Silvana sin Lana Monday 8/22/16 #25


Yep, Dom’s got paint on his hand and it’s not squid ink and it’s not from painting on electric blue eyebrows. Manuel shuts the office door and starts berating them both, calling them a pair of descerebrados (brainless) and saying even Pedrito wouldn’t have done something like that.

Chivis comes in to borrow Manuel’s computer and Dom and Poncho clear out FAST. She can tell they were arguing and Manuel says it’s just work stuff. It’s the price he pays for being the boss. “Tell me about it! The things I have to put up with for being a mom!” She’s still convinced Margarita painted the van and she’s holding herself back from retaliating, but she hates that Marge would do that to Angie. Manuel looks guilty.

Don Benito grounds Marge from going out on the weekends for two months…ok one month…and she has to get up at 4am on Saturdays and help Juan bake the bread…ok she has to sweep at 6am every day…ok she has to make his bed every day, even though she already does that…and she has to tell Señora Chivis the truth. “Sure, fine, if my own grandpa won’t even believe me.” She tromps upstairs to change.


Majo, who as far as I can tell hasn’t been to class since her dad left, shows up at Andres and Lucha’s school to confront Andres about what he said to Vicente. She doesn’t care that this is where he works, or that she’s causing a scene, how dare he hand her off to Vicente. Is this how he takes care of his exes? And why is he so concerned about being professional when he’s messing around with a student?

He seems awfully sure Majo cheated on him, does he have some kind of evidence? Did he see them together? Andres asks her to tell him the truth once and for all. “What for? You already told Vicente the path was clear. Keep your doubts.”

Lucha wanders over to talk to Andres. She saw Majo screaming at him just like everyone else did. She thinks he needs to just put a stop to this, cut off all relations with her. (Well, he already broke up with her, so what more can he do?!) Andres says he can’t help it, he’s used to her, especially after all these years. If he only knew for sure if she’d cheated on him or not….

He knows Lucha knows something, but she refuses to tell him. Lucha says that’s because she doesn’t want to get in the middle. She’s not defending Vicente, either. He doesn’t need defending, least of all from her. Andres begs her–she’s his friend and she trusts him. Lucha says she is never talking to him about this again, ever. And yes, she did see Majo kissing Vicente multiple times.


Vicente goes over to Don Benito’s for a smoothie. I guess Juanito’s the smoothiemeister. While he’s waiting Majo comes in and they do that thing where they think they’re coming off like sophisticated adults in an Old Hollywood movie, but really they’re just a couple of overgrown teenagers faking like they know a damn thing about life and/or love. Too harsh? Well, they annoy me.

Vicente leaves with his smoothie and Majo orders something that, among other things, is both gluten-free and whole wheat. They couldn’t find ONE person on the writing team with Celiac or gluten sensitivity? Or do a quick search online? Or is this just meant to highlight how very much Majo is playing at being an adult human when she’s actually clueless?

Juanito sounds more mature then either of them when he tells Majo to be careful with Vicente. He’s the big player of the barrio and the woman hasn’t come around yet who can put a bell on that tom cat. Well, yeah, he doesn’t sound that mature, but the bar was low.

Itchy feet

Now that Juanito told Trini he thinks the guy in the picture Angie showed him is the same one he saw when she fainted, Trini and Angie decide to team up and investigate. They won’t tell anyone else what they’re doing, though. Trini hopes he can put things back “in order” and Angie agrees, she’s also getting tired of living there.

Jorge comes over to Angie’s. He asks if she studied for tomorrow’s test. Which isn’t really the reason he came by. He asks if she likes the room, is her mom happy with it, does she have any complaints. Oh, no need to thank him, it was the least he could do. But that’s also not really why he came over. He talked to Marge and she SWORE–Angie does NOT want to talk about Marge.

She’s had it with everything that’s happened–everybody at school making fun of her, the stupid Facebook page, Jorge putting a hole in her wall, the ruined shirts. Jorge gives her a hug and tries to tell her everything’s going to be ok. She’s been trying so hard to adapt, to get along, to help her mom. She even got a job to help her mom. But she’s got nothing left to give and she wants to leave this house right now, right this minute. Jorge tells her she can’t make decisions while she’s angry. She has to calm down. “Jorge? Get out of my house.”

Marge comes over to tell Chivis she didn’t paint the van. It doesn’t go well. It really sucks seeing Margarita take the rap for something three alleged adults who really should know better did. She even keeps her temper in check and doesn’t lash out at Chivis or Angie for not believing her.

After she leaves Chivis starts questioning it. Marge did seem sincere. Angie calls her naïve and goes upstairs.


Lupita and Pedrito meet on their respective balconies. Lupita has decided they need to break up. She’s got plans. Marriage. Kids. And she can’t marry him if he hasn’t made his First Communion. Those are the rules. They could get a civil marriage, but those don’t “count.” See, the difference between marriage and being boyfriend/girlfriend is a ring. Now, Jorge didn’t give Marge a ring, so she’s just being stupid painting the van like that and Lupita’s never going to speak to her again.

Vicente’s in a great mood when he gets back to his room and sees Jorge moping around. The job’s done, Angie didn’t forgive him, and he’s broke. Vicente has a brilliant plan–go get Lorenzo to give him a job at the salsódromo. He hired Angie, he shouldn’t have any problem looking the other way for Jorge, right? (He also mentions Jorge being “underage” so…is Jorge younger than Angie?)

Manuel’s repairing his closet. Stella apparently messed something up when she was leaving. Jorge takes over the repairs and asks if he can get a job, explaining that he’s broke after paying for the supplies for the work he did at Chivis’. Uh, Manuel didn’t intend for his punishment/atonement to lead to him working. He doesn’t want Jorge’s grades to suffer. Jorge swears if Manuel lets him get a job he’ll bring his grades up. Pedro comes in and kicks Jorge out because he needs to talk to Manuel NOW.

Pedro explains he needs to know when he’s making his First Communion because he wants to marry Lupita and he’s going to need to have all his sacraments in order before he does that. Baptism, Communion, Confirmation. Manuel tries not to laugh. He says he’s sorry to break it to Pedro, but Pedro can’t get married. “You have to take care of me when I’m old.” “But you’re already old. Besides, you have Stella.” “But I want you to do it!”

Decision time

Over dinner, Angie cracks. Chivis is talking about the delicious bread and how lucky they are to live near a bakery and Angie just flips out and says she can’t take it anymore and she wants out of this house NOW. Majo agrees–nobody wants them there and she told them from day one they didn’t belong there. Trini’s upset that now that she has friends they want to leave (plus some racist and classist stuff thrown in, the devil you know, etc.) Lupita cries that she likes it there. Chivis just asks if they really want to leave.

They start voting and since it’s 2 to 2 (even though Trini stalled), Chivis gets the deciding vote. She says she’ll think about it. Even though I don’t know how honest she was being, I was most swayed by Trini’s saying there’s no point moving into an equally small house and she’s old and doesn’t like too much change and wants some stability.


Poor Dom gets yelled at by Stella and Poncho for screwing up Stella’s “perfect” plan. They’re even willing to throw him under the bus for this even though, as he points out, Stella was the “autor intelectual” (the mastermind, the brains of the operation). He was just trying to be a good little minion! Stella comforts him and says it’s ok. Besides she needs to show that vieja who she’s dealing with!

Stella calls Lucha to whine about Manuel breaking up with her. She’s sure it was because of Chivis! So, um, how did he look yesterday? Was he sad? Lucha apologizes, but she was kind of preoccupied with her own stuff and she didn’t notice. Yeah, she thought something was starting with Andres, but he’s still hung up on that cabeza hueca (empty head) from next door. Stella suggests inviting him over for dinner because that’s how you snag a dude (*roll eyes*) and then put the moves on him.

Stella’s ready to go out dancing with Poncho. Dom doesn’t like her putting ideas in Lucha’s head, but Stella says she can’t put all her eggs in one basket–she has to have multiple strategies. Tonight she’s going out dancing with Poncho, just dancing, so people can see them together. And Dom has to stay home and call Manuel around 3 or 3:30 in the morning saying he can’t find Stella. That’s his punishment for getting them busted.


Lucha messages Andres and asks if he wants to come over to her house for a barbecue. Looks like he accepted, because he shows up and he brought beer. The first thing he needs to know about coming to a barbecue at Lucha’s is that she is the grillmeister and nobody touches the grill but her. Also she’s a great dancer, which she’ll demonstrate later when they dance. Andres looks freaked out. “Kidding, kidding!” Besides there’s no space here.

I don’t know how many beers Lucha and Andres have had, but they’re singing somewhat out of tune and definitely LOUD. Andres is talking about re-connecting with his roots, since he came to the US when he was very young. He jokes about her name being “Lucy Brave” in English. And she gets up in his face like she’s going to snog him.

Andres nearly does a backbend to get away from her mouth. He says they’re just friends, right? He doesn’t know if he gave her the wrong idea and he’s still getting over Majo. Lucha starts calling herself stupid for thinking he felt the same way he did. He says he does like her and he loves hanging out with her, but he’s still in love with Majo. Lucha tells him to quit apologizing because it just makes her feel worse and kicks him out.

Andres leaves and Pedro pokes his head out the back door like he heard everything.


Angie gets to work and finds out that Jorge is her new coworker. Sure, there are other places he could have gotten a job, but she only works at one. Angie looks flattered despite being so upset earlier. She’s sure Jorge did this just to be close to her. Another waiter interrupts and tells them to get to work. Angie explains that that’s Benji. He’s the one who’s been there the longest, so if Jorge has any questions, that’s who to ask. Angie takes her tray of glasses over to the other bar to dry while Jorge glares at Benji.

Majo keeps trying to call Vicente, but he won’t pick up his phone. She calls Angie and begs her to just look around and see if Vicente is at the club. Angie says she’s going to get in trouble for talking on the phone but…yes, he’s there. Dancing. Angie has no clue if his dance partner is pretty or not, she can’t even see her! She hangs up.


Manuel comes over to Chivis’. She wanted to tell him about this big decision she needs to make. The girls have been having too many problems. She’s tired of them all having to fight so hard not to be outsiders in this neighborhood. Manuel reminds her about the recently re-painted room and the balcony and the geraniums and he, at least, is glad she moved in. He asks her if she wants to leave.

Chivis doesn’t know. He asks her to think about it–if the girls were happy, would she be thinking about leaving? On the one hand, she would hate to leave behind everything that she built here herself. On the other hand, she would feel relieved to be away from him. He knows why. She begs him not to play stupid.

Well, he’s not. He already took a step–he broke up with Stella. It wasn’t a mistake that he said her name the other night. Chivis is the one he wants.

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