Silvana sin Lana Monday 9/5/16 #34


Chivis drives home in tears and distracted. She runs a red light and nearly hits another car.

Vicente comes over again. He’s still angry at Majo, but only a little. I’m confused about why she’s still wearing the same outfit when she kept complaining about the smell. He says he’s been thinking about what she said earlier and really there’s no need to keep “clarifying” things for him because it’s not like he wants to marry her either. He’s just saying…he’s not that kind of guy.

So now Majo’s all offended. She takes refuge in defensiveness, saying she was right about him. He disagrees he’s beneath her…or Andres, or her dad, or whoever she’s going to marry. He’s sure that guy will be boring and superficial just like she likes. Majo denies she’s like that.

Well, whatever, she’s cute and he’s perfectly happy to mess around with her until she’s married. He doesn’t think she can resist him, either. It looks like he’s right. They flirt some more about their good qualities–like he’s humble and charismatic, and she’s mature and tolerant. But seriously, he likes everything about her. He calls her his princesa and kisses her again.

Dom watches an episode of ¿Quién es Quién? and yells at the TV. Heh. Poncho turns it off. Dom just gets so wrapped up in the dramas…the novelas and real life. He’s worrying that Poncho is going to suffer. It was so sweet what he said about Stella earlier. Poncho wonders if Stella had a reaction when she was listening and Dom sadly says she didn’t. Only when she looked at Manuel. But the priest was convinced, and you’d think he’d be used to hearing vows every week.

Stella drives Manuel home and praises his “maturity” because he’s handling having the love of his life “stolen” by his best friend so well. Seriously, Manuel just wants to go inside and go to bed. No, he doesn’t want a kiss. She suggests they have one last roll in the hay for old time’s sake, then relents and asks for just a “normal” kiss goodbye. Don’t do it, Manuel. He does it and she assaults his face. I told you not to do it. The headlights of Chivis’ van shine right on them and Stella grins.

She is so not in the mood for explanations. She just wants to be left alone. Stella keeps mocking Manuel for leaving her for Chivis. Manuel says Stella’s sick. No, he did NOT like that and she’s “crazy.” And about to get married.

Now Chivis walks in on Majo and Vicente kissing. Once again she’s not in the mood to listen. They can do whatever they want. They’re adults, right?

Majo’s shocked. She tells Vicente something’s seriously wrong. He wonders if she saw AJ. Majo’s not sure, but she’s so upset at her about school it’s weird that she didn’t yell at her just now. “So what if we paid attention to her and did whatever we wanted?” Majo shoves him out of the house and gives him one last kiss at the door.

Poncho and Dom play poker. Poncho wins. Stella comes home in a good mood. Is the wedding off? “Almost.” *sigh* What show is Stella watching? She brags about that kiss and Poncho accuses Manuel of infidelity. To him. As his friend. Stella goes on to say Chivis saw them. Poncho says she’s stomping on his feelings! Wait, what? Dom covers and says it’s just wrong…and it’s a sin. Stella gets so upset at them for harshing her buzz that she ends up admitting Manuel didn’t even return the kiss–it was all her. She stomps off upstairs.

Poncho insists he’s going to go chew out Manuel. He’s marrying Stella and that’s that!

Majo goes to check on her mom. She won’t listen when Chivis says she wants to be alone and starts babbling apologies and trying to figure out what Chivis is upset about. Chivis tells her again she wants to be alone. She thinks about what Antonio José said about needing her support and being her husband.

Chivis hears Manuel calling from the balcony. She goes out there and tiredly tells him she doesn’t care if he’s kissing Stella or not. She (Silvana) is nothing to him. Manuel disagrees–she’s the woman he loves. That’s why he broke up with Stella. They were coming from a meeting with the Padre about the wedding and Stella just…jumped him.

Whatever. She’s got much bigger things to worry about. She agrees to talk to him tomorrow at the office.

Majo whispers to Angie that something’s going on with Chivis. She seemed odd, sad. Angie thinks maybe it’s the dad drama. Majo says maybe, but she saw her kissing Vicente and she didn’t say anything. “What would she say? I think she’s given up on you.” Majo insists, it’s weird. They agree to talk to her tomorrow.

Fish Market

I guess the girls didn’t catch Chivis before she went in to work. Manuel gets his chance first. There’s nothing new in his explanations. He begs her to swear she believes him and be his friend again. She swears.

So now he wants to know what’s upsetting her. Chivis spills it–she saw AJ yesterday. He just showed up as she was leaving a restaurant and it was so weird. He’s her husband and he was right there and she feels like she doesn’t even know him. Manuel can understand AJ following them around. He figures he’d do the same thing if he couldn’t see his kids…or Chivis.

Of course he knows they’re looking for him. He knows everything and he has some kind of plan. Chivis said she would support him, but now she’s not so sure. He is the father of her children. As far as being her husband…? Chivis just feels trapped. What if the cops had busted him right then? Should she go to the cops? What will she tell her mom and the kids? She begs Manuel to help her figure out what to do. I’m not sure he’s the best person to ask.

Majo’s at work again. Physically anyway. She’s on her phone. Stella asks if she’s coming to the wedding and Majo brushes off Vicente’s assumption that he’s her date. She tells Stella to send the invitation to her Whatsapp. Stella tells her to make sure to be there, because Chivis might need her support. Majo has no idea what that was about.

Vicente tries to get her to do some hawking, but Majo’s so not into it. She complains again about all the dead fish. She’s ready to do anything to get out of here–she’ll become a nun. Or sell cookies door-to-door. Vicente makes a joke about becoming a priest if she becomes a nun. *roll eyes*

They start to wonder why Chivis has been in Manuel’s office so long. Did she say anything else last night? Nope. Vicente’s glad. He thinks that means they can see each other more often. He starts trying to put his arms around here with his big rubber gloves and Majo tells him to back off.

Poncho arrives, ready to have his talk with Manuel about Manuel “pedaling” his “bicycle” which…I hate that metaphor. He wonders why Manuel and Chivis are taking so long. He stomps off to the office without waiting.

Manuel thinks Chivis shouldn’t say anything to the family. She doesn’t want to have to lie, but Manuel says that AJ’s the one who’s the big liar, so Chivis shouldn’t judge herself. Chivis says it’s all so difficult. Manuel says he’s there to support her with his big muscles. He hugs Chivis and promises he won’t even try to steal a kiss. Poncho interrupts them and Chivis flees.

Chivis goes down to the water for a while, then visits the Gazebo of the Annoyed Virgen of the Fish Market. Stella joins her. She brags about how great her life is going. Then she wants to show Chivis wedding dresses again.

Chivis isn’t in the mood to be polite. That’s a nice dress, but Stella isn’t as tall as the model. Too bad. One like Princess Kate’s? Well, that’s better since isn’t she the queen of the market (/sarcasm).

Stella says Chivis must be happy that Manuel is single now. She harps on about Chivis being married and religious. Chivis says she and Manuel are just friends.

Yes, she got the wedding invitation. Yes, she’ll be there. She tries to leave again and Stella stops her and thanks her because if Manuel hadn’t left her for Chivis she never would have noticed Poncho.

Back to Poncho in Manuel’s office. He finally comes out with his complaint–Manuel kissed Stella yesterday, didn’t he? That’s what Stella said! That she kissed him. Manuel agrees. That’s what happened–Stella kissed him. He didn’t do anything. If Poncho’s future wife is a little out of control, Poncho’s going to have to put the brakes on her. (Or…maybe…she’s her own woman and nobody owns her…just a thought.)

OK, Poncho believes Manuel. He’s sorry he doubted him. He’s glad this was all a misunderstanding because Manuel’s like a father for him, or a grandfather. Manuel’s says he’s not THAT much older! Poncho’s only 25. That’s news to Manuel and I both.

Poncho reminds him the bachelor party is tonight and he’d better not miss it.


Trini shows up for “work.” Benito’s happy to see her and even Juanito says she’s good at selling…but he’s still convinced she’s after his job.

Benito wonders about the two officers who were there looking for Silvana. She tells him they came to the house and she hid. Benito tells her to be careful. They’ll grab on to anything they can find, like bulldogs. Juanito agrees–his uncle is a detective and donde pone el ojo pone la bala (he hits what he aims for; he never misses a target).

This gives Trini an idea. Maybe he can ask his uncle how the case is going. Because those loser cops from the other day…. She missed the door opening behind her and Benito’s warnings are too subtle. She goes on and on about how ugly and useless they are until one of them asks if she’s talking about them. Trini faints.

Everyone helps her up off the floor and Juanito tells them she suffers from nerves. Trini wants to make sure they didn’t give her mouth-to-mouth. “Ma’am, you don’t do that when someone faints.” Now she’s angry at Don Benito and throws her glass of water in his face. Her babbling tips off the cops. They thought she was married to the baker, but now she’s saying she’s a widow. Who is she?

She babbles some more and goes back to her lie that she’s married to Benito. OK, fine, but they still have a question: Is Chivis’ house always empty during the day? Trini says she works so hard, and so do all her daughters…. Juanito backs her up, Doña Chivis is a hard worker. Trini says she’s sure that none of the women who live in that house have anything to do with that woman’s husband, so they’re totally wasting their time. Isn’t that right, Don Benito? Yes it is, Doña Trini.

Waitwaitwait…aren’t they married? What’s this Don Benito and Doña Trini business? Trini claims they have such respect for each other, they still use usted and it’s what’s allowed them to have a 40-year marriage.


Majo comes home complaining about the fishy smell again. But at least she made it through the day this time. Chivis tells her she’ll get used to it. Majo’s cranky that Chivis spent all that time in Manuel’s office while she was out on the floor screaming at people all day. Chivis says those are the rules.

Trini gets Chivis’ attention to tell her the detectives came around again. Angie hears her. Trini asks Chivis if she’s heard anything more. Lupita’s annoyed that everyone’s looking around like they’re scared. Trini keeps pressing Chivis to answer.

Chivis says she hasn’t heard from him since the note he left on the van. They should just get used to the detectives being around. He’s a fugitive from justice. Trini wishes she wouldn’t say it that way…it sounds terrible! Chivis is sure AJ will find some way to get in touch with them. The less they know, the better for him.

Lupita tells them all to cheer up. She sent those detectives all the way out to Universal Studios and they got rid of them. Chivis says she’s sure they believed her.

Angie still wants to know what they’re supposed to do if their dad gets in touch. Chivis doesn’t even want to talk about it, which doesn’t seem very fair. She’s freaked out about not knowing what to do and she’s going to put them in the same position? Chivis says they have to go on with their lives because there’s nothing else they can do.

Marge hangs out in Jorge’s room. They talk about Poncho and Stella’s wedding, the hilarious invitation, the fact that Stella used to date Manuel. Jorge even thought Poncho was gay. Marge laughs at that idea, but she does think something strange is going on. Why would they get married so quickly when Stella was so in love with Manuel? She doesn’t buy Jorge’s guess that maybe Stella and Poncho had already been seeing each other because Manuel’s super handsome. And “the women of this barrio” are super faithful.

Getting to the point–what if they go to the wedding together? Like a couple. Jorge doesn’t get it–they’re going to see each other there anyway. He finally agrees. Marge is so happy they’re together again. He reminds her they’re taking it SLOW.

Majo is still convinced something’s wrong. Chivis spent all day in Manuel’s office. She didn’t even see her. Angie says it’s because Chivis and Manuel are really good friends. Whatever. As long as they stay “good friends” Majo doesn’t have a problem with it.

Majo’s worried about what happens if their dad comes back and they see him. They can’t tell the police! Right? Angie avoids the question. He probably won’t come near them because he knows they’re looking for them and he’ll get arrested. They have no idea what their dad is up to, but Angie says he’s smart. He knows what he’s doing. They both miss him. Sometimes Angie’s angry at him, but she still wants to see him because he’s her dad.

Majo gets the wedding invitation, finally and she and Angie get a kick out of it. Majo laughs and says Stella’s the tackiest. And she’s “crazy.” “But now that you’re invited, who are you going to the wedding with?” Majo says she’s going with Andres. She’s got her plans and she’s not living in this rat hole forever. She doesn’t know how, but she’s got to get out of this “poverty” right now.

Wedding stuff

It’s time for a dress fitting. Stella’s standing all crooked. The tailor is pinning the waist on her underskirt while Stella stands there in not her dress. Which is what she points out when everyone freaks out about Poncho wanting to come downstairs and take a look. Poncho gets sent back upstairs while Stella looks at the picture of her dress in the magazine again. She’s sure when Manuel sees her he’ll just die of love!

“Who’s Manuel?” asks the poor innocent tailor. Dom claims it’s Stella’s dad. Yeah, that’s it. Stella’s dad.

The fitting is now over and Dom liked the dress, but he thinks it’s too expensive. Meh, Stella will reuse it when she marries Manuel. They completely forgot to tell Poncho he could come downstairs.

He comes downstairs in his too-tight suit jacket. Dom says he’s already gotten rental tuxes for the two of them. And no, Poncho can’t wear his boots. Stella says it only matters what SHE wears. Soon she’ll have “her” Manuel back. Poncho grumpily says he’s going to his bachelor party. Dom refuses to go. Too much macho energy.

Stella doesn’t even know why he’s bothering with a bachelor party, since it’s all a lie. Poncho angrily says it’s to keep up the pretense, and besides he’s made up his mind–they’re getting married. What? Poncho amends it…until the wedding. They have to go all out so people will believe it. Dom rushes up the stairs after Poncho while Stella just makes a “Whatever” face and keeps flipping through her bridal magazines.

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