Silvana sin Lana Friday 8/26/16 #28

AKA Manuel and Silvana Wednesday 11/9/16

(We have a special guest recapper today, Lucía E, who covered the first portion of the show.)

Fish market

Stella asks if Manuel slept over at the neighbor’s. Vicente responds yes, since they have to protect a houseful of women; Jorge also slept at Margarita’s. Stella is full of sarcasm and walks away all passive-aggressive like.

In the office, Chivis is giddy from receiving the cheque from the pescetarian wedding and Manuel quips about building his biceps with the cheque. Manuel asks if the cheque won’t bounce (gotta confirm these things y’know) and Chivis says Cata has money to spare and knows her situation.

Manuel then pulls a chair close and asks if Cata knows about them. Chivis coyly tells him “not so close”. He asks if she draped something of hers over him during the night and she says she didn’t want him catching a cold since they like it cold at her house at night. Manuel says he’s good at catching fish (does he actually catch the fish though..?) but even better at catching a cold but nobody to make him Chicken Noodle Soup (insert puppy dog eyes).

Chivis tries once more for firmness and says no more flirting and did he speak with Lucía? He did and she is kind of jealous but she’ll get over it. Chivis admonishes him not to go around grabbing her all willy-nilly anymore. He’s adorably unrepentant and jokingly jumps at her and says he’s just happy she’s not moving, since they’ll still the be neighbors with super close bedrooms through which he can hear her snoring. She protests she doesn’t snore and finally seems to turn his attention to work.

He asks to do a profit/loss analysis then leans over her saying seductively it’s a loss if she gets back with her husband but with him its nothing but profit; little Miss Chivis, blushing, says “not so close Manuel.”

Rafael-Antonio Jose

AJ is meeting Rafael in a park. He makes a crack about Rafael’s nice car but him not being able to get a girlfriend (can’t get behind the casting of AJ for this role tbh). AJ has brought gifts for the girls and Trini and money for Chivis which he asks him not to steal (no honour among thieves eh?). Rafael, the weasel, doesn’t want to since he can be caught and arrested but AJ (while claiming he doesn’t keep tabs) tells Rafael he owes him. AJ claims he misses his family a lot but can’t risk getting caught. (Selfish much?)


The two are at breakfast, reminiscing about the times Margarita used to do everything for Jorge. (Did I hear a feminist cringe nearby?) She says it might be her fault that he fell out of love with her ’cause she stopped doing things for him. Even though I think Jorge should be dissuading her from this line of reasoning, he’s participating (as clueless boys are wont to do.) She says she’s loved him since they were kids and Angie will never love him that way.

Out comes Don Benito to interrupt and sends Jorge on his way, to several complaints from Margarita. Don Benito says he doesn’t want her getting hurt by Jorge again.

Fish Market

Stella is still fuming over Manuel’s little sleepover and debating with Dominique over whether Chivis has gone under the knife or not. He finally agrees (to shut her up, presumably).

She spots Manuel and Chivis coming and positively mauls Poncho’s face with a kiss. Poncho is in Wonderland. Manuel (in what appears to be jealousy to me) asks if they are still pretending to be in love. Stella says they are not trying to compete with Manuel but it’s hard to avoid PDA early in the relationship (yeah right.)

He fairly screams at them both to go to his office while Chivis looks confused. He then turns to Chivis and asks if she can see the things Stella does to make him jealous. (Dominique is very close by, eavesdropping.) Chivis asks him if he is jealous, though?

(And now, the rest of the recap, by 5ftLatina)


Now that Pedrito and Lupita are dating she says they need to share everything. Starting with a bar of white chocolate. Lupita heard about the Padre’s visit and Pedrito confirms he’s studying for his First Communion on his own–his dad’s not really on speaking terms with God since his mom died. So now that they’re going to be 11 soon and going to kiss at 15, when should they get married? Lupita thinks 20 sounds like a good age. Yes, but what about babies? (Slow down, kids!)

Never getting back together

After calling Andres earlier and getting a chilly reception from him, Majo meets him at a restaurant and gets the same chilly reception in person. She tries to say that she’s miserable and wants them to consider giving it another try, but he’s now convinced she cheated on him. (So, that’s a “No,” then?) She kinda-sorta admits it, and then really admits it, thinking telling the truth will help her regain his trust.

It doesn’t. Andres says a lot of the stuff Angie was saying to Jorge about forgiveness being one thing and trust being another and things aren’t going to go back to the way they were overnight. She tries to claim it was just one kiss, but he doesn’t believe her and he doesn’t care.

Casa Stella

Later at Stella’s she and Poncho brag about how well their plan is working. Dom’s still worried about how far this is going to go.

He’s right to be worried! Poncho’s getting caught up in the act, as Dom knew he would, and now Stella decides it’s time to kick things up a notch and get fake engaged. And married in a month. Uh, presumably fake-married?

Dom gets so stressed, he immediately kicks off his shoes and heads for his foot bath. Poncho admits he’s starting to confuse fantasy and reality here. Of course it will all be fake, Stella assures him. She’s got it all planned out.


When Rafa brings AJ’s gifts over later, Chivis doesn’t believe him at first. Then she opens the envelope, keeps the letter from AJ, and hands him back the cash. She doesn’t need his money. And the next time he wants to send something, he should just mail it. She shuts the door in his face. (Lock it! Lock it!)

Majo comes home in tears and tells Trini she blew it with Andres. He knows she cheated and he’s never going to forgive her. Trini tries to make Majo feel better by saying she used to be like that too. No she didn’t cheat! Times were different. She just flirted a lot. Anyway, Trini thinks the important thing is that Majo’s truly sorry for what she did. Except that Majo sobs that she’s not. (See what I mean, she’s all “feelings, ew!” but she’s complex.)

Trini takes a call from Don Benito and says she’s gotta go. “You’re trading me for Don Benito.” No, dear, she’s trading you for two croissants.

Fifteen minutes of fame

Don Benito called Trini over to watch the news report about the bakery, complete with all his lies about injuries he didn’t suffer. Trini’s worried about how awful she looks (hey, you went back there and grabbed that baguette…just saying).

Sure enough someone from her old life who recognized her calls and she claims it couldn’t possibly be her because she’s still in Europe (there’s a thought–name the house “Europe”). She begs Marge not to tag her in the uploaded video, but it’s too late. Don Benito’s hoping they’ll be able to make up all the stolen money after this.

Over before it started?

Chivis reads Antonio José’s tell-all letter, but other than saying he’s come back, he really doesn’t tell much of anything.

Chivis heads over to Manuel’s, dazed, and tells him AJ is in town. She doesn’t know how she’ll react when she sees him. Manuel is sure she’ll deal with it, like she’s dealt with everything else, and she’s a different person now because she knows life doesn’t just happen in mansions. Chivis agrees, she’ll never forget that. She begs Manuel never to forget her and they FINALLY kiss.

Aw, but then she apologizes for it, because she was confused. Confused he can handle, as long as she isn’t sorry. She won’t kiss him again and would rather they just forget it even happened. Manuel says he won’t even be able to sleep for a week–no way is he going to forget. They sit down and he asks her if she’s going to take Antonio José back or not.

She doesn’t exactly answer the question, but she does say she got married in the church and that’s for life. The only way she knows to get through this right now is to stay as far away from Manuel as possible so it doesn’t hurt as much. If he could let Vicente be the one she talks to about business, she would really appreciate it. OK, but if she needs to tell him something really important, she can pass him a note on the balcony. Chivis gives him a pained look and leaves his house.

Chivis has the gifts from AJ stashed in her room. Trini, of course, thinks she made the wrong move returning the money. I think Chivis’ objection was sensible–she has no idea where that money came from and when AJ gets caught she does NOT want it to look like she was involved in anything. She spent all that time waiting for him to come back and now that it looks like he’s going to, she’s not sure she even wants to see him.

Chivis goes out to the balcony, but Manuel never appears.

All things fishy

In the morning, Stella’s giving Poncho his “assignments” for today: a big public kiss, and bring her red roses. She gives him the money for the roses, but Dom thinks it would be better spent on a makeover, or as he puts it “fashion emergency.” He goes on at length about Poncho’s look and Stella doesn’t understand a word, but she’s convinced. It’s time for a shopping trip.

Outfit montage! We don’t see the winning look, but Stella says Dom should go to the market while she takes Poncho to the barber shop.

Manuel calls Vicente into his office to tell him the wedding went well for Chivis, she’ll probably be getting more orders, and he wants Vicente to take care of them from now on. Vicente’s confused. He knows Manuel really likes Chivis, so why is he trying to stay away from her?

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4 years ago

Wow! Great work, Lucía!

“Did I hear a feminist cringe nearby?”

I’m not watching this one but I can confirm that when I read what Margarita and Jorge were talking about, I did cringe.

Is this your first recap? It’s so good! 🙂

4 years ago
Reply to  Sara

LOL, she must have heard me cringing…though I thought it was more of a “yelling at the TV” thing. We went from cranky Marge to “It’s all my fault because I don’t spoil you” Marge. Find some balance! And the funny thing is, at least since the breakup she has twice laid out a whole spread–chips, dips, and sandwiches the first time and fruit and pastries this time–and she’s always plying him with the cheddar-tomato-pepperoni sandwiches, so I think she’s being a little hard on herself. Plus, you know, a relationship takes two people. Ay, Marge! I agree, this was… Read more »

4 years ago

Gracias, Lucia! I always enjoy reading someone else’s take. Manuel cracks me up with his jokes about profit/loss and catching a cold.