Silvana sin Lana Tuesday 8/16/16 #21


Margarita comes over to Chivis’ house wearing a shirt that says “TROUBLE.” She’s trying to make it look like false advertising, telling Angie she’s sorry for being such a jerk and she wants to start over. Angie agrees she’d rather not waste energy fighting with anyone.

Margarita also brought over a sandwich for Jorge. Angie sends him downstairs to collect his cheddar-pepperoni-tomato sandwich and an invitation to come over to Marge’s house to watch a movie later. As friends. Jorge can see Angie spying from the top of the stairs, but he says “yes” anyway. Or maybe that’s why he said “yes.”

Manuel’s still trying to get Stella not to move out of his house. (Manuel, babe, WHY?! Let her go!) She even screws up Chivis’ name and he corrects her, which doesn’t help his case. He admits he thinks she was overstaying her welcome, but he doesn’t want her to go away angry. Too late for that.

Las Villaseñoras sit down together for a meal and Majo breaks the news that–no, Lupita, she’s not pregnant–she ended her engagement with Andres and gave back the ring. Lupita feels the need to reassure them all she’s still having her First Communion. Trini complains about where Majo’s going to find a better guy. Angie thinks it was for the best. Chivis says they all need to support Majo. And Majo…well, she’s not really in the mood to do the whole pity party thing.

Pedro comes over and everyone is thrown into a panic thinking it might be Andres. Not until he grows a foot and gets a medical degree! Anyway, he’s here to see Lupita.

They go upstairs with big margarita glasses full of ice cream and check out the remodel. The wallpaper’s kind of nice, a dark blue with bronzeish leaves. Pedro says his brother’s good at this stuff and oh by the way why did she go running out of his house yesterday? She tells him about the butterflies. Once they’ve established they both felt them, they decide the only reasonable thing to do is become novios. They shake on it. Neither one is really into the whole kissing thing. Lupita says they’ll give it some time…like her sister, who’s not getting married after all.

Stella says goodbye to the three older kids. I think Lucha’s the only one actually sorry to see her go. Jorge’s curious about what happened and she starts hinting that his father did something terrible. Seriously, Stella, this is not an appropriate conversation to be having with the kids. On her way out the door, Pedro comes in and bumps into her suitcases.

“What’s going on here?” He nearly does an endzone dance when he hears Stella’s leaving and pretends to be disappointed just in time. He (hopefully) asks if they broke up because there’s a lot of that going around the neighborhood–Majo broke up with the doctor and gave back his ring. Now it’s Vicente’s turn to grin.

Getting ready for a night out

Majo spends several minutes preparing to spontaneously fake-casually call Vicente. “I just felt like talking to you.” Ha! Good one, Majo! She actually called to remind him it was Saturday and give him the opportunity to ask her out dancing tonight. She’s clear he’s not to interpret this as her asking him out. *roll eyes*

Angie goes to Chivis’ room looking for her black pants and making sure she still has permission to go to the party. Tonight. At the salsódromo.Which the school rented out for the party so of course there will be no alcohol. She begs Chivis not to pick her up after and just let her come home with Jorge so everyone doesn’t think she’s that annoying fresawhose mom hovers. Note: Chivis mentions that Angie is “barely 18” which is still older than I thought she was supposed to be.

Chivis is worried about whether Angie is still angry with Jorge or she’s decided to forgive him. It’s a yes and a not sure. She’s just…less angry than she was is all. Chivis gives in and says she won’t go pick her up. From the party. For school. At the salsódromo.

Trini goes over to the bakery to ask Don Benito for a ride to the church. And to scold him about the “kiss” he stole. Oh, he used to be a lifeguard? Then all is forgiven.

And all is forgiven by Margarita, as she informs them when she comes in. Benito leaves Marge to continue cleaning the bakery while he walks out with Trini on his arm. Gosh, Marge didn’t even make a face behind their backs.

Lucha gets online and messages Andres. He’s surprised she heard about the breakup already, but he knows it’s not because she’s chismosa. She invites him out later. To talk.

Manuel sneaks up on her as she’s trying to sneak out the door, giving her a hard time about being all dressed up and smelling nice. She tells him to cut the macho crap–women can look good for reasons other than being on the prowl. He doesn’t let it go easily, saying if she comes home with a boyfriend he’ll just have to buy an arsenal (there he goes again with the macho crap!).

Lucha nearly makes it out the door when Vicente comes downstairs, also wanting to tease her about going out. He supposes she’s meeting the doctor? Lucha says if she is, he should be happy about it because it leaves the path clear for him. Vicente’s face: “Huh. Hadn’t thought of that.”

Not a date

Jorge arrives at Margarita’s and she’s laid out a popcorn, chip, dip, and sandwich buffet just for him. For their friend-date. She starts the movie and makes herself comfortable on the floor next him and is just about to start trying to casually put an arm around him when Benito comes home.

Look, he doesn’t know what’s going on with their changing relationship status, but if they’re “just friends” now then he’s going to be one “just friend” more. He plops himself down between them on the floor while Marge looks horrified.

Also not a date

Andres took Lucha to a nice restaurant where he does the whole swirl and sip thing with the wine. So, clearly, this is not a date. I think she’s kidding with him when she says she’s been nearly married three times but one guy liked Arjona (ouch!), another dyed his hair, and the third was allergic to gluten and lactose. Andres is serious when he says he’s not allergic to anything, he doesn’t dye his hair, and he doesn’t like Arjona. But he does like Paquita la del Barrio. Well, there he goes again, breaking stereotypes.

He’s glad they’re going to be friends, because he could use a friend right now. Just thinking about Majo being with someone else brings him down. Lucha says if she were his girlfriend she’d never cheat on him. Andres says if Lucha were his girlfriend he’d always trust her.

Andres and Lucha are still talking about Majo when the meal arrives. Definitely not a date. He thinks maybe Majo’s going out with Vicente, but Lucha would tell him if that were true, right? Lucha begs him not to involve her in this and for Andres, that’s as good as saying it’s true.

Near Miss

Vicente and Majo arrive at the salsódromo where the words “margarita” “sugar” and “fat” are all uttered in rapid succession. Not going there. Anyway, that’s just filler because the real news is that Majo sees Angie and Angie sees Majo. They eventually agree that nobody at home needs to hear anything about either one of them being there. This after Majo complained that she was single and therefore free to go out with whoever, so…not feeling all that free there, huh Majo?

Chivis’ frantic search for a cell signal means she’s standing out on the sidewalk when Jorge comes home. Not from the salsódromo. Not with Angie. Chivis freaks out! If she’d known he wasn’t going, she wouldn’t have let Angie go! Jorge tries saying it’s all good, they’re good kids, they’ll probably all be home soon. Chivis wants him to tell her where the salsódromo is. I’m seeing Jorge’s chances of reconciling with Angie dwindling rapidly.

Angie gets a text from Jorge explaining that he HAD to give her mom directions and she runs outside. Majo and Vicente continue blissfully dancing the night away.

Chivis comes into the salsódromo and asks a waiter about a group of kids, uh, seniors in high school, who rented the place for a party? The waiter says they wouldn’t rent to a school and certainly not on a Saturday night! But, hey, the trip’s not a total waste because she busts Majo snogging Vicente on the dance floor. I could maybe be a little less gleeful about that, but nah!

Chivis stands there and watches for several seconds…and then decides to leave without saying anything to Majo. BOO! She gets a text from Angie saying she just got home.

By the time Chivis gets home, Angie’s in her pajamas and she’s virtually added an entire back room to the salsódromo that’s not attached to the bar. She’s sure Chivis just went into the front where the bar is and got confused.

OK, fine, whatever, but what’s really upsetting Chivis is that everyone seems to be lying to her. Majo’s out there snogging Vicente when she just broke off her engagement with Andres yesterday. Chivis has always tried to be there for them, so they could talk to her about anything, so what gives? She goes upstairs and leaves Angie looking guilty.

Roomies again

In the middle of movie night, Poncho convinces Stella to tell them why she left Manuel’s house. They’re pretty good about not laughing and Poncho gives her a pep talk about how Manuel may be awesome, but she deserves someone who’s going to treat her better. Getting her name wrong is unforgivable!

Fish Market

Of course, the next morning he tells Manuel it’s no big deal, it happens to everybody…but maybe if it happened during…you know…it means he’s got a thing for Chivis. Manuel’s acting like this thought NEVER occurred to him. He had his whole life arranged, everything was chill, and then she came around and turned it all upside down. Poncho suggests maybe Manuel needs some time alone to figure things out. Suddenly Poncho’s love advice is too much for Manuel and he chases him out of the office.

Vicente loads up a bunch of coolers in the back of the Chivis Fish van while Chivis glares at him. She assures him she has no problem with him, but she does have a problem with Majo dating him so soon after breaking up with Andres. Right, right, Majo’s a grown woman, but–and he’d better not tell Majo she said this or Majo will kill her–deep down she’s an immature adolescent. If Vicente does anything to hurt her, Chivis will kill him.

Poncho sees Vicente hanging out by the van and teases him about getting in trouble with Chivis. He compares him to the Big Bad Wolf going after Little Red Riding Hood. Vicente swears there’s something different about Majo, but Poncho doesn’t buy it. He figures the novelty will wear off in a week and he and Vicente will be on the prowl again at the salsódromo.

Chivis is working on the computer, with Manuel looking over her shoulder. Sales are good. He might even have to start borrowing money from her. She jokes that she charges interest…more plants for the balcony, a coffee maker, a working boiler, a massage at a spa. Seriously, though, she does want to ask for a favor. It’s about the pescetarian wedding–Manuel jokes that it’s the one that’s going to make her enough money for a weekend away in Key West.

He goes on and on about Key West. How he wants to take her walking barefoot on the beach and they have the best sunsets in the entire US. “Ah, but then I’d see your legs!” Manuel agrees–and he might have to hold her so she doesn’t get swept away by the waves. She wouldn’t mind that at all. Because of the waves, of course.

But now, seriously, the favor. Will he help her do the budget for the wedding and actually make the delivery? She wants to make sure she gets this right. Manuel doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Stella’s upset right now…and she’s probably right…and ok, he’s just going to come right out and say it–Vicente interrupts. There’s a problem out at their stall and he needs him to come out there right away.

Manuel jokes that it’s like TV…he’ll be back after a short commercial break.

After school

Kids start pouring out of school. Jorge asks Angie if she got busted after all and then congratulates himself for warning her. He starts in again on the “I really didn’t mean to make a hole in the wall and spy on you” thing. Marge comes out and suggests they start walking. Angie’s waiting for Lupita so she tells them to go on. For whatever reason, Jorge agrees instead of staying with Angie.

Lupita finally shows up and scolds Angie for letting Jorge walk with Marge. Angie reminds her she’s not interested in Jorge and tells her to get moving already.

Antonio José watches them from behind a tree.

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