Silvana sin Lana Monday 8/15/16 #20

Aftermath of a kiss

Majo and Vicente rush to help Trini, as do Don Benito and Juanito. Majo wants to try whiskey, but Don Benito insists on mouth-to-mouth. Trini wakes up all grossed out (because she’s such a prize) and Majo lies and tells her she must have imagined Majo and Vicente kissing while she was passed out.


Stella comes over with groceries, presents for the kids, and cash for Jenny. She puts Dom and Poncho at Jenny’s disposal and says she’s the lady of the house from now on. Jenny busts up a fight between Dom and Poncho by telling Dom to go upstairs and clean the bathroom and Poncho to clean the oven. Dudes…move out. The rent can’t be that great.

Later that night Dom and Poncho try to come up with ways to get Jenny to leave the house. The boy rats them out for wanting to get rid of them.


Jorge’s painting upstairs when Angie decides to collect her stuff and study downstairs. I think he’s going for a lighter purple. I’m still waiting to see how that goes with what looked like blue wallpaper. Anyway, he really tries to get Angie to stay and asks if she liked his note. She did. “And?” And nothing.

Majo brings Trini home where Trini finally gets to have her whiskey. Majo runs off before Silvana can corner her (presumably about being in Vicente’s van last night) and Angie asks about going to another one of those school parties. Jorge comes downstairs and Chivis asks if he’s going too. He fumbles but finally realizes “party” is code for “working at the salsodromo” and says he’s absolutely going, yeah. Chivis runs upstairs to find Majo and Angie grudgingly thanks Jorge for the assist.

Majo’s in Chivis’ room setting up a date with Andres later. Chivis confronts her about lying and saying she was out with Andres last night when she was really with Vicente. She begs her not to marry Andres if she’s not sure she loves him and certainly not just to get out of the house! Lupita interrupts to say Manuel is there and Majo turns on Chivis, saying she should lead by example. Chivis resents the implication and she’s had it with Majo’s attitude.

Stella is unpacking and complaining about the lack of space in Manuel’s closet. Pedro gripes that she’s only supposed to be there for a few days, so why’d she bring so much stuff? Oh, because she’s a woman (wrong answer!) and she likes to dress up in different outfits (that’s the one). Pedro lets slip that Manuel’s next door helping Jorge paint and Stella suddenly remembers something she wanted to say to him.

Chivis tells Manuel she likes how the room is turning out so far. Manuel’s glad since he knows how important her daughters are to her and if they’re happy then maybe Chivis will stop wanting to move. Eh, he knows even if she wanted to, there’s nowhere for her to go.

He asks how the business is going and she says she got a few promising leads from passing out flyers. He suggests they celebrate with tacos de suadero (subtext: and near-kisses) again. She’s laughing at his suggestion and the pun on “SUadero” and “MIAdero” when Stella arrives. Stella makes a big deal about how she and Manuel have gotta go on their DATE now to a MOTEL so they don’t make so much NOISE.

Jorge takes a shower while Vicente shaves. Jorge tells him he gave Angie the letter, but nada. And he’s not interested in some other girl, he wants Angie. Unlike Vicente, the idea that he might be in love with her doesn’t bother him. Anyway, why’s Vicente shaving and getting all pretty before he goes out tonight? Vicente makes some analogy about a tilapia on the grill that he’s getting ready to light up.

Andres and Majo are getting ready for their movie and she complains that he always picks boring “art films.” Anyway, she’s just going to run upstairs to the bathroom so he can see Vicente call her cell phone twice. Andres yells that she’s getting a phone call, but when Majo doesn’t come down, he answers and Vicente asks Blondie what the plans are for tonight. Oops.

Chivis comes out to the balcony just in time to see Manuel and Stella drive off together. Lupita arrives to distract her. She’s missing her dad and she wants to sleep with Chivis tonight. Hey, maybe she can feel him spying on them from behind that tree! He continues spying as Chivis assures Lupita that her dad still loves her–in fact everyone in the family is going to keep loving everyone else forever. She’s sure wherever he is, he misses his daughters. Uh, yeah, and Chivis too, sure.

Vicente says he was just, um, calling to invite them out to the salsodromotonight. Andres says they have plans already and hangs up on him. Then he confronts Majo about the way Vicente was talking to her before he knew it wasn’t her on the phone and how many missed calls she has. She blames it all on Vicente, which maybe would have worked before the sexting incident, but now Andres is way too mistrustful and Majo’s not backing down on her manufactured outrage, so she ends up breaking it off and giving back his ring.

Majo goes upstairs to tell Chivis that Andres went home. You know, so she won’t get the third degree later. She blames Chivis and Angie for Andres being jealous. Somehow Andres just knew from the looks on their faces when he came over to propose that she’s been seeing Vicente on the sly. Whatever, Majo. Chivis advises her to talk to him, but Majo gripes that it’s too late.

She tells Chivis she gave Andres his ring back. And it’s all Chivis’ fault! Because if she had just played along and not confronted Majo about screwing around with Vicente then Majo wouldn’t be feeling so guilty right now and it would have been easier to scam Andres into believing her innocent act. What? It’s not what she said, but it’s sure as hell what she meant. Chivis is incredibly calm as she says it’s her job as Majo’s mother to tell her when she thinks Majo’s stepping in it and if she hadn’t, then Majo would be upset that Chivis DIDN’T warn her.

Angie’s up late reading (wasn’t she supposed to work tonight?) when she gets a video message from Jorge. He gives their story the silent film treatment and uses signs and drawings and pantomime to talk about how he fell in love with her when they met and he took advantage of the living situation and did something he shouldn’t have (he smacks himself on the head) and now she’s angry and his heart is broken. But if she forgives him, then he can put his heart back together again. Angie seems like she’s at least thinking about it.

No-tell Motel

I don’t know what’s the worst thing about this scene. The animal-print sheets? The revolving light? Stella’s cat getup? Or the fact that Manuel’s still wearing his socks. Thankfully, he accidentally calls Stella Chivis, so hopefully we can cut this whole mess short.

Manuel tries a bunch of very bad excuses, but Stella doesn’t believe him and he gets so flustered he actually says “I said Chivis!” instead of whatever he was going to try to say he said. He ends up begging her through the bathroom door. Just admit it, Manuel, and end this farce!

When Stella comes out of the bathroom, she’s dressed and she wants to go back to HER house. Shut up, Manuel! Quit arguing with her!

Is that all it took?

Jenny got so offended that Poncho and Dom were plotting to get rid of her that she packed up the kids and all their stuff and the tiny shred of dignity she had left and caught a cab to parts unknown. Pablo praises God and the Virgen for saving them, but Dom is afraid they’ve got some divine retribution coming for this. Plus he’s not sure Stella will believe she left on her own.

Uh, Stella was wearing cat makeup? I’m glad I didn’t see that earlier. It kind of takes something away from her scolding of Dom and Poncho.

Dom asks about Manuel and Stella says she doesn’t want to talk about it. It was the biggest humiliation of her life. And she says that with a straight face while wearing the cat makeup, for which I have to give her props. She cuts off the questions and tells them to go out there and find Jennifer.


Manuel has a thoughtful look and Chivis has a negligée and a glass of wine. He complains about women being complicated and getting upset for trivial things. “Excuse me?!” Chivis objects that not all women are alike. “Yeah, yeah, save the feminist talk, I’m not in the mood.” He complains it was just a silly mistake and she moved back home. Chivis gets him to admit that in the middle of…you know…he called her Chivis.

Chivis had promised not to laugh, but she breaks her promise. Sure, sure, it happens all the time. He just said any old name…could have been any name…but it was Chivis. Chivis keeps laughing. When Manuel goes inside (to enjoy having his bed to himself again) she stops laughing. “He said Chivis.”

Morning at the duplex

Jorge arrives early for the last day of painting. Angie’s talking to him, at least. But still it’s not enough. He badgers her about the video. “I saw it. It was funny.” He gripes about what more he has to do until I’m ready to kick him in the shins. Angie tries, yet again, to explain it to him. They were close. She even said she LOVED him, which she’s never said to anyone before. And then it turns out he was spying on her through a hole in the wall. She’s not saying she’ll never forgive him, but right now she has no interest in changing the way things are between them.

Lupita surprises Trini going through Silvana’s jewelry again. She just did that yesterday. It’s all part of her “the neighbors are thieves” BS. Even Lupita tells her she’s being rude.

Trini tells Lupita they’re going to start her First Communion classes today. That makes Lupita happy enough to help Trini find more black velvet bags and more jewelry to put in them.


Poncho and Dom arrive at the fish market and report that they searched three counties and couldn’t find Jennifer. Stella’s still angry and blames them for Jenny leaving.

Andres shows up at the fish market looking for Vicente and Dom very helpfully gives him directions to the office. And checks him out. Stella finally realizes who he is and says it’s about to be ON!

Andres finds the office and is polite enough to Vicente, but he really wants to know, what that call was about yesterday and why all the missed phone calls. He asks if Vicente has a thing for Majo.

Vicente’s “truth” is that he has a thing for all women. He’s just not the settling down type. He’s busy adding “stamps” to his “album” right now. And if someone else has a “stamp” he doesn’t have? Well, sure he’s still going to try to “collect” it. Andres drops the insulting metaphor and asks if that means Vicente would try to “steal” Majo (yes, we’ve moved on to the insulting non-metaphor) from him. Absolutely. Why lie? Andres’ response is to grab him by the shirt and tell him to stay away from Majo.

Vicente changes the subject–what does Andres have going on with Lucha? Andres walks out without answering.

Silvana runs into Andres as he’s on his way back to his car. He doesn’t want to talk about what he’s doing there. Stella hassles her for being “late” and warns her not to complain if all the fish she’s supposed to be delivering are gone (is gone? are gone?). No, she doesn’t know what Andres was doing there.

Chivis asks how her hot night went and grins as Stella lies to her face that it was all so fabulous and she’s soooo tired today. One of the vendors shouts out to Señora CHIVIS that her order is ready. Stella complains about the nickname and Silvana says it’s a good one. It really sticks in people’s heads, you know? “Chivis…Chivis…Chivis….” Stella grinds her teeth and growls as Silvana walks away.

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