Silvana sin Lana Friday 8/19/16 #24

He’s baaaaack

“Ricardo Melendez,” aka Antonio José, thinks awfully highly himself. He’s convinced he’s such an expert at hiding he’ll never get caught. He meets Rafael down by the docks to brag about his chameleon-like qualities. He can reinvent himself, like Bowie–may he rest in God’s holy fonoteca (audio library).

Rafa doesn’t want to help him, but AJ reminds Rafa that he made millions from the clients AJ sent him. Besides, there are plenty of guys like them in this country. I assume he means liars, thieves, and swindlers since he goes on to say he’s a master manipulator and that’s how he made all his money. He can fix this whole situation in no time at all.

Uh, by the way, does Rafa know anything about Chivis? Rafa starts getting nervous, insisting he hasn’t talked to “Silvana” since Antonio José left. That’s weird, he never used to call her “Silvana” before. AJ jumps to the conclusion…that Rafael is worried AJ will drag Rafa down with him. But no, no worries, he’s got this all planned out. He’s going to turn himself in and Rafael will get him out of prison.

This is his plan? Even Rafael doesn’t know how he’s going to get AJ released, but AJ is convinced he can do it. Um. Ok.

About that confession….

Padre Sanchez comes over after Lupita’s telenovela-worthy confession to talk to Chivis. He’s assuming she made the whole thing up and he advises Chivis to prioritize a visit to a psychologist over her First Communion. Chivis says if it’s that bad, he’d better tell her what Lupita said, even if it was under the seal of the confessional. Padre sighs and gives her the short version: her eldest sister cheated on her boyfriend, her grandma’s an alcoholic, and Chivis is flirting with the neighbor even though she’s married.

Chivis thanks him and walks him to the door. He has one last bit of advice–if she DOES have a crush on the neighbor and she’s still married, she might want to consider not dancing with him in front of her daughter. A quick blessing and he’s off.

Chivis tries to talk to Lupita about things while they hang up laundry. She’s probably being too subtle, hinting about sometimes families have problems and Lupita can always talk to her and sometimes things seem wrong but they’re not and certainly they’re not sins and Lupita gets what she means, right? Lupita ignores the question and asks Chivis to switch her to another church tomorrow because she’s just realized Padre Sanchez is a chismoso. Oops. Yeah, I guess she got it.

Elsewhere in the duplex

Angie asks Majo if she’s thought about what would happen if their dad came back. Of course! She assumes everything will go back to “normal” again. “No, I meant, between mom and dad.” Majo figures Chivis will be angry for a while and then she’ll get over it because she’s smart enough to realize things were better before he left. Angie’s not sure she agrees. Yes, they fight a lot now, but that’s because so many things have changed. They apologize to each other for being so awful lately.

Trini interrupts their sisterly bonding, desperately searching for the first aid kit for poor Don Benito. Majo: “#grandmainlove”. Angie agrees.


Don Benito seems to be getting worse. Trini’s a lousy nurse and I don’t know why they’re trusting her instead of taking him to the doctor. She even leans over and whispers to Margarita that her husband died of pneumonia and it started with a cough just like this. She slips up and says Benito needs to take care of himself because she doesn’t want to end up a widow. Now she’s trying to claim that happens when she’s about to faint–she just says random stuff.

Stella’s night

Stella interrupts Dom’s manicure with important news–she and Manuel are getting back together! Her plan worked! She owes it all to Poncho! He might even ask her to marry him tonight! She’ll make Lucha her maid of honor and the two of them can be her pajes (pages, page boys)! She’d better go to the grocery store for some wine and a little ham and cheese tray! And they’d better be gone by the time she gets home!

Dom pats Poncho on the shoulder. He told him Stella was never going to be his.

By the time Manuel comes over, the guys have cleared out, Stella’s dressed in a lip-print top and skirt, ready for her big romantic night. She keeps interrupting Manuel about how she’s forgiven him for what happened at the motel and she’s got a cute outfit for the sex tonight and–he finally tells her to just let him talk! He wants to break up.

Stella resorts to begging. I really wish she wouldn’t. She offers to go on a diet if it’s because she’s gained weight (which is wrong on SO many levels). Manuel says it’s nothing to do with any of that, he just doesn’t love her anymore. In his desperation to explain, he also gets a little insulting, saying he doesn’t feel the butterflies, to put it in “women’s terms”. (Dude, don’t even.)

It just keeps getting worse from there because she won’t listen and she won’t accept “I don’t love you anymore” as valid reason. She blames it all on Chivis, or rather “that vieja.” Manuel babbles a lot and Stella just gets more and more angry. She can’t believe he kept saying there was nothing going on between them! Manuel insists there isn’t. She keeps cutting him off and he utters some more not-entirely-flattering sexist crap about “Who understands you women? We try to be honest and you treat us like crap!” Stella tells him to get out–and he’d better not come crawling back when that vieja‘s husband comes back. She cries ugly and throws a glass vase of roses at him as he shuts the door.

Dom and Poncho come home to a crying Stella. She tells them Manuel broke up with her and Poncho does a TERRIBLE job of hiding how happy he is. Dom takes charge of dissing Manuel for his stupid decision. Stella claims it’s machismo because Chivis can’t do anything for herself and Manuel wants to feel needed. Poncho and Dom get off on a tangent about how just because Chivis is so much prettier and taller and has great hair…uh, doesn’t mean Manuel should break up with Stella! Stella declares war on Chivis. The boys look scared. That’s probably wise.


Andres comes over to apologize to Lucha for earlier. She gives him a hard time for caring about what other people think when they’re not doing anything wrong (except maybe violating university policy…just saying).He likes that she doesn’t care and asks if she’ll teach him how. “OK, but only if you keep opening the car door for me when we go out, because I like that.” He brought her a present–a CD of bossa nova music. Lucha thanks him with a kiss on the cheek and an invitation to stay for dinner, but Andres is too stunned by the kiss to answer.

He decides he can’t stay. He has papers to grade. Lucha agrees, that’s more important and besides, she wanted to get to bed early. She’s had some insomnia lately. So has Andres, what with all this Majo drama. But he’s so happy that now he has Lucha as a friend, because friends are forever. Lucha says she’s happy to be his friend, but after he kisses her on the forehead and leaves, she seems less than enthusiastic about the whole “friends” thing.

Friends with…?

Vicente comes over to Chivis’ for another dose of motherly stink-eye and a request that there not be any more…disagreeable incidents…like yesterday. She calls Majo down and Majo’s not any happier to see him than Chivis was. Not after him wanting to slow things down yesterday. None of his usual charm is working today and Majo asks him to leave. She’s changed her mind about not wanting Andres back. Vicente laughs–it’s too late for that. Yesterday he said Vicente had a clear path.

Say what? Majo seriously doubts he would have said something like that. Besides, she makes her own decisions and she’s decided her and Vicente’s relationship isn’t going to change. She just wants him for fun and dancing and de-stressing, but she certainly isn’t looking for an exclusive relationship with him. Vicente seems a little hurt, but too damn bad after what he said yesterday. He says he’s fine with that. And now he’s off to the salsódromo. He gives Majo a kiss on the forehead and leaves.

No babbling here

Manuel gets home and finds Lucha moping to the sound of bossa nova. He thought he saw Andres driving off–are they dating or what? Lucha complains that everything always seems to be twice as hard for her as it is for other people. WHY?! “Because you’re twice as smart, so you have to think about things twice as much.” Aw, see, now THAT’S the Manuel we know and love.

Lucha is under the mistaken impression that Andres hasn’t realized she’s into him. Manuel says she can be a little tense, probably because after her mom died she took on so much responsibility. She just needs to loosen up some. And if it’s meant to be with Andres, then nothing’s going to get in the way of that.

Yep. War.

Chivis goes out with the trash in the morning and…seriously, Stella? She wrote “BOYFRIEND STEALER” on the side of Chivis’ van. Chivis tries to keep Angie and Lupita from seeing it, but the second they do, they know exactly who did this. MARGARITA! Oh, I hadn’t considered that. Manuel, Jorge, and Pedro come out of their side of the duplex and see it too and Lupita tells them it was Marge. Angie heads off to deal with her before Chivis can stop her. Manuel kind of ineffectually says “It was definitely a woman…I mean, it could be, right?”

Angie comes banging on Margarita’s door, doesn’t listen to a word she says, and says this time she’s gone too far. She needs to quit messing with Angie’s family. Jorge shows up and says pretty much the same thing, only he actually tells her what this is about and asks if she did it.

Angie gets back to the house and says she handled it. She totally put Marge in her place and she won’t mess with them again. Manuel asks her to walk Pedro to school with Lupita since Jorge’s still back at Marge’s.

I think Manuel is suspecting Stella, but he won’t come out and say it. He just makes all these horrible statements about “women” you know, they’re just so impulsive, blah blah blah. Gracias, Chivis for telling him to back off that crap for me. “I’m a woman and no matter how upset I am, I would NOT do something like this.” Manuel tries the “I’m just speaking generally” thing, but seriously dude, not cool! He finally suggests that maybe it wasn’t Marge.

Back at her house, Margarita is still amazingly calm, probably because she didn’t do it. She keeps telling Jorge that. And yes, she did the fan page thing and she dyed the shirts, but she admitted to both of those things. She laughs when he says that it was “ROBA NOVIOS” painted on the van, though, because yes Angie sure is one. She’s glad someone saved her the trouble, and Angie totally had it coming, but it wasn’t her. She’s tired of arguing and she needs to get to school.

At the market, everything Dom and Poncho are saying is irritating Stella. Dom touts the salmones as good for the pulmones (lungs) and the corazones (hearts). “Seriously? You’re talking about hearts?!” And Poncho calls out about the great crabs he’s got, and the LOBSTER…uh, but also the mojarrita.

Manuel comes over and Stella hides, reminding the two of them that they’re HER friends. Too bad Manuel can see her hiding in her stall. He tells her he has to talk to her about something important and personal–in the office! Unless she wants to talk in front of everyone?

In the office, he accuses her of painting the van, but Stella claims she can’t remember a thing that happened yesterday after he broke up with her. She swears on her children she didn’t do it. The children she’s going to have with someone young and handsome. She accuses him of having a “poverty complex” and going after Chivis hoping some of her “pedigree” will rub off on him. And after all his anti-capitalist, anti-consumer rants! She feels sorry for him. What happened to his principles? Stella walks out of the office and Manuel looks embarrassed.

Don Benito’s at work, even though he’s still sick. Trini comes over to accuse Margarita of painting the van. Juanito asks her if Angie ever figured out what was going on with the guy in the picture, the one who was with Trini when he found her passed out. “I knew it! I knew it was Antonio José!” She takes off without her bagels.

Poncho comes into Manuel’s office to ask why he broke up with Stella–because of Chivis or because Poncho said he liked Stella? Manuel says he doesn’t owe anyone an explanation about his private life. But he has a question for Poncho–does he know anything about Chivis’ van being painted? Was it Stella?

Dom comes in to fetch Poncho for lunch and Manuel notices some blue paint on his hand. Blue paint in the same shade as the lettering on Chivis’ van.

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