Silvana sin Lana Tuesday 8/30/16 #30

Casa Stella

Dom strenuously objects to going ahead with this wedding. Is there actually going to BE a wedding? Stella claims she’s going to plan it like it’s real and she’s sure it’ll be just the “push” Manuel needs. Poncho…well, he’s busy living the dream.

Dom really thinks Poncho’s losing it when he finds him up in his room getting ready to go out dancing. No way is Stella going to go out with him! Oh yeah? When Stella comes in and asks where he’s going, Poncho tells her he’s going out to show off his new look. The chicks are totally going to dig it! “But I’m supposed to be your girlfriend. You can’t go out without me!” “But you said it was fake. Look, I’m going out no matter what–so are you in or out?” Dom is shocked, but Stella says she’ll go get ready. He declares himself the Grasshopper and Poncho is the master.


Vicente and Jorge talk about Vicente’s burgeoning love for Majo. Vicente denies it, of course, considering himself some kind of love pirate. There’s a ship metaphor. I roll my eyes. Jorge doesn’t think falling in love with Majo is a good idea. She’s too superficial–not like Angie, who’s, like, totes deep and thinks about stuff. Vicente also thought Majo was superficial, which is why he took her to a motel.

He tells Jorge the whole story and Jorge’s surprised, considering how long Majo was with her boyfriend. But ok, that settles it for him–Vicente is in love for the first time. Gosh, he’s so proud! Vicente keeps denying it, but after Lucha comes upstairs to tell Jorge that Marge came over and he’s alone, he admits to himself that he’s falling in love.

Lupita sneaks into Chivis’ room with a flashlight and shines it out the window to the balcony, presumably trying to signal her dad. This wakes up Chivis, and Lupita says she was having nightmares. Can she sleep in here tonight? She hops into bed and gets under the covers, wondering if her dad might be out there going hungry. Chivis says he can take care of himself. “Like Superman.” Sure, kid.

Lupita must have gone back to her own room, because Manuel comes out to his balcony and the light is shining from Chivis’ room. She comes outside and he starts teasing about how maybe he should go back inside if she wants to be alone. Did she give the presents to the girls? Chivis won’t discuss that with him.

He insists on saying just one thing–he missed seeing her today. Did she miss him? He’d really rather she say it. Majo appears in the window behind Chivis just as she tells Manuel that she did think about him today and missed him. A lot. Manuel goes inside and Majo pops outside wondering why, if her dad could come back at any moment, her mom is telling the neighbor she misses him?

Inside, the lights are dim and Lupita’s still sleeping. I guess we’re not supposed to notice the difference. Anyway, Majo doesn’t buy any of Chivis’ excuses for what she just heard. Which, I mean, Chivis is lying, saying “everyone” missed her and she was just saying she missed her job. Trini comes to the rescue , screaming from her room about the pain she’s in.

Majo and Chivis rush in, along with Angie, and Trini insists the pain is so bad she’s going to pass out. Chivis looks at her bandaged finger and agrees it looks pretty bad. Time to go to the hospital, and not a fancy one either–they don’t have insurance. Trini freaks out at the prospect of going to a public hospital and so far they’re having no luck convincing her to go. Even after she realizes this is seriously going to hamper her ability to play Candy Crush.

Margarita is having dinner with Manuel, Jorge, and Lucha. (I’m really confused about exactly what time this is all going on.) Angie interrupts their dinner with much apologizing and asks if Lucha will come over and see if Trini’s finger might be broken. Marge asks if Jorge didn’t get Trini all fixed up properly already. It’s just that she’s complaining about the pain and her finger is swollen. Lucha is happy to go with Angie. And so is Manuel. Marge just gives herself verbal props for being polite to Angie.

Lucha checks out Trini’s badly swollen and purplish finger and says she thinks it’s an esguince (sprain) but they should get a radiografía (x-ray) to make sure. Again with the drama about it being a public hospital. Manuel promises he’ll go with her and besides–cute doctors! Lucha agrees, doctors consagrados (esteemed, renowned) donate their time for difficult cases. Trini is talked into it and there’s much flurrying about helping her off the couch, everyone grabbing their purses. Majo just stands there gaping at the lot of them.

Lucha goes back home. She’s clearing off the dinner table when Andres comes over with a thumb drive containing every Tarantino movie. Also, an apology. He knows she’s not a chismosa. Is he forgiven? It would appear he’s not only forgiven, he’s also invited to stay for dinner leftovers. Lucha goes off to heat some up and leaves him in the living room. Where Vicente finds him.

Let the ridiculous smack talk commence. I mean, seriously, Vicente doesn’t have any reason to be upset at Andres. He ends up arguing with both Andres AND Lucha, who doesn’t take kindly to him trying to throw out her guest. Vicente stomps back up to his room after scoffing at Andres for needing a vieja to defend him. She’s your sister, you jerk! I’m surprised Lucha let that slide.

Over Marge’s lemon pie, Lucha and Andres talk about whether they can really be “friends.” Lucha has her doubts, but Andres is more optimistic. They do agree that the pie is delicious.

Angie and Majo both agree they were really affected by hearing their dad’s voice again. Majo feels like he could walk in any minute. Angie’s not sure what he means by “coming back”–a day, a week, three months? They don’t agree on whether Chivis will stay married to him. Majo figures sure, he did a lot of crappy stuff to their old friends, and to Chivis, and to the whole family, but surely after that many years of marriage you learn to forgive things. Angie disagrees–he disappointed her. “You don’t think that’s more about the neighbor?”

Angie defends her mother, saying she isn’t like that, they’re just friends. Majo doesn’t buy that. They’re always running into each other and it’s not because their neighbors. The only one of the neighbors she sees every day is Vicente and she admits that’s because they go looking for each other. Stella was right to write “ROBA NOVIOS” on the side of the van, because that’s what her mom is.

Casa Benito

Marge has Jorge come over and check the security cameras. Because she unplugged the monitor. She admits she just wanted to see him and she knows the doing the “friends” thing, but come on, can’t he just forget about Angie? Jorge pushers her away. He’s not done thinking about it.

I think I sprained my eyeball muscles

Trini + ER at a public hospital = predictable entitled behavior and horrible things coming out of Trini’s mouth.

When Trini goes back to see the doctor, Manuel picks up coffee for himself and Chivis. Which has nothing to do with anything, because he’s pretty quick to put his coffee down in favor of holding her hand. He makes a lot of jokes about no one even knowing them here and they probably think he and Chivis are married and Trini’s his suegra and he could even kiss Chivis and no one would think anything of it.

Lucha was right, it was just a sprain. Trini got a splint and some drugs and she’s ready to leave.

Date night

Stella and Poncho get their salsa on. He spontaneously kisses her and then swears it was because he saw Vicente over there…no, over there…well, he’s around here somewhere. Of course he wasn’t reeeally kissing her. That would be silly.

On their way home, they pass Manuel’s truck going in the opposite direction. Stella has Poncho turn the car around to catch up to them at a light. Then she calls out to Manuel, saying they’re lost. They were looking for that motel, the one Manuel liked, the one they always went to, with the theme rooms. Manuel swears he has no idea what they’re talking about.

When the light changes and the truck pulls away, Trini tells Manuel his ex is tacky. Stella seems to feel this incident was a stroke of luck and Manuel not wanting to answer is somehow significant.

Back at the duplex

Trini and Chivis get home and Chivis wants her to go upstairs and rest. Majo and Angie want to talk to her, so Chivis says they can come up to her room. She goes upstairs with Trini and Angie while Majo gets distracted by the sound of a car alarm turning off. The car alarm on Andres’ car.

Majo goes outside to confront him about dating Lucía, but Andres says he’s not. Oh yeah, well…she’s not dating Vicente either. And she’s miserable without him. So miserable she’s not even going to school. “Don’t put that on me! You hardly went to school even when we were together!” She can’t believe he’s never going to forgive her! Andres tells her to grow up.

Trini does that push-to-talk thing to talk to Benito. Lupita comes in asking if she can sleep in Trini’s room. The whole point is that Trini’s pushing the button at the wrong time and Don Benito thinks she’s calling him “my love” instead of Lupita.

Tears and recriminations

OK, Mother-Daughter conference time. Chivis can’t tell them what will happen when AJ comes back because she doesn’t know. Majo tries to emotionally blackmail her mom into separating from her dad because it would be TERRIBLE because he NEEDS her. Like this hasn’t been terrible for Chivis? Angie reminds her it’s been pretty awful for them, too. Whatever, Majo thinks it sucks they’re turning their backs on him just because he had a little financial trouble.

WHOA there! Financial trouble? Chivis reminds her that AJ stole money from their friends and abandoned them without a dime. He’s a criminal! Majo thinks that’s a convenient excuse for Chivis to be with the neighbor. Chivis slaps her. She’s immediately horrified with herself, but Majo just walks out.

Chivis doesn’t know what to do with Majo anymore. Angie agrees she was pretty awful, but Chivis slapped her and that’s out of character for her. She complains about how Majo doesn’t want to see how hard she’s had to work to keep this family together, alone, all on her own! Angie questions the “on her own” part of that and Chivis admits that yes, Manuel has helped a lot, but that has nothing to do with the stuff Majo was saying. Angie reminds Chivis she’s on her side. If Chivis believes all this stuff she’s saying, then everything is fine.

Back in their room, Angie tries to convince Majo that she shouldn’t talk to their mother like that and Chivis and Manuel have nothing going on. And ok, even if they did, can’t Majo see that Manuel’s been super nice to all of them and came along at a time when Chivis was feeling vulnerable? Majo cares more about the fact that she’s married. Yeah, to a guy who hasn’t been keeping up his end of the relationship.

And then Majo makes this about how somehow Manuel being “just” a guy who sells fish is what makes him someone Chivis shouldn’t throw their dad over for. Angie thought after what happened with Vicente, Majo had maybe learned something, but no. Majo’s holding on to those class prejudices for dear life.

She complains about how she’s the black sheep of the family, the one who gets all the lectures, the one who gets slapped, the one who doesn’t know what to do with her life, the one who broke up with her boyfriend, the one who dropped out of school. Yeah, dropped out. Her excuse is that with everything that’s going on, she can’t concentrate. And she has no intention of telling Chivis about it.

(Um, wow. I’m sorry, if she wants sympathy she’s going to have to start talking to people about how she feels instead of just running around being awful to everybody and expecting them to understand. Frankly, I don’t think she really cares about school to begin with and this is a convenient excuse, but if it was all paid for and one of the few “assets” they had after AJ split, it’s kind of ridiculous not to take advantage of it. Plus, I bet she gets access to student services with her tuition and if anyone could stand to talk to a counselor right now, it’s Majo.)

Majo gets a text and won’t tell Angie who it’s from.

Lupita makes another attempt at signaling her dad from all the downstairs windows. She and Majo end up scaring each other. Majo volunteers to take over Dad Watch duties from Lupita and promises to wake her up if he shows up.

Instead, it’s Vicente who shows up with a big hug for Majo.

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