Silvana sin Lana Wednesday 8/24/16 #27

The Angie-Jorge Saga

Angie takes back the question, but Chivis has no problem telling her that if she decides not to get back together with Manuel it would only be because of him. Either way, Angie supports whatever decision Chivis makes.

It’s Jorge’s turn to apologize to Margarita and she somehow manages to turn the whole thing around on him, saying he’s obviously been “blinded” by Angie. She tells him to quit chasing after Angie because Angie doesn’t like him, she just feels sorry for him. Marge knows because Angie told her. (What?!)

Jorge immediately goes over to talk to Angie. He doesn’t care what she said to Margarita, all he wants to know is whether she forgives him so they can try having a relationship again. Yes to the first one and the second…she doesn’t want to rush it.

Jorge doesn’t feel like waiting. He’s ready to walk and he’s even talking about quitting his job at the salsódromo, but Angie doesn’t want him to do that. So he tries kissing her instead. Looks like a successful experiment to me.

Or at least it was as far as the kissing, but Angie is not going to get over his betrayal that quickly. When something is important to her, she takes it seriously. That’s just the way she is. Jorge says he’ll quit bothering her.

This is not a date

Majo and Vicente’s game-playing leaves me cold. Especially because he’s right about Majo–she can try to pretend to be freewheeling all she wants to, but she dislikes not having an exclusive relationship with him not just having her calls ignored. Anyway, they’re going out tonight.

Uh, he takes her to a motel. That’s…not even dinner first? That’s not a date, dude. She’s obviously uncomfortable with this, but she turns down his offer to take her back home.

In the hotel room, Vicente pours some champagne while Majo tries not to look like she’s checking for bedbugs. The awkwardness continues as Majo keeps moving, trying to stay away from Vicente. He suggests they try the jacuzzi and maybe that will help loosen them both up, but she’d rather keep playing musical chairs in the sitting area. Now he’s convinced she’s thinking of Andres. Nope, it’s not that. “I’m a virgin.”

Vicente wasn’t expecting that. It’s also her first time in a motel. He calls off the whole plan. Majo’s worried that he thinks not having had sex makes her “less of a woman” but no he doesn’t think one thing has anything to do with the other. She explains that she told Andres she wanted to stay a virgin until she got married and he was ok with it. She figures Vicente’s disappointed, but he disagrees–he likes everything about her. Although, he also thinks he should probably take her home.

The conversation on the drive home is awkward. Majo tries talking about how she just wasn’t ready…and she can’t even say the words.

A picture is worth….

Dom, Stella, and Poncho all wait anxiously for some kind of response from Manuel. Dom’s starting to get nervous that Manuel might not ever speak to him again, between this and painting the van. Stella insists Dom call Manuel NOW.

Pedro’s in Manuel’s room, reading his First Communion book. He gets really excited about the “wine” part. (Heh…it’s not that kind of wine, kid!) Manuel’s phone starts ringing and Pedro grabs it and gets an eyeful of Stella and Poncho’s fake snogfest.

Chivis comes over to Manuel’s all excited. She’s in such a good mood, she doesn’t even mind when his first guess is that her big news is she’s getting divorced. Hahahaha, no! But she’s not moving. (So, basically, she changed outfits and came over just to tell him she’s not moving? Ohkaaaaay.) Lucha busts them mid-hug. She makes a crack about it not being New Year’s Eve.

Chivis is embarrassed and decides she’d better go. She’s heading to the pescetarian wedding anyway. Manuel jokes about her not dancing with all the other rich people, but she says she’s going to be in the kitchen the whole time. She hopes Lucha isn’t too upset, but Manuel says she’ll just have to get used to the idea that her dad’s falling in love.

Pedro comes racing down the stairs with the phone to show Manuel the pictures. Manuel says they’re photoshopped. I don’t think he really believes that. Pedro thinks they look pretty real and this is an awfully weird “joke” on Dominic’s part.

Manuel goes upstairs to try to talk to Lucha, but she’s too pissed off at him for lying to her. She asked him over an over again if he liked Chivis and he kept saying “no.”

Manuel comes over to Stella’s and she gets all excited and sends the boys upstairs to hide. Manuel marches right up the stairs and drags them down by their ears. He’s angry with all three of them for sending the pictures and wants to know when this is going to end. Pedrito was the one who saw them first! (Ew, and earlier Poncho had the idea to take more pictures with less clothes. Glad they didn’t go there.)

Stella and Poncho keep pretending they don’t know what he’s talking about and try to throw Dom under the bus. Manuel isn’t falling for it–he knows it was a setup and they were all in on it. He tells Stella she’s getting pathetic and needs to grow up before storming out of the house. Stella somehow interprets that as Manuel being jealous.


Juanito is closing up the panaderia when two guys in masks with guns come in, presumably to rob the place. They tie him up and gag him, but he keeps trying to call out to Don Benito, so one whacks him on the head with his gun. And again I ask “What the hell kind of show is this?!” because that is not the kind of thing you expect for a “light” show.

Juanito ends up hopping into Don Benito’s house, tied and gagged, with cutesy music playing like this is supposed to be funny. At least Don Benito takes it seriously. Margarita goes running for the doctor. Juanito looks like he’s angry at himself, but damn! They had guns. I’m just glad they didn’t do worse than they did.

Lucha comes downstairs and finds Jorge moping on the couch. She’s just joined him when Margarita bangs on the door to tell them about the robbery. She was hoping Lucha could get someone to help because Juanito got hit on the head and he’s bleeding. I think I know just who Lucha’s going to call. Jorge puts his shoes on to walk Marge back. (I notice her pajamas have cassette tapes with the tape pulled out of them. I wonder if she even knows what those are!)

On their way back from the motel, Vicente and Majo see the police cars outside the bakery and stop to find out what happened. When they hear Juanito got hurt, they head for the door…and run into Andres. He looks at them holding hands and sarcastically says it’s nice their relationship is going so well.

Trini is surprised when Andres comes in, but Lucha explains he’s a doctor. They take Juanito into the house so Andres can check him out. Trini takes cover behind the counter when a news crew comes in to talk to Don Benito. The reporter (and I use that term lightly) tells him to be more dramatic…cry more…try to get some tears out of his left eye. Don Benito claims a bunch of injuries he doesn’t have and begs people to come shop at the bakery so they can pay their bills. (Drama? Comedy? Farce? Seriously, show, make up your mind!)

In the living room, on a completely different show, Andres pokes at Juanito’s head a bit and then prescribes some painkillers, an antibiotic, and tells him to go ask his regular doctor for a CAT scan. He thanks Lucha for calling him even though she’s mad at him. “I know how to keep things separate. Besides, I’m not mad at you.”

Vicente comes in to say Manuel’s there and ask if they need anything and Andres starts giving him attitude. Vicente offers to fight him outside, but Andres doesn’t want to “associate” with him. He thanks Vicente for ruining his (not-)wedding.

He’s not happy to see Majo in the bakery. She says she was waiting for him and she wants to talk. He agrees–but not now, tomorrow. Seeing Vicente, he wishes the tortolitos (lovebirds) a nice night.

Majo LIES to Vicente and says she didn’t say anything to Andres she just felt confused when she saw him. Vicente says he’ll see her later. He’s going to take Juanito home.


Manuel takes Trini home and ignores her babbling about how the criminal element could still be lurking around, waiting to rob her family because they look rich. Um, yeah, Manuel says he’s leaving her at her mansion and she can send the butler over if she needs him for anything. HA! Trini practically drags him inside and begs him to stay until Chivis comes home. In case she faints, you know.

Trini goes to call Chivis and tell her what happened so she’ll come home sooner. She tells Manuel to make himself at home and get to know more of the house than just the balcony.

Don Benito finally got to sleep. Marge comes down to thank Jorge and apologize for going running to him. He’s ok with it. Just because they aren’t dating anymore doesn’t mean they can’t still be there for each other, right? So if he’s ever getting attacked he’ll totally come running for her to beat up his attackers. Marge kind of giggles and says she’s not that strong. Seriously, Marge? Even Jorge says she knows how to mechonear (pull hair).

He gets ready to leave, but Marge convinces him to spend the night, just for tonight, so she feels safer.

Chivis gets home (Awwwwww, we didn’t get to see the pescetarian wedding!) and finds Manuel asleep on her couch with the TV on. Their theme song (which we’re all frantically Googling, if my autocomplete suggestions are any indication, and none of us can find) plays as Chivis turns off the TV, covers him with her cardigan, and goes upstairs.


Dom and Poncho are calling back and forth to each other across the aisle at the market. Vicente arrives and Stella starts try to see if Manuel mentioned anything about the pictures. Instead she hears about the robbery. She makes the mistake of saying she’s glad it happened at the panaderia and not Manuel’s house, but Vicente says the whole neighborhood is upset. Jorge had to spend the night at Marge’s and his dad spent the night at the neighbors. Oops….

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