Silvana sin Lana Thursday 8/11/16 #18

Sexting aftermath

Majo keeps trying to deflect Andres’ suspicions and slips up, saying she’s never even looked at the guy next door…uh, or the other one, or the guy upstairs, or downstairs. Andres is the love of her life!

He can’t help remembering that she lied to his face about not living in her old house anymore, she even CRIED, and now he doesn’t know when she’s telling the truth.

The argument continues until Majo says she won’t lie to him again, which is apparently all he wanted, even though he’s “hoping” she was telling the truth just then.

The important thing is, Stella is happy

In the middle of all this child chaos, Poncho somehow still has fantasies of having kids with Stella. That’s beyond optimism. Jenny continues being a terrible guest, contributing nothing and serving the kids a month’s worth of groceries for one breakfast. I tune out the fat jokes as Dom begs Poncho to talk to Stella and get Jenny out of there.

Stella’s too happy at Manuel’s so I don’t see that happening anytime soon. She hears about the “hole in the wall” drama and wants to dismiss it as “kid stuff” that some stuck up rich broad is making too big a deal about. Shut up, Stella. She even makes a “joke” about Manuel not having a hole like that in his room. Dude…that’s…not funny.

When Poncho and Dom get to work, Dom’s still complaining about Jenny. Poncho refuses to tell Stella the truth and risk her kicking HIM out of the house.

Stella shows up and Dom tells her the story of Jenny slipping into bed with him by accident, which she thinks is hilarious. He complains about the food all being gone and she laughs that off too. Poncho asks Stella to kick her out.

See, now, she may not care about the effects of the “innocent” voyeurism Manuel’s sons were engaging in, but where Jenny is concerned suddenly she’s the model of solidarity. She can’t very will kick a poor woman out on the street with her defenseless children!

Since Dom threatens to tell her the truth if he doesn’t, Poncho finally ‘fesses up that Jenny’s not his girlfriend. He makes a stupid excuse about wanting to impress…er…people. “Who? Me and Dom? We’re practically your siblings!” (Ouch.) Anyway, can she just kick Jenny out already?

Hell no! That’s what he gets for lying. Besides, their arrival has been nothing but a blessing for her, since it got her into Manuel’s. She warns him that if Jenny leaves her house, then Jenny’s “boyfriend” is going too.

At the place where no work happens

In Manuel’s office, Silvana is ready to borrow his computer again. He starts talking about buying her one, but she’d really like him to quit buying her stuff. The geraniums caused enough trouble the other day.

Silvana says they’ve talked about it and decided to accept the apology from the boys and the offer of remodeling. Manuel giddily brags about how it was his idea. He wants her to know that’s how he raised the kids–to fix things when they screw up.

Chivis brings up her chat with Stella on the balcony last night. So, they’re living together now? And moving into a bigger house? And getting married? Manuel says Stella was joking because she’s jealous. He tells her about the Jenny situation and then jokes that Chivis is the one who’s jealous.

He actually says if he made a big decision about Stella, he’d talk to her first. Because of that thing that almost happened but didn’t happen but it could have happened and they would have liked it if it happened. He says they’d better put up a biombo (dome) if they’re going to get any work done. She jokes that he’d better not put any holes in it (quit reminding me, I’m still cranky about that).


Jorge’s having a grand old time mixing plaster out back. Angie takes offense that he seems to be enjoying his punishment. Ah, but the punishment, for Jorge, is that she won’t talk to him. Angie stomps upstairs.

Trini comes to scold him for beating his head against the wall and not working. She tells him to leave Angie alone and calls him a pervert.

Lupita has noticed Jorge’s there and she finds this suspicious. Angie’s able to use the excuse that their mom asked him to paint their room. Just because. And no, she’s not interested anymore. Lupita says grownups are weird with all the liking each other and not liking each other.

Majo confronts Lucha about talking smack to Andres about her, but she didn’t. Which she lets her know. Con insults y todo. Majo returns insult for insult. When Stella and Manuel get home they’re screeching at each other in front of the duplex. Manuel breaks it up and gets Stella and Lucha to go inside.

Lupita’s off to visit Pedro. Angie won’t talk to Jorge, but she will get him a glass of juice. He tries to interest her in his concerns about whether he has enough paint and how great the room is going to look. He’s really whiny about regaining her trust and wants to know what he has to do so she’ll forgive him.

She’s forgiven him already. But that’s as far as it goes.

Inside the house, Lucha and Stella get each other all fired up about those damn neighbors! Manuel tries to get them to calm down and quit getting each other worked up, but it’s two against one.

Chivis comes home with a new washing machine, which I’m sure thrills Juanito to no end. Trini complains about how small it is. (Can you feel me rolling my eyes, because yeah, I just did.) Juanito stops to chat with Jorge and says he heard about the hole. “You screwed up big time!”

Vicente comes by with more paint…so Jorge’s been mixing paint in that bucket? I’m not an expert, but it seems like the paint would be all gross by now. Jorge sends him upstairs to take measurements for the wallpaper.

Which wasn’t meant to be code for “flirt with Majo” but I don’t think he’s capable of not flirting with her. He compares marriage to a submarine–it floats, but it’s designed to sink. Uh, if that’s his idea of flirting, no wonder she’d rather let him take measurements alone.

Something’s in the air

Pedro shows the hole off to Lupita, but it’s already patched on their side. He brags about how furious his dad got. Yeah, I imagine that’s fun when it’s directed elsewhere!

They both commiserate about how nobody told them anything. Lupita wants revenge. She figures she could pretend to die. Pedro thinks her technique lacks authenticity. And flailing.

He teases her about realism and starts tickling her and suddenly…well, I think the Puberty Fairy just flew by and sneezed because all of a sudden they both freeze and Lupita feels the need to make a run for it. Pedro sits there alone and says he felt the butterflies. Like, for real.

Lupita finds Angie in the kitchen and swears Angie to secrecy before she tells her “I have the same problem you do. I’m in love with the boy next door!”

Trini’s lounging on Chivis’ bed and complaining about the neighbors. She’s sure Antonio José would NEVER have let boys like that near his daughters. Suddenly Chivis feels like it’s been so long she can’t remember him. Trini scolds her about not forgetting she has a husband.

“And speaking of husbands, Juanito hasn’t come back with the bread yet.” Ohhhh, Chivis does NOT let that slide and teases Trini about having a thing for Don Benito. She says she just likes talking to him and besides, she has to get something good out of living in this ‘hood.

Stella is just bragging to Manuel about how much ALL the kids like her when Pedro walks in and says, “You’re still here?” Heh. Manuel reminds him Stella’s helping out a family in need. Whatever, Pedro needs to have a man-to-man talk with Manuel. Alone.

Manuel is not happy to hear that Pedro is in love. With Lupita. He looked in her eyes and he felt the butterflies and she’s pretty and she has nice hair. (I think Carlos Ponce had a hard time not laughing for this scene.)

Never going back

Stella’s, AKA Kid Central. Jenny’s washing the boy’s underwear in a plastic tub on the coffee table. Because the rest of the laundry is in the washer, dishwasher, and upstairs bathtub.

She complains she hasn’t found a place to live because they’re all SO expensive. Dom suggests she look into government programs for people with low incomes. He even offers to help. She takes that to mean “Stay as long as you need to.”

Jorge cleans up his painting stuff and says he’ll finish up tomorrow. Chivis is walking him to the door when Stella arrives. She tries to play mom, talking about how he should go home, shower, have the sandwich she left in the fridge, and then do his homework.

She complains to Silvana that they just don’t know what to do with him. Good kid, bad habits. Holes in the walls so he can spy on her girls? Gosh, if she was their mom, she’d move. (*death glare*) Yep, the girls are in danger. Especially the youngest one.

“But why would I need to move if you said you were moving soon?” Stella says that might take longer than she expected.

She changes tactics and asks about Chivis’ husband. No dice.

Finally, she hands over some quotes for that big wedding, which is what she allegedly came over for in the first place.

Marge is annoyed. What else is new?

Trini goes over to Don Benito’s to whisper to him about the washer. Still no dryer, though, so he offers his. She jokes that the electrodomesticos(home appliances; major appliances) are on their side.

Marge busts them. She scolds Benito about continuing to extend credit to That Woman. (Rude!) Trini asks if Margarita’s referring to her and then says she left her wallet at home and she’ll be back with the money later.

Jorge wants advice from Vicente about what he can do to get Angie to forgive him. Vicente tells him to just go back to Marge. OK, ok, yes, he could write her a letter. Chicks dig that. (Uh, if the spelling and grammar are correct that might be a start.) Margarita texts him and tells him to come over to her house.

So he does. And she wants to talk about how he lied that he wasn’t breaking up with her for someone else. Also, she heard about the hole in the wall. “Wait, even your grandpa knows?” He’s tired of everybody judging him. She wants the truth? OK fine…he’s in love with Angie. Happy?

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