still engaged, because reasons.

Part 2–gets cut off by one of the Flower Council guys coming out, greeting Maia, saying it looks like the Alcalás and the Santamarias are making up, and mentioning the contract. Way to go, flower guy.

Maia asks if they could talk somewhere private and Pablo realizes he still has the storage room keys. The keys AND a roguish grin.

Once they’re alone, she could have gotten back to Part 2, but instead she wants to talk about how he lied and everyone treats him like the boss and he and Antonia screwed over her dad. She starts to tell him–he interrupts her and says he loves her. He didn’t want to miss his opportunity to tell her. He never thought he could love someone like this. He never meant to hurt her. He doesn’t care if she doesn’t believe any of his explanations, but he had to tell her. He loves her like he’s never loved anyone.

Truth? Who cares about truth when we could have smoochies and storage room nookie! They’ve got candles and flowers and apparently a couch. And most importantly–a door that locks!

Finally, Maia decides it’s time to tell him something…something very important….

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