Silvana sin Lana Thursday 8/18/16 #23

Couldn’t he have kept annoying me via Skype?

As much as Antonio José wanted to talk to Trini, he changes his mind when Juanito shows up. Trini wakes up briefly and faints again when she sees him. AJ takes off and leaves Juanito to deal with her.

Manuel’s still trying to get an answer from Chivis, but she insists she really hasn’t thought about what would happen if Antonio José came back. She’s too busy worrying about her daughters. And what’s his big hurry anyway? Manuel says she’s just trying to orientar la brújula (orient the compass; get his bearings). Since she can’t answer his original question, he tries a different one. “Do you like me?” Ay, Manuel!

See, he thought that would be an easier question to answer, since it doesn’t depend on someone who’s not there, right? But no. She says it’s complicated, he’s basically her only friend right now, and she’s never had a friend who was a guy before so it’s confusing….

Juanito saves her from answering by banging on the door and bringing Trini in. They send him home while Chivis goes to pour her mom a big ‘ol glass of whiskey. Trini starts to come around and says she saw Antonio José! Out there! He’s back!

Trini keeps insisting she saw him, though Silvana is skeptical. How could he be back when the FBI can’t find him? And nobody’s come to interrogate her. It’s dark out there, she probably got confused…or had she had another drink earlier? Ehm, just one at Don Benito’s. Suddenly Trini’s convinced she’s going senile, but Chivis thinks she just made a mistake, that’s all.


Lucha gets comfortable with Andres and a bucket of popcorn at the movies. She even leans her head on his shoulder. A few rows behind them, a couple of her classmates notice and wonder if they’re dating.

After the movie, they bond over their shared love of Pulp Fiction. Vero and Francisco walk up to greet them and ask if they’re, like, there together? Andres is a little rude about it, for someone who probably shouldn’t be dating a student in his class. He says they came to the movies together, is that a problem? Vero and Francisco walk away while he tells Lucha not to worry about them.

Majo and Vicente take a walk by the water and talk about their romantic histories. Majo hadn’t ever had a boyfriend other than Andres. She supposes she should be feeling sad now that they’re broken up, but nope. Vicente can’t help laughing at the thought of settling down with the one and only person you’ve dated–might as well become a priest or a nun. His longest relationship hasn’t even lasted a month. He didn’t think he would ever fall in love until…. *smoochies* (Yeah, way to not actually say it, dude.)

Vicente gets all weirded out by all the kissing and starts babbling a bunch of crap about things getting “dangerous” and the two of them wanting different things and wasting their time. Majo starts out laughing at him for being a “drama queen” then she gets huffy about him saying he’s wasting his time with her and decides she’s ready to go home.

In this corner….

Andres and Lucha, Vicente and Majo all pull up in front of the duplex at the same time. Someone should’ve sold tickets and made t-shirts. They have to pry Majo and Lucha apart and Chivis and Manuel can hear the screaming from inside the house. The go out there to help separate the two and get them inside.

Andres and Vicente are left alone out on the sidewalk. Andres makes it clear he’s done with Majo. He’s not sure if he should thank Vicente or bust his face in. For now he does neither. Vicente thinks he’s being a little hypocritical, but Andres insists he and Lucha are just friends. Whatever…if Andres hurts her, Vicente will be doing the face punching.

Inside, Majo has nothing to say to Chivis about what just happened and she seems to find Chivis’ concern irritation. Chivis wants her to say something, anything, that will make her feel better, so Majo says she’s going to marry Andres and have kids and everything will be fine–is that what she wants to hear? Chivis starts in on Majo not lying to herself, but Majo complains that Chivis is always judging her, always wanting her to change, so why doesn’t she just kick her out and stay with her two “perfect” daughters. (As annoying as she is, they’ve at least been consistent with Majo and her dislike of introspection or talking about her feelings. The ones we know she has because anytime someone gets too close, she lashes out.)

Lucha has plenty to say to Manuel. It’s all Majo’s fault, she started it, she’s been cheating on Andres forever, she’s getting between Lucha and Vicente. No, wait, it’s MANUEL’S fault because he’s been too nice to the fresas, helping the girls get into Jorge and Pedro’s school, bringing Chivis in to work at the market. Manuel thinks she’s getting things a little mixed up there–whatever. Lucha wants to go to bed already, so can they just drop it? There’s a cute moment when he gives her a kiss and she nearly lets him get out of the room before swatting him with a pillow.


Stella and Poncho work on their act while Dom heckles. Using Poncho to make Manuel jealous would be like Angelina trying to make Brad jealous with Machete. (Well, they did break up about a month after this episode, so….) Stella’s pretending to be Manuel while Poncho’s pretending to be Poncho. They’re both failing.


At the breakfast table, Majo gives Lupita a rundown of last night’s fight. Trini complains about the lack of hot water, then brings up the horrible terrible thing that happened–she fainted. Nobody’s impressed. OK, but she fainted because she saw their father! She’s sure of it. Although, it’s possible she was hallucinating like she did when she saw Majo kissing Vicente the other day. Majo quickly comes to the conclusion that Trini must have hallucinated, yep, because she didn’t kiss Vicente…that day.

Chivis doesn’t appreciate her getting the girls’ hopes up and keeps telling them there’s no way he could be out there just wandering around. “Unless he has an evil twin like on a telenovela,” Trini adds.


Lucha gets to class and Veronica and Francisco start in on how she’s dating Andres and no wonder she gets the highest grades in the class. Andres comes in and scolds them all for acting like they’re kids at a playground and tells them to pipe down and get their lab coats on.

Later, Lucha brings her lunch over to plop down on a bench next to Andres and now…NOW he’s decided they probably shouldn’t be seen hanging out together because he’s worried people are going to take it the wrong way. I mean, he should be concerned because she’s a student and there’s probably a policy against it, but to Lucha this is just a shift from “I don’t want my girlfriend to see us together” to “I don’t want anyone else to see us together so I don’t get fired” and she’s not happy. She stalks off after telling him to enjoy his lunch and his class.

At the market

Vicente tells Poncho about the fight. Poncho’s confused, because haven’t he and Majo been seeing each other for a while? So why would she get jealous that Andres went out with Lucha? Eh, who knows, that’s his blondie, all impulsive and stuff. Poncho thinks maybe Vicente’s falling in love, but Vicente thinks that’s taking it too far. He will admit that he likes her. “Aha! You called her a mujer and not a vieja!”

Stella runs to tell Poncho that Manuel’s in his office, so it’s time for Market Theater. Or kind of not, since Poncho’s being honest when goes in there and tells Manuel he’s in love with Stella. So now that Manuel’s thrown la mojarrita over for la langosta is Stella available? Manuel basically acts like Poncho’s drunk. As far as Chivis goes, Manuel’s told him before–they’re just coworkers! And as for Stella, he recommends Poncho wash his face and whack himself over the head with an octopus and see if that helps him get his ideas in order.

Poncho tells Stella the bad news–Manuel didn’t take him seriously. Maybe they need to step things up. Hearing about something is one thing, but actually SEEING it…. They should go out to the salsódromo and snog in front of Vicente so he’ll tell Manuel. And then try to kiss in front of Manuel. She likes the idea and gives him a kiss, just for practice.

Chivis gets to Manuel’s office and takes over his computer so she can do some invoices. They talk briefly about the fight, and while Chivis is always going to defend her daughters, Manuel has nothing to worry about–she’s not holding anything against him. He brings the conversation back around to his question from last night, because heaven forbid anyone get any work done in this office. She says she likes him…uh, finds him delightful…as a person.

Yeah, that wasn’t the question. Chivis insists she can’t deal with this right now. OK, she admits she loves it when he comes out onto the balcony or gives her flowers or talks about his kids or raises one eyebrow…. OK, well, now we’re talking! He’s got a little more hope now that when her husband reappears she’ll tell him the train has already left the station!

Manuel wants to talk to Stella. But not at the market–he doesn’t want any interruptions. Gosh, that’s tough because she’s going out with Poncho tonight and she’s got a tight dress all picked out and ok, she’ll call it off. He can come talk to her at her place, but not too late because she still might want to go out dancing after.


Trini takes Lupita to the church so Padre Young Whippersnapper, er…Padre Sanchez can hear Lupita’s confession. She’s going to hang out in the pews and say a rosary for the return of the actual Antonio José. (Or so she says. I’m betting she’s going to play Candy Crush. What? You were thinking it.) Lupita wants to know if having a boyfriend is a sin. Padre Sanchez smiles awkwardly.

In the confessional, Lupita tells Padre S that she has no sins. BUT HER FAMILY! Whoo, get a load of this. Her dad’s an estafante (he tries correcting this to estafador, but she won’t listen); her mom dances with the neighbor in front of EVERYONE; her sister was going to get married but she’s been kissing the neighbor, plus she got into a fight with the other neighbor; her other sister got into a fight with another neighbor; her grandma’s using the baker as a slave and has him washing clothes and fixing plumbing, plus she faints a lot but since she’s an alcoholic, a glass of whiskey is usually enough to revive her. “Annnnnd I’m done.” The Padre blesses himself because hey, what else are you gonna do?

Is he, or isn’t he?

Angie stops by the panadería for some juice (that she’ll pay for later) and a free turnover from Juanito when he happens to mention that when he found Trini passed out in the street there was “a gentleman” helping her. Quick-thinking Angie pulls up a picture of her dad on her cell phone and asks if this was the guy….

Juanito’s really not sure and it’s not like the guy said anything to him (and he apparently didn’t remember that Trini said “Antonio José” before he took off running) and is Angie sure she’s ok because he doesn’t want her to pass out like her grandma did. Jorge comes in asking for a box of bread and Angie pulls him aside and says something happened, but she doesn’t want to talk about it here. They head for Jorge’s house, forgetting entirely about the juice and the turnover and the bread.

Juanito doesn’t appreciate Margarita coming in and nosing around about what’s going on instead of taking care of her sick grandfather. He rather harshly asks if she’s not worried about becoming an orphan. Marge takes it better than I would have expected.

Angie and Jorge get back to his house and he starts cleaning up his room trying to make space for them to sit while she explains her suspicions that her dad really is back. Juanito said there was a guy there when Trini fainted and she showed him a picture and it *could* have been her dad. Jorge figures if he is back, the first thing he’d want to do is see his daughters, but Angie tells him he’s running from the law, so she’s not sure. Either way she can’t stop thinking about it.

Antonio José calls Rafa’s office, using his new alias. Rafa doesn’t recognize it, but he takes the call anyway. He’s shocked into silence at the sound of Antonio José’s voice. He says he’s come back for what’s his. Whaaaaat does that mean?

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