Silvana sin Lana Monday 8/29/16 #29


Manuel keeps up the denials about anything going on with him and Chivis and tells Vicente to stop being so nosy. “Come on, dad, you can trust me! I won’t judge you.” Whatever, he’s in charge of Chivis Fish from now on.

“But did you kiss her?” Vicente insists his dad needs a friend. Manuel disagrees–he’s the dad. “Yeah, but I’ve known you forever and I’m an expert on women!” Yeah, no, Vicente. It’s not happening.

Poncho finally arrives and shows off the makeover. He’s a little flashy with a floral shirt unbuttoned down to there and his big chain. Stella likes it. So much she has him do his big entrance over again for Manuel.

Manuel sits down to watch the show and looks way more amused than jealous. I guess the amusement has worn off by the time Manuel finds Poncho at the food carts. He busts him for coming in late, then starts picking on his outfit, saying Poncho’s chest is too pale and besides he only has three chest hairs. (Seriously, Manuel, you’re going to be a jerk like this over STELLA?!)

Stella spies on them as Manuel tells Poncho not to play along with Stella’s games. Can he even breathe in those pants? Poncho informs him that this relationship is really now and they don’t appreciate his opinions. Ooh, ok then, do whatever you want.

Stella runs over to get a full report and Poncho says Manuel’s SUPER jealous. He suggests they kiss again…for practice. And so people will talk. Um, no.

Don Benito’s

The panadería is packed with shoppers and Don Benito’s groupies. He’s still telling his fake story and embellishing about having magullones (bruises) and moretones (bruises). He has to call Trini for backup since Juanito is still at the doctor’s.

Once she’s behind the counter, Trini’s less than generous with the customers, turning someone down for credit. Seriously, Trini? Plus she’s got competition. A really blatantly flirty woman named Doña Luisa gets shoved out the door with free bread just to get rid of her. Another groupie takes her place and gets shoved out without the bread.

Juanito gets back and starts working while Don Benito asks Trini if he’s maybe detecting some jealousy? Puh-leeze, like any of these women could hold a candle to her! Juanito calls out that he’s also going to be late tomorrow, getting his exam results. I guess that means Trini to the rescue again.

Lucha’s on her way out after picking up some bread when she runs into Majo. Greeeeeat. First she says they’re not going to be getting all violent. Then she calls Lucha a soplona (whistleblower) and a chismosa (gossip). (Um, Lucha? Them’s fightin’ words.) Lucha says she didn’t tell Andres anything–he figured it out. Whatever, Andres doesn’t like gossips, says Majo. He likes liars less, says Lucha.


Angie’s listening to something on her phone when Marge arrives behind her, bragging about having something for Jorge. It’s lemon pie again, and as good as ever. She also asks him to help install security cameras at the bakery. Angie turns around just in time to see Marge kiss him on the cheek in thanks.


Majo angrily complains to Angie about Lucha. She says something about wanting to chop off her hair and Angie distractedly says she’ll help, but they need to get Marge first. And also, “I told you so.”

Majo never imagined all this would happen. “Dad being an embezzler? Moving to this house? Meeting Vicente?” Majo’s still in denial about the embezzling thing, but anyway, can she confide in Angie? She went with Vicente to a motel. They didn’t have sex, but she’s never even been in a place “like that.”

Angie asks if she did it because she wanted to or to be cool? Majo says she has no idea, but definitely not just to be cool. “Then maybe you really like him.” Silvana starts shouting to the two of them to come into her room.

She gives everyone their gifts from Antonio José. Lupita and Majo are excited, but Angie’s not happy that he isn’t there in person. He wins Lupita over with a recording of himself singing to her. (Once again this show goes to that complicated place that doesn’t seem to fit the tone of the show. This is actually a very sweet thing to do but…embezzler! Abandoned his family!)

Angie guesses this means Trini was right and he really is in town. Majo realizes he must know where they live. Lupita doesn’t understand why he wouldn’t have come to see them. Chivis gently explains that he’s hiding from the police.

Benito’s after school

Jorge’s got the cameras all hooked up to a cctv system. Plus a panic button that will call the police. He tries explaining it to Don Benito while Marge is getting him a drink, but Benito’s just not getting it. He takes the opportunity instead to tell Jorge he’s sorry he and Marge aren’t together anymore and warns him about following a fantasy. Something about it keeping you from listening to your heart. Marge overhears and interrupts with a strawberry smoothie for Jorge.

Marge asks Jorge to stay for dinner tonight, to thank him. He agrees, but only if she doesn’t make lemon pie again, because he’ll get fat if he keeps eating it every day. (Must every second person on this show be weight-obsessed?) Marge wins him over with an offer of waffles with strawberries, whipped cream, and melted chocolate. Now we’re talking!

Also, she hopes he ignores her grandpa. If they get back together she doesn’t want it to be because of what he said. Oh, no worries, Jorge has decided whatever he does, it won’t be impulsive.

Not your sandwich filling

Lucha’s at school studying when Andres comes over to talk to her. She can’t believe he told Majo what she said. Andres swears he didn’t tell her. “Well, she’s not stupid!” She complains that she kept it all to herself to keep him from suffering and then she tells him and he does this?!

Andres says Majo has no right to complain about Lucha telling him, but Lucha doesn’t care. She doesn’t like people treating her badly and Majo’s always the one coming after her. And this isn’t even her fight! She doesn’t like being in the middle. She accuses Andres of only thinking about himself.

The plot thickens

Poncho and Stella go shopping for a fake-engagement ring. At least Stella’s paying for it…until Poncho insists he should pay. On two separate cards.

Poncho and Stella get home. Dom is all excited about the ring until he actually sees it. He’s not happy Poncho paid for it, either. Even Stella questions if Ponch isn’t taking this all too seriously. She goes upstairs for a bath and Dom continues the interrogation.

How is he even going to pay for this?! Dom is sure he’ll end up suffering and he refuses to pick up the pieces! Poncho assures him that Stella has her plan, he has his, and his plan is going to win.

Date night

Trini looks like she’s going to a funeral in a black suit, hat, veil, and gloves. The suit is actually green, but I didn’t notice at first. Anyway, she tells Lupita she’s going to an elegant party. Uh huh. Lupita knows she’s going out with Benito.

What she really wants to talk about is, is Trini sure she saw Lupita’s dad? She’s 99.99% sure. It was right outside, at night. “Is he going to go to jail if they catch him?” Trini suggests they pray he doesn’t get caught.

Marge and Jorge don’t notice at first that the sound of the door knocking isn’t coming from the movie they’re watching. Marge is shocked when she lets Trini in. She runs upstairs to get her grandpa while Jorge compliments the ensemble. Are they going to a wedding? Trini actually has no idea where they’re going.

It’s bowling. Ohhhhh dear. Cue the fakeness from Trini. Don Benito is really good. In fact, he won the championship for seven years in a row. Trini, on the other hand, doesn’t know how to hold the ball. It’s too heavy and nearly takes her finger off, but she gets a strike. And whines about her finger. Priorities, Trini!

Lupita and Pedrito have hot chocolate at Pedro’s house. Lupita tells him her dad is in Miami. He’s hiding, though, because they’re looking for him. Pedro suggests they put the word out and offer a reward. Say, $20 alive and $15…no! Lupita wants to find him first so she can tell him they’re looking for him. (Kid logic, gotta love it.)

Pedro’s determined to help his suegro, of course. There’s an unexpected comedic moment when he drops the picture of Antonio José into Lupita’s hot chocolate and cleans it off. Un-hygienically. They both get the giggles before Pedrito can continue. He has an important concern–if they help a bad guy, won’t they go to jail? No, he’s not an actual bad guy, of course, but in the eyes of the law. Pedro comes back to Lupita’s his girlfriend, so he has to help her.

A whiny Trini comes into Don Benito’s house asking for whiskey. It looks like Jorge and Marge were asleep on the couch. Jorge takes over first aid duties, talking about ice and bandages and anti-inflammatories. Everyone’s shocked into silence for a moment as he explains he learned all this stuff from watching Lucha.

Everyone gets back into motion and Jorge sticks Trini’s hand in some ice water, promising it will be numb soon.


Angie and Chivis talk about the letter and the presents. They’re both still angry he sent them in the first place. Angie wants him to come back, but she’s so angry she doesn’t know how she’ll react. Chivis reminds her that AJ will always be her dad. Sure, they’re probably all confused, but Angie will know how she feels when she sees him.

What if he came back because it all got resolved? And they’re going back to their old life and their old house? Chivis doesn’t think so. They’ll find him, and when they do he’s going to jail.

Angie wonders if that would be better or worse, for him to be in jail. Chivis thinks it’s worse not knowing where he is.

And what about the money? Chivis says he already sent some and she turned it down. Angie’s so proud of her. She always thought her mom was kind of a cabeza de chorlito (airhead) but now she thinks Chivis is awesome. Chivis says she’s really getting that no hay mal que por bien no venga (there’s nothing bad that doesn’t bring some good along with it; “it’s an ill wind that blows no one good.”)

And would she stay married to him if he came back? Their talk is interrupted by the sound of Trini screaming about her hurt finger.

Angie and Chivis come running into the living room as Jorge sits her on the couch with Majo. Trini explains that Jorge “who was with his girlfriend” got her all bandaged up. She turns down an offer/threat to go to the hospital say it’s not that bad. But if Majo could maybe call Andres tomorrow…. Uh, no. Chivis takes her upstairs.

Majo hangs around with Jorge and Angie until she realizes she should probably leave!

Jorge assures Angie he isn’t “with” Marge, but whatever. It’s his life. Jorge says they have been spending time together. Anyway, she thanks him for helping her grandma.

It just keeps getting thicker

Poncho contemplates the ring and his proposal for Stella. He can swear it’s to impress Manuel, but Dom’s not buying it.

Stella comes downstairs and wants to start planning tomorrow. She suggests a romantic song for the proposal, but Dom remembers the song has the lyrics “we’re only friends and nothing more.” (It’s an Ana Gabriel song, Simplemente Amigos.)

Oh. Well, anyway, tomorrow, Poncho is going to propose to her in front of the entire market and they’re having the wedding next week.

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