Silvana sin Lana Friday 9/2/16 #33

Wake up call

Chivis is dressed and she even fixed breakfast on a tray for Majo. And Majo whines about how early it is. She doesn’t want to go. Chivis gives her 15 minutes to get downstairs. She’d better get dressed or she’s going in her pajamas.

The guys at the terminal think Majo’s cute, but they’re being obnoxious with the come-ons. Majo finds it gross. She finds the whole terminal gross and she tries to convince Chivis she’s turned a new leaf so she can get out of there.

Vicente sees Majo in her new apron, as does Stella. Now it’s their turn to give her a hard time. Stella warns her she’d better put a smile on her face. She does her best pageant smile and wave for Majo. Chivis explains that Majo’s going to be working there from now on. She leaves Majo with Vicente and goes to find Manuel in his office. Stella chases after her.

Chivis is just grabbing some paperwork from the office before she goes out for the day. Stella wants to talk dresses. She promises it’ll be quick. She’s got a magazine and shows Chivis a few pictures. Then, oddly, she says she’s worried about how Manuel’s taking this and Chivis should stick close to him. Manuel walks in on this conversation and Stella says they were just talking about dresses. And, hey, did he tell Chivis he’s going to be the padrino?

Chivis’ face says he didn’t. And then her mouth says it. Stella brags about the close relationship she and Manuel have…how intimate they were…. Chivis gives her a death glare. Stella continues, saying that’s why she asked him to be their padrino. Manuel asks her to clear out so he can talk to Chivis alone.

After a brief reappearance by Stella, just to be annoying, Manuel tells Chivis that Jorge thinks he saw Antonio José last night. He tells her about their conversation and Chivis freaks out, thinking AJ must know everything about them. He left a note on the van yesterday, here at the terminal. Manuel agrees, he’s watching them. This is all too much for Chivis and she doesn’t know how to handle it.

Manuel suggests calming down. Seriously? He thinks the police need to be informed, but Chivis is afraid to tell them the truth now when she lied before. She feels like she’s being unfaithful–uh, disloyal. Manuel tries to make a joke out of her saying “unfaithful” but it falls flat. Anyway, he thinks if she just tells the police, she’ll stop feeling so unfaithful, er…disloyal.

Vicente tries talking to Majo about customer service and mocks her, saying that’s going to be the hardest part for her (Ha! It’s not a joke if it’s true!). And hey, maybe this is all a sign they should spend more time together. Majo says it’s a sign she flunked out, that’s all. She denies she’s a bad student, it’s just that Vicente distracted her. If not for him, she’d still be in school and on the verge of getting married, so it’s all his fault. He took advantage of her in a moment of weakness.

Vicente says when two people like each other they have to share the responsibility. She’s being so unfair when she knows she has him right in the palm of her hand. Really? In that case, Majo asks him to take her home. She can’t stand the smell anymore! She’s gonna hurl. She actually does gag a little (real or fake, you decide) and starts looking for a bathroom.


Lupita catches Juanito outside the panadería and interviews him about what happened when Trini fainted in the street. Is he sure it was THAT tree right there? Angie runs up, wondering what Lupita’s doing there. So does Marge. She sends Juanito in to grab a pastry for her. She can’t wait to drop hints about her not-quite-reconciliation with Jorge and tells Angie she’s SO happy. She should talk to Jorge about why.

Angie drags Lupita back past the house, towards school, complaining about being late. Lupita says she was doing research to save their dad. What? Lupita swears her to secrecy first. She found out where Trini fainted so she could leave him a note. She lets Angie read it.

In the note, Lupita explains that she told the police he was at Universal Studios and she thinks they believed her, so he can come visit them now. If he sees a flashlight turning on and off at night, that’s her. Angie is touched. Lupita sticks the note in the tree across the street from their house.

Trini, Don Benito, and Juanito deal with the end of the breakfast rush at the bakery. Benito praises Trini’s work and says he’s going to have to start paying her soon. Juanito accuses her of wanting to steal his job. Trini says she’s just keeping her mind occupied. It’s just a hobby, like Candy Crush, and the cash register even makes the same sounds.

Don Benito changes the subject to “el estafador ese,” and Trini’s upset at him for saying it out loud. He just had a little…liquidity problem…nothing major. Juanito scoffs that all white-collar criminals say that. Trini scolds him and then tells Benito that AJ’s an “angel.” Juanito’s got a comeback for that too–so was Lucifer! Trini objects again. If this is how they’re going to talk about him then this is the end of their friendship. Benito changes his tune–he’ll be one more innocent man behind bars. Trini hopes not! Not for him, but for her daughter and her granddaughters.

She and Benito agree how much they worry about their granddaughters. He tells her he was worried about Marge when she broke up with Jorge, but now they’re back together. He caught them in the living room yesterday, “en plena romance!” so now he’s gotta worry about their hormones, popping like popcorn. Trini tells him to be careful and reminds him about the “hole in the wall” incident, only now she’s saying he’s got something to make holes WITH. Ugh.


Majo gets home, still grossed out by the smell. Vicente tries giving her some advice–shoes off and then take a drive with the windows rolled down–but Majo says she could die and be reborn three times and the smell would still stick. He nuzzles her neck and says she smells great.

Hang on a sec–Majo has something she needs to say to him. He’s totes hot and all, and she really likes him, but she’s the marrying kind. “Are you proposing?” Majo says she’s serious! She’s the kind of girl who gets married to guys like Andres. Someone with the same ideals, who knows all her friends and grew up in the same neighborhood. Someone like her dad. Er, no, not quite like that, but…he understands, right?

Vicente gets it. He’s not on her level. Majo says no, but she almost immediately says yes. He doesn’t have to take it badly, she just thinks they should be honest about it. “Why are you leaving?” You really have to ask, Majo?

Wedding plans

Dom doesn’t like the invitation design Stella and Poncho have come up with. He doesn’t like them doing an email invite, either. Stella complains that it’s not like there’s time for anything better and she’s running out of money after buying everything–ok, yes, Poncho, everything but the ring. She wants to put on the invitation that the reception will be just a slice of cake at the home of the novios. Dom says that’s tacky. Stella insists it’s not going to come to that anyway.

She and Poncho start working on a redesign. Dom’s still not happy. It has to be something…unforgettable! He comes up with the idea of a video.

Lucha’s studying when she hears an email come in on her computer. It’s the invitation. Well…Dom wanted unforgettable, but I don’t think he meant “I wish I could forget that.” It’s kind of a movie trailer Titanic-theme (hey, that’s appropriate!) uh, thing, with Poncho and Stella talking about getting married and Dom in a Love Boat uniform popping under Poncho’s arm to punctuate…ok, seriously, you can’t expect me to describe this, it’s just too ridiculous! I think in all of that they kind of forgot to say when and where the actual wedding is going to be, but who cares! Lucha gets a laugh out of it.

Stella comes over and accidentally-on-purpose kisses Manuel on the lips. He tells her she’d better cut that out, she’s about to be a married woman. Stella didn’t think he had a problem with that, you know, because of Chivis. Anyway. She’s just there to see if he got the invitation. She insists he didn’t open it because he’s jealous. She also insists she told him earlier that he has to come to a meeting with Padre Sanchez right now.

Lucha messages Andres to send him the wedding invitation and ask if he’ll be her date…just as a friend. If his boss wouldn’t mind. He accepts. But what if Majo is there? Andres isn’t worried about it.

Poor Padre Sanchez, getting dragged into this mess! He’s seriously trying to have a pre-wedding meeting and Stella’s trying to get Manuel to cave. Poncho’s eloquent about what it’s like being in love with Stella. Stella’s a little alarmed by Poncho’s description and her facial expression is doing nothing to support the farce.

Manuel says that was so moving he wants Poncho to give his eulogy. Padre Sanchez says it’s obvious they’re in the presence of a man in love. Now, what about Stella.

Uhhhhh…she struggles, trying to say “What he said.” and then starts talking about Manuel instead of Poncho. She stares at Manuel so much that Dom crawls over Poncho on the couch to tell her she’s talking about Manuel. She won’t quit starting at him as she pretends she’s saying Poncho is the love of her life and she’d do anything for him.

Well, Padre Sanchez didn’t notice a thing, so he says they’re all set to get married. Ay, Padre.

Jorge-Angie drama

It must be after the school day is over. Angie’s out of her uniform and she wants to know about this alleged AJ sighting from Jorge. He tells her what happened and then she wants to know how he looked–skinny? Sad? Tired? Jorge doesn’t really know, but he laughed when Jorge asked if he was Angie’s dad and he looked just like that picture she showed him.

Angie’s glad he told her. She’s worried about how Chivis is going to take it. Jorge reminds her that he’s there for her. Trini spies on them from the dining room, hiding behind the refrigerator. Before he leaves, Angie asks him about Marge’s hints from this morning. Jorge says it’s just Margarita being Margarita and besides, that would be private. And, not to be rude, but if they were back together, that would also be private, right?

Jorge confronts Marge about what she said to Angie. She denies saying anything at all and accuses Angie of lying to get attention. She agreed to take it “slow” so if she actually wants them to get back together than she’s going to have to quit pulling little stunts like this. Marge puts on her innocent face and agrees.

Now Angie’s looking anxiously out the window. Trini pretends she didn’t hear the conversation with Jorge (or did she not hear that part?) and acts surprised when Angie tells her. Neither of them understands what he’s up to. Trini hopes this is a good sign, but Angie’s worried it might be a bad one. And how is her mom going to take it? Trini wonders if Jorge’s just saying this to get in her good graces. She complains about whether they can trust Jorge–is he with Marge? He’s making eyes at Angie. And Don Benito said they were back together.

Marge comes over and Trini makes a run for it. Marge just wanted to tell Angie that she and Jorge are giving it another go. But first she has to pass through a horrible metaphor about not taking away other people’s toys and telling Angie not to get between them again because Jorge deserves a chance at happiness. Angie congratulates her, but she never got between them. And Marge had better not make another fan page or mess up her school shirts this time.


Chivis finishes up a sale and walks out of a building and into her van…and there’s Antonio José. He’s got some nerve. She starts out asking for an explanation, then blasting him for taking off like that. She doesn’t appreciate his “I’ve got it under control.” She’s done with him and she wants him OUT of her VAN. The cops are coming around, the girls are scared–he tells her they only have five minutes and begs her to listen.

He swears he came back for the family. Chivis thinks he’s lying–all he thinks of is himself. He sold off all their property without saying a word to her. He didn’t do that overnight. And she may be naïve, but she’s not stupid! And he can shove it with his talk about “protecting” her. She was left with NOTHING and had to deal with everything on his own. She tells him to get out of the van again and to shut up about “love.”

Antonio José swears he’s going to fix everything, but he won’t even tell her how, just that he’ll need her support when the time comes. Seriously? After everything he’s done? He whines that he missed her and the girls. Look, she’ll support him when the time comes, FOR HER DAUGHTERS, because he’s their father. He reminds her he’s her husband, too. She says a lot of things have changed. “But you still love me.”

“Please get out and don’t come near us again until things are resolved.”

Antonio José gets out of the van and Chivis cries. Once again I wonder just what kind of show this is.

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