Silvana sin Lana Tuesday 8/23/16 #26

Duplex confessions

Wow, ok, well, now that Manuel has made his big confession, Chivis really thinks she needs to move. Manuel jokes that he’ll just follow her. He can’t let the second woman he’s ever loved get away from him! Chivis says she has nothing to offer him. She married Antonio José for life, he’s the father of her children, and “lo quise“.

“But lo amó?” OK, they’re getting into a philosophical discussion between querer and amar, both of which indicate love, but one way to think of it is that querer is not quite as deep as amar. Manuel thought the querer type of love was enough, but when he met Chivis he realized it wasn’t, that’s why he broke up with Stella. Chivis hasn’t really thought about it, but it’s too late.

Manuel vows to wait as long as it takes. Like a fisherman waiting to catch a fish. Because she’s worth the wait. He starts to touch her face and Chivis really needs him to leave now. He says he’ll be waiting on the balcony and give her puppy dog eyes before he shuts the front door.

Manuel goes home and finds a perfectly half-eaten hamburger in the kitchen and a grouchy Lucha in the backyard. She broke that bossa nova CD Andres gave her. She says Andres was there, but she sent him home. Manuel starts lecturing her about how she’s never going to get anywhere with any guy if she keeps rejecting them all for stupid reasons.

“If not wanting to kiss me is a stupid reason, then I guess I got rid of him for a stupid reason!” Manuel’s surprised she tried to kiss him. Lucha says she was confused and…it was a disaster. He was very clear that he’s not at all interested in her. “Why don’t guys like me?!” Manuel says she’s exaggerating. There are probably lots of guys who are interested, she just doesn’t notice them. Or maybe they can’t get close to her.

He talks about how she’s so authentic, but Lucha gripes–what’s that worth if she ends up alone? She doesn’t want to just be someone’s BFF forever. Manuel is sure there’s a guy out there who’s going to make her happy. It just wasn’t Andres. “I thought it was,” Lucha says sadly.


Stella loves the salsódromo! She realizes she’s gotten “boring” being with Manuel because he never wanted to go out. The head for the bar, but she sees Vicente and goes over to accidentally bump into him on purpose. Vicente hadn’t heard that Stella and Manuel broke up, so she tells him, making sure to emphasize that she and Poncho are just friends, so he should totally feel free to tell Manuel they went out together.

Stella gets down on the dance floor. With perhaps more enthusiasm than skill. And apparently she’s already had some margaritas and she wants some more now. Jorge’s tending bar and starts mixing her drink, but she sees Angie and flips out, screaming about “Barbies” everywhere and how Angie’s mom’s not going to get away with it! Poncho drags her away and Jorge tells Angie he thinks Stella broke up with his dad.

Anyway, her shift is over, so she’s going home. She accepts Jorge’s offer to go with her, since they’re going to the same place, and goes to get her stuff from the back. Benji comes over and asks if Jorge and Angie are dating. When Jorge says they’re just neighbors, Benji tells Jorge to leave Angie to him. (Wow, I thought he was being harsh earlier, but now I’m with Jorge–Benji’s a creep.)

We’re trying to sleep around here!

Stella drunk-dials Chivis at 2am to admit she painted the van and threaten to paint the house, her clothes, and even her face.

Now it’s Manuel’s turn for a late-night/early-morning call. Dom pretends to be frantic over the missing Stella and so very, very worried she’ll do something that will land them all on the front page of the paper. He begs Manuel to try calling her–maybe Stella will pick up the phone if it’s him.

He can hear the sounds of the salsódromo behind Stella as she screams out a “Hello!” She brags about being out dancing with Poncho, celebrating her freedom and pretends there’s some hot guy waiting to mack on her. She hangs up on him, assuming he’s SOOOOO jealous, when he’s more likely too tired to care.

Chivis goes out to her balcony to se if maybe Manuel is awake. He’s just opening his door when she flings some pebbles in his direction and he pretends one hit him. She hopes she didn’t wake him up but his GIRLFRIEND is the one who painted her van! Yeah, he knows. He just didn’t know how to tell her. And she’s not his girlfriend, she’s his EX. He’s single. So if she happens to know someone who might need some love….

Let the flirting commence. See, he’s in love with someone who doesn’t want anything to do with him. But wasn’t he supposed to be so good at waiting? Oh, yeah, he’s a master at waiting. Chivis tells him to wait, then. “OK, but don’t move.”

Angie and Jorge share a taxi home. Jorge starts in on how he doesn’t like Benji. He asked about Angie and he didn’t like Benji saying he liked Angie. He felt jealous. She’s not going to punish him for that is she? “No. Not for that.” He says he’s going to end up dying waiting, isn’t he?


Vicente’s hung over and Jorge’s not looking too lively, either. Pedro and Manuel give them a hard time about it. And then Manuel formally announces that he broke up with Stella. Oh, they already knew. Manuel gripes that he doesn’t even have a personal life! Seriously, even Pedro knew? Yep, Jorge told him and swore him to secrecy. So much for that. Manuel says that’s great, they can put the topic to rest.

Everyone gets quiet and Vicente mumbles “I’m never drinking again.” Lucha says he says that all the time.

Pedro wants to know why Manuel and Stella broke up. Vicente says he’ll explain it–dad ditched la mojarrita for la langosta.


Chivis marches right up to Stella in the parking lot to tell her to back the hell off. She may look all quiet and decent, but she’s way more dangerous than Stella. She’d better not mess with her family. Stella says she’d better take her little “princesses” and leave if she doesn’t want Stella to mess with her. Sure, she can take that as a threat if she wants to.

Stella stomps off as Manuel approaches and Chivis says his girlfriend is “crazy!” They’re supposed to be making a delivery but he’d better not come with her or Stella might burn her house down. She’s not getting away with this! Nobody threatens Chivis! Manuel just stands there with a slightly disturbed look on his face.

Manuel calls Stella into his office to scold her for painting the van and causing drama. They’ve all got to work together, in case she doesn’t remember. I’ve gotta say, Stella’s “She started it” and “Hey nobody got hurt”? Not very attractive. Manuel’s got her number on the attempt to make him jealous, though I don’t think responding to “un clavo saca otro clavo” (one nail drives out another; a new love drives out an old one) by calling Poncho a “tachuela” (tack) was the best way to prove he’s not.


Lucha’s trying to study when Andres starts messaging her, trying to apologize for last night and saying they can talk about it whenever she wants. Lucha slams down her laptop screen before she can be tempted to reply.

Lupita breaks the bad news to Pedro–they might be moving. Angie’s sad about what Marge did to the van and Majo’s always fighting with Lucha. I see she’s trying that new hairstyle Majo recommended with a bunch of flower clips on one side only. I like it.

Anyway, Pedro has a solution. He’ll talk to his dad and get his dad to talk to Padre Sanchez and he’ll make his First Communion before they leave! That way they can be ready to get married (hahahahaha no!). It doesn’t matter if Padre Sanchez is a chismoso, they just need to stall.

The Villaseñoras have breakfast. Lupita wants to know if Chivis has made a decision because the thing is she loves her school. Chivis says this really isn’t the sort of thing that’s up for a vote. She got their opinions, but she’s the mom. Majo starts working on Lupita, holding out the possibility of a nicer house and a pool and a room of their own. Chivis assures her that if they move, she’ll make sure it’s a nicer house that’s still close enough for her to go to the same school and keep seeing Pedro.

Trini…well, I never thought this would happen, but she was showing signs yesterday…makes a lot of sense all of a sudden. She knows she’s the one who complains the most and works the least, but she thinks there have been enough changes already. This thing with the van could have happened here or on the next street over or the next neighborhood over, but at least here people helped clean it up.

Angie still doesn’t want to live this close to Marge. The van was the last straw from her, but she’d done so many other things! Chivis tells her it wasn’t Marge, it was Stella. Lupita: “Because you took Manuel away from her?” Dare I hope we’re about to get a lecture on how people aren’t things that you can take away?

Nope, instead Chivis focuses on how Stella not liking her has nothing to do with that. Trini says it’s because Chivis is prettier and “common” women like Stella get jealous. Majo asks if Chivis is going to press charges and Chivis LIES and says that she and Stella already talked about it and Stella apologized and Chivis forgave her. Because we have to learn to forgive. Lupita pipes up that she heard in church that if you don’t, you’ll burn in the fires of hell. Chivis makes sure to tell her that’s a metaphor. Maybe because she feels her pants burning. Just saying.

Speaking of apologies, she thinks Angie should go talk to Marge because she was pretty ugly with her. (Um, and Chivis wasn’t?) Trini complains that she’ll have to go over as well.

Lucha’s getting ready to go to a meeting for the immigrant rights organization at school. Jorge asks if she knew about the van. “I like her, but I wouldn’t keep a secret like that.” She plays it off as Stella just being “in love” and says she’d much rather have Stella with their dad than the neighbor. She’s convinced that Chivis’ husband is going to come back and take them all back to their old life. She doesn’t want him to suffer like she’s suffering.

Because she’s also convinced that Andres is going to marry Majo. And they’ll have a bunch of blonde babies and a house on the beach and a giant yacht.

Jorge suddenly realizes he was really mean to Marge, but he doesn’t want to go over there and apologize. She’ll just tell him to go to hell! Lucha disagrees–she’d forgive him anything. “I’m not saying the neighbors are bad people, but one day they’re going to go back to the lives they had before. They’re going to leave here. Give Margarita another chance. I think she’s the one for you, not Angie.”


Trini goes over and apologizes to Benito for telling him Stella had painted the van. She hesitates to say who really did it, but she will say they almost left the neighborhood over it. Don Benito very forcefully says that’s not going to happen and Trini likes his authoritarian tone. She had no idea he had that side to him. Oh, there’s a lot of sides she doesn’t know…. Angie walks in looking for Marge and busts up the flirt-fest.

At the house, Angie gets Margarita to let her in and apologizes. It was Stella who painted the van. Marge tells Angie to do some more investigating next time, before she accuses her of something. What’s this apology worth to her, anyway, compared to the humiliation of everyone thinking she did it, even her grandpa. Angie wants to know how she can make it up to Marge. “Tell Jorge you want him to get back together with me.” (And to think I was feeling sorry for you, Marge!)

Yeah, no, she’s not doing that. And if that’s the only way Marge will forgive her, then ok, she’s not forgiven. Marge pesters her to admit she’s always been interested in Jorge. Sure, Angie admits she was interested in Jorge, but she’s not now. And if she’s not telling him to get back together with Marge it’s because that’s his decision and people should be together because they want to be, not because they’re obligated. Marge laughs at Angie for thinking Jorge ever wanted to stop being with her (Marge). Before Angie leaves, Marge reminds her again not to accuse her of anything without checking first.


Andres tracked Lucha down because she wouldn’t answer his calls or his messages. He feels horrible about the way they left things last night and she’s so important to him, especially in the last few days. She’s such an incredible woman–Lucha tells him to drop the clichés. Andres cuts her off to say if he’d met her before he met Majo he would have fallen in love with her. He begs her to say they can still be friends. (Seriously? After you just said that?) Lucha says they’re professor and student from now on, nothing more.


Stella’s pacing and making Dom nervous. Why isn’t her plan working? Does Manuel just not take Poncho seriously enough? Is she going to have to find someone else? Poncho says it’ll work, they just need to give it time. And besides, it was just dancing–who would get jealous for that? They need something bigger, like a kiss! Stella’s in. She tells Dom to get out his phone camera and starts snogging Poncho. Dom does his best to direct this bizarro photo shoot.

Stella complains about Dom’s photography skills and he complains about her modeling. She finally finds one she likes and says he’s going to send it to Manuel with a message: “Strange things are happening at the house.” Oh no, Dom doesn’t dare! In that case, Stella steals his phone and does it herself.

More Duplex action

Lupita tells Majo that she heard from Pedro that Andres was over at their house last night with Lucha and they had a really great time and they were drinking beers and singing. She wonders if they’ll get married. Majo starts dissing Lucha and Lupita joins in saying, among other things, that Lucha has no class and obviously Majo and Andres are going to get back together. (I appreciated the sister solidarity from Lupita, but yikes! I’m not sure Majo’s mature enough to be in a position to influence developing minds like this.)

Lupita goes off to the bathroom and Majo texts Vicente to go out dancing. Vicente plays hard to get. When Lupita comes back she scolds Majo for crying when she promised she wouldn’t!

Padre Sanchez comes over to see Pedro about his First Communion. Pedro actually called him and didn’t say anything to Manuel, so they’re both wondering why the sudden interest. Pedro says he has personal reasons. OK, then, Padre Sanchez gives him a book to start studying and leaves.

Manuel’s not letting him off that easy–he warns Pedro that the First Communion is where this ends. He’s got a lot of years before he can get married. Pedro says this is a free country. He’ll know when the time is right to propose to Lupita. Manuel is so not comforted.

Angie tells Chivis the apology didn’t go so well, but she doesn’t care. She did what she could. Angie wonders about what Stella wrote on the side of the van. Chivis babbles a lot about how she and Manuel are friends, that’s all, and ok it’s true she’s used to having a man around to lean on and without Manuel she never would have made it. Angie wonders, if her dad comes back and Chivis doesn’t want to get back together with him, is it because of what he did or because of Manuel?

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