Silvana sin Lana Friday 8/12/16 #19


The pointless argument between Jorge and Marge continues. So what if he was in love with Angie and that’s why he broke up with her? He didn’t cheat on her.

She comes back to that damn hole in the wall. He starts defending himself again, saying he wasn’t trying to spy on her naked, he was just trying to get to know her.

Marge still blames everything on that fresa and says she doesn’t believe there was nothing going on between them before Jorge broke up with her. Whatever. Jorge’s out of there.

Duplex drama

Chivis has flyers printed up to hand out (I’d say they look more like postcards or brochures). She’s planning to hand them out in the old neighborhood.

Lupita brings up her dad. Again. And Angie and Chivis make excuses for him. Again. Lupita goes off to pray for him to come back. Angie asks her mom what she would do if he did come back tomorrow. She has no idea. Angie’s prepared to support her no matter what she decides.

Vicente calls Majo. I’m not sure where she gets off criticizing him for calling her when she’s answering the phone. Vicente mocks Andres for being boring while Lucha listens in. He proposes they run off together before she turns into a boring old married woman. He’ll be outside in the van–if she meets him they can go anywhere she wants.

Stella gets comfy in Manuel’s bed and starts pretending she’s having sex with Manuel. Loud. The banging on the wall added that extra something…oh, yeah–annoyance! Chivis gets driven out of her room and goes in to check on the girls. Guess who’s missing?

Vicente is starting to feel like a fool for waiting when Majo runs out of the house, hops in the van and tells him not to be obnoxious about it or she’ll change her mind. Lucha bangs on the window and asks Majo how much longer she’s going to cheat on Andres.

She won’t let Majo out of the van until she gets an answer. Either Majo’s going to tell Andres or she will! She starts in on Vicente for even liking Majo and says he ought to be ashamed of himself for going after someone who’s going to get married.

Majo accuses Lucía of having a thing for Andres and says no guy will be interested in her with that attitude.

Chivis starts calling and Majo shoves her way out of the van to go back inside. She starts right off telling Chivis she’s not in the mood for a lecture. She blah blah blahs about not being a kid anymore and privacy and ends up lying and saying she was with Andres. “Oh. Then why didn’t you say so?” Majo makes a big deal of saying she can’t wait to get married and have her own house and her own rules. (If that includes being on another show, I say go for it!)

Stella is downstairs getting water after her vocal performance. She hears Vicente and Lucha arguing in the living room. Vicente wants her to butt out; she wants him to quit screwing around with an almost-married woman. He repeats what Majo said about Lucha liking Andres and being bitter. He gives her the “friendly” advice to get a life.

Manuel sneaks into his room to sneak onto the balcony. He comes back inside when he hears Stella and Lucha talking in her room.

Stella agrees with Vicente–Lucha is pretty and she’s smart and she’s been taking care of the whole family since she was a kid. She forgot about herself and maybe it’s about time she put herself first. Stella suggests a makeover and perhaps throwing herself at that cute doctor who came over to check on her. The two of them are made for each other–he’s not for that airhead next door. At the very least Stella wants her to promise to wear those new jeans she bought her. (Sometimes Stella’s so very off, and sometimes she makes a lot of sense.)

Manuel gives it another go. This time he catches Chivis on the balcony, fuming about Majo. Manuel says even when they’re older it’s like they’re just big kids. Chivis agrees–they’re not grown, they’re just kids doing stupid kid stuff. “Tell me about it. I’m way past twenty five and I’ve been out here in my pajamas waiting to talk to you.”

They start talking about each other’s legs. No, seriously. I couldn’t make that up. She accused him of having skinny legs once; he’s been checking hers out since the first time they met. Hm, she could’ve sworn she was wearing pants.

She starts to go back inside, but he begs her to stay and talk some more. The geraniums are looking good. Chivis warns him not to bring any more to the market or Stella’s going to flip out again. And speaking of Stella, tell her to quit shouting like she’s at the market! People are trying to sleep! Chivis goes back inside and just misses Stella.

Manuel asks if Poncho’s girlfriend has found a house yet. He’s just asking. Because you know, these situations can drag on forever. Stella grouses that she’ll be out of his house as soon as Poncho’s girlfriend moves out.

When Manuel goes into the boys’ room, Jorge is working on his letter to Angie. Manuel has to shove Pedro over to make room for himself.

Angie is awake, thinking about Jorge and crying.


Stella’s house. Is loud. Jenny flings a filthy diaper in Dom’s direction. He’s about had it. He and Poncho decide to talk to Manuel. He can’t be enjoying having Stella in his house either.

Lucha’s wearing the jeans. She was up late thinking about their talk. Stella has a pair of earrings for her, to complete the “look.” She sends her off to snag the doc.

Fish biz and market chisme

Manuel likes Chivis’ new marketing materials. She’s in a bad mood after last night’s performance. He insists it must have been the TV. No way would he be shagging Stella in his house with the kids there! And he’s been far too busy thinking about SOMEONE to sleep…. Before he can expand on that, Poncho and Dom arrive and he pretends he was just, um, reviewing the marketing stuff.

Chivis runs off to distribute flyers. Dom gets distracted talking about how good Chivis looks and Poncho has to remind him why they’re there. He comes right out with it and asks Manuel to help them get Jenny out of Stella’s house…uh, help them find a place for Jenny to live with the kids. “Isn’t she your girlfriend?” Dom says it’s over. Also she used up all his eye cream.

Manuel agrees things are a little tight at his house too…. Poncho says he thinks Stella is taking advantage of the situation to worm her way into Manuel’s house and Manuel looks like he’s JUST figuring that out.

Chivis and Stella run into each other at the market and Chivis tries to get away. Ohhh, Stella’s not having that. She wants to talk about that last night. About that big fight that happened when Majo got into Vicente’s van. If Lucha hadn’t seen them, who knows where Majo would have gone with him. Gosh, what would happen if her fiancé heard she was getting into some guy’s car every night!

Manuel confronts Stella about her little late-night theater. She insists she must have been talking in her sleep. You know, because they haven’t had sex since they “moved in” together. Ohhh, no, but they’re not living together–it’s temporary and it’s nearly over. Poncho and Dom asked for help finding a pace for Jenny and the kids to live because they can’t take it anymore. Funny, that’s not what they told her…but anyway, how about they go to a motel tonight? They can totally come back early…? Manuel doesn’t answer her.

Poncho and Dom head to the Gazebo of the Annoyed Virgen of the Fish Market to talk to the only person left who can help them now. Our Lady of Perpetual Annoyance won’t even look in their direction as they complain about Jenny. Stella interrupts their prayers to call them a couple of traitors and threaten to kick them out of her house if Manuel kicks her out of his.

Drastic times call for drastic measures. Dom says they’ll have to walk on their knees to the Cathedral on bottle caps to get their prayers answered. They start practicing now. I think the Virgen just turned even farther away….

Chivis hands out flyers at some homes and businesses. One of her ex neighbors says she’d be better of shooting herself. Or hanging, maybe. She won’t even open the gate. Chivis is undeterred and hands some flyers over the fence.


Andres finds Lucha and wants to know what she was trying to tell him about Majo. Yeah, Majo lied to him before, but she promised she wouldn’t do it again. Lucha doesn’t want to get in the middle–if he wants to know he needs to ask Majo himself. Andres begs her to just TELL him. Lucha tries to fob him off with a hint that’s not much of a hint. “I live next door to her right? When you’re not there…things happen…that maybe she doesn’t tell you about.”

Andres still wants details and he won’t back off. Lucha says Majo came over to her house yesterday and she was hassling Lucha about Andres. “Well, sometimes she gets an idea in her head….” OK, but there isn’t anything going on between them, right? They’re just friends? So why should they have to sneak around and worry about Majo seeing them together? She’s decided if they’re going to be friends she needs to quit caring what Majo thinks. And now she has to go to Chem class. As she’s walking off, Andres compliments her earrings.

Jorge’s still working on his letter in class and he’s finally ready to have it delivered. The old-fashioned way. Passing a note in class. This could go so very wrong!

He narrates his rambling note, which includes such trivia as the child psychologist he saw when he was younger having a bonsai in her office. Good to know. He tried looking up what bonsai meant and he ended up looking up submarines. Anyway, he loves her and he couldn’t help spying on her. He wanted to watch her sleep, look out the window, hug Lupita…he wanted to think she was thinking of him. “Forgive me, your stupid submarine…uh, neighbor.”

Angie reads the note and can’t help smiling.


Trini brings her wet laundry over for Benito to dry. Juanito sarcastically welcomes her to “Juanito’s Laundromat” and drags the heavy basket into the house. (It wouldn’t have been easier to just dry it all on the line out back?)

Benito passes on the news that Padre Sanchez is ready for Lupita to join the First Communion classes any time. He reaches out for Trini’s hands and shocks her. Literally. They both agree they haven’t touched anyone since their respective spouses died.

Why is Marge over at Jorge’s? She thinks she went too far yesterday. He agrees he was a jerk. Marge wanted him to know she hasn’t changed her opinion of him, even with the hole in the wall thing. And if he wants to get back together…. Or when he gets tired of Angie…. Jorge says she’ll be much healthier if she stops thinking like that. And now he’s gotta get to his painting.

Majo shows up at the bakery asking for something low-sugar, low-fat, gluten-free, non-GMO. Ummmm…Juanito’s going to have to go ask if they have anything like that. Vicente walks in behind her and Majo tells him they really shouldn’t see each other anymore. Or rather, he should disappear from the face of the earth. Oh, he’s willing to disappear in exchange for a kiss. And it’ll be the last one. For real this time. He insists on a proper snog, not a little peck.

Trini walks in, gets an eyeful, and passes out.

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