Silvana sin Lana Wednesday 8/17/16 #22

Teaming up

Stella invites Lucha over to tell her what happened at the not-so-no-tell motel. Lucha starts making excuses for her dad–maybe Stella heard wrong? Stella wants Lucha’s help, but she doesn’t say how because they get sidetracked talking about how Manuel and Silvana just don’t “fit” together.

Unless this is an “opposites attract” thing? Like Lucha and el doctorcito! Um, no, Lucha says she’s not interested in him. Stella encourages her to fight for him and mentions that he went to the market to yell at her brother.

Water woes

Trini has Don Benito come over to fix the sink. This may have been intended as a comic relief moment, but I’m too busy being steamed at her racist theories about what types of hair cause sink clogs. The only humor here is Don Benito punning that mastery (or a Masters degree) is something that comes with experience and his grey hairs are his diplomas. Also, I’ve unclogged a drain and had to crawl under the sink to do it and that in no way causes water to suddenly squirt out of nowhere.

Antonio José checks into a hotel under the name Ricardo Melendez. A hotel with a pool and free breakfast and ice water with strawberries in the lobby for guests. See, this is not my idea of marriage or family, this is every man for himself.

By the time Angie gets home, Trini and Don Benito are soaked and so is Jorge. In Jorge’s expert-without-canas opinion, the pipe is cracked and he can’t fix it. They need a real plumber. In the meantime both he and Don Benito offer their respective bathrooms. Jorge also offers buckets of water if they’d prefer. He goes home and Lupita goes to look for the buckets in the kitchen.

Angie carries her backpack into the kitchen, where Lupita has found the buckets and is going to go get dressed up before she takes them next door to fill. Angie and I are both bemused.

It looks like Angie was later getting home than everyone else because she went out for groceries. Trini is suspicious about where she got the money but she believes Angie’s lie that she just found some cash in an old backpack. It also helps that Trini has no concept of how much groceries cost, as we’ve seen from previous shopping trips. Anyway, she gives Angie a big hug and says she’s living up to her name. She’s an angel! With wings! “So can I call you grandma now?” No.

And now the youngest

Lupita’s upstairs getting pretty-er. Cute dress, hair down. She’s fussing with the precise arrangement of some claw clips when Majo comes in and talks Lupita into letting Majo style her. They finally agree they’ll try three clips on one side and seriously turn up the volume on her hair. Majo’s wondering who’s the guy who’s gotten Lupita’s attention when Angie yells that Pedro’s there.

Oops! No more time for hair. Majo puts some lip balm/gloss on Lupita before she goes running downstairs to meet Pedro. He brought over a couple of buckets of water, which he hands off to Angie.

He and Lupita have almost the same conversation they already had yesterday, agreeing to be novios, but without kissing. They shake on it again. This time Pedro adds that they could wait until they’re fifteen for their first kiss, which sounds good to Lupita. And also he likes her hair.

He goes back home and Lupita goes upstairs to write in her diary. Angie comes in to put away laundry and Lupita shows off the diary. She’s really concerned about not wanting to kiss Pedro yet, because gross! And not wanting to see him because he makes her nervous. And wondering if she’s supposed to give him a present–Angie suggests waiting until they’ve been together for a month which feels like FOREVER to Lupita. And Angie’s not upset that Lupita has a boyfriend and Angie doesn’t, is she? Angie says it’s fine and she’ll probably have a boyfriend soon. Lupita’s sure it will be Jorge, but Angie doesn’t look so sure.

Pedro interrupts Jorge’s moping to talk about love. But really it’s to brag about how he has a girlfriend now. They joke about it being Trini (I’m going to pretend the humor in that is because she can’t stand them and not because she’s older) but no, it’s Lupita. And which neighbor is Jorge in love with? “Trini,” he jokes, but admits it’s Angie.

And is Pedro in love with Lupita? Pshyeah! He’s not like some of these grownups running around having girlfriends they’re not in love with. He apologizes for telling their dad about the hole in the wall–that can’t have made it easy for Jorge and Angie’s relationship. Jorge says he would have found out eventually. Anyway, now that Pedro’s experienced when it comes to love, Jorge should feel free to ask him for advice.

Ha! The new Love Doctor is in!

Worry about your own love lives

Manuel’s throwing pebbles at Chivis’ balcony to try to get her attention. He’s got a little can of water for the geraniums and puns about his ja-casi (ya casi, almost) instead of a Jacuzzi and inflatable pools with shampoo for bubbles. What he really wants is to resume their earlier conversation, but he agrees to postpone that until later. Maybe after the kids are asleep.

Lucha interrupts them and Manuel goes back inside to argue with her about butting into his love life. If he has problems with his partner, he’ll discuss them with his PARTNER, not his daughter. He expects she’d want the same consideration. Lucha argues that he seems to have forgotten who his partner is and she warned him about that back when he first bought Silvana the vacuum cleaner. She wonders how far he’s going to let things go and Manuel avoids her eyes.

How does Manuel think he and Stella are “just fighting” and not broken up? And why is Lucha suddenly saying Stella is more “like them” than Chivis and therefore that’s who Manuel should be with? Not MARRIED TO, mind you, just if she moved in that would be ok. She’ll even help convince her brothers. Manuel really can’t believe this change in attitude.

Vicente comes up to Manuel’s room and even he can’t believe that Lucha is suddenly Stella’s biggest fan. But also, why is Manuel suddenly NOT wanting Stella to move in? It’s like they’ve switched! Anyway, he thinks it’s up to Manuel what he wants to do, but he teases him about “two women, one shark!”

It’s truth time

Vicente comes over to Chivis’ with buckets of water. Trini tells him to come up with a better excuse next time. He asks Majo if they’re going out tonight and she’s just said “yes” when Silvana appears to drive Vicente out of the house with her glare.

Majo thinks she was being rude. And besides she has nothing going on with Vicente. Just for the record. “I didn’t say anything. You’re incriminating yourself.” OK, right, well, Majo runs upstairs.

Angie comes down and Chivis starts whining about Majo lying to her like she’s a total stranger and not her mother. Angie feels so guilty she says there’s something she has to tell Chivis….

Chivis and Angie move their conversation upstairs. Points for Angie for actually getting it out there–she’s been waitressing at the salsódromo to earn money for the family and every time she says she’s at a school party, that’s where she’s been. Cara de impactada de Chivis.

Chivis isn’t angry. She doesn’t know how she could be angry at Angie for working when she’s the one who wasn’t able to earn enough for all their needs. Angie argues that that’s bull–Chivis has been a mother and father to them since this whole mess started. Angie just wants to help. Chivis has serious reservations because she’s not 21 yet and it could cause a lot of trouble for her to be working there. Angie badgers Chivis into letting her keep the job until the business takes off and then she’ll look for a different one.

I couldn’t help myself, I had to look it up…I think this idea that Angie is 18 happened AFTER her starting to work at the salsódromo. In Florida she could be bartending at 18. She wouldn’t have to steal her sister’s ID unless Lorenzo just doesn’t like under-21 waitresses or doesn’t want to deal with the scheduling/supervision issues. But the idea that it could cause problems for Angie to bet working there when she’s only 18? Nope. Doesn’t look like there’s any legal issue.

Visita de caridad

Trini calls Don Benito to see if he’s gotten her a plumber yet. Yep, tomorrow morning early. Benito’s sick. (Because as we all know you catch a cold from being cold, not from a virus. Also from walking around barefoot or going to sleep with your hair still wet or sitting too close to the air conditioner. *roll eyes*) Trini offers to bring by some awesome medicine and he agrees. And then says to himself that he must be falling in love. I guess he hadn’t gotten the memo yet.

Trini brings over the medicine, which looks like a glass of lemonade. She added some rum for that extra germ-killing power. And a pill to help protect his stomach. But Don Benito is worried about his heart…no, no, not in the medical sense. It aches with love. Trini checks his forehead and says she thinks that’s the fever talking.

Friends. Riiiiight.

Lucha messages Andres. He was thinking of going to the movies. Alone. She invites herself along and he agrees–they’re friends, right? She suggests a Tarantino film festival.


Dom and Stella are having withdrawals. They drink. Dom misses the kids. Stella misses being at Manuel’s. She’s totally going to forgive him, but he’s gotta beg first. She’s sure he’s just dying without her.

Dom and Stella are still drinking to drown their sorrows when Poncho comes home and says he heard that Jennifer got back together with her ex and she and the kids are living with him now. They switch over to happy drinking.

There’s a knock at the door. Jenny’s ex came over to give Poncho one good punch and threaten him to stay away from HIS WIFE. Okay then.

Poor Poncho. He’s got a steak slapped over his eye. He can’t believe Jenny was still married! Stella thinks he and Dom both need to go out there and find some serious partners, people they can settle down with and start raising families. “What about you?”

Seriously, Ponch? You’re gonna ask that today, after what Stella’s been through? He proposes that Stella give Manuel a taste of his own medicine–go out with someone from the market and make him jealous! He even offers himself, but Dom cracks up laughing. Who could possibly ever be jealous of Poncho?! Damn, Dom, that’s cold!

Stella likes the idea, though. Did she ever tell them she was in an acting group in school?! Dom says there’s no way this is going to work, but Poncho, being such a good “friend,” succumbs to Stella’s pleading. How hard can it be? They just have to behave like people who like each other. Look each other in the eyes, hold hands, hug, kiss. Wait a sec…what if Manuel finds out what they’re doing and fires Poncho?! Stella says she’ll take the blame and give him a job.

A pending conversation

Silvana’s waxing her ‘stache. Majo says she’s going out with friends from school and they don’t know where yet (I assume both those statements are lies since she texted Vicente earlier about picking her up at 9). She refuses to call if she’s coming home late because she’s “too old” to have to do that. And obviously also too immature to consider doing it out of courtesy or for safety reasons.

Silvana rips off wax strip #1 too gently for it to be real–or I need to be checking out that brand–and then hears the doorbell. Assuming it’s just Majo having forgot something, “not too old for that, are you?” she runs downstairs…

And opens the door to Manuel. She covers her face in embarrassment and runs upstairs to rip off the other wax strip and cover her skin with powder while berating herself for being so stupid. OK 1. It was a reasonable assumption. 2. It’s just a wax strip. It’s not like he caught you burying a body. 3. Don’t be putting powder on your skin when it’s still sensitive!

Silvana finally comes down and Manuel makes ‘stache jokes. Like “you should just let it grow in like Frida Kahlo” and “I came over to lend you my razor.” Really, though he came over to bring her the budget for the pescetarian wedding and broach a delicate subject with her. Another hole? Vicente going out with Majo? He’s firing her from the market because of Stella? Manuel tells her to calm down–she’s making this more difficult! OK, what he wanted to ask was…what’s her marital status?

“Um, married.” She gives him a “duh!” look. He explains that he knows, but what he’s asking is what happens if her husband comes back? Would she stay married to him? “Why are you asking?” Now I’m giving her a “duh!” look. Manuel says she’s important to him. So what’s the answer?

Trini’s walking home from Don Benito’s when Antonio José starts hissing at her from the other side of the street. She comes over, sees it’s him, and passes out!

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